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The Mind Controler (Still editing)

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Gabriella Grenwald was born human, as far as anyone could tell. And, I suppose she still is. She’s just a human with a very special…gift. She was born human, and born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her parents were both from their own wealthy bloodline, leaving Gabriella to be pampered and dotted on by staff and, occasionally, her parents. So, her childhood was pretty well. That is, until the staff started quitting. The new employees would stay for hardly a day before leaving. Her parents finally asked one of them why they were leaving, and they gave them a startling answer.

You’re daughter is a demon.

Now, Gabby wasn’t a demon. She had just started to tell the staff what to do, like any child would. Her parents would tell them things like, “Don’t let her have any treats,” and she could get them to give her treats. Staff usually didn’t disobey the orders of their employers. So, she tried something else; She asked one of them to take their shoes off, and they refused. So she told them to take their shoes off, and they did it, without hesitation. Then she told them to put their shoes on their hands, and they did. She did this every time, with every new staff member. She’d ask them to do something, then tell them to do something. They’d always did what she told them to do. That last staff member, the one who told her parents that she was a demon, had been commanded to jump up and down for three hours straight, until they were so exhausted that they couldn’t move for another couple hours afterwards.

She is a very special woman, and likes to be treated as such. So, she will make you if she feels like it. An ability that she was born with was to control the minds and actions of others, though her powers didn’t come into full effect until she was an adult and her brain was fully developed. Before that, if she made a suggestion to someone in, let’s say, a sarcastic manner, someone with a week enough mind would do it. Now, however, she is able to use her powers to her full ability. She is able to control whether or not someone is controlled by a simple phrase, for how long someone is in her control, how many people are under her control at once, and much, much more. Of course, she doesn’t control everyone all the time, just when she wants to. And her commands aren’t always mean, sometimes she even uses her abilities to make someone else’s life better. Sometimes.

  1. Allegra Gliss 2 years ago

    Sibel frowned slightly as she turned her very capable mind to the questions Jack was presenting. She drummed her fingernails on the counter top as she thought. “I am cautiously optimistic that provided you both were fully anesthetized during the operation to swap out the chips that I could by pass the majority of the side effects that would normally occur when a bond is severed. The problem with the old method is that only took something away, we would be… upgrading and reinstating the bond, therefore you’d only be gaining new abilities as opposed to losing your other half. I do believe that there would be some disorientation and confusion at first, a few days to a week of adjustment as your minds built new pathways to accommodate the upgrades, but that would be the worst of it.” 

    “Alright, that sound acceptable to me, but what about the rest of Jack’s concerns?” Allegra asked, she was willing to go through the surgery, but she was curious about what Jack had asked.

    Sibel gave them both a apologetic smile. “As much as I would love to tell you that you can have all the features you wish, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to control what you ‘receive’. There is no psychic equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and humming. You can chose to ignore what the other person is sending, think about other things or simply pretend like you aren’t ‘hearing’ them, but that’s about it.”

    Allegra gave a small chuckle. “Got it. That’s reasonable enough.” She nudged Jack softly with her elbow, giving him her unsure but game smile, “I promise to not talk your telepathic ear off with my musings on waterproof eye liner or whatever we girls think about that drive you boys insane.”

    Sibel pulled up the specs she’d downloaded from Allegra’s chip and reviewed them once more. “Right, so as to your concerns about the ‘lesser emotions’, the best way I can think to put it is that you’d ask her the question ‘how do you feel?’ and she’d either share it with you or… not. But there wouldn’t be any actual words exchanged since it’s on the emotional level and that resides outside the areas of your brain that are responsible for handling physical, verbal and conscious communication. Does that make sense? Basically, whatever you do now to sense how she feels, but instead of it just always being there, you’d have to search it out from her and she might choose to tell you to piss off. And that would go both ways, meaning you could tell her to piss off when she ‘asked’.”

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