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The passing of a hero and a true friend.

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My fellow friends I am sad to say I bring bad news…you may know or you may not my wolf bruno who has been with me since he was a pup. For my friends who do know him know that he is a friend to us all and hero as well.

So it pains me to say..Bruno is no with us he has passed away. Bruno has been lost since everything went to hell I was looking for him but he never turned up. A few weeks later he was brought to me barely breathing; unable to save him I said my good bye’s and than he…was gone. I asked the group of people how he was harmed and them told he was fighting off a hord of demons that were going to attack the tavern. Unable to hold back my emotions I held Bruno close to me and began to cry all my emotions out. I sat there for hours holding Bruno unable to believe it he was always full of life never quit sitting still but there in my arms he was so..stiff.

I than let him go, it’s hard to think that I was able to find a place for him. Way out in the middle of now where I found a green hill where the sun could always be seen rising and setting. In memory of Bruno please LIKE the video I have put together for Bruno.

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  1. Dragon Teers 9 years ago

    but…… doesnt sassy run the whore house? ::pouts::

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