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The Queen!

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The crown sat on my head gently, power rose deeper in my veins, almost enthralled by the satisfaction, I tried to remain confident, and keep my cool. They’d soon suffer the pain and violence later. That is if they don’t respect my values and rules. My amendments. ( Sighs ) It was May 14, in Leronia… My eyes lighting up once it laid gently upon my head. The lowering of heads as they saw my ruling. Only those who know my Darkness that lies within. Who were they going to listen to? The beautiful, young Queen or the Saggy, pitiful servants who dare question my power? I have an army. An army that will do ANYTHING to crush them. That is if they disobey, and if they loose manner in the Kingdom. I fought for my throne, I didn’t want a SERVANT on my throne. With my dark ways, I got it as I wanted. This was exactly what I said far back… ( Makes a vision appear in the sky, in the comments ) I have a few words left for you. Now now, that’s your call. Await for my touching moments… In a bit…


 **** GIF RULES!! **** ( Posted from Joseph Gambit’s blog )

“2. Further, if you do post an animated GIF it must be in relation to a story or character that you are role playing. The blog must also contain a certain amount of written or visual content in addition to the animated GIF. While this may seem harsh, there are several alternatives to posting these moving images directly in home page blogs. “

”The blog can be posted with a title, and with a few lines of written content, and then the GIF can be posted farther down, or in the comments section where it will not appear on the home page.”


( I must ask you to look in the comments for the visions )

I’m going with those options which allow me to do so posting it over here, it’s set on an infinity loop, I can’t do anything about it but place it down. Honestly, stop telling me to take them down, I read the rules correctly, and I can place GIFs below farther down. Therefore, I’m skipping six lines and placing the GIF. This way you can not say I’m doing this wrong or I can place the GIFs. I read the terms, and i even posted it up there.

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  1. Author
    Elizabeth Lafette 9 years ago

    Thank you so much for the warnings, I have fixed my blog and restated guidelines, I hope no commotion happens further more like this. Thank you for your help.

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