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The Price For Treason

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Viewer Discretion is advised, You have been warned – Writer

‘You have ingored our warnings for Galatatic Takeover and our new rule, so you have lost whatever isn’t neutral zone, in Narworth, however for your denial of the area, as I’ve been there for the last 14 years and I raised my son then, as lead me to make an example of your failure and your utter incompliance with handing over things, instead you made me move my hand” Lord Ice Wolf said as the camera turned to Lizzy Van Belle’s cell

“For the Price of Treason, you have decided the fate of our Prisoner of War, she will face execution, she will be frozen until her heart stops working, when her blood and veins clog themselves to the point where they have no escape” Lord Ice Wolf stated, before he pulled out his staff and began to shoot freezing at her legs “And as for your final wish, my dear sister, tell them that it shoved been my throne”

The Camera zoomed in and proceeded to pick up her audio, which was the following:”To The People Of Jadia Bay and Hopeswind, please do not hand over your crowns, your willpower to this man I used to call my brother, there’s no way I am coming back, so I might as well reveal this, when I lost my mother because of my overprotective aunt, My Brother had a child who was my niece, I held the throne for my brother and told him that his daughter needed him” Lizzy took a small breathe “No matter what happened, Brother, Illy would’ve still had the crown and-“

Lord Ice Wolf would speed up the ice forming “That’s true! But If you had allowed me to take the throne, I could’ve crushed them from taking Bella and my wife, my first love!”

“You held me back from having Illy, Jada and Steve with Chirstopher, YOU TREATED ME LIKE A CHILD WHILE TRIED TO PROTECT YOUR WIFE, YOU HELD HER BACK” Lizzy barked as the Ice crawled up her neck and Lord Ice Wolf spoke “Utter your final words, Sister”

“I love you, My Husband and My Children and there’s” Lizzy said before she froze up, literally

Slowly everything inside of her was turned to Ice and as she wasn’t resistant like the rest of her family, her blood and heart turned cold, slowly, she was reduced to nothing and at 11:58pm, Lizzy Van Belle was declared Death By Hypothermia

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  1. Shelly R. Skymoon 2 months ago

    “The Only Treason you’ve caused is the Volation Of The Treaty’s Of Isa and Soulhelm” Shelly paused before speaking again “Your lost! You killed your own sister in the sickest of ways!”

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