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The meeting of mummer Wisty

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She woke up to soft laughter. Gentle and sweet, originating from the kitchen, and Lexi sat up in surprise. The pastel haired girl had stretched, yawned, and slowly stood from her bed, little ears twitching and sleepy leggies quivering a bit as she enacted another stretch.

         The laughter was louder now, and she could also hear the clatter of claws on a plate now, causing her brows to dip. Dad wasn’t home was he? She wondered, thoughts drifting her father Randall. Looking back at her sleeping twin for a moment before Lexi huffed and began to pad her way to the kitchen.

        There she was met with a surprising sight. Sitting at the table was the most beautiful red head she’d ever seen, dressed in baggy street clothes, while wrestling with her fathers dog as he tried to steal a sandwich from her. Lexi stared in shock…. And then she threw a fly swatter at her. 

It hit her square in the face, and the woman lurched back, sending her chair and her food to the ground. There was silence for a moment as the woman stared at her where she was, before she climbed to her feet, the womans grey eyes on Lexi’s.

“An ye mus be one o’ the twens’ ” she said softly, lifting a brow. “Ded yer father not say i was comin’ today. I swear that man forgets e’rythin’ !” Lexi was surprised the woman knew her father, and cautiously, she stepped back, watching as the woman rubbed at her forehead.

“Well i don’ bite. Ge’ro’er an’ tell me bout yerself kitten. How’d ye meet Rendell hm?” The way that she talked, Lexi just loved, and biting her lip, she followed the womans instructions, sitting down at the table as the woman righted her chair, and told her about how Randall had taken her and her twin in as kittens, and only when they knew he wouldn’t do anything did they reveal their forms.  Wisty had laughed. 

“I got smashed of me arse an yer fa’er took me ‘ome so no when would kell me!” She chortled a bit, leaning back in her chair. Just as Lexi had opened her mouth to retort, and reprimand her for cussing, a soft bark sounded, before a white blur leaped up onto the table. Lexi squealed, leaping back just as a small artic fox looked over at her as Wisty chuckled.

“Nay, don’ be fraid. Thes, es Feffer, she bein me familiar.” This was news, but nonetheless Lexi reached out and lightly pet the creature. After that, Wisty wouldn’t stop talking. She talked about anything and everything, long after Natalia had gotten up, and without a word sat down to listen with wide peachy colored eyes.

And that was that. Both Lexi and Natalia love mummer Wisty, and are happy that they have her. 


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