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The Remaining Contents of Farzik’s Journal

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A light shines up from the center of the book, then wraps around you, sucking you into the memory, surrounding you in a three dimensional magical space, like being thrust into virtual reality. You seem to be standing in a small room, looking out of someone else’s eyes. Yet when you turn your head, the image doesn’t change – it is static, a memory that is not your own.

You find yourself staring into a mirror, looking back at a face which is not YOUR face. Instead, it is the face of a man with pale, almost translucent skin and long flowing red hair that seems to be moving in a faint breeze, one that you cannot feel. He is gripping the edge of a countertop, in front of a sink. It must be a bathroom, but you can see little else of your surroundings. 


As you stare into the mirror, the face you are looking at begins to change. It suddenly starts to look more feline, and yet what was at first a rather handsome visage soon becomes monstrous. The hair seems like writhing tentacles, the eyes are the wicked eyes of a hunter on the prowl… and the dark glimmer suggests you may be the prey. The lips in the reflection move, your lips, Farzik’s lips… the Other’s lips.

 Ah, you are back… I was beginning to think I would need to wrest control of your mind.


The lips in the mirror move again, but this time you hear Farzik’s voice, strong and commanding even in deference.

 Apologies… I have been busy with your preparations.


The monstrous visage in the mirror speaks again, its voice oozing with darkness and danger.

I have told you much in the past, but now you must know the final stages of the plan so that we make remake the world. Thousands of years from now,all our work will come to fruition.

This will be your moment of truth… 

The Triat will have become unbalanced. We shall trick the Wyrm into absorbing you into his dark force.

Do not worry… You will not be destroyed. It will use you. Its chaos will become focused… and allow It to achieve Its mad goals.


Know this: I will have left you by then… and all thoughts of this plan will go with me. The Wyrm will not glean it from your soul, I will take the plan with me into my new Host.

When the world begins to unravel, the rest of my brethren can rip through into all of reality… And you will rejoin us as a king.


If you waver in this moment… I will find you.

You, and your children… Your wife… they will all be mine…

When the time comes… You will believe my words.


The man speaks again, and the image of the feline monstrosity begins to fade, replaced by the handsome, translucent face of Farzik.

Yes… I understand.


The image fades. A mechanical voice speaks pleasantly.

Memory complete. The next entry is a voice recording. Beginning now.


There is a soft click, and the sound of breathing, then you hear Farzik’s voice.

It’s… it’s the middle of the night. I don’t think anybody can hear me in here.. I… I don’t think He can hear me…


The voice sounds despondent, afraid, rambling… not at all like the hard, sarcastic, confident voice of before.

I have to talk to Johann… Maybe he can help me… The things… the things it wants to do.. I can’t let it do that to my children… Not my kids. No, I won’t let it… I’ll tell Johann to make them strong. I won’t let them get used this way… I know its weaknesses… Johann can make them strong enough to defeat him when the time is near.

Yes… yes that’s it. I’ll make him do it.


The voice becomes hard again, a slight edge of madness to it.

He’ll make them into weapons… weapons that can never be defeated. I have to get to him… I HAVE TO GO NOW


There is a sharp crash, as of something being grabbed roughly or being knocked over, then a crackle before the mechanical voice speaks again.

End of entries. 

  1. Avery Seone 9 years ago

    (Thanks Larky!)

  2. Nina Noir 9 years ago

    I have to admit… i really enjoyed reading this one

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