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The Resistance

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” Greetings Citizens of Hellifyrno. I am Gilver Darklight, a guardian soldier of the City of Eos Gaian. The royalty of the city has created an Ark in an undisclosed location off-planet for the innocent and to keep the children out of Faltering Bright’s grasp. King Noctis has put me in charge of ushering those in need to be safe. My Doppelgangers and I have the ability to get you there. I will be making the announcement to you people later today. And any who are warriors are welcome to join the resistance against this false goddess, that took down a close friend of mine, the mother of Twine, Kida. Kida is alive but in a coma. I may have not been around for the Slayer war but I have taken the time to study it and will do anything to make sure this world that I have bled many times before is safe.  I hope to see you at my announcement later today. May Gaia be with you all.” // Gilver says before his projection over the Tv’s of the planet goes to static or regular program again.// 


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  1. Eufiel "Euffy" Razkin 9 months ago

    I recall your king locking down your kingdom. And has been simply keeping to himself. I doubt I would unite with someone who chose to hunker down and hide instead of standing on the front lines.

    • Author

      ” You know nothing about King Noctis yes he lockdown the kingdom to preserve the buildings and not having to worry about it while he worked on his project. He has been working in the shadows to keep the innocent safe by making the Ark with his brothers. Well, that is your opinion if you don’t want to join me in this battle, so be it that is your decision. I have always been the one on the frontlines while my King and the rest provide aid to the innocent and wounded. That is how our kingdom works. There is more to this then you can see. ” // Gilver says as he stood with his arms folded across his chest with stoic facial features. //

      • Eufiel "Euffy" Razkin 9 months ago

        Actually i know more then you may think about your king He has already backed out of one war and abandoned his allies so again I do not see why anyone would trust such a man to protect them. And i agre with Chesh you may not have said where the ark is but you did tell everyone you are running it and that your kingdoms is backing it so that does paint a target on anyone you know. All bright has to do is pick someone and get the location out of them. First rule of war my friend…if you have a plan….dont say you have a plan.

  2. “King Noctis? I’ve never head of them. Though, arent you worried that by explaining his plan out in the open that you are inviting Bright to send his agents to knock at your door? Who knows, maybe even come himself? It really isn’t a good idea to explain the plan before it’s even ready to be put into action. Could have just said ‘our city is a safe place’ instead of painting a target on your back. Unless, of course, that is the plan and you’re hoping that Bright attacks you? Set a trap with the Arc as the bait and see how many you can snag and or kill. Either way, I’m starting to question the intelligence of you Gaians.”

  3. “I’m just saying, think about this logically. Twine has fallen. Our enemy is in possession of anti magic and god killing weaponry. With the information that someone is planning something of this magnitude it paints a target on the city and its citizens. Even if the Arc isnt in the city, the chances that they could find information on where it is and strike is not something you want to leave out. Even if they didnt find the arc before its completion, the portalverse has been compromised, meaning, they can go and be anywhere at any time that they wish and a collection of magical and non magicals is not exactly something that is hard to track. Never show your hand until it’s ready to be played. Never reveal your plans until it’s already too late for someone to stop you. By telling the world your plan before the arc is complete you risk the failure of the plan. Instead of getting mad for someone poking holes in your strategy and yelling you should work to fill the holes that have been created until the plan is air tight and iron clad. Otherwise you put everyone at risk, including your king. Dont be so quick to discount the wisdom of others. It is VERY unbecoming of a Guardian.of any nation. Especially one that claims Gaian.”

  4. Alexos Dragonis 9 months ago

    As king of Drelicath I speak for my people. You have our support. As King I am also head of our church. You have the backing of all followers of our gods the Divine Masters as well. I wish to meet in person when the opportunity arises. May your gods and ours guide us in this war.

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