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The Raising of Olympus

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After hours cruising through the system, the massive form of the Ares Ascendant heavy battlecruiser slowed to a geosynchronous orbit around the first moon of the sixth planet in the Hellifyno system. Bristling with weapons, plated in armor, and protected from both weaponry and the dangers of space by a shimmering energy shield, the ship was a war vessel with no doubt. Deep within the bridge, the gigantic form of her Captain, Brant Warson, sat atop the captain’s throne. Directing the bridge crew to hold their position, the captain stood and switched on the comm system to the whole ship.


“All crew, prepare for colony development. I want survey teams to the drop ships. Security forces, prepare for deployment orders. Himari, prep the construction robots. We’re making a home here people.”


This planet, despite having little on it except a rocky surface and sparse vegetation, was the perfect place to settle a base for his crew. A location generally close to any other place in the system by ship. Not far from reported pirate locations and salvage opportunities. And one of the most important points, a planet just below filled with wild and dangerous alien wildlife for himself and the Ringed Reavers to test their might against.


“Alright everyone, I want this area mapped and construction started before five hours are up. We have a few more stops to make in the system.”


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