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The Price of Rebellion

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The Ravager jumps in above the planet Celest with two Interdictor-class warships and several squads of Sith Interceptors following close behind their master’s ship, on the bridge of The Ravager Darth Nihilus stood with his arms crossed over his chest and his personalized HK-50 droid beside him, two holograms of the two captains from the Interdictor ships, one hand behind their backs and the other forming a salute to Nihilus. “Master, what are your orders for us? Are we to bombard the planet now?” One of the admirals asked Nihilus.

“No there has been a change of plans, Lament has given us permission to use the generators…” Nihilus replies with a chuckle as he steps forward, past the holograms to get a better view of the planet below before he gave the order to the captains.”The mass shadow generator shall be activated here, create a new Malachor from this planet while I feed off of Celest’s destruction…” He starts to laugh madly as he finishes his order to them.

The captains looked to each other, they knew how damaging this was but they didn’t want to anger their master and turned their attention back to Nihilus while the HK droid noticed their show of disapproval and weakness “Statement: Captains, you seem to be showing weakness. Query: Will I have to pay you too a visit then?” The captains froze when the droid had spoken to them like that and shook their heads. “No Hk-50, you won’t…” They both replied to the droid while they continued to watch their master then bowed to him. “We shall get the generators prepared for use right away master…” The holograms flickered and disappeared while Nihilus continued to watch the planet, tasting the life on the planet and ready to devour it all.

“The generator has always been on the planet but I have only just realized it once Lament had ordered me to use it…” He chuckles to himself as he turns away from the planet below and slowly moved around the bridge. “The weapon that created me shall be the weapon that I use to destroy the life of others….” One of the captain’s holograms flickered back next to Nihilus to report to him. “Master, the generator is ready to use, we are awaiting your orders…” The captains bows his head as Nihilus goes back to observing the planet. “….Yes…. use them now…..” The captain bows his head again and the hologram flickers away again as the generators can be seen activating on the planet’s surface from orbit.

Within seconds the planet was covered in the shadows of the generators, the life of the planet dieing would be felt across the galaxy to all force users, like the force itself was silenced in the area, several Sith Interceptors were pulled down to the planet as The Ravager and the two Interdictors struggled to remain in their current positions. “Get us out of here now!” Nihilus ordered to the operators of his ship and the other two over the intercom. “I’m not about to be stuck in the middle of another Mass Shadow generator…” The Ravager and one of the Interdictor ships managed to escape the pull of the Gravity Well that was created while the last ship failed and was pulled down to the dying planet, killing everyone on board. “Yes, more life to feed upon…” He mutters as he happily devours the life of the entire planet while The Ravager made it safely out of the Gravity Well’s reach.

“I’m done…” Nihilus stated after several hours after the generators were activated, the planet would become nothing more than an empty graveyard that spanned the entire planet, the screams of the dead could be heard echoing throughout the force, affecting even the most skilled Jedi or Sith, the Interdictor that was pulled into the planet fractured the dead planet before it was crushed by the Gravity Well, several ships had also been crushed and were now forming a debris field around the planet as it still had gravity. “I’ve had my fill, we must leave this place and head to Drag 6, order the fleets to meet us there” He ordered over the intercom to his remaining captain as The Ravager jumped away from this now dead planet.”I think this planet shall be renamed, Malachor VI..” He stated to the operators and the HK droid as they headed off to their next target, Drag 6.


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