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The Path to Primordial Power: Part 2 – A Demonstration for Father (Chat Log)

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Magicia –      The ever looming threat of the Void weighs down the hearts of many… regardless, life carries on in the lull between wars. It isn’t that Paracosm is letting its guard down. Rather, it is keeping the morale up and letting civilian life continue as if everything is normal while they have the chance, while the forces to defend it work silently and diligently on preparing for what may come next. For the queen, it means returning to her vigorous daily training sessions. She’s fallen behind on things, but now she must once again work towards her ultimate goal to rise up in power. And to earn the family name she’s been brought into….


As such, tonight the ceiling of Paracosm’s battle training hall is suddenly blasted off. The flying shrapnel showers everywhere, prompting maids to quickly put up umbrellas to protect themselves from this dangerous weather! Three Dark Knights are thrown out by the blast, slamming into the ground outdoors. Magicia leaps out of the hole she caused and quickly lands near one, summoning a dark inky serpent to bind it and start to squeeze tightly like a boa constructor. The nightmare aura around her makes the air become suffocating with dread. Whispers deafen the unfortunate nearby ear with dreadful tongues.

Mearo Valencia –      “I do wish this planet would have a calm day for once…” He would say as he came out of his portal and looked over with a raised eyebrow. “Practicing with the knights?” He would ask as he stroked his chin and summoned a chair to sit on.” Has your uncle come by yet?” He already knows the answer but he was trying to get conversation going. He was about to just up and handle it himself. She was his daughter


Magicia –     She perks up at his sudden appearance, her slow painful constriction of the knight snapping into a quick painful cinch, like a noose snapping around an unfortunate neck. The knight disappears to go respawn at the Dark Tower. Magicia’s nightmare energy eases up as she bounces over, waving off the other two knights to dismiss them from training for now. She’s not at all surprised at how unaffected her adopted father is by that heavy aura from before. After all, he is Fear. “Oh, hello! Yes, I figured using primordial creations for sparring partners is good practice. Plus it is less wasteful than training with maids… I haven’t sensed uncle around lately, no.”


Mearo Valencia –       He would smile then nod. “Then perhaps we can practice together then given I am fear and you can make nightmares I might help you more in the regard.” He would say to her before sitting back and getting some tea.”  Then this void issue..I do hope we are staying away from it ? I would hate to …..actually i would LOVE to have another nightmare happen.” He would chuckle.


Magicia –      She frowns and crosses her arms over her chest. “As much as I would love to not get involved with things, it’s hard not to be after those bastards tried to crash a giant spacemajigger into my island. I feel a personal desire to teach them a lesson… besides, trying to stay out of things doesn’t seem to guarantee any safety with these sorts of things, from what I’ve found.” Of course, it is more likely to provide safety than diving headfirst into another huge conflict, but the personal grudge alone can be enough to motivate the likes of someone like Magicia. “.. But practicing together? I.. I’d appreciate that.” She holds back a comment about not being sure if she’s ready for that, but her sudden avoidance of eye contact gives away her nerves.


Mearo Valencia –       He got up and walked over to her. “I understand..I feel I have been neglecting you and my place here with all these issues rising and leaving you to handle them. ” He would see her look away and pat her head.”  No need to be worried my dear daughter…I will say I shall not go easy on you but I’ll be sure to not lay too hard on you either…I’ll find your pace.”


Magicia –      Her cheeks turn a bit purple as she blushes from his touch. “… I don’t blame you for not wanting to be involved with things. All of these conflicts are beneath you, anyway. You shouldn’t have to come babysit me whenever I get tangled up in something.” If there’s anything she doesn’t want to be to Mearo, or any of the Valencias, for that matter, it’s a burden.


Mearo Valencia –      He would nod.” That may be true but I still feel i should at least help with some things as well as your aunts and uncles..Siclides aside though I am sure he could be coaxed if need be.” He would laugh before he sat down again.” But I am curious as to your progress please show me what you have been working on.”


Magicia –      “… Like, right now?” She casts a quick look around. Training outside of the hall could be potentially disastrous. Her maids are still sweeping up the shrapnel from the ceiling and arguing among themselves. At least they should be far away enough from civilian residences… “Um.. well the main thing I had to focus on at first was just getting a better grasp on my powers. Since a lot of it is tied to my emotions and state of mind, I took a lot of time to make sure that something like Paroxysm doesn’t happen again.” … At least not unintentionally. “Then I guess it was working on creating new spells and expanding on what I’ve already had…”


Mearo Valencia –      “Yes right now.” He would say tilting his head to the side.” And I do wish to delve into Paroxysm once more sometime in the future but that will be a future project to help you  with your powers.” He would summon a few black knights for her and have them line up.” Show me.”


Magicia –      “… Um, alright then.” She sends a quick mental message through to the maid hive mind to make sure the area is clear and to prevent anyone out this late at night from getting too close. She shifts awkwardly a bit before taking a more steady stance, quietly concentrating to focus her mind… then takes a step forward and makes some quick gestures, causing the crystalline ground to warp and shift. A wall rises out to create a makeshift arena around the vicinity of her, Mearo, and the knights, giving her a decent amount of space to work with while taking the precaution to avoid harming anyone else… With that settled, she turns her focus to the knights. With a sweep of her arm, the ground under them begins to bubble and boil in a dark mess as she summons a form of Living Nightmares right at their feet. A shrieking amalgamate of faces and hands swirls around and up, quickly rising to grab at them, to surround and engulf and drag them into their being.


Mearo Valencia –      With poised fascination he watches her work as the arena rose up. Then the knights  started to move before they were soon stuck inside a living nightmare. They had no fear and only moved to try and get free of the attack. “When you face beings that care more about their survival you will learn to create their very own nightmares as I do to fight them…though your power can be on another level then mine…” He would ponder more to himself as he observed.


Magicia –      The writhing form of the living nightmare is flexible and quick, able to quickly sweep in and close off escape points. It soon becomes a bubble, a cocoon that encloses on the knights to hold them there. Magicia moves closer, her hand muscles tensing as if she was squeezing a ball with it. As she does, the nightmare starts to become smaller, bit by bit, getting crushed under the pressure. “…Hmm, I have more to demonstrate, though… would it be a waste to deal what would be a nice final blow now?”


Mearo Valencia –       He would nod. “I can always make more knights if need be please continue.” He would sip his tea and watch her  as well as the knights. He so far was liking what he was seeing.


Magicia –      That’s all she needed to hear. Her fist clenches shut, snapping the large swirling dark mass into the size of a watermelon. It still writhes and screams, holding its prey prisoner within its confines. A neat little compact nightmare realm in orb form. Considering the amount of pressure is lethal by most standards, the knights are probably now kapooshed back to the tower…. The queen’s hair is standing on end, her eyes holding a rather sadistic glow. It seems when she’s properly in her element, she can resort back to that twisted young woman she is underneath all the formalities she’s been holding to keep her image as queen. Or perhaps being in Mearo’s presence encourages her to stop playing hero..


Mearo Valencia –      “Good..Good.” He would lightly clap with a smile on his face. This is what he wanted to see. The old Mags who first joined his dark council back in the Empire of Ash. The raw power she held and used.” Very good. My daughter… no mercy or hesitation.”


Magicia –      His praise is music to her ears. Any sign that he is proud of her helps boost her confidence. Quickly brushing a bit of hair out of her face, she turns to smile at him. Two smiles. Three, four, five… as if he’s in a house of mirrors, he becomes surrounded by copies of Magicia, all quirking their head to the side. She’s used a spectral copy of herself in the past for some risky encounters, but it seems she’s now managing to create and control several now. “Unfortunately, I’m still coming up with more spell ideas, but I have at least one more trick to show.. though you already caught part of that earlier…”


Mearo Valencia-       He would eye each of the clones and nod. “I see. I am glad you are developing. This is great for your progress to getting stronger but the path to being a primordial…and a Valencia  will take more…and some sacrifice but I am very sure you will have it in you to make it…” He would sip his tea. “Please continue.”


Magicia –      “… I understand.” The chorus of Magicias nod before disappearing, leaving only the real one, who takes a few steps back, creating a smaller crystal wall, one that’s more transparent, between her and Mearo… just in case. She takes a few deep breaths, taking a firm stance once more. “Okay, so, I’m still working on this one…” She frowns and closes her eyes, folding her hands near her chest and concentrating. That nightmare aura builds up again, causing the air to grow heavy once more. The purple smoke that signifies her magic dances around her feet as the energy gets stronger and stronger still.. then the energy in the area starts quickly being drawn into her, sucked in and leaving a cold thin lingering sensation. A dreadful emptiness. Her entire being is engulfed with pent up energy. It is held there for a long moment in a loud silence… her eyes snap open again. Pupils and irises lost to a glowing sea of toxic haze. And in that instant, the energy is released. A powerful sonic blast that sends a ripping wave out through the makeshift arena with an ear splitting scream, akin to ten thousand maids in full fury. The wall between her and Mearo gains several large cracks, threatening to shatter. The ground dents inwards in a slight crater. The barrier around them shudders.

Mearo Valencia –      He would raise an eyebrow as she put up a wall between them, but he would keep silent and watch. He would see her aura glow  and grow as she focused and soon enough pulled surrounding energy closer to her. When she opened her eyes and she sent out the wave  he would blink a few times as the crater formed. He then stood up and clapped. “Very good.”


Magicia –      It seems she’s managed to pull off this latest move without too much trouble… She turns to face him, but before she can address him her legs falter. The queen stumbles, trying to regain her balance. Her vision blurs as she grows dizzy… it’s over in an instance, but she rubs her head and grimaces. “Nggh.. headache..”


Mearo Valencia –      He would walk to her and hold her gently as she lost her balance. “Sadly your physical body seems to hold back much of your power and takes damage when you overdo it…but that will not be an issue in the future.” He would smile. “In due time of course.”


Magicia –      She nods quietly as she just focuses on keeping upright. Unfortunately, for now he’s right. She’s still rather small and fragile physically. The fact that she can manage these bursts of power without blowing herself up is a sign of growth in itself. But she has a ways to go. “Mnn. Right.”


Mearo Valencia –      He would hold her close and pet her head. “In time you will no longer need a body and your own power will sustain you. Just like me and your aunts and uncles you may end up creating a shell to house part of yourself in.” He would pat her on the head. “But you are doing rather well. I am very happy for you.”


Magicia –      “.. Thank you.” It’s hard to process many words right now. Her head is killing her. It seems she overdid herself in her eagerness to please. But it’s worth it, just to have this praise, to know her efforts are paying off. This encouragement will help her continue her training.


Mearo Valencia –      He then helped her over to his chair and sat down. “I can see you are trying your best to get accepted into this family but just to be sure with you. We all do love you Magicia. And no matter the outcome that will never change.” He would rub the back of her shoulders as he spoke.


Magicia –      She takes a seat and rests her eyes, freezing up a bit under his touch… Love.. has that ever actually been said to her before by them? Sure, it’s been shown. She’s known that. But hearing it is odd in a way. But it’s nice. She relaxes herself with a sigh, brushing her hair out of her face. “… I understand.”


Mearo Valencia –      “I’m glad to hear it.” He sat back and got himself some more tea. “You should rest and recover.”


Magicia –      “You’re right… I might go ahead and retire to my chambers for the night.” She nods and opens her eyes again, sending a signal through to the maids to have some chocolates ready in her room. She’s earned them. “Thank you for stopping by to watch. I appreciate it.”


Mearo Valencia-      “Of course my dear.” And with that he would help her up and to her chambers.


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