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The Montley Crew of A**holes

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Name: Tyrus

Nicknames: Ty, Preacher

Age: Unknown, appears 25

Species: Lamia, Snake-shapeshifter

Occupation: Bodyguard, Fly on the Wall

Relationship to Amalthea: Assigned to be the body guard to the bitch demon Tyrus, or Preacher as Amalthea calls him is meant to give some sort of guidance to the vampire demoness putting few limits on her and who she kills. He is the only one who dares to talk some sense into her. He has been at her side since she was a child. He is a child of Lilith and Samael.

Name: Jeric

Nicknames: Jer, Jerry Bear. Care-bear, Cupcake

Age: Unknown, appears 24

Species: Djinn

Occupation: Assasain

Relationship to Amalthea: The only demon to treat Amalthea as an equal and not someone who was more powerful then him, Jeric has constantly been by Amalthea’s side. He protects her from the shadows, killing those Ama may have left behind to torture. He believes in a quick death rather then the slow unending pain Amalthea so enjoys.

Name: Morana

Nicknames: Witch Bitch

Age: 20

Species: Voodoo Witch

Occupations: The Eyes in the streets.

Relationship to Amalthea: The Two have never gotten along. in fact, they are polar opposites and anytime they are in each other’s presence they threaten to rip out each other’s throats. However, they have come to a mutual relationship.  Morana helps Amalthea keep track of human dealings while Amalthea gives her access to a power source deep within her domain that only she has access to.

***More to come if Amalthea needs them.***

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