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The Mysterious Orbs of Hellifyno

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Breaking News: A strange phenomenon has occurred on the planet Hellifyno, with light blue orbs suddenly appearing in the sky over every land, and city. These spheres are light blue in color, with dark blue centers, and they measure exactly three feet in diameter, and they have formed a web across the world, spaced out every ten feet.  

Attempts to remove the orbs have been met with evasion, the spheres flying out of grasp and then moving back into place once the disturbance has passed. this means that flight and orbital travel has not been effected, as the balls do move out of the way of ships, birds, and other transports. 

The investigation of this phenomenon is ongoing, with city governments mobilizing quickly to determine what the cause is, and whether it is a potential threat. 

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    1. The world is doomed. Again. Probably.

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