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The Path to Primordial Power: Part 5 – Tipping the Scales (Chat Log)

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Aemulus –     He stood atop a large stone tower. One he carved flat high in the middle of some of the close by mountains of Persistence. A perfect stone circle hundreds of feet in the air while the valley below was surrounded by water. There he stood,stoic and emotionless His cane in hand as the soft green glow of the gem embedded within would be seen. He stood at the center of the 10 meter wide circle ring He sent his summons and message now he would wait.

Magicia –      In Paracosm, the message is received. It seems time has run short for the Queen. With a weight in her chest, she slowly prepares herself. Quietly slipping into battle leathers and placing a small envelope on her pillow… just in case. Then she waves to some nearby maids, assuring them she’s just going for a little outing and she should be back soon. Before stepping into a nightmare rift.     Thus, Magicia would step forth into the ring on the tower. Stone faced. Cold. Refusing to let her true feelings surge forth now, as she once again meets her grandfather. “… This is it, then?”

Aemulus –      Those stern eyes move to look to her.” So you did choose to arrive then? Yes This is it.” He would lightly wrap his fingers around the top of his cane before tapping it lightly. “Here you test will be and here we shall see if you pass.” He would .”As you know  if you fail I will strip you of your growing power and Siclides will be sealed up and the Valencias forbidden to mettle with this realm any longer.”

Magicia –      Despite the ache in her chest, she stands firm. There can be no hesitance now. After all, she was given plenty of time to give up and accept his disapproval. That time is up. “I understand. But whatever this test for me may be, no matter what challenge you throw in my way… I will not fail.”

Aemulus –      “We shall see.” He would say still standing where he was before he tapped his cane again and a white dome fit perfectly around the entire circle. a ten meter radius all around and above. “This is the Room of Scales…In this space i control law and order…Three amendments…Each one must be followed or the scales will be tipped.” He would point above to show ghostly looking scales at the top of the room. “If you violate you will be judged..and if you are judged twice for any of one of the broken amendments…Capital Punishment will ensue and you will harmed in the process…” He would stare at her. “I also must follow these rules…I’ll set the first amendment and its judgment,  you may set the other two…but the judgements must not cause direct harm. after we set these rules you may start your test….to pass…simply push me off this ring before I push you off. The first amendment …no loss of control ..the judgement will be loss of said power for one minute{one full turn}” He would tap the cane again. “Now you set the other two rules and their punishments.”

Magicia –      She takes a deep breath, processing the situation and his words. Two amendments for her choosing. She will have to be very careful, as this might be her only advantage, if any. Still, it is hard to utilize it for her gain when she knows nothing of Aemulus. “Alright. The second amendment… ” She points to the center of the ring where he stands. “No crossing the center of this area. Each of us must stay on our own half and all moves must be done accordingly. Judgement will be loss of being able to physically move for one minute [one full turn].”


Aemulus –      He would step back and tap his cane.” Very well ..And for the third?” He would  ponder. She cut the arena in half..close range would not be an option it would seem though this applied to her as well.

Magicia –      Magicia thinks long and hard, fingers twitching a bit as she studies his face. “The Third Amendment…” It is a futile effort to try to find any hint of weakness in him. She knows that. Leveling the playing field is a difficult feat when one is going in blind. “The Third is… no mental barriers. Judgement is a loss of all five main senses for a minute.”

Aemulus –      He would raise an eyebrow. An odd one for sure. “As you wish.” He would tap the cane once more then wait. “Shall we start then?”

Magicia –      Oh, a hint of a reaction? That’s something. She smirks and takes a few steps back, her nightmare energy swirling around her feet as if eager to get the show on the road. “Sure, whenever you’re ready for me to make you regret ever doubting me… old man.”

Aemulus-      “Very well.” He would look to the ground and pick up a fist sized stone and look to Mags for a moment. He would toss the stone lightly in her direction before he would tap his cane and the stone went from a light toss to a high velocity  going the speed of sound right at her. “Keeping me at a distance might not work in your favor..even if I must stay on this side of the circle.” He would say rather calmly before picking up another stone to do the same.

Magicia –      With a snap of her fingers, two nightmare rifts open up. One for the stone to whiz right into, and the other to send it shooting out right back in the direction of the head of the one who threw it. “Tcch, at least over here I don’t have to smell your old raisin breath.”

Aemulus –      Portals? A good way around the punishment  of crossing the middle. The stone did in fact hit him with all its force and he would slide some feet forward.  The second rock he tossed passed him as he tilted his head still a light plume of dust from the first stone obliterating into glittering particles as the intense friction made it superheated then rapidly cooled into glass. “Hmmm.” Was his only reply before he then  walked over to the nightmare portal and simply shoved his cane’s tip into and tap it on the ground of her side of the arena through her own rift. He was not allowed to cross over but no rule said his cane wasn’t allowed. as he tapped the cane on the ground the light tap send out a shock wave to try and push Mags over to his side.

Magicia –      Well, that helps wipe the smirk off her face. As the wave shoves her forward, she quickly summons a wall of darkness to stop her in her tracks before she can cross the imaginary line. Frowning, she kicks back from it, snapping her nightmare rifts closed. If she’s lucky, she can even snip the tip of his cane by doing so. Regaining her footing, she sends the wall crashing towards him. It writhes and screams as her Living Nightmares that make it up try to grab for him.

Aemulus –      He pulls his cane out which was now a little shorter than before but that can be fixed now. The nightmare wall is sent at him. So he would simply side step out of the way. “Such direct attacks…easy to avoid something at goes in only one direction.” He would say looking at her. “And you wish to be a Primordial with such stone age thinking?” He would simply shake his head before taking his arm  and gently wave in front of him before sending a powerful wave of air at her. Due to his limiter he could only alter physical forces aside from the Room of Scales.

Magicia –      “Stone Age thinking is trying to control the balance of an ever changing universe.” She grits her teeth, sending up another wall to block this wave. “Besides, direct attacks help to assess an opponent.” The nightmare energy around her fluctuates as she draws it into focus for a different method of attack. A surge of Living Nightmares spring forth from the ground in a circle around Aemulus, rising up quickly to try to trap him in a wall of swirling madness, much like the move she had once demonstrated for Mearo.

Aemulus –      His eyes would dance around as he became surrounded by the nightmares as they would rise up above him. He would go to jump  out before it would close over him before he would instead change his mind and go right on down into the stone of the arena. Tapping the cane on the ground as it would blast a tunnel for him to fall into.

Magicia –      “Tcch.” She sends the nightmares diving into the tunnel after him, not happy to have her chance to trap him dodged like that. The beings merge together, starting to whirl and sharpen into a formation like a drill as they chase him.

Aemulus –      He accounted for this. Of course he would be chased  in hope of trapping him in his own tunnel. It was a logical and mortal reason. Though he would kick the side of the tunnel to shatter the stone column their little arena sat upon before the drill rammed into him. His shell ripping apart slowly from damage. which was fine so long as he stayed inside the aren which  was now starting to fall apart as it was no longer having a foundation and soon will be crashing to the sea far below.

Magicia –      “Son of a-” She stumbles as the arena starts falling, trying to keep her footing. Don’t panic now, Magicia. Focus is key. She whips up another wave of nightmares. This one a much larger mass than before. It drills down through the stone, moving quickly to get to the bottom, only to disperse once it reaches the other side. It sprouts waving tendrils that surround the dome and ends up taking the visage of a jellyfish. A giant jellyfish made of screaming sobbing living nightmares. Now at least when the arena inevitably hits the water, it should float. The drill meanwhile keeps on with full force, with wisps of energy starting to seep out to try to get into the breaks where it can. Try to find a place to absorb into his skin…

Aemulus –      The force of the drill did push him out of the dome as even though the arena would fall the bubble room of scales would remain where it was  unless he deactivated it then reactivated it. This was a miscalculation on his part. one that he would regret that was for sure as the scales faded and he was now under the water as the arena  settled into the water. He would soon reappear missing an arm and leg and part of his chest from the drill. His body was hollow. nothing inside of it. “Hmm..” was all he could say as he regenerated himself and let out a breath of annoyance.

Magicia –      She stumbles more as the arena splashes down, but manages to keep standing. She smirks as he reappears, feeling her nightmare energy now swirling through the hollow body. Shame, she’d hoped for some organs to spill. But this will suffice for the moment. “Heh, what’s the matter old man? Can’t even keep your own little bubble up and floating? Need to sit down? Take a nap? Need a hand?”

Aemulus –      He remained silent. “It seems my attempt to be creative in my attacks  was my undoing.” He focused on where he failed and would remember for next time if that were to ever happen. “As agreed…I shall let you be…But if you do end up upsetting the balance and cause harm to the universe then Erathis herself will step in and she is not as…..agreeable as I am.”

Magicia –      She’s panting, but that stupid grin is back on her face. Seems she’s won for the time being. On the outside she’s as snarky as ever. On the inside it’s a rush of relief and disbelief. “I’ll keep that in mind. Though harming the universe isn’t really in my interest anyway. Instead you and my dear grandmother can stop by for tea.” She straightens up and tosses her hair over her shoulder. “Oh and don’t forget the other end of this little bargain. I expect Mearo and Siclides to get an apology.”

Aemulus –      He would walk over to her and look her. “Perhaps I shall try this tea.” He would lightly pat her on the head and a small smirk would go across his face. “Yes yes I shall speak with them soon when i am free to do so.”

Magicia –      Headpats… the win is genuine, then. Her smirk subsides a bit into a more eased smile. Perhaps she has managed to win a bit of favor with this one, despite her initial odds. “That’s all I ask. Well then, I should probably get back to my little island. Kingdom to run. More training to do. Seeya paps.” She waves and slips into a nightmare rift. One more victory on her record and still no idea of what her own grandfather’s name is. Back to Paracosm to destroy that envelope on her bed before a maid that can actually read finds it.


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