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The Old Way

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-With two of her guests gone, Magicia yawns and gets up from her throne to stretch her legs… grimacing as she looks around her throne room once more. What a mess.- “We’re going to call in some Fwufs to take care of this… and we need to change out of these robes.” -Gore covered robes do not a pleasant queen image make.-

“Ah, you’re going to change? We suppose we’ll stay here while you do.” Yes, right here, where no one could assume he was doing anything lewd while she was changing. “We noticed you fidgeting earlier. Is something bothering you? Besides the queen stuff, I mean.” Helvegen perched himself on the back of her chair, peering down at her.

-She carefully steps over the pieces of maid, not wanting any squishing between her toes as she makes her way towards one of the halls- “We are needing something sweet. Will probably go seek something out after we change.” -She is gone, heading back up to her chambers to do so… a few maids are called in to start mopping, sweeping the bits all together to take back to their nest for further use.-

“Um… it’s okay, Fwufs, I can take care of this. You all probably have more important work to do, anyway.” Helve floated over, careful not to draw within biting range of the maids, and called a wind to strip the gore from the floor and spirit it away, out of the door and the tower altogether.

-… There goes their midnight snack. They fweep in disappointment, some of them growling at Helve before scurrying away again. What a waste of good maid bits. Fast forward to a bit later when Magicia finally returns to the throne room, freshened up and wearing clean robes.- “Cupcakes… yupcakes… yescakes.. bestcakes… sprinkly bits for twinkly hits…”

“…I believe I may have robbed some Fwufs of their dinner.” Helvegen floated back to the ground, feeling quite foolish. “If I’m going to start spending more time around here, I have to learn more about the maids and how… not to piss them off. I owe it to Fwuf, at least, for giving me a chance.” He scratched his head, looking a bit downcast when something struck him. Oh… talk about a blast from the past. “Hey, Magi. Do you like noodles?”

“… Noodles?” -She pauses in her tracks, still wringing out water from her hair, right onto the floor.- “Um… yes? They are not sweets, but they are noodly and oodly and we could eat bunches at once!”

Hm! Determination flared in Helvegen’s eyes, as he drew himself up to his full 5’6 feet of height and clenched a resolute fist. “That settles it then! For you, we, Helve…gen… HELVEGEN, will return to the Old Way of the Thorns, and make the noodle soup that set the festival nights ablaze with the singing of hundreds of daemons! We will do this for Magi, who we love, so that she will love us and our noodles!” The wind soared about him, making his hair whip around dramatically. “So it shall be!”

-.. What? What is he talking about? What is going on? She stares at him blankly, watching him take on a somewhat anime-esque presence right in front of her, unsure of how to react.- “… Okay. Cool. Noodles.”

“NOODLES!” He stood in this comically determined manner for several seconds more before descending back to reality. “Eh… oh. I’m sorry, that must have seemed fairly out of nowhere. It is something that we had almost forgotten about… something from when we were still young boy growing up in the Thorns.” He looked a little embarrassed. “We are sorry. If she desires for us not to make noodles, we will not.”

“.. Look, he can’t just declare he’s going to make noodles and then… not make noodles.” -She glares a bit at him, disappointed that he’d suggest that she WOULDN’T want noodles- “Make the noodles. Make lots.”

Instantly that anime aura returned, even though it was on a lesser scale. “Then we shall! Noodles for Madooga!” Helvegen whirled over to Magi and gave her a tight, heartfelt hug. “We thank you deeply for this. Otherwise, we might never have had the will to revive the Old Way.” An elaborate bow followed, and as that curious, overly dramatic aura faded, Helvegen’s smile stayed, gentle and warm as the soft wind that now blew through the throne room. “We’ll get started at work tomorrow. Or now, if you prefer. We could make you noodles tonight, if your kitchens have the ingredients.”

“… Oh good. Cool. Noodles.” -She still has no idea what to do in response. Nodding, she accepts the hug and points behind him to one of the halls leading further into the castle. Normally she keeps most of the castle off limits to those who aren’t part of her staff, but she is making an exception for him.- “Kitchen is that way. Should be fully stocked.” -She steps past him to lead the way.-

“Whoo!” Helvegen whirled after her, while understanding that she was granting him a special privilege. Of course, she hadn’t explained that to him, but he had the feeling that if he’d tried to use the kitchen without her express permission, he might find himself facing down several hungry maids with large cutting utensils. Within, his mind swirled with half-faded memories of the Old Way, the daemonic philosophy taught to him by his foster father as a youth. It extended to everything – every aspect of life was in some way touched by the Old Way, and the area Helvegen had applied it to with the best results was the creation of delicious noodles, something he had taken to with great aplomb before everything had gone south. It’s okay, he assured himself. I can remember it. I can still make them like I used to.

-Of course, she had no idea what ‘the Old Way’ was, but that doesn’t really matter to her. Perhaps she might learn in time. But what matters now is noodles. She leads them into the kitchen, shooing away a bunch of confused Fwufs, including one in a large chef hat that was busy singing over a lump of dough.- “Fweep da fweep da dee, hoooo da fweep dee dooo… fwooop da fweep da doo da fweep doo BORK BORK BORK! Ah, Mistwess!” -Bam. She slams the door behind the group and hoists herself up onto a counter to sit there and watch Helve work.- “We have no idea where they keep things in here, so feel free to just dig around for everything.”

“Huh… the one in the chef hat looked sorta capable. Oh, well. Let’s begin!” Helve’s eyes flashed. He raised a hand, and the wind began sifting through the kitchen, fetching ingredients from dark cupboards, high shelves and hidden crevices and placing them on the counter in front of him. After a minute of this, he spent some time sorting through what had been brought, organizing it according to some seemingly arbitrary system. At last, he had all he needed before him, laid out exactly as he wanted. The young man looked down on it with the sort of gaze a daemon lord might use when sentencing someone to fiery doom, grinning a grin that would have made Fwuf themself proud, if they were there to see it. He snapped his fingers, and a flame leaped from the stovetop, burning low and hot. A pot had appeared in Helve’s hands as if by magic -actually by magic-, which he quickly filled with water. He weighed the pot in his hand before slamming it onto the stovetop and forming a blade of wind in his hand. This he used to chop the ingredients before him. His savage grin growing ever wider, he produced an ethereal clone of himself, which promptly set about repurposing the dough the Fwuf chef had been singing over, seeming to magically reconstitute its insides before kneading it vigorously and methodically. Periodically, the boy would cackle madly. At some point during this procedure, he looked over his shoulder at Magicia, his neck craning at a nearly impossible angle. “Are you entertained, dearest Magi?”

-She has been watching him with much interest, fiddling with her hair as she does. Cooking is something she’s never really taken part in, or even watched someone do. Her food has always been prepared for her by someone else, and all sustenance needed to actually keep her alive was obtained by her unconventional means of dreamwalking. Of course, Helve also makes it interesting using his various powers.- “Indeed. Entertained.”

“Well then, soon you’ll be fed, too!” Helvegen’s ethereal clone swept across the kitchen to merge back with its source, bringing with it the dough it had exhaustively kneaded. Retrieving a curious latticed tool from those he had had the wind bring to him, Helvegen thrust the dough into a grinder and placed the latticed tool over the pot. Soon, raw noodles were being produced at a rapid pace, and the boy’s savage grin grew ever wider. “‘Ere We Are… come, children. Come to life!” Having completed his grinding, Helvegen cast the freshly-made noodles into the boiling pot. Never taking his eyes from the magic in the pot, Helvegen cast several other things in as well, though Magi wouldn’t quite be able to see what they were from where she sat. When at last, all his ingredients were dancing together in the boiling water, the young man stood back and raised his hands to the sky. “…Aesir, Nornar, Visa Vanir, Thusamoyir, Thra Valkyryur, Alvar, Dvergar, Disir, Volvur, Vordar Verger Yggdrasil…” This he repeated three times, before crying in a voice far too deep and resonant to be his own, “Tri nornar eg ber: At liv skal du spinne! At liv skal du tvinne! At live skal du binde, binde til ruta…” Lowering his arms, he looked down, gave a satisfied nod, and removed the pot from the flame, extinguishing the stovetop as he did so. Taking up a ladle and giving the soup a quick stir, he cheerfully declared, “It’s ready!”

-She raises an eyebrow and tilts her head a bit at the sudden.. chants? Spell? Being used. Her teeth dig in a bit to her bottom lip as she bites in anticipation, half expecting something to blow up, or for some creature to be summoned. But no, it is noodles, and by whatever means he has just used, it is ready for her. She sits up straight eagerly, her eyes lighting up. Watching all of this has made her very very hungry!-

After all that elaborate, magical display, Helvegen calmly walked over to a shelf, picked out two bowls and filled each with noodles and broth. In the end, all that had been added, it seemed, were a few herbs and spices. Well, along with what was probably a copious amount of magic, but still, the soup appeared remarkably simple at a glance. “Here we are. One for you, and one for me.” He moved forward to hand her a bowl. “As the masters of the Old Way would say, ”Ere We Go’.”

-She whips out some soup spoons from the drawer next to her legs, tossing him one before giving the contents of her bowl a good inspection. Hmm, this looks like very simple noodles. An apprehensive sniff is given, but she scoops up some of the broth and noodles, blows a bit to cool it down, and takes that very important first bite…-

The first bite is like the opening of a gateway into another world. Somehow, Helvegen appears to have drawn out the very spirit, the essence, of what a noodle should be, and infused it with his creation here. Flavour, texture, density, hardness, thickness – all has somehow been perfected in a unison that drives the taste buds towards this pristine, incomparable concoction. This perfection comes hand in hand with the broth, which at once accentuates and balances the glory of the noodles. It too, appears to be an impossibly smooth fusion of culinary appeal. The spices add a carefully measured kick as the first bite passes through the mouth and is swallowed, not enough to distract from the rest, but just sufficient so that there is one more taste. Helvegen winces a little as he takes his own first bite – his measurement of the spices was not quite perfect. Still, the aftertaste it all leaves is as if the price of gold were given a taste. It is akin to eating the essence of a sunrise. Still, the boy appears satisfied with what he has made. “M… I’m a bit out of practice, but I think it still turned out pretty good. How ish it, Magi?”

-As this powerful wave of flavor, of texture, of absolute perfection overwhelms her, she freezes, slow to swallow and fully take in everything. Her body shivers a bit, her breath becomes jarred. What.. what is this sensation? Is this the power of the Old Way!? The glory that can only be found once in a lifetime.. in a generation!? This is the most amazing bowl of noodles she has ever been graced with eating! Gasping, her eyes flutter and her face flushes, her body rushing with an unfamiliar sensation. She is dizzy, but she is alert and awake and alive! All ten years gained from Ar’Elis’ special power to defeat the Abomination, rushing away, perhaps even more! Such bliss! Such pleasure!-

His head tilts as he slurps up several noodles with practiced ease. “You look like you’re having ‘that moment’. We guess that means we did a good job. Hooray!” Helvegen wriggled happily as he continued slurping his soup, while watching Magicia go through the unparalleled experience of consuming food prepared by one versed in the Old Way. “Yay, yay… we are so happy. You’ve given us such a wonderful opportunity, Magi. Thankses!”

-She is still shuddering a bit, clenching her spoon tight as she slowly recovers… and then starts scooping up bite after bite with eager delight, talking briefly with her mouth full.- “Best. Noodles. Ever!”

Helvegen’s merriment was plainly visible on his face. “Then we will make more, and remaster the Old Way until it is the New Way! This will take some time to perfect, but we will achieve it nonetheless, for us and for you.” He smiled broadly, almost on the brink of joyful tears. “The… the rest of the noodles are yours, now, of course. We must go, very soon; we must get back to working for ALL Corp. But we are so happy to have been able to share this with you.” A breath of warm wind passed over them both as he said this.

-The soup is quickly gone, so she is glad that there is more to refill her bowl. Giving a sigh of satisfaction, she sets down the bowl for now to properly send off Helve.- “We thank him for this wonderful experience. Yes, he must make more for us again sometime. We have never known such joy from a food before… If he must go, then he must also come and visit us again soon. Alright?” -There is a trace of something that she can feel within her now, though she’s too distracted by the soup to give it proper attention.-

As Helvegen rose to depart, her words filled him with ever greater happiness. “We will! We promise.” His eyes were suffused with the weight of that promise, and all that it entailed. Heartless Magicia wanted him to come back and visit her, so that he could make her soup. It made him feel like flying… which he would get to in a moment. Slurping up the last of his soup, Helvegen gave her an informal bow and lifted off the ground. “We’ll see you soon, Magi. Thank you again, and take good care of yourself!” And then, he vanished into the air. Odd, light laughter followed a draft as it swept out the door.

-Left alone, she sighs a bit, that fleeting feeling fading away before she could give it heed. But she has her noodles, and helps herself to another bowl before heading back upstairs to her bedchambers for the night.-

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      ::watches in wonderment:: You ate noodles that long with SPOONS?

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