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The mission to bring peace.

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Target: Necromancers in Ae’Relis. 

Objectives: Silent Assassination of Targets and bring peace to the rioting. 



The ALL Corp transport ships were landing just outside the city with their holographic cloaking active. Invisible to the eye. Under the slight light of the moon and stars the soldiers were unloading and arming themselves. A small group of two squads. And Aero. Not wearing his buisness suit but wearing a large black coat with many pockets. Not too far off  a small convoy of riot prevention vehicles were approaching the city through a main road. Armed with auditory riot dispersion weapons as well as heat rays that cause increased discomfort and tear gas. 5 of these vehicles were approaching. And as they enter the city the intercom comes on. “Please return to your homes. For your safety please return to your homes.” And it was repeated up until they reached the first riot. “Please Disperse or we will use force.” And moments later for anyone not dispersing. A loud ringing would be heard at odd intervals causing nausea and dizziness until the left the area. “Return to your homes.” Was repeated as tear gas canisters were launched into the streets.


The stealth team was approaching. The two squads of 4 were splitting up as they approach the city. And Aero was flying over it. Blending in with the night sky. Team A was climbing onto the roofs heading to the talkest building for a sniper vantage point. Team B was moving through alleys and back streets heading deeper into the city aiming for a location of interest. Aero meanwhile was still circling above in search of a target. Necromancers shouldn’t be hard to miss.. He assumed they would be among the largest groups of rioters. 

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