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The Path to Primordial Power: Part 4 – The Antagonist Intervenes (Chat Log)

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A few months ago…


Magicia –      A tear through reality itself rips open in the middle of a valley as a nightmare rift opens. Magicia stumbles out, her bare feet meeting soft grass. The valley lacks any settlements; it is free and wild and lonely apart from the local wildlife, The nightmare queen is gripping her shoulders, clawing into them and gritting her teeth. The heavy nightmare energy around her quickly turns the grass at her feet black. The darkness spreads around her, tainting her surroundings. Mice and rabbits scatter and birds take wing to flee the horrific infection. 

The queen trembles and claws into her own flesh more, feeling her anger building up inside. Pushing through her mind, through her very being. Threatening to make her small frame burst from the sheer amount of emotional energy. It has to get out. And it suddenly does. With an ear shattering scream, she lets all of that anger out at once. The energy blasts forth from her, rocking the area around her with the force of a large bomb going off, destroying everything still left within a mile radius. 

As the dust settles from the blast, all that remains is a vast crater that marks the area of effect. And in the middle of it is Magicia, who has collapsed to her knees. She pants heavily… that’s much better. The strain on her fragile body is gone now. And she’s managed to let out everything here, instead of in Paracosm, where she’d have endangered her own people, or warped the realm with her unstable mind. 

Aemulus –      The new Prime…the power his sons seems to be trying to bring forth. This could complicate things. alter the balance of the cosmos. New things were always accounted for and this new thing could set everything to unravel. ” So..This where you been.” Came his hollow, monotone voice as he followed the surge of energy and arrived to the location. His moon-like eyes would look at the destruction around her. it was not helping the growing case he was building. She had no control. that was a risk. A discontented sigh  came from his lips.

Magicia –      It seems she’s no longer alone. The girl slowly raises her head to look up at the one who spoke. It is apparent from her face that she is worn out from that surge. She frowns and slowly pushes herself back to her feet. Magicia does not recognize this man, but she can sense it; that familiar sensation she gets from those of her adopted family. Is this yet another one? Even more, the sensation is stronger than usual, even if he is still essentially a stranger to her. It is a cause for concern on her end. “… Have you been looking for me?”

Aemulus –      “I have.” he would reply.” Seems my sons have fit to choose a mortal to take into the family. How unreasonable..they have no need for this….connection such a mortal thing to do…it does not fit their functions…and making a new Prime is even more useless there is no need we have the ones we need there may not be more.” He sounded almost frustrated like a parent cleaning up the mess of his kids.

Magicia –      She silently processes his words. From the sound of it, he’s Mearo and Siclides’ father. Which would place him as her adopted grandfather. However, he doesn’t seem to welcoming of her as part of the family. Perhaps she should have expected that someone wold be unhappy about it. After all, he is right. She’s essentially a mortal. A being far beneath the other Valencias. Yet hearing someone finally voice their disapproval does sting. She frowns and brushes herself off, measuring her words carefully. “You are Mearo’s father, then? I suppose I should say it’s nice to meet you, even if you don’t seem to feel the same. I of course cannot speak for your children and their reasons for taking me in.”

Aemulus –      “I am…” He would say though it sounded more like a chore to him than something he was happy with. “And you are what?” He would ask her as he slowly walked his cane around her,  looking her over. “Now what is it they see in you…”

Magicia –      While unappreciative of being inspected like this, Magicia at least has the sense to try to keep her manners about her. “From what I understand, they see potential. My demonstrations of power have led them to believe I can evolve to be a Primordial as well, if I can learn to properly wield it. I won’t lie, that in itself is a challenge, but I’ve been working hard to reach that point. You may not think having more Primes is necessary… but is necessity really all that should determine things?”

Aemulus –      “It goes against the rules of the cosmos…it tips the scales…I have overlooked the constant creation of new gods because Erathis asked it of me but a creation of a new Prime..A new prime not even of our same essence..Or what you call..a family  would take charge of the gods…lead them…start another celestial war that would create cataclysmic destruction.” He would slam his cane on the ground at the end of his statement. “And that is one who IS able to control their power. One that can not is a threat to everything in itself….” He would look at her with a stern yet apathetic face. “I can not allow it…We already have once but they have proved themselves. to add to the verse….”

Magicia –      It is getting harder for her to keep her manners about her. He’s getting on her nerves. Magicia crosses her arms over her chest, taking a stern stance and glaring at him. “So what if it tips the scales? Isn’t that the natural order of things, anyway? For the multiverse to constantly change and evolve? Refusing change only makes everything grow stale and still.” She of course doesn’t realize just who Aemulus is or his role in things.

Aemulus –      There was a sudden heaviness around the area, A thickness in the air around them as she spoke. He would grip his cane harder now. “Change and evolution is still controlled and always keeps the balance no matter what For every good there is an evil…for every change there is something steadfast to oppose the change or they adapt and for every adaption  there is something to evolve to oppose the adaption and so on….But this..this is uncategorized…this is unnatural…a tampering with the system by Mearo and Siclides.” His eyes would narrow then the heaviness would stop and he would close his eyes… “BUT….Your grandmother as you call her….wishes for me to at least give you a chance against my better judgement..I will give you at least three months to learn control and proper use of the powers you wish to gain,  then if you pass my test..I’ll let you be.”

Magicia –      Well, by the sound of it, she already likes whoever her grandmother is more than this grump. Grumpy old fart. Geezer. Jerk. Curmudgeon. She’s sure he’s just using magic to keep his appearance so young. The idea of this man having wrinkles lifts her spirits a bit. “Hmmph, at least she sounds reasonable. And what if I don’t pass this test? What then?”

Aemulus –      “Then I seal you and Mearo away until I figure out a way to deal with you both.” He would say rather casually to her before he would walk circles around her again. A few dozen black orbs would hover around him now. “Just like i did Siclides all these many times…so many problems that one. Yet she kept remaking him leaving these orbs completely empty…rather tiresome…Now Mearo is becoming a trouble and the rest of them are helping.” He would sigh.” Why can they not just let things go naturally..?”

Magicia –      “Tcch.” No, she’s not going to accept the idea of being sealed away. She has a kingdom to run. Fwufs to keep from running feral. But bringing that up around someone like him is pointless. All she can do for her case is to pass whatever trial he has in mind. “Fine, I’ll face your test. Though when I pass, I hope you’ll apologize to Mearo for doubting his judgement of me.” A hint of a smirk curls up the corner of her lip, in spite of herself. “And perhaps they are bored and are enjoying this game of ruffling your feathers?”

Aemulus –      He said nothing, only nodded.” We shall see…” Was all he said before turning away from her. “Three months…” He would say again before walking off.

Magicia –      There’s no polite wave, no send off. Hell, he didn’t even bother giving her his name, why should she care? Rather, her exhaustion has been swept away by determination. Determination to prove her grandfather wrong and earn his acceptance. Snarling under her breath, she turns and rips open a nightmare rift, stepping inside of it to head back to Paracosm. Back to training…. Grumpy old coot.


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