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The Mother’s Hope

burning worl
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Hellifyno was hurting Elijah could feel it,although he did not have a connection to the planet like the Gaian priests and paladins. He could still sense the planet was in agony from the piece of Planet Nine and the void energies unleashed. Soaring high above the burning and broken landscape the phoenix looked for any signs of a struggle below. Anywhere he could help any stranded survivors,he would fly them to Consequence or wherever they wished to go among the cities save for Olde Watch. For all Elijah cared that place could be consumed and he would not feel a single twinge of loss. They caused this, they are the reason Persistence was gone. How much innocent blood, both magical and  human that they claimed was so important was now on their hands?

Elijah could feel his anger rising in him and he couldn’t have that right now, he needed to keep a clear head for the time being. He would make his opinion known of that city known when the time was right, he knew he was not the only one who felt that way however.  Letting his anger go, Elijah continued to search for any survivors. But even his keen sight was hindered by the thick ashy smoke that filled the air, dipping lower so that he could see better, Elijah could now see where hordes of the dead where shambling slowly through the burnt out forest and into another ruined town.  How many of those had he seen in the past days since this began? He hoped the inhabitants or at least some had managed to escape the onrushing tide of corpses but that hope was minimal at best.

Elijah had a feeling he was searching in vain for anyone left, by now they all should have fled to the cities. Was that the tired part of his mind crying out for rest or was that actual logic? He could feel his limbs aching from constantly keeping him airborne and his flaming plumage burned less brightly and hotter than it should. He knew very well that if and when the hordes did make it one of the Cities like Consequence, he would need to be at full strength. Swooping down, Elijah did one last search over the area for anyone still among the living before he ascended above the clouds. He could either go to the Blue Moon in consequence, or the city of the Gaian’s he had recently heard about. Turning Eastwards Elijah had already made his decision and flew to where the Gaian’s were holding their own.


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