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The Rise Of Hopeswind {The Other Piece Arc} Chapter 2:Part 3

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A/N:This is note for anyone who may or may not understand the diplomatic relationship of Cadzenziera, The Hakisuru Alliance that all Settlements of Cadzenziera are required to joined which means Hopeswind & Jadia Bay are apart of that Alliance and any assests made by Lacie Moore they must argee too

After The Collaspe Of Aurora/Nathan Valley, The Birth Of  Jadia Bay and Hopeswind

Jadia Bay ruled by Lizzy’s Elder Daughter (Illy Hadley)

Hopeswind would be ruled by Ice’s Youngest Daughter (Selenne Coldstone)

~*New Zoning Of The Wastelands*~

Las Nathan 

The Capital Of Hopeswind, where an old Castle stands which Selenne is adapting it to become the home of Ice Coldstone, Selenne Coldstone and Star Kit. 

Of Course it would also mean that anyone apart of the ruling family whether assisting or not, would still live in the castle.

The Capital Town Of Hopeswind would be also very promient for trade

The Settlement would be governed by a Democratic Aristocracy under Lady Coldstone


The Next Town Of Hopeswind is O’Gene who Ice named after his Father Gene Belle, The Place is Home to the Citizens Of Hopeswinds and smaller bussinesses

Old Harmony

The Final Town Of Hopeswind is something from one of the Gemival Refugees Homes:Gemstone America, which is still being rebuilt but it is home to the Education Department Of Hopeswind, The Arena, The Health Department Of Hopeswind and The Graveyard.

A/N:I realize that this is very short and some of the names like Gemstone America aren’t mine, so I wanna give credit to @JannaSkymoonII & @Raventheflowergirl for allowing me to make Hopeswind

I also wanted to say thank to Clayton Wade for his amazing Feedback on the last part, I really do appreciate the comments and I am willing to disscus an external alliance with Jadia Bay and whatever Clayton made





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