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The new neko.

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In the dark of the night neko remained in her coma. There was no sign of her waking up. She looks pale and at the brink of death. No one knows how long ago it was since she went into the coma and something is keeping her alive. 

Slight movements under her eyelids show that the neko was dreaming. She was dreaming about darkness.. falling though nothing but mememories of her friends and loved ones. She eventually reached the bottom of this pit of darkness and something was strange. She felt nothing. Could see nothing nor could she smell or taste anything. Her body was limp. Is she dead? 

A sudden feeling of sand moving over her body could be felt. She tries to move again and her legs finally started to move. It took a few moments for her legs to remember how to move again but she finally gathered strength enough to stand. She looks around and nothing is seen but darkness. For some strange reason she was drawn to walking this nothingness. What makes her want to do this? A will to live? Hope? What hope has she got? The tree won’t sing and her mentor and father suddenly vanished. Her friends didn’t even seek her out.. why would they? The neko sighs and wonders if she should have hope or even try. Her feet stop moving and she just stands there. 

In a distance a slight flicker of flame could be seen. Neko looks at the flame and as if hope again was driving her she runs to it. Lime? Kirst? Kaler? Zera.. have they looked for her? She is about to shout to the flame when it seems it was moving away from her. She chases after it “wait please don’t go, don’t leave me please!” The sound of desperation could be heard in the nekos words. The flame finally stops  and neko could reach it now. She noticed the flame was weak. It requires payment of some kind but what is the payment? What can she offer? She looks around and then to herself to notice she is not wearing anything. She blushes and quickly uses her tail to cover herself up. 

She looks at the flame still and is unsure what it wants but something was building up inside her. Anger, frustration, fear.. she is not sure why but she snaps at the flame. “Fine don’t tell me what you want I don’t need you anyway!” She turns her back on the flame that immediately vanished. What happened next was not what she wanted at all. 

After a horrific story that readers will find out about another time the neko wakes up. Her eyes see trees her body feels cold and damp. It screams for food. A caw could be heard and her eyes meet with a crow with red eyes. Did it wake her up? What just happened? She sits up and rubs her head her only words to anything was “Mother”


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