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The RolePages 10th Anniversary 100 Hour Marathon – Chat Log

time travel 1
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6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel A sudden wave of portals open up all over the island.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel Thousands… nay, hundreds of thousands of people pour out.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel The island slowly starts to be flooded with the panicked evacuees of the Northern Continent. Unable to speak of whatever has caused this sudden migration.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel Screaming. Sobbing. Shaking. But words seem past them.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel More pour out in a constant scramble of terrified civilians. From Consequence, from Aark, from Sprout… yet the numbers don’t come close to the proper population cencus…
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel And then.. the portals start closing on their own.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel The screams from the Northern Continent can still be heard as the passage between there and Twine is suddenly closed off.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel …. Tick, tock.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [The citizens of Twine had few began to notice something was amiss in the world, from the few reports having been broadcasted before the Northern Continents fall to, well, nothing. And then the refugees began to flood in. Thousands of them swarmed the already partially filled streets of Twine citizens and tourists, most of whom began to mumble, scream, shout in alarm at the mass and waves of people entering. It wasn’t long before the various higher members went into action, the teddies and ogres beginning to rush around organising refugees here and there, directing them all over the island to quickly setup camps, as fast as they could, portals sprouting up all over with helpful materials and medical supplies for the sick or injured. So too did residents try helping out, as well as Kaler himself, trying to get as many through as he could seeing the chaos on the otherside of one such portal, before it began to close] Everyone get through!!! [He shouted, but then they closed, unable to stop it himself, leaving him with the ones who did make it]
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Ken arrived soon after in the scene. His eyes wide in horror as he lay witness to what was going on. Alice was at home, but he had to act now. Running down with his own battalion of teddies, he began moving people in. “C’mon! Get to saftey!” He ordered the teddies to start moving g people to the twisty twine bar and to start setting up tents and other makeshift shelters.
6/6/2019 0:00 Nazza the Half-Elf Nazza is among those that made it through the portals. She had been forced through by the crowd, unable to make sense of what was going on.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel It seems not all the portals are shut off. Just the ones from the Northern Continent.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach An ark of sorts, more of knitted together logs and a man’s hand would appear, carrying all that Tearlach could save from Thistlemere, and the surrounding wildlands. He look worn. His body went into Warform by instinct alone, the man was a giant bear like beast, his armor he wore rendered and hanging from him. He started to breath heavy and let loose the power.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C K.C would dive though a portal her clothes were torn
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * gets thrown a portal and lands on my back with the two by four still lodged into my right side and a few ribs broken and shattered by the price of wood*
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello ** peice **
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator There is no respite here. There is static, there is trembling, and there are monstrosities pouring out of the sky. As Blade lands a thousand giant bees soar towards him. As KC lands a squad of black clad soldiers charges her.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Safety may have been reached, maybe…but…he didn’t have a choice. Getting up with a groan and a headache he could only pause in fear and silence from what had just happened. From seeing his allies being attacked, he suddenly sprang into a defensive stance, firing at the soldiers on KC. He was aiming for headshots…No time to think, only time to KILL!
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach Tearlach looked around to everyone and walked on the Island with his people. He breathed heavy and haggard. “We will take to the wastes…. We will keep out of folk’s out of the…” He saw the attack showing there too now. “Get back!” He would light his arm on fire, forming whips of sorts to swat at the bees!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Kaler is swarmed by twisted nightmare creatures that hurtle themselves at him.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * sighs and rips the board out of my side so I could run or at least try to out run the swarm *
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Ken helps to pick up K.C and Blade “come on! Lets go!” He says. Then he see’s the black soldiers. “BLUE PHEINIX KICK!” He shouts, sending a wave if blue star fire at the soldiers as they came in.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The ground here is trembling as well, but it hasn’t fallen yet.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C K.C kicked them away
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Millions of bears with truck arms hurtle at Croc.
6/6/2019 0:00 Nazza the Half-Elf The half-elf sees the incoming danger and pales. Is nowhere safe? She freezes in her spot, quaking like the earth.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Millions of black clad soldiers fill the air with bullets.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Millions upon millions of the dark twisted nightmare creatures hurtle themselves at Ken.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The entire world is mad with carnage and war.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Portals from Paracosm are opening now, with even more screaming evacuees… but there is no refuge here…
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * draws my pistol with a free hand and starts firing at the twisted creature headed towards ken*
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ One of the bears did get a nice, clean hit onto him, sending him flying back and rolling a nice distance. He wasn’t looking too well now, coughing as the Knifestorm rained harder and harder…he wasn’t going to die yet. Seeing as he was knocked out of sight, he’d take a moment to survey the chaos. “…”
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis And then it is as if the battle were put on pause. Every single enemy unit is halted in place. The bullets hang in the air. The weapons stall in their swinging position.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler shouted to the teddies who guided refugees in this quickly erupting land of peace] Get them in the Portalverse, NOW! [He ushered some forth and away from that mass of twisted creatures. Quickly did he begin landing titanic blows into some, as he used his Omni-tool to summon a choice weapon; the new Godly Shield; and began essentially being a Godly Captain America, slashing and bonking and punching his way through the foes as best he could, trying to provide cover, as did teddies, as they began to let refugees into the Portalverse]
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C K.C was too injured to move much
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Krieger fell through a portal to here now, rolling covered in wounds that where knitting themselves together with thousands of order spiders. He would fire at those black clad troops, and used his combat knife to slash at a few others. And then he stop feeling the power of the Child.
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis A child, maybe 9 years in age emerges. He has golden hair and an aura of power and authority. He steps through the stalled carnage with a simple grace, looking upon everything with eyes that have a wisdom that belies his age.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Jennifer curls in, two massive blue wings of star fire escaping form his back and pushing the bullets and soldiers away.
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “Not today.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach Tearlach’s hair would stand with the static of power that was there…. The Child. His arm would douse and turn to as much as a normal hand as it could. His body reverting to his normal man form.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM] Kida Le Morte *large portals open all around the island as the twines people begin to gather the animals, and pull people through to the safe haven tucked away. Twines people yell and holler* FOLLOW THE TEDDIES TO SAFETY!! IF YOU CAN FIGHT!! WE NEED YOU HERE! WE CANT LOSE ANYMORE!! *the teddies moved and pulled people, women, children, the sick and injured. Anyone they could, and now player needs to go back to work!!!*
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * half runs half jogs over to k c to try to help her up as I offer a hand * come on take my hand
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The battle has been halted but the trembling doesn’t stop. The ground is still shaking violently beneath your feet, and a piece of land suddenly collapses, taking thousands of soldiers and FaE with it.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Flops out if a portal and rolls to her feet. Shit. It was bad here too? She starts opening fire on the soldiers
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The soldiers die easily, they have been halted in time.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator the bullets rip through them but they do not fall.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The power of the High King has halted them.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C She took it her leg was bent out of shape
6/6/2019 0:00 Nazza the Half-Elf Nazza starts back into the present and rushes along with the mass of teddies and fleeing people. She is not a fighter. She does the only thing she knows how – run.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass appears through the portal and her Uncle is there all along. She frowns as she looks up to her Uncle^ My home is gone… My new home, rather… I mean, Consequence would always be my home but… ^She sniffs as she looks up to him. Sass’ liger jumps through and pads over to Sass. She jumps on her liger with her Uncle turning into a mist. Sass and her team goes off to another portal seeing as they can’t stay here either^
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “….You…” Another freed memory…was that Ar’Elis? He remembered the efforts to save the child, even in his new state it seemed that the child did survive and prosper. Seeing as bullets and enemies were still active, he would headshot a few of the stationary, frozen soldiers to collect the heads he needs for…reasons.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira had arrived, only to see that Twine was also in peril. This wasn’t good. And where the hell was Elijah? The ginger haired female looked around. He better not have gotten himself killed.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer “Kida!” He shouts “Get Alice out! Please!” He fires a round of plasma bolts at more soldiers. “PLEASE”
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel More flood in from Paracosm, but those portals are failing too…
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Eliah would come through the portal, someone in each talon and on his back, hurt but still flying. Elijah would gently drop off the people he had carried from The Red Sun Inn. Then Elijah would turn his focus back to the fight, taking to the air once again Elijah let out a piercing war cry.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “Ok, would somebody PLEASE explain to me what the hell just happened?”
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “This is an event that has been foretold in prophecies of old. And now the clock is ticking down once more.” His words are quiet, and yet can be heard by everyone.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Listen to Lady Kida! Get moving! Follow the Teddies!” Not a phrase he thought he’d ever say.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * holsters my pistol and picks you up in a fireman’s carry * no worries I’ve got you * I say and walk over to fallen tree and sit you down on it * are you ok
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” no ” she was covered in cuts and her leg was broken
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Tick tock. tick Tock. If you really tried, you could hear it. But what is it counting for?
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * looks down to her leg * do you trust me I can fix this
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The portals start to distort, they twist, and malign, the energy growing angry, wild, and then they bulge out and the last of them pops.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Oh thank god. After watching Eli take back to the air, she looked at Isaac. Would he know if this was a normal thing? The way he reacted to her question from last night had her thinking she shouldn’t ask him any other questions. Shaking her head, she went after Elijah. Sure, she wasn’t a fighter. But she had to help.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The ground continues to tremble.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” I guess “
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Those who have made it to Twine find the safety of the pause. Those in the tunnels find themselves falling back to Twine. Those who have not made it to Twine, are dead. Lost in the abyss.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia appears with Raz and the Head Maid, seeming to have escaped their island just in time.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM] Kida Le Morte *before the portals popped, almost all those who came in had left, leaving behind the heroes*
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would follow along with the ‘pack’ of players, but was still listening and frantically looking for the source of the ticking. Not being able to keep a firm foot from all the shaking was stressful! He’d rest a hand on his shoulder for a moment, feeling it heal from being hit by a goddamn bear with trucks for arms.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach Tearlach made a skiff with his wooden hand, and turned to his large warbeast form again, he felt drained but people needed to get moving. He would take the wounded and weak upon the makeshift sled, dragging whom he could behind his loping movement.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem was there, of course. Helping people along the way. It pained her deeply to feel the islands of the world disappearing, but there wasn’t anything she could do to stop it.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler continued to usher people into portals, as it seemed the soldiers had just stopped there. Then they were locked out, so it seemed, as the other portals closed, but hopefully the Portalverse ones remained to ferry people out, as he did his best to do so, whilst looking around at those left. It seemed to just be a handful of people like him; call them the significant bunch won’t you]
6/6/2019 0:00 Nazza the Half-Elf The half-elf pauses, the teddies and women and children still rushing around her, threatening to knock her over. But she is frozen in place. The trembling beneath her feet and the ominous ticking echoing in the air has paralyzed her. The stillness is deafening.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax She leans over and pants “well… that was fun”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * counts to three and sets your leg with a loud snap and wraps my shirt around your leg to try to keep it in place at least temporarily *
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Kreiger would stop by people using Sigils and Order spiders to heal wounds. “Come on… Lets get moving. Get moving go go!”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Sorry I know that hurt
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Head Maid quickly gathers any of their maidlings that had made it through, the portal. The creatures quickly surround their Mistress to try and protect her and ferry her to the given destination.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” ow it’s ok”
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel He folds his arms, feeling the destruction, violence and fear from the world around him and smirks. “Seems we were not the only ones to face distress.”
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “Look over there, you ca see the source of all of this.” The boy points out over the waters, into the distance.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator And in the distance you can see something rising from the oceans, at first it is just a few peaks but slowly, you see a new island, and then, a whole continent, rising up out of the waters, pushing back the waves. It is massive, as large as Twine itself, with mountains and forests visible even from this distance.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * leans down in front of you * ok climb on we gotta go *
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Multiple system alerts…” Croc would mutter to himself, now he’ll have to wait for auto-repairs to follow along with auto-healing. Both were slow and would take time, but at least he’ll be able to focus his efforts while he was at it. “…10/6, my favorite…” He told himself, glad that he was able to reach that cryptic ration. But now he had to look over at a massive continent, was it but stone and dirt or was it alive?
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen The breathless queen stumbles, gripping her head and shuddering. Her poor island… No, that’s not what is causing this dreadful feeling. That’s a different dreadful feeling. No, GODS DAMN IT it’s Ar’Elis. “Why is it that when something bad happens, he’s here? Freakin… “
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C She climbed onto him ” I’m K.C by the way”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah up in the air and with his keen eyes would spot the rising peaks almost as soon as they broke the surface of the water. Not daring to get closer just yet, the phoenix continues to fly in defensive patrols above twine.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She stares beyond the horizon at the rising island the boy points to.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland What the heck is that?! [Looking out to sea at the sudden appearance of another Island. Kaler spotted Anthem and decided to move over to her, whilst watching in abject confusion]
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The ground of Twine continues to tremble, to shake, and then, a sound of groaning, as if the land itself were in pain, and a massive rend in the earth tears open, seperating the group into two parties and consuming anyone left in the middle. Thousands of the stalled out soldiers fall and die.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Nice to meet ya I’m blade but most called me Kira *
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM] Kida Le Morte *kida was there, above the ground. Standing on the obelisk as she watched. Player came only to see this part before returning to work!!!!!!!*
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem stopped in place and watched with full interest as something else appeared over the waters. She blinked a few times, her mouth opening in surprise as she saw a new island rise from the tides.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Krieger stopped and looked in awe. “Databanks… anything on… /this/?” He kept staring at it, hoping something would answer him. He felt something was wrong with his powers, at least the majority.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” nice name “
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “The land of our doom and salvation. I am… remembering, so much now.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole The Vorpal Blade went slashy-wacky as Gwen cut her way to Twine. The M.S.F. had tried to help Persistence in a rush, but had to withdraw once it’d fallen. Now she was on her own, still wearing her armor, though, as she raced to help move people along. “I got you!” Any stragglers she saw found themselves ‘cut and pasted’ closer to safety. “We’re getting you guys outta here!” Seeing the ground split, she swung the Vorpal at the people falling, cutting them to safety as well.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * stands up and hooks my arms around each of your thighs holding on my back*
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer He looks to the island and sighs. “Alice…” he clenches his fists and he raises his head.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Thank I like your as well
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “what is to become of the survivors?” Isaac asks K.C.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “SHI-” She stumbles, trying to keep her footing as things split in two. “Damnit, this island isn’t going to hold much longer at this rate!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “We will take care of them as we can.” A simulcron of Krieger said and moved to connect back to the real Krieger.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would pick the left side of the divide, as the right side wasn’t entirely right. Then again a stupid joke at a time like this didn’t help anyone.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C She held on tight ” thanks and it’s shit”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax “I take it that’s NOT supposed to happen?” She jokes as she goes to the left.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Poor Kaler, having never perhaps witnessed an “end of the world” situation, was so, /so/ very confused. Looking around feeling the rumbling as the island begins to split. Who was stuck where though?!] Jesus!
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira followed Elijah in the air. Whatever was going on, it was crazy. She didn’t expect to be a part of something like this so soon. If at all, really.
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Remains drifting next to Mags and the Maids.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello So where to mid k c
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The trembling is even more violent now, making it hard to even stand, and in the distance you can see the great mountain range of Twine collapsing into nothingness.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Miss k.c **
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” I don’t know “
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Eve the sky seems to be consumed, above your heads, the sun winks out, the clouds fade, and darkness consumes everything, leaving only a faint preternatural light to see by.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Ar’Elis… does this mean head to the Island?” He looked to the child looking for answers.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “damnit!” Isaac shouts as he watches the mountain collapse “my house was up there….”
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel “What lovely devastation”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Low-light areas weren’t a problem for him, night vision and a flashlight in that Udjat Eye of his made for an easier time to see, though who went onto the right like he did…?
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Flying low, eventually Elijah would land and start telling civillians to get onto his back….an..idea was forming, then his voice would speak in all the heroes minds. “We should try the might be our only chance.”
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “Twine is falling. We have to make it to the new island.” He nods at Krieger. It is our only chance. “I may… be able to do something there.”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “We gotta get out of here…” Magicia rushes forward, trying to catch up to Ar’Elis The tremors make things difficult. “Yo, Baby King! I vote we find a way to that island before this one gets us killed!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Thanks to her eye, darkvision was not a problem.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Once he landed he would tell civilians to get onto his back and be prepared to be picked up in his talons.*
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Sounds like the island is the place to go
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Looking around now to see who had made it to what she thought was refuge, she saw some familiar faces. That was good atleast. “Everyone to the water!” The Scion exclaimed, bending a massive raft of ice as she intended to ferry those over to the new lands.
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids scamper after their Mistress. “What Madooga Said!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “I’ll help you get there…” He took some planks to try to reform and make ‘better’ with his order powers.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator More of Twine collapses into nothingness. In the distance, the eponymous Twine city collapses, with thousands of teddies and ogres falling to their doom.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” ok then”
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Oh hell…. [He said, watching two things that simply made him worry. One, his house was gone now. Two? The Sun was being blotted out, though he could keep going with the reserves he had. He came closer to Krieger and the child] S-so we get there now?! Cause I think that’s a good idea!
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “illumithor, myrokthum…” Isaac mutters, and instantly his path is illuminated
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Another crack tears through the land and thousands of paused fAE and nightmares are consumed.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach Tearlach lopped in his war beast form to the shore, forming a raft with what he could pull together with his wooden hand, creating his own craft for those who would go with him.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Since most of her transportive magic seems to be failing, Magiciai relies on one of her lesser spells to summon her wings. “Last one there doesn’t freakin exist anymore!” She won’t wait. Grabbing her maid by the collar and taking to the air.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Only problem is how
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “We have to go, those that can fly help those who can’t. Portals won’t work we have to use more mundane means.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ He wouldn’t want to brave the waters by swimming, instead going on the ice that Anthem created. “Thanks!” He would nod to the great Scion, even at a time like this being polite could keep morale up.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” um I don’t know “
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator There are several miles of ocean between Twine and the new island. It is visible but not close.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel Tick, tock… time is short.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Begins internal anime dialogue about how he’s gonna make it back to his kid. The island was the way. Crouching, he’d take a massive leap and sprouting wings “Go-go Astro Pheonix!” He shouts, summoning his armor and flying towards the island
6/6/2019 0:00 Nazza the Half-Elf afk
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator More of Twine collapses, so that the entire group is now isolated from the remaining bits of land by a great gaping maw of nothingness.
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The lesser maids follow suit, running after their Mistress into the sea to desperately swim to the opposite shore (or even walk on the floor if they get too tired, but preferably the quicker method.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would take flight with as many people on his back and at least two-three people in his talons, then he would hover above the ice raft, waiting for the rest of the refugees before he would move towards the island.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Well, Kaler could fly, so anyone needing assistance could come straight to him. In fact, he grabbed the remains of a dented metal roof, picking it up to let people get onto it, so he could airlift people. That, or he grabbed just anyone there, and just flew. Meanwhile, the ships of Twine still stabled at the docks, whatever was left of them, ferried whatever people still remaining across the seas too]
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Leaps onto the ice
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel The dude just floats goalwards the island.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “telemorphos” says. and instantly teleports to the island
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis Seeing that they are heeding his words, the child Ar’elis steps towards the water, and then begins to walk upon the waves, his feet landing in steps on each rise and fall of water as if it were solid land.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Those who couldn’t fly were welcome to her raft as she pushed onwards and forward, away from the falling Twine and towards the unknown. Maybe there they could find a proper answer to what was happening to their world.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Of course the day after Moira arrived, shit was going downhill. But why? She continued to follow Eli, picking as many people as she could before she’d start flying towards the island as well. She was definitely going to need an explanation later. From someone.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Isaac’s teleportation spell ails, dropping him in the middle of the ocean.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel She takes off towards the island, not big enough to carry more than her Head Maid. Unfortunately for the others. Hey, she’s not a hero…
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Fails*
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger He did as he could. it was hard for him. He helped Lady Kida to one of her ships
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello *quickly walks over to Elijah and climbs on board with k.c on my back * ok should be age for now
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “OH FUUUUU-“M his scream is cut short by the water
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel And by she, it refers to Magicia, because writing on multiple accounts is chaos.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler had also made a double back to pick up the currently not attending this event Zera and whoever else was on the Island at the time]
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Sitting down on the ice and zooming in on the island with his lens of a scope, he’d try to get a view of what the continent held. “Hmmm…”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Yeah, that.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah carries Blade and K.C, he still has some bleeding wounds but the phoenix is still in relatively good shape to continue flying for a long time.
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The child reaches a hand out towards Isaac as he falls in the waves. His own body standing firm upon them.
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel He scoops up Isaac and launches him toward the island like an artillery round.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C K.C looked down
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “THAAAAAAAAAANKS” Isaac shouts as he’s launched like a rocket towards the island
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * while onboard I tend to k.c’s cuts with a small first aid kit I had stowed away in my pocket *
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel The emptiness is taking the remnants of Twine quickly. Best be quick….
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” ow “
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah so long as he had contact with K.C..would lend his own healing abilities to mend her wounds. All the while flying just above the Scion’s ice Raft
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The new island is a strange place. As you approach you can see natural features, forests, mountains, and the looming shore. However, it is also intersected by thousands up thousands of thin lines, that lace back and forth across it, like a stitch work pattern of infinite complexity. Many of these lines are a pure white so bright they are almost translucent. Though others have other hues, or red, and green, and blue. It creates a latticework above and through and across every inch of the island.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Sorry
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis As Isaac touches the young kings hand he rises, and is able to stand upon the waves as well. And together, they step easily towards the new island.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” it’s ok “
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Either something higher than the group made that, or a big-ass spider got creative one day. He would check his wounds, the bleeding slowing and his mask mending slowly in sparks as he was in a much better condition than in the Red Sun. “What….is that?”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia starts to descend towards the island, unsure if it’s safe to land on but… oh well, better than the freakin’ abyss, right!?
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland What the heck… [He said, again just simply confused. Zera, Abel, whoever else he gathered from Twine were delivered onto the Scions raft to go about as one would unable to participate in events, whilst Kaler came down to get a better look at the weird checkered island]
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac cautiously approaches the island
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem surfed across the waters with Croc and whoever else was on her raft as they came closer to this new island. “What?” She had a similar response as she looked heavenward to see… Something? Lines. Energy she wasn’t familiar with.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * stitches my self up from the board impairment , it’s not pretty but it works and stops the bleeding *
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole Gwen came rolling up to the large group of survivors on her longboard, having taken the time to make sure people got away as best as she could by using the Vorpal. “Oof… Well… This is a workout…” And just when she was getting used to some downtime when it came to tackling world-ending circumstances. And just then she saw… her! “Oh! Anthem! HEEEY!” She waved.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The last of the island continent of Twine crashes down into the darkness, leaving behind only an abyss in the ocean, a darkness that marks the once great nation and its people. Now lost forever.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “I bet its some sort of energy, probably.” He didn’t want the idea of touching it, but safe observation where he was seemed king at the moment. But he had to turn around and look at the land that was lost, sitting and starting….
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Head Maid touches down with their Mistress, maidlings dragging themselves unto the shore. They communicate with maid noises. Wet maid noises. Even though there was a devestating blow to their numbers, the swarm is still alive and kicking… even if they are now in a strange land with RGB color grade instead of say, RBY or CYMK like most physical media. How… peculiar.
6/6/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector One of the members on Gwen’s longboard, a disgruntled witch, adjusts her corset and glares at the island quietly. This is a fascinating turn of events… she hopes her poor elf is alright.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach Tearlach upon getting to the Island would slowly go back to his weaker self, falling over finally in exhaustion. As his player for now focuses on Krieger play
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Though it was with that, that Kaler turned around as they sailed towards lands new, to witness the destruction of his home] No….. [A hand reached out, as if trying to pluck the island out of oblivion, but he could do nothing, collapsing onto his behind for a moment in the shock of what really just happened. It was all gone; /everything/, or almost everything, just vanished] W-why…. why is this happening…
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Those who make it to the new island find themselves on a sandy shore dotted with gemstones. The lines that lace through everything seem incorporeal, and can be passed through physically, though doing so may cause strange visions to flash in the persons mind. The trembling has not effected this place, and there are no enemies or hazards here. It is a quiet realm, with silence broken only by the sounds of the survivors and the lapping of the waves against the shore.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would take notice of the latticework of lines, his keen eyes scanning over them to try and see if he could figure out by sight alone what they were. Elijah would land ahead of Anthem and the others, gently letting those he carried down before shifting back to his human form. His eyes still ablaze with blue fire as he scanned their surroundings.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac stops suddenly “Wait! where’s fenrir!?”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * helps k.c down *
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C K.C looked around” it’s all gone “
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Gemstones…? He would quickly move off of the ice and inspect one of them. Surprisingly he didn’t dare to touch it quite yet, not even realizing that it was silent and no visible threats were found quite yet. He would cough again, some internal work via healing was going on.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Wow, gemstone island. How original.” She touches down, letting go of Fwuf once they have their feet properly under them, and despawning her wings to look around. “I liked mine better.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira would land just after Elijah, right next to him. After shifting back, she ruffled a hand through her hair then looked around with her unnaturally golden gaze. “Where are we?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The beach front stretches on for about a half mile and then ends in a lush forest, a thick wall of trees obscuring all but a few mountain peaks beyond. The ground beneath your feet is sand and gemstones shimmering in the ethereal light that has replaced the sun. But the most prominent feature of this island are those lines, tracing back and forth in every direction. They create a beautiful cascade of colors all around you, the shimmering white illuminating the dim world, while the colors hue it with a pulsing passion.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * looks into the nothingness that used to be twine * well this gonna be fun * my eyes glowing bright blue*
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator However, you may notice that some of the lines have a dark, almost sickly taint to them. They pulse with a malevolence that makes you wary of approaching them, and any who touches one will find nothing but pain and agony.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “this is most peculiar” he says, scratching his chin
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “Welcome to the land of Thyme.”
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ She waved Gwen over after looking back and seeing her. That was a small relief to have the blonde one by her side in the chaos. A gemstone island? The moment Anthem got to the new island, she took a knee in the sand and put her hand on the ground. Closing her eyes she tried to drown out the noise around her as she focused on the new area; trying to get a sense for it.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Some lines looked friendly, others looked dangerous, got it. He would evade both for now as touching what he didn’t know was obviously dangerous no matter where you are. He’d peer into the forest with his Rifle to see if anything was hidden amiss the leaves.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia recognizes this sickly darkness all too well. She snarls under her breath, stepping closer to Ar’Elis to mutter to him. “Is this what I think it is…?”
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Until Ar’Elis spoke, then she’d get up and listen to him. “Thyme? What?” In all her years, even in her past years she had never heard of this place. . . Or had she?
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [After composing himself enough, Kaler too joined those on the sandy shores, golden eyes tracing along the coloured, ethereal lines on the ground. He put a hand onto one of colour, but shook it away when a strange vision played about. That’s when he turned to Ar’Elis as the others did, feeling he had some answers to whatever this place was, and its purpose]
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would glance at Moira…”I’m just glad you made it out okay..” He then looked around trying to see who all was left,then he noticed those sickly lines….stepping close but not touching one. Elijah would kneel down and peer at it, using his ability to see what cannot always be seen in an attempt to find out what it is.
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “This is an ancient land, the sister realm of Twine. It has been lost for many countless eons. And now that it is back, the corruption that once threatened the world has returned as well.” He reaches out, touching one of the sickly tainted lines, then recoils slightly.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM] Kida Le Morte *kida collapsed at the waters edge. Staring to twines once location. Tears streamed down her face as she looked to the child she had been caring for*
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Thyme’s a herb.” Croc pointed out from hearing Anthem say that, moving away from the gemstone and stepping back from the unknown forest.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “…Why would someone name an island after an herb? Can I name an island Oregano or Cinnamon or Garlic, then?” It was just… odd. But Hellifyno was odd, so, eh.
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “It was always prophesied to return, the clock has always been ticking but now time is running short.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ And then points to Gwen, seems that at least one of them got the same message.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Crap. I thought I finally got rid of this stuff for good LAST YEAR.”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Looks to k.c * “ how’s your leg doing *
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “The land of Thyme?” Why did this sound like something out of a fantasy television show to her? Mo looked at Eli as she rolled her shoulders for a moment. “Same to you.” She shuffled forward, watching Elijah kneel down to get a closer look at the lines. “Eli, be careful…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Krieger looked around, he tried to calculate things quickly in his head. “So. What are the odds of fixing this.” He didn’t really ask it as a question. He walked near an energy beam and tried to figure out exactly what it was doing.
6/6/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector “Thyme, huh? Fascinating…” The witch inspects the veins of malevolence curiously, careful not to touch.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler did come to the aid of Kida, or as much aid as he could be, to comfort her, for he felt that loss as much as she did, but he would continue to listen to the others, and what Ar’Elis had to say] Thyme… Time… i-is this place connected to like…. all of time? [He guessed out of the blue]
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The boy king begins to trace that dark, tainted line, not touching it, but following it, watching as it intersects other lines, those also growing corrupt at the intersection of disease. “I think…. I think I can trace this line back to the source of the corruption.”
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” good”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Krieger stopped. “It was recent wasn’t it?” He looked to the boy.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Bet it doesn’t even HAVE Thyme!” Croc huffs, nothing more than gems and a forest that to him was more like a trap than what was seen as a way forward.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM] Kida Le Morte It was… Koy huh… *she sniffled a bit*
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ The Scion sighed, she knew that thyme was an herb. Still she listened to what was being said, getting in close to see the corrupted veins of energy. “That would make sense Kaler.” She then looked towards Kreiger and Ar’Elis.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Eli was tempted to touch it but he knew it was not a good idea, standing back up he looked over to where the people where gathered at the shore. Then he saw Kida and then Magica. Seeing as how Magica was surrounded by her maids, Elijah made his to Kida and knelt down next to her, placing a hand on her shoulder.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Oh goodie. Looks like we get to save the world again. Or maybe not. It seems to be.. gone.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Visions suddenly flood the world, and for a brief moment you can see every scene that has ever taken place in each of your lives. You can see the sorrow, and you can see the joy. You can see the love, and the loss. It only lasts for a few moments but it flashes so fast that everything is there in its entirety.
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “It can still be saved.”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * good glad to hear it * sits down next to you *
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass and her team of Kwazii the Liger and Uncle dearest is there. She is pouting and just spacey. She blinks back to life as she is just there with the others^
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “If it was connected to time, why not name it Time and not Thyme? That’s… goofy.” Gwen would’ve laughed at any other time and place, but this wasn’t really a laughing matter. Proper naming wasn’t funny.
6/6/2019 0:00 Nazza the Half-Elf Naz starts awake, having passed out during the traversing from ruined Twine to this new island. After a moment of rubbing her head, her eyes zoom in on the shiny gems among the beach. She reaches grabby hands for one, but then the visions come. Tears are immediate.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Yaaaay.” She doesn’t sound so enthusiastic. “Guess that title of Champion of Hellifyno requires an annual renewal.”
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C K.C sat down
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Hrrr!” Suddenly being assaulted from seeing what was going on with everyone else was he was staggered back, propping himself up with his rifle once he recovered from it despite how brief it was. “My head…” He groaned.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac falls on his back from the vision, mumbling
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler still held onto Kida tightly as they shared the pain, before he felt that wave of memories wash over him] What the- …..I-I remember things…. i-it is Time then…. [He pondered, looking towards the child] So we…. go back in time? O-or…? [He was just a whole cauldron of confusion right now]
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “It seems our old enemies have returned… and they do not seem content with merely taking it from us. They want to rub it in our face. But no matter…” The maid looked out at these visions with no small amount of contempt. “Those who have wrought this, those that would bring oblivion to the island of our Mistress… Will feel oblivion themselves once more.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector “Hmm, I’m not much of a ‘world saver’ type but.. I suppose there’s no point in standing around waiting to vanish, right?”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM] Kida Le Morte *kida stood up and looked to Ar’Ellis*
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Well now that it’s a bit calmer we can get to know each other a little bit more as I said earlier I’m blade but most call me Kira and I have some training in the study of field dressing wounds and such *
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would gasp and recoil as the vision played through his mind…..everything…he saw everything again…even parts of that long ago war he wanted to forget.Shaking now, Elijah would stand and look around, trying to ground himself back to reality.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Krieger’s mind was once broken with shattered thoughts and segmented memories of false lives, and so many deaths. His own, and others. He dropped to a knee for a second and shook his head. “How do we fix it?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac shot up at the mention of time travel “go…back in… time?” he looks at the time vortex manipulator on his wrist, only to see it has been smashed to pieces. there goes that….
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She’s amazed that her entire life flashing before her eyes isn’t so boring!
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem wasn’t ready for that, she grabbed her head and closed her eyes as she went through the visions. Whatever was happening, it was happening quick and aggressively. She looked back to Kida as she stood, then over everyone else as they talked. For now she remained quiet.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira looked at the child king, slightly confused. Then the sudden flooding of memories. Mostly good ones… And then a couple bad. The ginger haired female shook her head, then lightly patted the sides of her face as she let out a heavy sigh. “Why are we here?” Stay on topic, Mo.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Seeing as everyone was just standing around, it felt best to start to move forward. Well, at least to see where the beginning of their next path would lead. He wouldn’t move away from the group, but he was scanning for routes or if he had to slice one down. But the trails of lights seemed to be a good start.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” I’m K.C I had a boyfriend before I found out I was lesbian and I caught him cheating on me and I almost killed him”
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “well…. uhhhh… so that happened…” he says
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Well he shouldn’t have cheated I’m bi
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “Yes, we go back, to fix a mistake that was made.” The young king then takes a firm grasp on the corrupted line, his eyes opening wide in pain, a silent scream issuing from his mouth. As he does so the air begins to shimmer, lights flashing in the empty air, in the empty sky, swirling and then shifting. You see more visions, strange images of kings and queens, of darkness and horrors, but these are not from your own lives, and they make little sense, until in a rush of energy and motion you feel yourselves pulled, forcibly, not in any direction, but through direction itself.
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis And then silence, save the ticking of a clock.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” cool “
6/6/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector She is disappointed that her ‘life flash’ doesn’t involve certain types of shenanigans with a certain demon before everything got wiped out… but there’s bigger boobs to squ- I mean, bigger fish to fry right now.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “But… that’s not how time travel is supposed to work!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Tick. Tock.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Not really I’m just like every one else just trying to survive
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Tick. Tock.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah’s eyes widen in shock as he hears the ticking again. “Oh no…..”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Ugh! Can’t something make sense for one day!? All these flashes of visions were outright annoying and felt with little meaning. Then the ticking and the tocking arrives to ruin the doom.
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” I could go to earth but it’s boring there “
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira squinted, then looked at Elijah. “What’s wrong?”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Are you a time travel expert, Miss Poole?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler held onto Kida protectively, as they felt like they were being pulled just, in general pulled. And, so were they!] G-guess we’re going…. t-this is going to be bad…! [Least he thought it would be, bracing for the feeling!]
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass memories flowing. Some are clocked by the Figure for her own viewing and others she remembers. She gets emotional a few times but only ends with a pout. The Uncle is unfazed by the memories that is flooding his mind. Kwazii is just a cuddly liger so he remembers that he’s a good boy Liger. Sass hugs her liger and he murrs^
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “i am!” Isaac shouts
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “The ticking is happening again!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator You find yourselves in a room with plain white walls. There are soldiers everywhere. Some of you may recognize the insignia of the warriors of Olde Watch. There is a commotion in the room, people are rushing about, excited, many working over screens that mirror a vision that appears on the far wall. An image of Planet Nine. There is a countdown timer ticking off, and a loud robotic voice calls out. “90 Seconds Until Missile Launch.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator 89… 88…. 87….
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Those that know him will see Krieger standing there at the head of the commotion, his hand hovering over a control panel.
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Maids stood ready. “We will clean the stain of this mistake from history for Mistress… no matter the cost.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Obviously. But that’s not what she meant. Moira looked around the white room, eyelids fluttering for a moment. Soldiers everywhere…. More ticking. “Missile launch?” Oh boy.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Well shit! Looks like we’re going to explode!
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello That’s where I originally hail from *i say stopping to listen to the ticking noises again * dammit
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ And now with white walls and soldiers? WOOOOOOOO whydidthishavetohappenataaaaaal? To make matters worse….it was them, the damned Olde Watch. “….^*&#…” His mask would make a contorted sound as he cursed through it.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Atleast Anthem was used to this sort of thing now. She was ready to stop this corruption and put Hellifyno right. Just like before. But these memories she had, they weren’t hers. Or rather, they were some of the ones she’d lost. There was no time to sort through them though, it was time for business.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: Let’s get our asses in gear and figure out what we’re suppose to do…
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger A Krieger is seen. A Krieger in a black long coat uniform, and skull plated mask. He is there staring at the control panel. His mind screaming no at his actions. The Krieger that was there with them, has disappeared, unable to coexist near himself in such a way. He was able to speak. “Isn’t there another option?” His words where at least his own for now.”
6/6/2019 0:00 K.C ” ugh fuck it I’m going to earth” with that K.C disappeared
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “Sixty Seconds Until Missile Launch”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator 59… 58… 57…
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “ole watch…” Isaac say thoughtfully, “Ziva Kolar and I just came from there. mind you it was from long ago, but still, they were so friendly….”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… what the h-.. NO TIME.” Magicia snaps to the realization of what this is. That means.. she can save Krieger maybe? Before the torture begins!? But, Olde Watch still has some nasty weapons. So she reaches into her sleeve, pulling out.. a familiar mask.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The soldiers and officers in the room are so intent on the screens that they don’t notice you.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc felt a longing to go all guns blazing to stop whatever this was, maybe an explosive round to ensure a death. But he…could not find himself with the strength to do so again.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She slips forward, trying to sneak past the soldiers to get closer to this time’s version of Krieger. “Psst, Dorian… ” She tosses the mask at his head to get his attention. Yeet!
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler opened his eyes as the world around them came back into some form of viewing. They seemed to be in a white room, but there was also recogniseable soldiers] O-olde Watch?? [He looked around the room, at the image, hearing the countdown] Wait…. t-this is before the launch…. before the Zombies! [He said in alarm. But wait, fighting Olde Watch will be dangerous, what would they do? He would quickly synthesize the averagejoe armour for sure in case of anything else, but, what could be done?] They’re distracted… do we attack??
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass and her crew follows everyone. The trio is quiet and following them. Their eyes are wide. They listen for the plan^
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The image of Planet Nine, the Void Zombie planet, is now covered in a red cross hair pattern, with dozens of lines of numbers running down the side to determine trajectory and gravitational influences.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel The mask hits the back of Krieger’s head.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost After looking around the room, Elijah would follow after Magica, sneaking through the soldiers and coming up to Krieger but keeping alert for anything.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “what do we do???!?!” Isaac starts to panic
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Nobody has yet noticed Magicia.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem’s breath seized in her chest as she noticed where they were. She silently mouthed an exploitative. Then she noticed the timer going down… The missile?! Were they here to stop it? It seemed like something they could do. She nodded towards Kaler and Sassy. Eli. Everyone. “Guys. Take them down. Try not to kill anyone. Stop the launch!”
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ She moved behind someone at an important looking counter and struck them in the back of the neck, knocking them out cold.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger He shook his head and turned around a pistol in his hand. His motion was fluid. “Who the hell are you!? How did you get in here!?” He fired a shot quickly at Anthem, triggering his ANFE field in the room
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “Thirty seconds to missile launch.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Nazza the Half-Elf Nazza is there, as confused as always, hunkered in a corner. She is still distracted from seeing the visions from her past. She has shut so much out, seeing it again has shaken her.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ …Was it right this one time to kill him again…? WOULD that be right? He kept at the back of the room, contemplating his next action for once…He’d draw up Specterstrike just in case- no waitiwaitwait! He quickly loaded a NO (Nerve Overload) round and would charge up to the peak before firing it at Krieger’s feet, Let’s see him fight when all his senses were too sensitive…
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “This must be corrected, or everything is lost.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “I’ve seen enough time travel movies to know that it’s not supposed to work like this! You can’t change the past, or else you change the fact that you’d need to come back in the first place to change the past! And if you CAN change the past, then that means you’re either going back to a present that’s the past’s future that isn’t changed, or you’re going back to one that’s different in ways you can’t anticipate!” She nodded confidently after spitting out that word vomit.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Ack. Guess they’re all moving. Moira followed behind Elijah, keeping quiet and alert. Gotta be ready for anything, right? Then again… she wasn’t ready for anything. Unfortunately.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Alright! ^She smiles as she gives Kwazii the command. She holds on tight as she goes for the solider. The Uncle is already a mist and he floats over to them. Kwazii leaps onto one of the soliders while Uncle tries to distract many of them, hiding their view of the launch^
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Soldiers are now becoming aware of the chatty group, and several turn, drawing glowing green pistols.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Shit, that went worse than I hoped.” Magicia shudders in agony as the ANFE is activated. Plan B. “You need to shut that thing down, Dorian! This is a mistake! Your senate is full of THE VOID!”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * draws my second pistol in my left hand and follows the crowd *
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Well, seems they were on the attack! And the soldiers and others were quick to try and fight back; gladly he had his armour on, so the effects would be nulled, as he quickly rushed at a number of officers/soldiers at operations panels, aiming to thwack them in their heads with strong blows, to incapacitate but not kill. He wasn’t all his might inside a suit but he was still /fast/]
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Upon hearing what Anthem said Elijah moved quickly, leaping up to the control panel where Krieger was. Elijah would push him away from the control panel with all of his physical ability.
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids move into a more stalky posture. After all, if things go south, it’s best not to be in easy ‘getting shot’ position. “Krieger! Warrior of the Watch!” The maids hiss as the ANFE signal rings in their ears. “Do not be deceived by your leaders! They’ve been compromised!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger A soldier took Croc’s shot to the chest, getting in the way as all hell broke out. ANFE sound waves filled the room, powers weakened, and unable to be used to their full extent. Krieger still being somewhat controlled at the moment didn’t really react to the words she said. But his mind did, he knew she was right. His mind tried to fight his body.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac follows along with the crowd, his eyes still glued to the numbers counting down
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger His hand hovered near the button… would he launch it early now with their intervention?
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator A soldier holding a glowing green gun fires AM bullets at Gwen. Another tries to tackle Magicia. A third aims a bullet at Elijah.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Looks like he had to do this a second time, at least in a paradox-esque way. Breaking the panel sounded dangerous, instead firing more Nerve Overload rounds rounds at Krieger in the hopes that he could bring him down in a safe, incapacitating way. “FOR…forgiveness…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator An officer calls out. “DO IT NOW, WE CAN’T WAIT.”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * scurries to a dark corner to blend in and takes aim at krieger *
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem was fortunate enough to duck to the side to avoid the bullet before the ANFE flooded the room, dulling her senses. She looked to the side to see a gash in her arm; maybe it wasn’t fast enough. “Shit!” She exclaimed, as Kreiger was being handled by other people she desperatedly looked for a way to stop the launch. She tried buttons.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Like, how can something be ‘corrected’ if it happened? If it happened, then it was supposed to, good or bad, right? If you make it diverge, you can’t really guarantee that something BETTER is gonna happen, since we can’t SEE what is happening afterward! The Butterfly Effect? Duh? No one’s seen that but me?” Well… it did have Ashton Kutcher in it. And he was a bit of a ham. Gwen ducked, meanwhile away from the bullets. “I’m just SAYING we shouldn’t be here!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Seems Kaler was yet to be fully aimed at; he used this, and his AVERAGEJOE armour to donk the soldiers aiming at his friends] Someone stop them, QUICK!
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Several soldiers rush at Gwen with AM pistols and open fire.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She swerves as best as she can to avoid the Watch officers. “DON’T DO IT, DORIAN! THE VOID ARE DECIEVING YOU!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Throwing fists and ducking under as many bullets fired as he could, again still able to use that speed within the armour to his advantage]
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Head Maid stumbled and leaps to intercept the man who would tackle Magicia. They may be weakened, but they still have those massive teeth. “Let us say our piece fool, or be torn to ribbons!” Maidlings, protect Mistress!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would ignore anything but Krieger, he would attempt to tackle the man to the floor, wrapping his arms around the male and using all of his body weight to knock him off balance. The ANFE was unpleasant but he could still fight physically if needed.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Several soldiers would grab croc and pull him down, beating him. Those here where the ones that served along Wilhelm, they remembered his betrayal. “Press the button now? But…” he looked pained even under his mask.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The Maid crashes into the soldier taking him down.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “LAUNCH THE MISSILE!” An officer screams as he fires his AM pistol at Kaler’s head.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Wait, foolish Magicia! She suddenly reaches into her sleeve and pulls out her tablet that Kurai gave/would give her. Tapping the screen, she starts blasting footage from a future/past broadcast. One of an underground chamber…
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira didn’t know what to do. Things were moving so fast, and they’d been caught. The ginger haired female was powerless now… and without her powers, she couldn’t really do shit. Writer is a little distracted and must apologize.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Krieger’s thoughts where trying to fight his body. His hand closer to the button, his other hand still gripping his pistol.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Hrrr!” That was a nice knee to the face, being backed to a corner and kicked on as he was blocking some of the hits with his Rifle. He tried what he could, rolling with the punches in his spot.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac whips out his 44 magnum, emptying the entire clip into a guard
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “We already CORRECTED THIS when we saved Krieger before! You guys are gonna go back to the present and find out you’re all paraplegics or cyborgs or have cancer or your best friend died!” Gwen ran to take cover somewhere else, not wanting to actually meddle in things by killing someone before they were supposed to die.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The soldiers don’t let Gwen die, there are three of them and they chase her down, their AM bullets pouring towards her at close range.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen The sounds from the torture chamber broadcast blare through the room.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator 10… 9… 8…
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “DO SOMETHING!!” he shouts
6/6/2019 0:00 Nazza the Half-Elf Bullets commence, and the half-elf comes to barely in time. She scurries out of the way, fire just barely missing her head.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “STOP SHOOTING AT ME, I’M NOT TRYING TO STOP YOU!” Gwen turned and did as good a spinning kick at them as she could, trying to knock their guns away.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Isaac’s bullets blast through the soldiers chest, but an officer notices him and takes fire now.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [The bullet was narrowly going to that shiny head of his, impacting the side of the armour but thankfully not doing fatal damage, though it caused Kaler to stagger and brace behind a wall of technology, breathing quickly] Dang! [He said, rubbing the almost exposed bit of the armour, whilst he tried ripping a panel off of a wall and throwing it at that one soldier who almost killed him]
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem looked around for something, using the air vibrations against the bare skin of her head to find the source of the ANFE. She searched for any speakers or something from her low position, trying to avoid the flying bullets.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Anymore like that and he might be toast, but being vigilant was hard when the timer was so close to 0!!!]
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “damn!” he shouts as a bullet grazes his shoulder
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger His body stops. He stood there. Motionless. What was going to happen? The modern Krieger knew what happened. But he wasn’t here. The time was almost up, the button there to be pressed. His thoughts and emotions conflicting with the programming in his mind.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “IF THERE IS A GOD, GUIDE MY HAND!” Croc would shout out as he would give all his might to shove back his attackers, before loading in just one more Nerve Overload round center mass at Krieger, hopefully this one shot will land its mark and down him…before Croc was back to being beaten up by the guards.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Gwen’s kick smashes the gun out of one soldiers hand but another fires, the AM bullet clipping her leg, causing a lingering trace of the mundane substance to instantly poison her.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Croc, no!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Soldiers dog pile onto Croc, taking him down under a sea of bodies as he fires.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^The Uncle must of knocked out a couple of them and the same with Kwazii. Sassy directs her liger to other people. The Uncle starts to glitch a bit as in blink in and out as bullets goes right through him. Sass gasps as she sees her Uncle reappearing and disappearing. She directs her liger through, dodging bullets narrowly as she pulls out her gun but only aiming for the hands and knees caps^
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids moved to keep a perimeter around their Mistress. The Head Maid kept the officer pin, roaring and hissing as a threat display to keep them away from the Mistress.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Not this time dang it!!! [He shouted, attempting to lunge at that Croc-attack to let it impact him instead, maybe!? He felt the need to stop that guy from ending everything a second time!]
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Owwie! What did I SAY! I’m NOT trying to stop you!” Bullets slamming into the armor on her leg still hurt a bit. Kinetic energy transferal and all.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * fires carefully aimed shots at the dog pile on croc as to not hit croc*
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Shame that everyone didn’t realize a Nerve Overload is a stun, it wouldn’t kill him but it didn’t matter as he was beginning to grow weaker from the guards, light armor breaking and new wounds opening and healing before more blood flows out.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Anthem can feel the ANFE is stronger in some places, as if it were radiating from, a vibrating pylon near the back of the room.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Soldiers die as Blade fires, but one comes up from behind and shoves a knife deep into the man’s shoulder. Luckily it is not glowing green.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She continues trying to make her way closer to Krieger. Maybe they’re not friends in this time yet, but still.. she needs to save him before he falls into the darkness that she’s broadcasting. “The Olde Watch has suffered so much, but this anger is not yours or theirs. Is is a lie, and you can sense it, can’t you?”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen *It is
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The stun blast from Croc smashes into Kaler’s chest.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Magicia, leave Krieger alone! You can’t save him beforehand, just like Terminators can’t kill Sarah Connor before she gives birth to John Connor!”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * falls fairways and jumps back up and puts a bullet into the guard behind me and continues firing into the dog pile *
6/6/2019 0:00 Nazza the Half-Elf Nazza’s eyes are wide as saucers as she struggles to avoid the chaos.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello ** falls forward**
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She of course has no idea what Gwen is talking about. Must fix the problem… must save him…
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ In the chaos of it all, the Scion wormed her way through the room. Once she found the location of what she thought was the emitter, she’d use every ounce of her normal, actually trained for strength to smash the object!
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger His body was like a statue. He couldn’t react or move. Something was inside his head, stopping him from doing what he needed to do. His mind and body not working together. Krieger tried to search through himself, to actually decide if this is what he wanted or not. To choose to continue the Senate’s plan….Senate’s plan? Why where they so odd…. what was.. What’s that light in his head. Spiders, he felt spiders…. so many spiders.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Stun or not Kaler did what he felt he should! Thankfully armour stood in the way of the full effects of the stunning blast, and this armour was logical-standards yet quite heavy-duty nonetheless. So, nullification feelings would be nulled themselves, but he’d be knocked into some technology with a denting /creak!/ He tried getting up fast enough, rubbing his partially overclocked head] Agghh…
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Anthem crashes into the pylon and it falls over, crashing to the ground, hissing static. The ANFE field vanishes, and all powers are returned.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator 5… 4… 3…
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Hit the button? His hand nears it. But was it right? Did he need to hit the button? Why are there so many spiders….
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The boy king stands silently observing the chaos.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “FLAROS MANUTHOS!” Isaac shouts, and a ring of fire blasts from him and knocks back some soldiers
6/6/2019 0:00 Zera La Fae “Kaler!” Zera went to her friend’s side to help him up. “You good?” She looked around at the madness unfolding around her, uncertain how to proceed.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Since nothing is stopping Elijah…races around soldiers and then sprints up to the control panel, then when it is clear. Just as he is about to lunge at Krieger he feels his powers return..reaching out with his mind. Elijah uses both telekinetics to hold him back from pressing the button, then projects images seen from Elijahs point of view about the destruction that would happen from the furture. Putting them right into Kriegers mind
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^The Uncle is full back and appears in his full form right on Sass’ liger. Sass was confused until the pylon came crashing down. Sassy goes along with the crowd, guiding her little trio through the chaos^
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Perfect. Magicia gains a zoom, zipping forward and smashing at the command panel with her full strength gathered in a blow. “NO!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Soldiers explode backwards from Isaac’s attack, their AM bullets clinging harmlessly off the ceiling.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “I couldnt do this before, but how about this time?” Anthem crossed the room in a single bound as her Gaian right arm pressed into Kreigers back. With a deep sigh she tried to heal his mind and body, to put him in control instead of the remote masters.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ With some strength returning from a broken pylon, he’d use his Knifestorm to rain down on his assailants before getting up and leaning onto a wall, heavily damaged but recovering. He could only load in a standard shot as he ran out of Nerve Overload rounds. He had to be ready to kill if he must.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The command panel explodes, the countdown timer halts at 2.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger There was something hitting against Elijah’s mind… Void… Cold, empty void, pouring towards him.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Further and further, the Void would seep into Elijah.
6/6/2019 0:00 Jademoon12 hey guys can i join?
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She feels like she’s going to faint.. too close. But first she has to yell at Gwen for being stupid.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “There is still a manual override. Commander, you must do this, for our people.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would notice this cold but by the time he tried to pull back….it was too late. The cold was seeping into him, letting out a cry, Elijah thew himself back. The mind link broken but the cold….oh how cold he felt.
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Maids are back to working order, standing up straight and making their move. They rush to follow Magicia, hoping to maintain their barricade around her in case of further attack.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator A soldier leaps on Elijah as he is distracted, tackling him to the ground, a glowing green knife slicing at his chest.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler, gladly, was still up and active, standing up soon after Zera enters, though quickly did he get in front of her to be able to protect her] Zera! T-this place is chaotic, stay behind me! [He said quickly as he looked to the others, worryingly]
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ He’d move his way to Magicia, drawing out a syringe and stabbing it into her back, fuck the Fwufs that tried to stop him. “ON YOUR FEET!” He saw that Magicia had a chanceto stop this, maybe just a physical booth of medi nano-bots would be enough.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Oooohmygoooooooood!” Gwen just slapped her hands over her face and screamed into them. “Weeeee probably just broke time– OH SWEET!” Gwen raced towards Krieger then, on her own, trying to shake him. “Dude, you gotta snap out of it! I’m, like, either gonna have to think—MAGICIA! Hush. I like you, but CLEARLY you haven’t seen Back to the Future!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Now with her powers returned, Moira shot out a ring of fire of her own before running over to Elijah. “Eli?” Something was wrong… She could feel it.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * quickly and silently races to the manual over ride maybe I could guard it or slow them down atleast*
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem jumped from where she was and tackled the solider on Elijah!
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Krieger, go get the manual over-thingy, or else we’re all gonna, like, go back home and never have been born!”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Ow.” Needle in the back.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Kreigers body moved, as if was some sort of automated movement, nothing of his movements seemed normal, or proper. He made his way slowly towards another panel.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Soldiers fall upon Blade, AM bullets slamming into the wall all around him.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost With a scream Elijah’s thumb talons embedded themselves into the eyes sockets of the Soldier, something was wrong with Elijah however.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Adrenaline rush… activated.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland The heck are you thinking?? We’re all alive during either timeline Gwen! IT WON’T CHANGE IT! [He shouted loudly; yes it might change some things, he realised that, but not them being born!]
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * tries to free my self by twisting and turning , kicking and punching anything to get free *
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The soldier stabs his glowing green knife at Elijah over and over again.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ He’d make sure to give a full dose before pulling the needle out, thankfully with a blend of medi-bots the entry site would head once it was pulled out, now he was firing at the soldiers on Elijah to get them off.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “ELI! WATCH OUT!!!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah screams in both agony and terror, not of death but of the void…the void seeping into his mind..possible into his soul.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen NYOOOOOM! Magicia NYOOMS around the room, knocking down soldiers in her way, before NYOOOMing towards Krieger some more. “Shut this project down, Dorian. If you don’t, the void will overtake Hellifyno!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “Eli!” Moira looked over at Krieger, than back to the older Phoenix. Whatever was wrong with Elijah, it had to do with Krieger…. Nothing good. Moira shot out a blast of golden fire towards the soldier stabbing Eli. “Get off of him!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Then Anthem tackles the soldier on Elijah pulling him into another battle, freeing him from the attacks.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem beats the solider trying to stab at Eli to a broken pulp. Taking the knife from him and tossing it to the side.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “NO WE AREN’T! We don’t KNOW that! THIS happened, clearly, and we were all fine! We don’t know what timeline it is if this DOESN’T happen! That’s how this works! Or how it doesn’t work! I don’t know, but that’s what makes sense!” She said this to Kaler, before looking at Magicia. “We WON! Magicia, we WON after this happened. We can’t win before we win! That’s… cheating!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “And everyone knows if you use cheat codes, that disables achievements!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “But is it right… Why… why are there so many spiders?” There wasn’t any, but the odd conflux of Krieger’s modern body and past body caused problems. He was closer to the new set up. “Void?” His words where his own, but the actions still seemed mechanical. Programmed.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * gets an arm free and sends a guard flying back off me *
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “We did not win, the Void blasted the city of the Olde Watch and destroyed Civaloki!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass is using her liger to knock out soldiers before her. The Uncle holds onto her as they go through things as they continue to barrel through the scene. They make sure they’re keeping up with the group^
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “And in our time, they lingered. They probably caused the disappearance of all the continents!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac ran to help croc, but half way was shot in the side, falling foward and clutching his wound “shit….” he gasps
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Maids cheer Madooga on! Fast Madooga! Wait, no. Serious situation. Focus, Fwufs.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Now Eli was chocking on his blood, no doubt the knife had done deep and likely punctured chest cavity..lungs probably other vital organs as well. And witht hat green glow of AM…was Eli even capable of surviving at this point?
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator There are only a few soldiers left in the room, many of the officers have fled, the scant number left have formed up in a protective wall around the second panel that Krieger moves towards.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator However an alarm has been sounded and flashing red lights now blare furiously, calling reinforcements.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Yeesh, these OW Soldiers were tough, taking time to heal passively before he spots Isaac and instead goes to pick him up, giving the same injection that Magicia had. “GET UP DAMN YOU!” it also did heal the wound a bit.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “But did we die? We didn’t DIE! What if something WORSE happens because this DOESN’T happen! We got Persistence back after it vanished, right?” She pointed at Anthem. “SHE fixed it! All we need to do is, like, do it again or whatever, or something different! But you don’t go around messing with time! Otherwise EVERYONE would do it! If all your friends were bridges, would you jump off them– wait. I fucked that up.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ And now an alarm…were there any doors in this place?
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “But… Olde Watch shouldn’t have void…” He did stop for a moment. His body turned to them. “What proof do you have?” He looked to them. Near the new panel.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler looked over to Anthem, currently in battle] I-If there’s anything to say, I’d think that child is partly responsible for all this! [He shouted towards her, then looked back towards Krieger and the others, and the soldiers guarding him. Though the reinforcements were moving, but with more of a will in his step, Kaler moved to whatever doors were in the hall, and began to raise objects, crash and curve metal to block them, as well as he could]
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Yeah tell that to all the people who got turned to paste when we WON. If you call that a victory, you’re on the void’s side, Pinkie!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira moved rather quickly, taking Eli and looking at the damage that had been done. “You’re not gonna die.. I won’t let you.” She muttered as she held her hands over his wounds. A soft golden glow emitted from her palms. Moira was doing what she could. Unfortunately, there was only so much she could do, and she wasn’t sure how well this would work.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Sliding doors open revealing hundreds of soldiers rushing towards the room. But then Kaler flings objects in their path, buying the group some time.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “I’m on the side of I’ve seen Back to the Future and Terminator and Butterfly Effect! You don’t do this kinda stuff! It NEVER works!”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * finally gets free and rushes towards the second panel both pistols out in front of me *
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [He also tried to force the sliding doors back into their original positions, denting and bending metal so their mechanics stalled and faltered]
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She halts in her argument with Gwen, turning to hold her tablet up for Krieger and tapping it a bit.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would aim at one of the opening door and fully charge an explosive shot in order to make anyone sitting in there ashes and mist by the time he blinked after the shot.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator AM bullets rip towards Blade, and several of the remaining soldiers tackle him before he can reach the panel.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I’ll probably cause a paradox with this but…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Crocs explosive charge rocks the room and the ceiling in that hallway collapses, killing several of the rushing soldiers.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Would the Am and now the void in Eli even allow Moira to heal him? Maybe only the slightest amount, but he was still bleeding profusely from his wounds. Then there was also the internal damage caused by the knife.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She opens a news article from the Chronicle Society about the end of the last war.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ With that being done Anthem moves quickly, looking between Elijah and Kreiger. With all that AM in Eli’s system there was probably nothing Anthem could do for him. But the void seem to have Kreiger underhold. With more people coming there wasn’t much time to think as she went to try and place her arm against Krieger. Trying once again to pulse gaian energy through his body.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * lands on my back with a thud as my head is bounced on the floor and I’m knocked out*
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Some called it strategy, grinning as he would fire at all but one door to ensure an escape was possible and that the rest of the reinforcements would have to flood in through a choke.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::finds herself thrown into an apparent war. She hunkers down behind a dead body and tries to figure out what the Hells is happening::
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Anthem’s Gaian energy floods into Krieger and the Void that has a hold of his mind is crushed and banished, in an instant, clarity rushes through his thoughts.
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ Surprisingly, the maids haven’t actually killed anyone. Their purpose was soley to protect their Mistress. And so they continue, taking corpses and consuming them to boost their numbers. They were sure to save the dog tags though. It’s only polite.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “I’ve got it!” Isaac runs to eli, and kneels beside him, laying a hand on his shoulder “heliomokthra… fosuthra!”
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel No one is dead.. yet.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “why isnt it healing him???!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [He spent his time just quickly covering the doors with as many bits of debris and metal as he could before turning his attention to the others. It seemed Anthem had a plan, as did Magicia]
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Bring me that tablet.” He would try to say, feeling the hand hit him there was a pulse… He felt it through his core. The Void separated from him for now, at least through this body. He looked to them. His modern mind connected to it. “Wait… what… why are we here.” He shook his head.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::figured it was an enemy body?::
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Damn it, damn it, damn it! Moira took her jacket off and held it against the worst wound, putting pressure on it. “Eli, stay with me.” She knew that if he’d die, he’d come back. But this was… She still didn’t want him to die. She’d never experienced something like this before. “Eli, please. Don’t die on me now.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::hunkers down behind something unless there is nothing to hunker down behind::
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “I’d massively prefer to get this over with without doing anything weird, but…” She pulled at her hair, dancing around as she stomped her legs. “Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. I’m not pressing a button, but…” And with that, Gwen pulled free the Vorpal Blade. And with a flourish, she tried to cut Magicia’s tablet from her hands and into Gwen’s. “I’ve clearly gotta make sure you can’t stop him. You can’t show him that.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger He took out a comm, he had his opening finally. “Attention. this is Commander Krieger… I need full AM gas release on the city we have signs of tampering in the city. All private and hidden chambers for military use…. The senate has been compromised.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Yes! [Kaler says in surprised relief; it was working!! So it seemed anyway]
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She steps forward, carefully holding the tablet out to him. Feeling a wave of relief wash over her as he says the command.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ He. Felt. Alive. Blood and blood, shot after shot, this was his true nature in combat. To feel himself heal while seeing his enemy die…it was all something he longed to see for a long time. Looking over at Krieger he had a shot ready just in case things went more sour than they were.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * comes to after a few moments *
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Krieger’s command is obeyed without haste, and in minutes a glowing green gas fills the city of Olde Watch and the Senate Chambers.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah is weak but..somehow still hanging in there, not dying but certainly not healing.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Then hides behind Eli who is at least down, sensing AM immediately. “I have pressure bandages,” she tells Moira, whilst digging in her healer’s bag.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Weee are sooo gonna go back, and, like, the whole world is gonna be, like, full of rat people or everyone’s grandpa is a robot, or we’re dead and they replaced us with lizard people…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger He looked to the others. “Now… go get me… I feel I’m gonna remain in the jar… but… who knows… make sure I get somewhere safe.” He held the pistol in his hand to his own chin and got rid of this clone body, preparing to have his mind in a new one.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac tries once more to heal eli, with no luck “come one Eli, just hang in there man…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “And then we’re gonna have to time travel AGAIN to undo our time travel–” She flinched when Krieger shot himself. “Yep. Totally.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Seeing that Krieger went..down, he would keep the bullet ready for another target, but was ready to move on.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira glanced up, staring at Echo with watery golden hues. “Anything you can do to help is appreciated.” She replied. She wasn’t going to relieve the pressure though… Not until she had to for Echo.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Ack… [He said, looking somewhat away from Krieger shooting themselves, but then back to Gwen] Well…. i-if it’s a future where all those beings coexist better than what just happened, it’s worth it!
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel “I will, I promise.” Good thing she already knows where that is and kinda… already did that. Oh, time is confusing.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger A new modern Krieger appeared. His features weren’t perfect, his hair not white. But he also didn’t have a military uniform currently. “Alright.. so that happened….”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator And with that, you all feel an intense disorientation. It is as if the world is splitting, breaking apart. You can see yourselves on the other side, moving away, as a new reality, a new timeline is created. in that moment, you can see thousands, millions of people, once dead, now returned to life. You can see cities that had fallen rise up once more, you can see the world changing as the new timeline is created, as the new reality is shaped and formed. And then, everything snaps back down into reality once again, and you are back in the room with the white walls and the dead officers and Krieger, coming to in his senses.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Clock Counts Down – The Vessel << Said by Magicia, heck
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * stands up searching for my pistols * aah fuck it * draws a sword and dagger *
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo The bandages do have a magical component, but they will work. “You can’t magically heal a man with anti-magic in his system,” she says curtly. She pours antiseptic onto the inside of the pressure bandage. “Now,” she says to Moira.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole Sheathing her sword, Gwen sat down on the ground with a huff. shaking her head. “Well. It was nice knowing everyone. I’m gonna miss existing. Time to fade away into nothing in a horrific fashion.” She just had to wait for it… and wait for it or something… except… not? Or… wait. “…How come we aren’t, like, devolving into fetuses?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ For a moment, he would see what had become of this new future….it was…perfect! Some cities not even he knew about were still standing strong! Yet he was sent back to this time and back to here.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Ack. Moira looked around, relieving the pressure she had placed on Eli’s wound. Were they…back? “What the hell…”
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem couldn’t stop in relief yet as she turned and went back to Eli, examining his state. She then had a stroke of brilliance. “Wait.. If the missile didn’t get fired then that means the Tree of Life is still here right?” Was the tree strong enough to overcome his wounds. She looked over to Echo. Then everything changed again… Where were they? She got up and looked around.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ ….Yet Croc would start to loot the dead officers, seeing as that the fighting was seemingly over. “Come on…something…?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Ack! [He said, again going through that disorientation of timewarping, new reality formation, etc etc. He held his head as it happened, until it… stopped happening. And look, they were fine! For now at least] …. we’re…. fine…. w-we’re alive! See?! We’re good! [Let’s hope that wasn’t a “couldn’t get any worse” cliche building….]
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo She holds the bandage in place over Moira’s coat.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Something is up with this Island….” He had odd memories, overlapping memories. He remembered the war. But he also remembered a liberation of Olde Watch. “I need Medics in launch room now. We got several friendlies harmed in missfire.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo (NO magic is strong enough to overcome anti-magic.)
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * reshealths the dagger and sword and joins the group *
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah was just laying there now, his eyes closed. Still alive but likely passed out from….the mix of am and whatever else had gotten into him from his mind touching with Krieger.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Her head hurts from trying to comprehend all this time fuckery. “Ugh, Krieger… pickle..”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo (Even gods can be poisoned.)
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland (There isn’t an AM field in the room we’re in)
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Oh god. This is worse. Now we’re trapped in the past and have to see our mistakes unfold in real time! FUCK! There’s TWO of me!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The soldiers have stopped coming, and the remaining officers, seeing themselves defeated, have surrendered.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Oh shit, he would stop his looting party but he did snag something, hopefully.
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “Alright, temporal shenigans and a chance for the world to be ruined in new and exciting ways… Why does my medulla oblongata hurt?” The Head Maid grumbled as they rubbed their temples.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Mo wasn’t going to bother trying to get the blood out of her jacket when they’d get home…. If they’d get home. She’d probably throw it away instead. Later. Or leave it here. For now, she ran her fingers through Eli’s hair while Echo did her thing. “Will he be okay?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Olde Watch medics begin rushing in to the room instead, picking their way over debris but moving with a professional haste. They bend over Elijah, and over Moira, using glowing green devices that somehow feel wrong, but which start extracting the AM poison from their wounds.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Croc will have snagged an AM pistol and several glowing green bullets. But if he holds on to it all of his supernatural powers will be gone.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger He continued over the comms system. “Olde Watch has been compromised, we need medics in this room now. My squad was compromised by Void. I’m enacting order “Rat Hunt”… track down those of the senate. We need to get Olde Watch’s power back to the people.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Or… can we please go home?” Gwen hugged her knees to her chest as she remained seated. “We need to get back to, like, real people that need help.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “WAIT!” Croc would be quick to scan and analyze its properties if he could, but would pocket the Am and the gun, not knowing it would fade away. If this was saved…ohohoho! The ideas….
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “The mistakes have not all been fixed yet. There is more to do. This is only a beginning.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira winced as the Medics began to get the AM poison from what few wounds she had. But she didn’t resist. No, she was too busy worrying about Elijah, who clearly had it worse than she did. Than most of them seemed to…
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Gotta get the pickle.. but I got the pickle… save the pickle again? First time?” She rubs her temples, still standing near Krieger. “Um, also.. there’s this little girl you gotta find and kill probably? She’s void too. Small but dangerous.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Krieger looked to Gwen. “I don’t know what’s going on either.. entirely. I remember both timelines.” He looked “To a point. I remember the girl now.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo She stares at Narrator blankly, scowls, and continues fastening the pressure bandage over the arterial bleed.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah’s eyes open weakly as the AM is drawn out of him. “Hey kid.” He would say to Moira,still just laying there letting the medics do what they had to do to get the AM out of him.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Sure, he could not use the Knifestorm but for an AM weapon and its ammunition….now that was worth the trade. Scanning and storing data just in case.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler rubbed his head some, after experiencing that movement of the time shifting around and changing, looking around as the medics crowded the room. He felt good that the Olde Watch people here currently were more idle, like he and the others wished to be. He even went to the soldiers that were more or less surrendered, reassuring them that they were ok, etc, like any wholesome guy tried to do. But then he looked to Ar’Elis] Oh dang it…. w-what’s next to do? [He asked, curiously, and concerned]
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Now, the trio is just on standby to just bumble around to follow^
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “Oh thank gods…” Moira wiped a bloodied hand over one of her eyes, as she forced a smile. “You scared me, Eli..”
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Thiiiiiiis isn’t fixing anything, dude!” Gwen massaged her forehead in small circles. “We’re gonna mess stuff up so much… Sooo much…” Looking at Krieger, she sniffled. “Krieger… why did you give in? You… I thought maybe at least YOU were kinda smart…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The AM extraction complete, wounds are then quickly treated with bandages and other mundane methods. The medics go about their work with a quick and quiet professionalism.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Gwen, remember last year where Ar’Elis knew exactly what we needed to do to save all of existence?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “gwen..” Isaac says, irritated, “be happy that we won for a second, would ya?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “It has to do with Thyme. We weren’t on the right timeline. Ar’elis might know.”
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem would stand back and watch was going on before her. With everything going on but in the opposite order, kinda. She tried not to think on it too hard, as it didn’t make sense to her just yet. That was until Ar’Elis spoke again. Then Gwen. She made a valid point? Kind of. There was so much that she rubbed the bridge of her nose with two fingers.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “But we need to get the Senate. I’ll get you all hazmat gear… We need to move.” He tore off the skull plated mask and threw it on the ground.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “IIIIII don’t know this kid.” Gwen jerked a thumb at him. “And, again, I’ve seen more movies than you people.”
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “This has all happened before, and it will all happen again. It can be corrected, but we have to heal the wounds, we have to correct the mistakes. One day perhaps you will awaken and remember as well.”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello *makes my way over to Elijah to see if I could do anything to help*
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Hazmat gear is brought out immediately, soldiers, once enemies, now helping any who need it into the suits to protect them from the AM.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Now back from auto pilot, Sam just nods and takes a suit
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Look, all I know is that we listen to his plan and we have a chance of maybe living so.. put your pink little brain in time out if you’re not intent on actually fixing things.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ His focus for a moment was purely on the AM he just got his hands on…if he relied on tech only for now…he had a mighty sidearm and strength to bolster…. No…nononono….He would refrain from thinking about it, pocketing both as he takes a Hazmat helmet but not a suit as they simply couldn’t fit. Or at least he’d hope there was one to fit him
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac stumbles over to croc, extending a hand. “hey man, thanks for the help earlier…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland H-hey I’ve watched time-movies once or twice too, I-I get the whole “we might ruin the world” deal ok Gwen? But if we can at least heal things then…. well, haven’t we done something good? [He said, before seeing the soldiers bringing equipment. Kaler would accept, letting it go over the AVERAGEJOE, which he had decrease in mass & volume a bit via the Omni-tool, equipping it around his form]
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ He’d turn his head to Isaac, Croc was a strange, 3 foot humanoid but he would shake his hand firmly as the Gun was pocketed. “Always welcome!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo :: Echo works continuously, her bottomless healer’s bag getting a lot of use. No sense draining the strength of magical healers on lesser wounds, but they still must be treated. Being near insta-healing makes her queasy, anyway, so whatever she can do to prevent it, she will do::
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass goes into the am suit and her Uncle as well in his mist form. Kwazii needs no protection for he’s just a massive liger^
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “The gas won’t stop… we can’t have it stop as long as the senate and voidlings are in Olde Watch… and I no longer have Order….”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Eli still felt very…very cold however, wincing as he slowly sat up. The male would shiver a little before glancing around the room. “Okay…please tell me we at least one this little battle.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel The giant simply takes the Hazmat and wears it. Worse case scenario, he’d just punch things
6/6/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector “…. Well this has all been fascinating.” The Tome Collector looks up from the journal she’s been scribbling in this entire time. She doesn’t seem to have made any effort to help so far.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “We’re just gonna implode time and then split down the middle into our parents, who will then dissolve into goo or something… Or make things worse, because, like, unless Arty Is a Nth Dimensional Being that sees all of time and space perfectly, we’re not doing this right. Because you DON’T do stuff like this!” She stood up and huffed a little as she just decided to march along. “I mean, they even said it in T3: Judgement Day! You can’t even PREVENT it, you just postpone it, and then the same bullshit happens again! And then, after that movie doesn’t do good enough, they just make a tv series to prevent even THAT from happening, but it still doesn’t do anything!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ All sealed up in a Hazmat suit, things were beginning to look up in this timeline! Or was this still the correct one? Feh, don’t matter.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would slowly put on a hazmat suit, took him a little bit with his healing wounds but he did it.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem sets herself up in some hazmat gear. It would make her feel better. Then she went to Gwen. “I trust him to know what he’s doing Gwen. My gut says follow him.” She offered her opinion on the matter, squeaking when she moved in her hazmat suit.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “I require no suit, thanks” Isaac says “Refros, protectus” he says, ans a purple aura surrounds him
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::she goes back to Eli. Now that the AM is gone, she can help him more… but he’s already sealed into a hazmat suit, so it’s too late::
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “That might be true if this were a movie, but this is real life.” The boy places a hand on Gwen’s shoulder, understanding, then begins to suit himself up.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * dons a hazmat suit that is handed to me *
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “I honestly don’t know.” Moira replied as her smile faded. She helped him sit up, then looked around. “Eli… I need to learn how to fight better.” If shit like this was going to happen often, Moira had to be better prepared.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Isaac, the AM will eat that Aura, and you’ll turn to a puddle of Slime… Trust me, put on the suit.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The alarms have been shut down, the soldiers have been called off, and the way through the rubble of the halls is clear to the exit.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “.. Oh my god just shut up.” Her head hurts too much to put up with Gwen right now. Perhaps she’s given the pink one too much credit on brains before now… She shimmies into an AM suit, hoping all her maids do the same. Otherwise she’ll have way too many Tsubames on her hands and she doesn’t like Tsubames.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost He looked at Echo and nodded. “I’m good for now, thank you for what you did though.” He looked back at Moira, “We can worry about that later,right now put on a suit and just be ready to leave.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Star tech wasnt magical so Ken was fine
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen *hazmat, not am
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “…You guys sound exaaaactly like all the people that just wanna use time travel thinking they’re right until they accidentally kill themselves.” She kinda cringed away from Ar’Elis… and Anthem, too. “We’re screwed, we’re screeeeewed…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ Maids in suits! Hard to use their teef, but helpful! The now squeaky creatures waddled around awkwardly for a while. these were NOT standard maid uniforms.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira nodded to him. “Alright. After standing up, she inched her way into a hazmat suit and zipped up before looking at Eli again. Tonight felt more like a disaster to her than a win.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Magic is going to be useless in the City for now. Get equipped and get some weapons. Let’s go deal with the Senate.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler just sighed longly, and followed the others, hazmat suit on and ready]
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac chuckled, amused by the waddling maids, then focused on helping people up
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ He felt cute in his Hazmat suit, with a Smol size and a crocodile hat instead that was bent and blocking half of the visible plastic was fun. But he kept it professional, Specterstrike drawn and ready. Good thing he didn’t need magic.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Rifles, machine guns, and pistols are all reealed to be available in a nearby locker. Roughly half of them use AM bullets, but there are plenty of options that also do not.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “…Did you see all of the islands sink away like I did? We’re screwed already.” She replied. Anthem would arm herself with some batons if she could find them, then ready herself to follow to the senate.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM] Kida Le Morte *kida just followed everyone, and did as they did*
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Aw, but I wanted to use my mallet for nostalgic time confundrum sake…. ” She pouts, but starts to grab weapons as told. “Let’s go track down a little bebe notzi!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would grab ironically grab the same knife used to cut him up. Placing it in either belt loop or pocket he then tried to find a gun as well. if they were going to fight the senate and if they were as he remembered hearing then they would need everything they could find.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::hoping these hazmat suits are not too bulky and clumsy, Echo finds one in her size and dons it. Being half-human, she has some resistance to anti-magic, but it will still cause her problems, so if she was in an anti-magic field earlier, she was feeling extremely sick::
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Song Unsung – The Vessel The AM is heavy. If Isaac doesn’t suit up soon… well, he’ll probably die.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart having lost his 44. magnum in the fight, Isaac rummages through the lockers and finds two more, grinning ear to ear
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * picks up a .308 and a few boxes of rounds *
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass grabs a hazmat suit and throws it at him. Mostly because AM will kill him^
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac mutters a magic word, and is teleported into a hazmat suit
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “…Did anyone remember to bring any of those scavenged railguns from the last timeline?” A few of the maidlings fumbled with their utility garterbelts for a bit before AHA! Madoogoa Co Brand tech weaponry! A few of the maids were now armed with 90mm railguns. The rest just kinda grab sharp objects.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “Are you okay to go on, Eli?” Despite everything that was done for him, Moira was still worried. Something still felt very off. She didn’t quite like it.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Song Unsung – The Vessel Of course, the commanders of the birthday marathon are not responsible for deaths of characters due to poor choices that could have easily been avoided thanks to plenty of warning.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Makes a few mods with her straps so she can still hold her weapons.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would pause to allow his wounds to fully heal from the time given, thankfully he didn’t get hit by anything too severe as major wounds can’t be recovered on their own.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “We could’ve fixed that situation then and there, Anthem. What if we just vanished and left those people alone on Herbland and we never come back?” She shook her head. “I’m sorry… I’d love for it to, like… be true. But literally nothing like this ever goes as planned. This is… like that time I knew what to do against some of those Class Cards? I know this like I knew that.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “alright. suited up”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “If you’re ready, you’re gonna want to follow me now. I don’t know how many soldiers are gonna defend the senate still. I gave out orders to keep anyone from going in or out of the city from any point of egress or ingress.” He looked to them all. “Alright you all ready?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “lets get going”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia yoinks one of the Madooga Co weapons from a maid, since it’s something she’s actually familiar with a bit and can probably fire.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost I’m fine…don’t worry about me Moira.” He said as he did finaly find a gun, a simple handgun but it would hopefully be enough. Picking up any clips on the floor he found, Elijah would stash them wherever he could fit them. Then he followed after Krieger.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * pulls the bolt on the bolt action rifle back chambering a round *
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Ready, Dorian.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole With a sigh, Gwen nodded. “I’m… I’m following to make sure no one here that isn’t supposed to be here dies. That’s about it. I’m not… I’m not meddling myself. I just wanna make sure everyone that needs to get home gets home.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “If you say so…” Moira replied, watching him as she followed closely.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler wouldn’t always use weapons like this, but he knew /how/ to use them. So, he would pick up what seemed like an M4 carbine with a scope and barrel attachment for range combat. Plus, a couple of flashbangs, and a Desert Eagle as a secondary. Frankly he was going to hate himself for shooting and potentially killing people, but it had to be done, he guessed] I-I’m ready. [He nodded]
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “I’m ready.” Anthem said as she followed behind.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass has her ducks in a row and her liger all ready to go. She also has a lawsuit ready in case any chars dies. Player joke, of course. Sassy follows them while riding on her liger^
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Raz nods, remaining next to Mags and folding his arm. He wondered if he still had to pay her rent.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would follow beside Anthem, mostly as he would trust her most out of the rest of the people here. That and Sassy, but eh, pick your battles.
6/6/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector Jadis suits and gears up, unhappy with this hinderance to her writing.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Sam stands next to Croc because why not?
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Now let’s get everyone shoulder to shoulder for a group pic!” Croc jests.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::raises her voice:: Is anyone here NOT vaccinated against AM?
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger He would lead them through the halls of the complex, they where heading up towards the surface. Gun fights could be heard breaking out in the complex. People where calling each other traitors through out the halls and firing. Their goal was to get to the senate building. The gas gave a green hue to the air as they where on the city’s street. “Alright. I don’t know if they released the gas in the senate building… Remember, don’t kill them in there without something to stop that magic.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac facepalms “I doubt it would matter echo..”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Eli would stand right by Magica, Anthem and Krieger, holding the handgun in onehand and the knife in the other. Looking down at the glowing green blade…he could still see specs of his own blood on it. “I’m not Echo.” He would say as he looked over his shoulder to her.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The way through the halls is full of debris and the dead and dying soldiers of Olde Watch, but no opposition is met. There are several stories that need to be traversed to get back to surface level from the bunker, but these are also easily passed, and as you reach the exit doors you open them to reveal a city that is cloaked in an angry glowing green mist. Anyone that is not protected by a hazmat suit will lose all powers and abilities and become incredibly sick.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: My Uncle but that’s not his fault because biology and physiology is a pain. ^The Uncle is no where to be seen except in side Sass’ suit as a mist^
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::doesn’t have time to query Isaac as to what the Hells he means, because she’s been swept up in the general migration::
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Vaccinated against AM? She certainly wasn’t. “Neither am I…” Moira stated. She was standing next to Elijah.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * follows at the back of the group*
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Weee shouldn’t kill any of them, for the record. At all. And we shouldn’t be here. Just a reminder.” Gwen was full of reminders. Consider her the pop culture angel on their shoulders.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Even without powers, the green mist looked awful for non-magical beings too. Too bad it didn’t smoke out whatever laid inside of the smoke. “Going Camo…” He’d say to nobody in particular, being a bit harder to see.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::to Moira:: Are you human?
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Looking out upon the AM blighted city you see a scene of chaos. Citizens are racing through the streets, trying to get to their homes, while Olde Watch soldiers battle one another, those loyal still to the senate fighting those loyal directly to Krieger and his commands. Bullets, both mundane and glowing green, slice through the air and explosions can be heard down every avenue.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Jesus….. [He said as the warzone became apparent, a Civil War in effect, moving with the group]
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia isn’t caught up on her vaccines, but she has her suit, at least. She hums under her breath as she follows Krieger’s lead, her finger twitching, anxious to move to the trigger. “Come out, come out, bebe notzi… I’m gonna turn YOU into a pancake…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “Sometimes I wish I was.” Moira shook her head. “I’m a phoenix.” The ginger haired woman looked at the city with a frown. More chaos…. How were they gonna get through all of that?
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “We based some of this off of screamer tech from the other timeline. It’s.. a long story.” The Head Maid looked to Krieger as they hefted their railgun. A sigh escaped them as they went over the memories of… the other time.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Astro stood all alone. His hands clenched into fists as he was ready. to fight
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer To win! He had to! For Alice! For twine! Engage anime protag inner monologue!
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Keep together, stay close. If you aren’t vaccinated, make sure your suits don’t get messed with.” He looked and then he thought… What would happen to Tsubame… He shook that thought away. “Once we get in the senate building, find cover, and buy time for the gas to fill the area.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “And don’t let Gwen get hit apparently.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::99% of the population should have been routinely vaccinated by now, but Echo knows there are exceptions. She whips out an ampoule from her healers bag, puts it in a string-cinch bag, and hangs it from Moira’s belt:: If your suit is breached, stick that into yourself instantly.
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [But, sadly with how things were going IRL, and with his set task having been done before, Kaler’s writer and himself would have to poof! Because sadly, school awaits the next morning]
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah walked right behind Krieger and the others leading the way, keeping his senses alert as best as he could for any possible ambushes. He then looked at Krieger and nodded. “Understood”
6/6/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [He sends the rest of them hope that he can wake up to some good one fifth of conclusions!]
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac think for a moment. “hey echo, mind tossing me one of those?”
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Song Unsung – The Vessel “I’m not protecting her. Her brain got turned to mush during the erasure, apparently.” Magicia mutters under her breath. Protect those who actually want to fix things, she thinks.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Song Unsung – The Vessel <<Magicia again
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo But it will only protect you from dying, not from other effects. You’d turn into a plain unmagical bird.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The path to the Senate building is not far, but it does lead through a battlefield of determined soldiers ready to kill anyone not on their side. As you move down the street, a battalion of these soldiers rounds a corner, sighting the hazmat suits and instantly knowing that these are magicals, and that the traitor krieger is at their fore. They open fire, even as more shout into comm badges for reinforcements.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira glanced down at the bag, then back up at Echo. “Thank you.” She gave the woman a nod, then walked beside Elijah.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “We’ve found the traitor, all forces converge on the western sector.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax “Dont suppose you got something big for a girl like me to carry?” She batted her eyes at Croc and spoke in a sultry tone. “Something i can use?”
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Luckily for Anthem being born on Hellifyno, she was vaccinated at birth. She stepped forward, batons in either hand as they headed towards the senate. She now slightly regretted what she said to the lady who hit her with the AM chip. It was like a secret hell to have to go through this chaos again, it made angry remembering just how powerless she was. But the one at the end of this. Alysha… Anthem had grown pretty attached to the child, determined to try and teach her right from wrong. But with how things were going now, she wasn’t sure what she could do to stop this. Or if it was supposed to be stopped.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::she gives a similar one bag with ampoule to Isaac:: It will only protect you from turning into a puddle of goo.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She dives for cover behind some rubble, waiting for Krieger’s command to fire.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would grab Moira and dive behind cover. “Shit shit..”
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Protect me? I’m protecting you guys! Or trying at least. From yourselves…” This Gwen mumbled because she didn’t wanna agitate people with guns who thought they could change time with magic. They might go full Terminator.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ One thing was for sure: There will be blood. Following along with the group despite being camo’d. “…I only carry one gun” Croc said to Sam, not sure what it was him.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart he looks the bag over. “thanks. I owe ya one…”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * drops behind cover and steadies the rifle firing into the troops*
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Ack! What the hell?! Moira practically squeaked in surprise when she was grabbed and taken to cover. “Son of a bitch…” Moira muttered, before looking at the older Phoenix. “Thanks… you okay?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “And no, no Specterstrike for you! Should’ve taken a gun while there were bodies.” At least ammo would be plentiful if Sam chose to loot the dead.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass follows the crowd and her and the liger ducks to safety. Just ready for whatever command is given^
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger He swore under his breath. “Everyone take cover. Aim to maim… Olde Watch training is to remove living fighters to safety. They want to keep humans safe as possible. Hit limbs, if you hit center mass, I understand.” He took his combat rifle and would pop a few shots, and speak into his comm. “If I got anyone who can… I need cover in western sector. Airdrones”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator A bullet slams into Sasuke’s shoulder, another clips Isaac on the side of the head. Each damages their suits, allowing the AM gas to slowly seep in.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “gah fuck!” Isaac shouts, grabbing the needle given to him by echo and jamming into his arm
6/6/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector Jadis figures a gun is like a spell shooter, so she can probably use it. So at Krieger’s words, she ducks behind a building corner, aiming out from behind it and opening fire!
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Not at all. I am a Healer. It is what I do. ::then, belatedly realizing they are in a firefight, she darts behind a massive chunk of broken wall. She is no fighter and carries no weapons::
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Eli takes aim with his pistol, taking slow but aimed shots at arms, legs. Trying to follow what krieger asked. Keeping behind cover as much as possible
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids let loose a battle cry, unleashing a volley with their railguns before they dived in different directions to find cover, to find intersecting fields of fire.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would take up high ground, a natural instinct as he would give cover fire from rooftops.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The bullets crash against the walls you duck behind, as more soldiers appear, reinforcements arriving for the enemy.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole Gwen took cover, but didn’t take out any guns. She didn’t want to shoot at anyone if she had to. That’d be too risky. Not that things already weren’t risky, but things might be riskier if she wasn’t the one maybe more sane person not shooting at people when there was probably, most definitely, already another version of themselves out there in this timeline doing stuff. It would just make it more crazy.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Say no more. Magicia peeks out from behind her cover and opens fire, not eager to move out from it and risk getting her suit damaged.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Nanite repair protocol. Suits, serial numbers H1349DA904 and H1249T89P
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “I’m good alright?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator However, Krieger’s command is also carried out, and drones begin to hover into existence, firing down on the enemy combatants, creating a brief respite from the attack.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sassy yelps in pain and the Uncle glitches out and is gone for now. Sassy falls off of the liger. She looks around, confused. She’s in pain but can’t remember why. She sniffs and wipes her eyes but there’s a strange screen blocking it. Sass is defs vaccinated so no goo for her!^ Wha-What’s going on? Where am I? ^She sobs. Kwazii does his best to her up and onto his back. Sass goes along with it, laying on top of Kwazii^
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “Yeah, I think so.” Moira looked down at her suit, then nodded to Elijah.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * reloads and continues firing in to the soldiers aiming for limbs as per Kriegers orders*
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “alright, vaccinated!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Ken aims his fists at the attackers “Star-dust barrage!” wrist mounted plasma cannons firing on full auto at the aggressors. “Suppressing fire!”
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem took cover as well. She didn’t have any firearms, though she did remember shooting one once. Looking over she saw Sassy get shot! Anthem kept low and ran for the Trade Lord.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Sasuke and Isaac’s suits start to automatically heal, but a small amount of AM has already crept in, and it will take some time for the gas to be expelled. This causes them to become sickly and nauseous during that time.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Get moving! The nanites should repair suits, but help those who suits got damaged for now! Keep moving forward. We don’t got much further to go!” He tried to access city controls and put up traffic barricades.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would provide cover-fire for the Scion, sniping down those who dared to aim at her.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “oh gods, im gonna barf…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Raz lifts a bit of wreckage and throws it at the enemies.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Croc’s cover fire hits the soldiers just as the drones do and dozens are killed. The firing grows less as they deal with the dual threats.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “I am so going to need to get vaccinated later….” Elijah muttered as he kept shooting aimed shots. And then he began to move at Kriegers command, keeping to cover.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Kwazii sees Anthem. He remembers her. He makes his way towards her with Sass in tow on his back. He can’t speak to Anthem but hopes he can help. He weaves through the bullets as he goes. Sass looks up to Anthem^ Just who are you? What’s going on?
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids continued providing supressing fire for others, hoping to distract the enemy and bring their attention away from the main group. They’d fire their might rounds into the dust to try and blind the opponent as the rest of the maids helped to usher the group after Krieger
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Raz finds his strength remains, if he is in the suit, and hurtles the wreckage, creating a barrier between the group and the enemies.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Get to the senate building! We got to gas them out!” He knew they wouldn’t allow the gas in their building, so had to open some holes to let the air in.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax She leaps up and tosses a slew of grenades at the enemies
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “You and me both.” Moira stated as she followed him.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * moves from cover to cover firing at each stop *
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::unless the composition of AM has changed since it was first created, breathing in the gas will cause slowing of Sassy’s and Isaac’s recovery::
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo afk cat
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Making sure Sassy was safe and alongside her now, Anthem kept pace with the Liger as she shook her head. “Sassy. It’s me Anthem. Just. Keep low and hold on!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Just then, a bazooka is fired at the group, exploding on the street, causing huge blasts of flame to rise up and throw Anthem, Blade and Sam backwards violently.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She blanked out for a second, but she snaps back into focus, rushing ahead with the group.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would retaliate with an explosive round in the direction of the bazooka: Eye for an eye!
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger Krieger followed the trajectory of the rocket fire. He aimed with his rifle and fired an undermounted grenade to it. He needed to get them there. They needed to get that building open. “Shit…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator A sniper clips Magicia’s shoulder with a bullet and her hazmat suit tears open, letting the deadly gas rush in.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * is thrown into a building wall and slides down the wall tearing holes in the suit *
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::Echo continues to dart from one place of cover to another, staying with the group::
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Kriegers grenade blasts into the enemies and the rocket fire stops.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax She hits the floor, rolling to the floor with a loud “Fuck” that hurt. “They gots the boom booms!” she calls out, heading over to the barrier that Raziel had made and crouching.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The Senate building is within site now. Just a few streets away, and the doors don’t seem to be barred.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Shit!” She falls back behind the closest cover, signaling to the nearest maid. “My suit’s hit!” She can already feel the nausea.
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “MISTRESS!” Maids rushed to clamp Mistress’s suit shut, hoping to buy time for the repairs.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Alright, this is Krieger, for those helping, do not fire on the senate inside the building. They need to be removed.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass holds onto Kwazii as the suit heals. She tries to remember Anthem as Kwazii follows Anthem as quick as he can. Since Kwazii and Sass are with Anthem, they get hit with the bazooka, flying back with Anthem. Kwazii yelps as Sassy screams in surprise. Kwazii gets up but Sass is off. She pushes herself up. Sass and Kwazii is bruised and Kwazii has an injured paw now. He nudges Sass back onto his back, deciding to follow Anthem’s commands^
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem turns just in time to see the fiery blast as she rocked off her feet! She hit the deck pretty hard, rolling a bit to disperse the force as she got up to a knee. Shaking her head a bit.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would continued to move forward, firing of burst of handgun fire to keep the Olde Watch soldiers pinned or make them duck back under cover. He then moved to support Anthem and those knocked back by the bazooka shot.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * tips my mask off and pukes into the street then replaces the mask*
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The nanites in the Magicia’s suit heal the wound quickly, but she too has a small amount of sickness causing AM trapped in there for a time.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc was no Ana, not having healing darts or anything as he was down to one Nano-Bot Syringe. He’d have to hold it for now during the approach.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::hurries to Magicia:: This will help her! ::she yells to the maids, and stabs her with an ampoule of vaccine through the rip in the suit, unless the maids stop her::
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * gets to my feet and slowly walks towards the group *
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Ken Rushes forwards, dodging bullet fire. Twin plasma blades jutting from his forearms. “Stardust slash!” he cries, sending waves of burning hydrogen at a group of enemies.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ She looked to Sassy, to Eli and Kwazii. Pointing at the Senate building she yelled out. “We gotta get there fast as we can!” Trying to get her voice over the machine gun fire and constant explosions.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator A group of Olde Watch soldiers suddenly rushes in from the other side of the street, effectively surrounding the group.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac points his revolvers at them, holding his fire
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The new soldiers raise their rifles to fire, then stop, seeing Krieger. “Commander, you’re unhurt.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::unless she was too late. Then Magicia will briefly turn into an ordinary human, till the gas gets out of her system::
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Unfortunately for Moira, she didn’t have any weapons on her. Whoops. Even so, she just continued to follow Elijah, keeping close to him.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * chambers a round in my rifle aiming at the soldiers *
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Kwazii limps as quick as he could over to Anthem, sniffing her to make sure she’s okay. Kwazii nods but he waits for Anthem to lead since Kwazii is following her and Sass is a useless potato^
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::no that is wrong… sighs::
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She slowly moves on again, trying not to puke or succumb to the nausea. She’s a strong girl though, so despite Echo’s delusions, she pushes on.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “What are your commands?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “moira, catch!” Isaac calls, tossing a 44. magnum to her
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah aims his handgun at the new group of soldiers,down on one knee aiming with his iron sights. “Great…..”
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Stand down troops. The Senate was compromised.” he looked to them and motioned for the heroes to lower their weapons. “These non-humans are with me. The helped remove mind dampners that the senate put on me, to manipulate my actions. As well as void Magic.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Good to see that some friendlies were still possible, lowering his Rifle for now.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “We need to ventilate the building, let AM get in, or reverb ANFE signals to stop any spells or rituals, then remove the Voidlings”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah reluctantly lowers his handgun but he glances towards the senate building. “We need to end this…now.”
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem stopped and relaxed, listening to what Kreiger was saying. Being surrounded didn’t leave many other choices.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * lowers my rifle and leans against a wall *
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “We are loyal to you.” The soldiers salute. But there are still enemies zeroing in on the group and bullets have started shooting through the air again.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::Echo is working with knowledge of AM from the time of its original creation and the creation of the vaccine. If that has changed, she will figure it out::
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ She motioned for Kwazii to stand there as well and wait.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Aaaaand back to firing at the foes.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::finds cover again::
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “The Senate has control of the State building. They’ve turned off all vent and ANFE controls. We can’t get in.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Kwazii stays with Anthem with his paw in the air as she wanted. Sass looks around, trying to piece together what’s going on. She looks at Anthem with a frown^ Do you know what’s going on?
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Song Unsung – The Vessel A bullet whizzes by Echo’s head just as she ducks for cover. Close call.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger “Give me some cover…” He try to work the door and open it, wanting to get into the senate building. He then began to bash the handle with the butt of his rifle.
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Raz lifts his foot to slam but puts it down when he relaxes it. Instead, bringing his hands together in a sizemic clap, A sonic BOOM sounding off and a wave of kinetic force aiming at the enemy soldiers above.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * ducks down behind some nearby debris and start firing in the direction of the incoming bullets*
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would cover for Krieger with some cover-fire to keep his breaking in safer.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator the door of the senate building opens. It is not locked. But then… it explodes, flinging Krieger violently backwards.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::whirls and throws her back against the fallen chunk of concrete wall that is her cover, breathing hard, heart racing with adrenaline::
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids quickly run to protect their Mistress, surrounding her against enemy fire. But thankfully, there is a moment of reprieve… if only a moment. The maids fire back at the enemy, trying once more to split a few of their numbers off to strike from mulitple angles and distract the enemy
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira’s writer was called away and has no idea what happened. x.x Must apologize.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Keeps the fight upclose and personal. Moving into enemy positions and hitting them hard with his power suit.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “We’re trying to get inside the senate. Just stay safe!” She said to Sassy as she moved to join Krieger and try to help him get inside, using her batons.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Bullets spray off the concrete that Echo hides behind, little shards shattering against her suit.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Blast a hole through the door, and send in maids with AM pods? Ugh-….” Magicia shudders, trying to cover her mouth through her suit. Must…not.. puke…
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Now to fire at the doors….but first he had to reload his clip inside of the rifle before aiming inside the newly breached door.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Was actually caught in an explosion! Anthem gets thrown back violently, landing on her back a few feet away.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger He would start coughing up blood feeling shrapnel and wood penetrating into him. He looked over to the others. “Hey, at least I’m not just one body now… can be put into a new one.” He laughed, but god did he miss the order powers currently.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The enemy also have power suits, and they begin matching Ken blow for blow, plasma blasts and energy rifles being used at close range in tandem with spikes and massive chains.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * takes aim at the newly breached door *
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Lobs a grenade through the hole and fires her guns in.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah runs over to where Krieger had fallen and he offers a hand to help him up. Still keeping his eyes alert and his hand gun at the ready.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Two dozen soldiers rush out of the Senate building, the Olde Watch elite. They immediately begin firing, expert shots slamming into Sam’s arm and Blade’s shoulder.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::her mouth and throat are very dry. Aelu, the slim snake who is her healing partner, hisses soothing words in her ear: a lullaby in Parseltongue. She relaxes, bit by bit::
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator A rocket explodes against the debris Echo is hiding behind.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Kwazii didn’t take off after Anthem. He stayed before the blast happened. He runs over to Anthem and sniffs her. He chuffs at her to see if she’s alive or needs help. He looks around to see if there’s anyone coming. Soldiers. He grabs Anthem by her shirt and tries to either help her up or to get away^
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids double down on their terror tactics by unleashing their hellish screams. Even in their hazmat suits, they are loud little creatures. If nothing else, they hoped it may unnerve some of the enemy enough to have them flee. The main force of maids tried to make a maidly ‘human’ wall to allow Mistress (and maybe a few other people who happen to be there) to push forward.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Fires at the heavy looking guards aiming for legs and arms *
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac fires multiple shots at the elites, swearing as each shot misses
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Dorian! Shit!” She rushes forward, puking in her mouth a little as she hurries to his side to check on him with Eli. “Does it look bad? Do we need to get him to safety?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira followed Elijah. The only person she really knew, and trusted. So of course she stayed as close to him as she could. Without getting in his way of course.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Elites!” Croc would call out, clearly they had the hardware to match their title.Fully charging his armor-piercing rounds now before firing.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Maids are plowed down, easy targets for the elite troops.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Croc snipes one of the Elites, but another uses a rocket boost to shoot up hundreds of feet into the air, and then targets the man with explosive rounds.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax She goes back, ducking round a corner and holding onto her wound. “Fuck” she hisses, blindly firing into the hole with her good arm.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would begin checking Dorian over as best as he could, while also firing off a few shots at the Olde Watch Elites. “I’m still trying to figure that out Magi.”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She doesn’t want to lose all of her maids here in this fight, but it’s up to them to survive. For now she needs to help Krieger. Such a sentimental girl…
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator A bullet slams directly into Moira’s suit and that dreaded AM gas sluices into her suit, giving her the familiar sickly nausea of the poison.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger He grabbed a few grenades from a fallen soldiers belt, and began to prepare them. He crawled over to the elites. He dies, he comes back to live and die again. So this wasn’t new to him. “Don’t let them see me.” He smirked. “Fix the planet.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “…No way!” Did that one just perform a rocket jump!? Seeing as he didn’t expect an assault at his level he was blasted back and rolling but still grasped to his trusted rifle and taking shots while moving back. Though he was at a bleeding state once more.
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ Well, they tried. Luckily this wasn’t the ENTIRE force. Sometimes splitting up works nicely! The maids that hadn’t rushed out silently mourned their fallen bretheren, before using more sneaky tactics. The Head Maid is with Magicia as well as a few of their elite. “We need another route. Those fweepers are going to swamp us!”
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem can taste blood as well as the shrapnel from the explosion rocked the front of her suit. Luckily it just seemed to be wood rather than AM or she’d probably be dead. Slowly she rolled over to her side and got back up; breathing heavily as the Olde Watch elite came out… Anthem ducked for cover.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Leaps into the air to intercept the man launching himself at crock, attempting to slice through him with hot hydrogen blades
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac fires round after round at the elites “you know what, screw this.” he says, putting the pistol back in its holster and grabbing his dagger. he rushes on of the elites
6/6/2019 0:00 Ziva Kolar *She air shutters briefly, a deep purple portal opens and just as quickly as it appears, it vanishes, leaving Ziva standing there, holding tightly to the amulet around her neck. She takes a quick evaluation of the violence occurring all around and rushes over to Moira, placing her hands upon her, her hands glowing, transferring a healing energy*
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * fires at the air born elite *
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Anthem!” Gwen rushed to the Scion after she got tossed back, trying to get her back up. “C’mon! You gotta get up if we’re gonna get out of this mess!” She even put herself over her friend as extra covering for whatever was coming next.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “Damn it!” Ack! Fuck, fuck, fuck!! Moira quickly took the bag that Echo had previously given to her and got it working. Was she quick enough? Gods… she hoped so.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Some of the elites have hunkered down behind chunks of debris and are now trading fire with the group, bullets ripping through the air, grenades exploding on the earth all around you.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen With a nod, she rushes forward to distract the enemy troops from Krieger, going full guns blazing and looking for possible alternative routes out of the corner of her eye. “EAT SOME YOU VOID WORSHIPERS!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::she is blown into the air by the concussion and comes down hard on her face 15 feet away. A couple of ribs crack, muscles are sprained and strained, almost the entire front of her body feels heavily bruised. But the suit isn’t damaged, somehow::
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “Nice of ya to join the party Ziva!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah grabs Magi and pulls her and Moira behind cover. “We need to make a plan of attack..this firefight is taking too long..and those void spawn are digging in.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Two bullets pelt Gwen in the side, cutting through her abdomen and exiting her body, leaving four holes in her suit for AM to seep in.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo (You were fast enough, Moira)
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Kwazii follows after Anthem, of course. He has no better ideas than to follow. He’s slow but is rushing along to evade the explosion and bullets^
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Grabbing a a chunk of wall as a shield, Raz pressess forward, providing cover for the others from the bullets.
6/6/2019 0:00 Krieger He got as close as he could, crawling heavily wounded. “Hey buddies. How’s your health plan?” He smirked to them, “Not as good as my life insurance i bet.” He triggered the grenades detonators, right there with his body close to the soldiers.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Bullets and explosives pound the wall Raz uses as a shield but it holds as he pushes towards the enemy front.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ziva Kolar *Ziva ducks behind some rubble and yells back to Issac* Better late than never!
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira looked down at her suit, frustrated. Thank the gods she was quick enough with that bag… But still. She looked at Eli after being pulled to cover. “How do you propose we get past all that?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Seeing as the Elites were busy, Croc would take a moment to have a snack. Thankfully his Medi-Pack was in the suit as he bit down on a bar.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen A popup appears on the corner of the screen. Magicia did not like that.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Kriegers body explodes in a violent eruption of fire and force and dozens of the enemy soldiers are torn to shreds. A great gap in their ranks opens up, and the path to the Senate is now a charred, broken, but uncontested way forward.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Lands next to Croc “You good?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac rushes one of the elites with his blade, hoping to catch it distracted
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “I have no clue…but thats why we need to work together….can we flank them if someone lays down fire then maybe we can…” He sees the explosion and he realizes what krieger did…”Or someone can do that….”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator With the blast, the few remaining elites are distracted and Isaac manages to slice through his guts.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Sluggishly moves forward. “Anyone else feeling woozie?”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “GODS DAMN IT… Now I DO need to find the pickle agai- AAghh… fh…” She has to pause to puke in her mouth again.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “LETS GO NOW WHILE WE HAVE AN OPENING!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids used the offensive combination of wall and Krieger bomb to press the advantage. They make a break for the remaining troops’ flank to shred them with railgun fire from behind.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ He’d look up at Ken whilst swallowing his meal. “I’m alright, I’ll heal it off. Thanks for the help.” Croc always felt connected to those he fought alongside, but would quickly dodge and weave to Sam. “But are YOU alright?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac nods to sam before opening his visor to puke on the ground
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole Gwen was actually wearing armor underneath her hazmat suit, which wasn’t even all that necessary, given she was completely normal. She didn’t need to fear the AM that came in, and all her focus, either way, was on helping Anthem and everybody else. “I wonder… if I can… text myself! If Present Me fucking DIES because of this, at least New Past Me will… at least… know… to always stop people from time traveling in the New Future!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Opening the visor only lets more poison AM in.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux After witnessing what Krieger did, Moira was… a little surprised, in all honesty. Eli’s words were acknowledged and given a nod. She’d follow him, when he was ready. “Whenever you’re ready, geezer.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Raz has become the wall
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Shouting so everyone heard him, Elijah raced for that opening, firing several ore shots at the elites and drawing his knife as he closed distance with the last remaining few.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * the rifle runs out of ammo with a few clicks * dammit
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Elijah takes out two of the disoriented Elite’s and makes it to the Senate entrance.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo She has to crawl to seek cover, though. There is fierce pain in one leg. Aelu gives her a bite of painkiller. When she finally reaches a low, upright piece of a fallen wall, she hauls herself to her feet.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem had taken cover alongside the building with her eyes on the front door from where they tried to get in from. Though she wasn’t looking hot from within her hazmat suit telling by her posture. She saw Gwen coming over and Kwazii from behind. Was Gwen shot?! No. She had even more armor. That was good. With the way carved clear, Anthem headed towards the opening; calling everything towards it.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ziva Kolar *Ziva, hearing Elijah, ran for it, behind him and the others, grabbing Isaac as she ran past him* Come on! Let’s goooooooooooo!
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux And with that, she raced after Elijah as quickly as she could.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello *drops the rifle and sprints towards the entrance *
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Still swallowing her own upcomings, Magicia stumbles towards the opening into the Senate building. If she sees Krieger ever again, she will rip him a new one for causing her so much trouble every time she tries to ‘save’ him. “Be careful, the place might be rigged with more blasts like that first one.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Ziva rushes forward joining Elijah at the Senate entrance, the hallway to the council room is uncontested.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would follow the group, slightly staggered from the severity of his wounds but he’d keep up.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would take cover behind the frame of the blasted open door awaiting the others while he emptied the rest of the clip in the pistol at any Elites in range. Hoping now that he was flanking them he could give the over heroes cover.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “croc!” Isaac choked out “you ok?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax “I took a few shots.” She smirked. “Bastards know how to treat a…” She lurches
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “I’ll recover, focus on you.” Croc may be limping now, but he would recover just in time so long as he didn’t take more unneeded heat.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo She tries to follow the group, but her progress is slow as she has a torn muscle in her left calf and three cracked ribs. “Uncle Hades, protect me,” she whispers as she limps forward, possibly the last of their group.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Remember..we need to flood the senate building with AM Gas or get the ANFE generators working.” Thats what Krieger had said right? So they can stop any void fuckery happening.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Those who make it inside the Senate building will find that the AM is much fainter in here. In fact the further you go, the less of it has invaded the space. The building was never flooded, and those with damaged hazmat suits may even be able to breathe a sigh of relief.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist afk
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator By the time you reach the doors to the Council Room, standing closed, the AM is all but nonexistent.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “Looks like you’re out, Eli.” Moira stated the obvious as she looked at his gun. “Do we even know where the generators are if we can’t get the gas done?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Ziva Kolar *She grabbed a pistol off a fallen soldier, realizing her abilities were not functioning. Thankfully, she had practice with pistols, and ran up taking cover near the rest at the entrance. She made sure it had bullets and no safety was on*
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Right, we can’t just go in guns blazing on that senate chamber or things will be bad.” She remembers what happened in their timeline after the Void was revealed…
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Ken would use his visor to scan for traps
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “OR… we try to get back home without RUINING things more? Just a thought? Anybody?” Gwen knew she was probably alone on all this, but she knew it was maybe worth a shot? Maybe?
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator There are no detectable traps.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * stands guard at the back of the pack *
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc felt….something as he was stepping into the room, he was here only for a moment…to do what he did best….it hurts.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Eli passes the handgun and the last clip to Moira and keeps his AM knife held in a reverse grip. He looked to Magica. “Any ideas how to get AM in there?”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Do we have like… any AM pod thingies that we can throw in there, shut the door quickly, and activate?
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer “All Clear” he says, moving into the council room and waiting
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator As Ken tries to move into the Council Room a massive Void black tentacles crashes through the door, grabbing his body and smashing it into the ceiling and floor.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ziva Kolar *Ziva cringes, her jaw hanging open as she sees the tentacles violently toss around Ken* Ugh…
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… and this is why we don’t rush in.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids relax their posture a bit as they enter but remain at the ready. As they see Ken smashed about… “Well… That’s ungood. If we can’t AM them… maybe Gaian stuff will work? Or… hm…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah just shakes his head. “Should have listened and waited.”
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem limped inwards, and the further she made it away from the gas the more and more would the Gaian energy that flooded her veins would heal the damage from the explosives. She listened to Magicia who had a good point. She looked around wondering if anyone here had knowledge… Whelp she watched Ken get tossed by a tentacle and sigh. Here they went again.”Exactly.” She agreed with the Queen.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Or time travel.” Cough. What? She didn’t say anything.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira took the gun and blinked. She’s actually never used one before. But she’s watched people use guns, so… It shouldn’t be too hard, right? She looked between Eli and Magicia, waiting for one of them to figure shit out.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The tentacle retracts, and you can see the Council Room. There are 100 men and women standing there, with a tiny redheaded child at their fore. All have glowing golden veins lacing their skin. And as you watch, their bodies begin to distend, to morph, to shift, some becoming larger, some striking out with spikes, others becoming beings of pure fire.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ And now he was firing at the tentacles with fully charged shots, hoping that would at least do something.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer “Ugha!” He cries out as he is slammed around. Reigniting his Hydrogen blade, he slashes at the tentacle
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah glances around for any control panels..that would let AM or ANFE into the Council Room
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Oh look its the child…and now with spikes and flames. He’d load up another shot and get ready.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax She slouches against the wall. “Im gonna sit this one out, yeah?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The tiny redheaded child, Alysha Schönherr, steps forward, and as she does her small, waif like frame begins to grow, larger, and larger, until she dominates the entire building.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “Krieger believed that he was the power of Olde Watch.”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * slides down the wall next to Sam *
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “But the power of Olde Watch is the Senate.”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Okay, I’ll scout the building with some maids to look for ways to activate the AM flow ag- HOLY SHIT BEBE NOTZI GREW.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “AND I AM THE SENATE!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac yelps as he’s grabbed by a tentacle. “here we go agaaaaain!” he shouts as he stabs it with his dagger
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “What the hell is happening to them?” Moira was frightened by the sight of the people. Her golden hues focused on the child as she grew, widening soon after. What the actual hell…
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::gets there, and can see the golden veined people just as they change. For a moment they remind her of the Soulless, but she doesn’t remember, at all, those people being able to morph::
6/6/2019 0:00 Ziva Kolar *Her eyes widened. She felt helpless not being able to use her abilities. A gun, while useful, didn’t seem a match for any of this.*
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Dark tentacles lash from Alyshas body towards the group.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Get her to break open a section of the walls! that will let the AM in!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Raziel steps forward and cracks his knuckles. “Bad children should be punnished”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Moira is grabbed in a tentacle and tossed from the building.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Echo is slapped down by a giant dark void tentacle.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “D-do I shoot it?” Croc asks, not sure if that’d do anything but it was an idea as he had AM ready.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ As Anthem carefully made her way into the room, she ripped off the sleeve of her hazmat suit; her Gaian arm pulsating with a dim light as she stared Alysha down, even as she grew. She tried to blast the black tentacle with glowing green Gaian energy.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Another tentacle lashes around Raziel and pulls him forward into the child’s giant gaping mouth.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Scions gaian blast lashes through the tentacle holding Raz and he drops.
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids dash backwards, firing volley after volley at the Void Notzi and trying to make distance. “EAT DEPLETED URANIUM YOU PANCAKE-PHOBIC VOIDING BUTTHEAD!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah goes on the defensive, nearly thirty millennia of combat training coming to his aid as he ducks any tentacles and slashes them with his AM knife.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::another rib cracks and she gets a hairline crack in her left cheekbone as well this time when she hits the floor::
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “OKAY, MOVING NOW.” She rushes back out into the hallway, signalling some maids to spread out to seek any important looking venty stuff or panels that they can mess with. The rest can join the firing fun.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The senators rush forward past Alysha, crashing into the group, their bodies shifting and changing into more and more terrible creatures.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::cries out in pain::
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “echo!” Isaac shouts, running over to her
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ~Aelu the healing snake, inside the suit with her, delivers a little more painkiller~
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Soulless senators race after the maids, becoming birds, becoming snakes, that pull them down as they race off to investigate.
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Raz, using the momentum of the pull, charges the essence of deconstruction around his fist ad release a mighty punch into the girls face. His glove deatomizing as would anything else touched by his power
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ Some maids begin firing their railguns to open up windows, ventilation shafts, anything they can to try and get the horrid AM in the building. A few brave ones pull out their Gaian feather dusters to fight agaisnt the void horde!
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Ooooh, heeeeey, loook! A WORSE THING THAN WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED WHEN WE DID THIS THE WAY IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!” Gwen ran for cover and took shelter near some rubble.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc wanted to be very careful with the AM Rounds he did get, he got as much as he could carry but every shot had to count. Though to see a downed Echo he’d have to prioritize with eliminating the threat. He would tire at the Senator-Birbs to try to bring them down.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac helps echo up “are you ok?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Ack! When she’s grabbed, Moira dropped the gun. “ELI!!” After being tossed, the ginger haired female transformed in mid air and flew back to the group.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux (The lag is real. x.x)
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator A tentacle grabs Isaac and lifts him into the air, tossing him into a pile of senators that have transformed into raptors.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Go go go go go. Magicia hurries up with her search, hoping the beings doing catch up with her too. What does this thing do? How about that!?
6/6/2019 0:00 Ziva Kolar *Ziva fires at the strange monstrosities rushing at her. One gets close enough for her to almost touch, she side steps it but ends up slamming into a wall*
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem stepped into her martial arts now, the Child of Light fighting the void without mercy. Seeing what was going on with the consoles, Anthem tried to keep the heat off of them as she attacked the giant Alysha void monster.
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “OH FUUUUU” he shouts as he’s thrown
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator There are panels throughout the Senate building but they all require pass codes and DNA identification to activate.
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Ken fires his plasma cannons at the tendrils, attempting to free those caught by them
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel (Takes a shot)
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would spot a panel, heading back to see if he can find Krieger’s hand, or anything.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Alysha is blasted with Gaian energy and her body grows slightly smaller, but she lashes out in fury sending a dozen tentacles towards Anthems body.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Where are you…? Everywhere but I need at least something of you!”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * joins in with a dagger an sword slashing at any thing evil that came my way *
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Ken fires his plasma cannons at the tendrils, attempting to free those caught by them
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She stares dumbfoundedly at a panel, frowning. “… Open sesame, you piece of shit.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Before she can answer, Isaac is flung away from her. She still doesn’t realize these ARE the Soulless. Caught between enemies within and without, she looks for anybody’s dropped weapon. Surely NPCs have been killed by now.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator A shifting snake monster wraps around Blade trying to squeeze the life out of him.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator There are rifles everywhere, in the hands of fallen soldiers.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ziva Kolar *Pulling herself back to reality and yells to Mag* If you find a dead SOB, try using their blood or finger prints or hell, rip out an eye ball and use it!
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would somehow find his Gaian sword crashing through a window, then at an unspoken command it would fly off to attack various void beings. Elijah would then take off his hazmat suit and begin to glow with blue flames. Then he raises a hands and aims it towards the ceiling, a roaring blast of blue flame shoots skywards and blasts a hole in the ceiling. Then Elijah looks up hoping to see that green mist for once.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Kens blasts do a little damage, but he is quickly attacked by a being made entirely of fire that latches on to his body.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ The passcode may be a problem, but plug-and-chug might do the trick. “Think!” Croc would hiss to himself, picking up a few hands but seeing if the skin connected to what was once Krieger.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Oh right!” She rushes back to the streets outside to join Croc in his search.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * stabs the snake thing with a dagger as my ribs and lungs are crushed *
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Ziva is grabbed by a 20 foot tall Soulless that begins smashing her against the walls.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Gaia’s holy light radiating from her*
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem stops and closes up as a dozen voidy tentacles whip across her body violently, leaving her no where to go to dodge. But while being whipped she fight the creatures limbs right back! Gaoa
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Magi!” Croc would look back, passing her a few of the hands he collected. “Check these ones!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The snake thing takes some damage from Blade, but the dagger can’t kill it, this is the Void.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux After having shifted back, Moira watched Elijah’s blue flames shoot high and towards the ceiling. She looked out, hoping just like him to see the gas.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo She finds a rifle and also a knife and moves forward to slash at the snake-thing that is crushing Blade, again and again.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “If its Krieger’s hand I’m keeping it mind you! After we use it!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart afk
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator There are few officers among the dead, just soldiers and elites. Their body parts are readily available though.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * withdrawal the dagger and continually stabs and slashed the snake *
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ That’ll do, he would pick an Elite hand and pass it to Magi, as she still had adrenaline in her system. “GO!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo If it’s a snake, she’s looking for its head. If it’s a tentacle, she’s looking for its source.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ziva Kolar *Having been hit a few times, she falls unconscious and crumples to the ground once released*
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She takes the hand, no questions asked, and NYOOOOMS back to the nearest panel inside.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The thing crushing Eli has two heads, one on each side, both hiss at Echo as she fires.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer He fights the fire being. Switching to gravity based attacks and wind pressure strikes
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The Soulless attacking Ziva leaves her for dead and surges at Echo, the 20 foot tall beast trying to pound her into the ground.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Hang in there, heroes. And Gwen too I guess.” She smacks the hand onto the scanner, ready to crush it into goo if it doesn’t work.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would grab a few more hands to be sure…and did they have Sniper Rifle Am Ammo…?
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * drops the dagger as I begin to pass out and everything goes black *
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Continues punching the giant monster child. Releasng explosives within the creatures mouth
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator “Engaging defense protocols”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Eli scream in pain as he is being crushed, but then anger floods through him. Sapphire flames ignite all over his body, flames that have been used before to fight against the void, and a faint white light of gaia also shines within the flames. “I’m getting….really….fucking tired of you void fucks.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Having had a lot of experience with snakes, and having even once helped to fight a Hydra, she stabs one of the heads up through the bottom of the jaw through the top, then rips outward. She doesn’t want to cut the head OFF in case this is a Hydra-like beast.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Eat a bean, you worthless no good technology!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Blast doors slam down over every entrance that is left, separating the group.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Weapon turrets stick out from the walls, and a dozen blasters fire at Magicia.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ !!! Croc would be swift to get in before the doors closed, praying that the strange ammo he got were AM Sniper Rounds.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The snake around Eli is sliced open, even as the Giant smashes a fist into Echos side sending her flying.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax She lights up a smoke, using the fire being as a lighter. Seeing the doors shut, she takes a puff, puts it out and returns her helmet back on. “Why?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator A soulless bear grabs Croc the moment her rushes in and starts tearing at his chest.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Focusing his anger, Elijah stares into the eyes of one of the snakelike heads…and it begins to cook and burn from the inside out. Sapphire flames would burst from his mouth and eyes if his attack worked.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Oh shit. Magicia doesn’t have much options as far as protection. The maids that went with her are grabbed or cut off. Croc is cut off. She has.. NYOOMS? So she can only NYOOM and try to avoid the fire.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator A flock of soulless birds launch themselves at Sam and peck his eyes out.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ziva Kolar (well, guess I’m out, have fun)
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Blasters fire at Eli as he is dropped.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo She sees the thing coming toward her in peripheral vision and stumbles away, fumbling with the rifle. One of the snake’s heads has been destroyed.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Gun turrets target Echo as she is sent flying.
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids outside dive to protect Mistress! The ones inside continue in vain trying to fight back the void children.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “HRRRR!” That was unexpected, his vest being torn and the hidden armor damaged and shattered as he fires a few shots from his Rifle to get it off.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem moved in close to engage the giant Alysha, trying to keep close enough that the blasters wouldn’t fire at her. Things were getting from bad to worse.
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel She screams, clawing at the birds in pain as her eyes are removed
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Oh no…. Moira spun around, watching the blast doors slam down. Shit. She looked over to Eli. After he was dropped, she ran over to him while firing blasts of golden fire at anything she could. “Eli!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer (TAKES ANOTHER SHOT)
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer !!!!
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax She screams, clawing at the birds in pain as her eyes are removed
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Since she is *cut off* from the other maids, she hopes they can at least destroy the door with their maidliness! Otherwise she can only NYOOM for dear life.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * my entire head turns blue due to lack of oxygen and the blue color spreads to my hands and feet slowly*
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator And then…. A light suddenly shines down upon the group, and everyone who is injured feels those injuries easing a bit. The Soulless recoil from this light as a power beyond this world takes a hand in the battle. A power of Life power of Light a power of hope that suffuses the building.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Roaring in anger, Eli dodges as much of the blasters as he can once he is back on the floor, and flings spears of blue fire back at them. “I’m fine just keep yourself safe!” He yelled to Moira
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator There is a song, a song that all of you know in your hearts and souls but which you have never heard with your ears.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The Soulless recoil, screeching in fury.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Now she’s in real trouble. Because she’s moving through the air so quickly, the bullets only hit her in the lower body, but that’s damage enough. When she hits the ground, she murmurs a prayer to her Thanatos and Hades and falls unconscious, bleeding badly.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The light intensifies, until it is almost blinding, though you all can see.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem smiled, her arm starting to radiate in rhythm to this song.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ The song was some small comfort…unless it was a ruse to lull their guards, getting the bear off and now its bright AF!
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator And what you see is that light alighting upon the form of Elijah Dawnshard.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She is blinded by the light and smacks into a wall from blind NYOOMings.
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids begin tearing through the door as best they could… but then, a sound is heard that boosts their morale. “MAKE A HOLE! MAKE A HOLE!” The maids unglove and begin slashign at the door to rip through it with their horrid eldritch claws.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax She falls to the floor, screaming and holding onto her bleeding sockets
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator As this power hits Elijah, he begins to glow, and the grace and the essennce and the glory of Gaia descends upon him.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira stopped after Elijah yelled back. None of them were fine. But he had a point… She needed to focus on keeping herself safe. The intensifying light coming from her friend caused Moira to hold a hand over her eyes. “ELI!
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “*
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * is dropped to the floor with a lifeless like this then gasps for breath *
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The Void is expelled from Eli in an instant and all that is left is the will of Gaia, the power of her avatar, and the essence of a new born Child of the Light.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello ** thud**
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ But now Croc used his camo to hide for now, just to be safe in case this all goes south.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Because of the song, dreams of her great-great-grandmother Gaea float through her unconscious mind.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah lets the light and grace of Gaia into him, beginning to hum along to the song he is hearing. Glowing and mixing his flames with the bright light, Elijah feels the void taint in him gone, opening his eyes as they now glow with gaia’s light and his flames.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Song Unsung – The Vessel The maids manage to tear through the door and find their mistress with her face smushed in the wall from her collision.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The battle stalls now as the Soulless fall back from the new born Child of Light, some attempting to escape, clawing at the walls, tearing at windows now covered by blast doors.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem stood there with a bright smile on her face as she was washed in this warm light. It was familiar, it was welcome and comforting. He was like her now, and she took great comfort in that. She moved over to him, grinning now. “How does it feel, brother?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “YEAH! GLOWY LAVA TURKEY!” The maids all cry, though they are a bit woozy. Even THEY felt Magi nyoom into the wall.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * slowly sits up and the ribs heal then I get to my feet *
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would react quickly an with now mercy, from his outstretched hands..he bathed the inside of the Senate Council Room with his blue flames and gaia’s light. Every inch was touched by the cleansing flames and light. He would not spare anything of the void. He would let no Soulless escape.
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Watches and scans Eli as this happens
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia slowly peels herself off the wall, gripping her head and groaning. “Ugh.. did.. Anthem go all Scion again or something?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost no mercy*
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Lava Turkey…. What the hell… Moira glanced towards the maids and blinked. They really just called him a turkey. A lava turkey. Wow. Moira lowered her hand and watched Elijah, in awe.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * brings my attention to Elijah *
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ~Aelu, undamaged even by all of the sturm und drang, bites the side of Echo’s neck gently again. He can’t heal her, but he can speed healing somewhat. It would not be safe to give her any more painkiller, though~
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator the light erupts from Elijah’s hands, more powerful and beautiful than it is possible to even perceive. Every living creature can feel it, the warmth bathing you, the power infusing you with strength, even as dozens of the Soulless shifters are melted beneath it, their bodies simply vanishing.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Was as her eyes were restored, she saw the light and assumed she was dying. “Cool…” She laid down and passed out.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah also willed his flames and Gaia’s light to heal and mend wounds on whoever it touched. But his primary focus was on the soulless, every possible escape point. Elijah created barriers of blue flame and white light. This time…he would not fail.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Flames erupt as the bodies of the Soulless are consumed in that light. But for those not of Void, the power only brings cleansing, healing, strength and hope.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She stumbles back towards the chamber, feeling the strength help dull the ache in her head and the nausea. As she heads in she discovers it’s… Elijah? But… why?
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The walls themselves begin to glow as the power of this new born Child of Light suffuses the room, incinerating even more of the enemy.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Thank you…mother of life.” Elijah would whisper.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem would help Elijah in his conquest, a thick beam of concentrated Gaian energy to aide the purifying flames in washing away the Void. Still a smile on her face.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Alysha, now shrunken back to her child like form, rushes at Elijah, tentacles sprouting from her back, stabbing at the man, a scream of rage and fury on her lips.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax What? She wasnt dying? In fact, she was now a he! “Fuck yeah!” He smiles, turning to watch the Lava Turkey
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux In all the years she’d lived… Moira had never witnessed such a thing as this. Elijah was not the person she thought he was. But he was definitely cooler now, that’s for sure. She glanced towards Magicia and nodded. “Are you alright?”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Oh right maybe because he pledged himself to Gaia or whatever back in their own timeline. Who knows. Either way, he’s dealing with the Soulless a lot better than she was with that panel problem. So she can’t complain. Especially not with the warm tingly power boost.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I’m alright I just got my nose smushed a bit.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would weave a defensive aura of fire and light around himself, so that Alysha’s attacks would be either burnt away before striking home or simply deflected. Then Elijah would turn to face her…..could she be healed and cleansed of the void at this point? Or would it be more of a mercy to end her?
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The Song of Being playsloud in the hearts and souls of everyone, and a feeling of connection, not just to the world, but to each other, forms, palpable and strong.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::Gaea, the Greek form of Gaia, bestows her blessing on her great-great-granddaughter. Echo awakens, healing accelerated more – it will take a few days instead of a few weeks. She sits up, finding the pain is confined to serious injuries, the ones that need attention:: Could someone help me out of this suit? ::she quavers::
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::oh gods – it is Daloki’s Song of Being she is hearing. Tears spring to her eyes and fall::
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator The shield Elijah creates wavers, as the power of her full Void abilities crash into it. She tears through the light, a source of complete and utter darkness, clawing her way closer and closer to him. One of her tentacles even manages to pierce the barrier, stabbing at his chest.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator There is nothing of a child left, only savage animal cruelty, a need to destroy life, to destroy what Elijah had become.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Sam walks over and helps echo out. “Lets go, bright boy needs our help” he says. If only he knew how
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Ken throws an orb of burning Hydrogen at the Voidling in an attempt to assist Elijah
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira ran a hand through her hair after removing the ruined hazmat suit she still wore. There was no point in keeping it on anyway… She continued to watch Elijah. She wasn’t worried about him anymore.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * draws a dagger out and quickly walks towards Elijah *
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass is there but is just in and out with Kwazii. She gets out of her suit with Kwazii sitting next to her. She holds onto the harness after she puts away the suit she gets out of^
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ As if joining the chorus, the maids roar out triumphantly. The Head Maid stands beside their Mistress but… They wonder if they should assists Eli in this battle.
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel is still eaten as far as he knows
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Thank you, friend. ::she immediately starts treating her own bullet wounds. There is nothing she can do for Elijah::
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah…allows the tentacles to tear through his defenses….even as one punctures his chest. He would wince in pain, then he looked Alysha in the eyes. “I’m sorry I could not save you child.” There was actual remorse in his voice, and even tears in his eyes. Then Elijah with his remaining strength would raise both his hands at Alysha and then shoot blue fire and white gaian light at her in an attempt to mercifully end her.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem was stunned for a bit as she looked upon the Alysha that she knew, or thought she knew. The one she had extended kindess to, one that she had hoped to teach right from wrong and perhaps one day get her soul back. She wanted to help Eli, but the Scion found her affection for Aly kept her from moving for the moment; a single tear falling from her eye as she watched what unfolded before them.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * stops in my tracks *
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Although the tentacle likely has caused serious damage…Elijah is…using his last energy to cleanse Alysha.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Yeah, sam didnt know what he could do either, but still. He cheered him on “You got this, hot head! Now finish it!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::it is so not entertaining to extract bullets from one’s own body::
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator Ken’s hydrogen burns the Voidlings body and she hisses in greater rage, striking at Elijahs shield again and again, breaking through at points until that Gaian light hits her, full on. It washes over and through her and the darkness shatters and falls from her form. And for just a brief moment, there is an innocence in her eyes. That of a child. And then… she fades away. And the last of the Soulless is vanquished.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ A shame…the Soulless gone for good…but would it stick? Would time not rebound and reset somehow? Let’s hope not.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira gritted her teeth as she watched Elijah get injured again. Damn it, geezer. The younger Phoenix then looked around at all the others who’d found their way back. It looked like most of them were okay… That’s good.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Welp, that’s that.” She’s still half expecting the Watch to blow up and for a ship to crash towards Paracosm but hopefully that’s been circumvented by this.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would fall to his knees…not from the wound…but because of what he just much as he had been angry at Alysha….he did not take any pleasure from ending Alysha. The a choked sob escaped his mouth and tears ran down his face. “I’m sorry.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ So, if things were like this, does that mean he would no longer be the killer that caused this? Maybe…just maybe.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole Gwen crawled out of where she’d been hiding, dusting herself off, looking around carefully. “…Did we mess things up more?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira was quick to run to Eli’s side. She knelt down and immediately began to wrap her arms around him in attempt to hug him. “You did good, Eli….” She whispered to him. “You did good.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Sam walks over and gives Eli a hug “You did good, kid. You did real good.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “The only thing messed up is how little faith you have in all of this.” He rebuttals to Gwen.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ She walked over to Elijah and put a hand on his shoulder, trying to console her new brother of light. There was no other choice. She didn’t say anything though.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She couldn’t care less about ending Alysha. Here and now, before she can cause more harm to the world and herself, is best.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Only then does she realize her hood has fallen back and her face, terribly scarred on the left side, is open to view. But no one seems to be looking at her. She takes an instant to pull it back up and far forward.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass is being lead by her liger companion, watching in confusion with at the scene before her. Her wound slowly pushing out the bullet. She puts her head on her animal who puts his head on hers in a comforting manner^ Why is every thing sad? ^Kwazii just huffs before getting up and hobbling over to Echo. From Sass, he has heard stories about her healing. Maybe she might help him with an injured paw^
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator As Alysha falls, there is another shifting, a feeling of reality ripping. You see yourselves pulled apart once more, so that there are two separate versions of you, divided by a gulf of time. And then, you start to crash back into yourselves and as you do you can see the world changing, a new world being born. There are colonies across the solar system untroubled by war. There are soldiers who were dead now risen to return to their families. And there is a city, Civalo’ki, the city of Gaia and of Life, is no longer lying in ruins, but is reborn, whole, and shining, and at its center, the Tree of Life stands tall and strong, and casts a blessing upon the many lands of Hellifyno.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would chuckle and shake his head before standing and looking at Sam. “I think I am much older than you, but thanks…” He then turned to Anthem. “If I could have let her live…I would have.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “You did what you had to do, Eli.” As unfortunate as it was, that’s all that mattered.
6/6/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector “With sorrow in his heart, the Phoenix slayed the child of the Void, yet in doing so prevented her calamities in this timeline. A bittersweet victory.” Jadis mutters her writings out loud. Seems she’s writing in her journal again. She’s very helpful, isn’t she?
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax “Probably, but still” He rustles Eli’s hair before weird time bullshit happened.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen There is unspoken relief on Magicia’s part. In this way, she stopped Civalo’ki’s destruction from her misjudgements.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ How all of this time-slipping and space-warping was getting old, but it was great to see Civalo’ki standing strong once more. Though he did feel some incline to look out to the tree.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::wonders if crashing back into ourselves means we are healed::
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Head Maid watched silently. Watched the girl die, watched as the last vestige of the void’s influence was cast away… It seemed far too good to be true. “A child of light… forced to slay a child of the void… fate is whimsical.” The Maid pondered a moment… Watching as the world came back together. Once more the creature was… cynical. “But this. is only one threat. This niche in the ‘food chain’ will be filled soon enough, I’m sure. The maids and your peoples have returned, but we should all be ready… I suspect this vacuum in the order of the world will be filled with a new evil or… perhaps yet another returning foe…” The maid stood firm beside Magicia. The day may be won… but there guard refused to go down.
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The Child King Ar’Elis steps forward to place a hand on Elijah’s shoulder. “You did good,” Then he turns, and as he does a line, a string, of ethereal power appears shooting through the room. It twists and turns and then leads off into the distance. This line is still dark, tainted and throbbing with the curse and the desolation of its wounds. But those that saw it earlier will notice that sickness somewhat faded, and there are even some small spots where the translucent glowing light is shining through. “However, our work is not done. There are still wrongs to be righted, and there are still mistakes that must be fixed.”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Let’s not talk so soon, Fwuf. If the corruption in our time is what I think it is, we still need to go farther back.” Ar’Elis’ words affirm her worries.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax “Ever the realist” Sam shrugs at the maid, sheathing his weapons. “So, whats next?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::in case not, she treats the liger’s paw, but he’ll still limp for awhile – how long depends on what the injury was::
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Further back!?” Croc asks in shock, he only knew of a few conflicts but now he had a chance to play a role in ones not even HE was alive for!?
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux More shit to fix? What else were they going to have to do? What else would they have to go through? “Elijah…” Moira looked at the older Phoenix, a brow arched. “You’re a fucking badass.”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * sheaths my weapons and waits *
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “This still feels icky…” Gwen kicked a few rocks, shaking her head.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “I agree.” The Scion responded before the scene changed itself once more. Things were changing and changing for the better it seemed. Maybe they were healing the world? Maybe they were pulling it apart by the seams. She would of course recognize the tree, its blessing light restoring the energy she used fighting. But Anthem didn’t trust it, not yet she didn’t. Looking to the child king she nodded, assuming they were far from finished it seemed. Anthem would offer healing to Echo and anyone else who was still hurt with the power of Gaia.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Well, what major conflict happened before the space zombie watch bullshit?” She ponders, then raises a brow in concern. “Oh no.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Seems to be broken. If Echo could communicate with him, he would of told her that he needs something that’ll get him through. Of course, going along with the “in case not”^
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah sees Civalo’ki and he cries tears of joy…absolute joy. He then looked to The King. “I will gladly help and do what is needed.” He then looked to Moira and pulled her into a hug “Thanks kid, but lets not celebrate yet. We should see if people need healing. “With that Elijah would go and offer his healing to anyone who would accept it/needed it.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Song Unsung – The Vessel oH yEs TiCk tOcK
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Echo feels like the rocks Gwen is kicking are in her own head. Echo has set the bones and put the paw in a walking cast.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Mo returned the hug, then moved around from person to person to see who would need healing.
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Floated back next to Mags and crosses his arms again like nothing ever happened.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Sam just crouched down and dusted his hat
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole While Gwen was quite imaginative, she didn’t in fact imagine any rocks that she kicked with her feet, no matter what anyone else felt. She kicked the rocks. Kick-kick-kick. Might as well have a bit of fun while she suffered severe doubt.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax “Whelp, what are we waiting for? Seems as good day as any to die”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Having a moment to sit down, he would sigh upon looking to the city, before glancing at Anthem and going up to her. “Scion…I hope my actions of the today/tomorrow/past help to show my integrity.” He says simply, feeling as this rewritten history was slowly bringing glory back to the name of Croc.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Huh… she managed to do that last time realm without snapping at Croc for any reason, apart from him taking a shot that turned out to be non lethal anyway…
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Echo declines insta-healing. Just being near it makes her violently ill.
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis With that he raises a hand, and the line of twine and time that stretches through the room begins to consume everything. All of reality is shifted down to that one single point of infinite length and width, and a million visions of pasts and futures begin to crash into every one of you. You feel yourselves pulled, not in any specific direction, but through direction itself, as you vanish from this time and place and are wrenched through to another.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * sits / leans against a wall checking on my stitches * still intact * my voice low and raspy*
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “That goes to you too, Magi-” Welp, looks like things were moving once more, vanishing off to the next step in this story.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Woosh! There it was!
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Here we go again…
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello Let’s do it
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Kwazii gives Echo a lick of gratitude. Sass is still pretty confused as she waits on the bullet that’s not half way out. Kwazii carefully bites the tiny bullet and he quickly yanks it out. Sass yelps in pain as Kwazii spits it out. Sassy rubs her eyes with a frown at him^ Asshole! ^She huffs at him as the massive cream colored liger sits proudly^
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Maids simply went along for the ride once more… Now that their numbers were surging again, they could move to the next realm of time with more confidence.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah..believed he was redy for whatever they would face next..or at least he hoped
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Actions speak louder than words. I’ve seen what you’ve done.” She replied to Croc. With time falling apart around them it was sort of a moot point of why she didn’t like him. But for now she focused on what was coming next, a little more expecting of the visions as she prepared herself. Still it had her grab her head in pain.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Of course she’s along for the ride. But she has a bad feeling about what is next. Partially because last time, she wasn’t involved until the end of all things. How can she prevent the beginning?
6/6/2019 0:00 ThE MoP haiREd BoY You find yourselves in a field, filled with little mounds of earth, covered in freshly dug dirt. There is a small moP HaIrEd Boy sitting there, over one of these mounds the last of these mounds, and tears run down his face as he whispers. “The last of my friends. The last of my people…. My family.” The child like FaE then stands, a sense of determination in his eyes. \n\n“But not the last of the MidNight FaE. Not the last that will be heard from us.”\n\nHe starts to wave his hands, and a glowing, golden cloud rises from the earth. There is a malevolence to this mist, a hatred that seems to glow from its yellow shifting waves. One that has a very similar feel to that of the Soulless, with a color that matches the glowing golden veins that laced their original bodies. As he moves his hands more and more of this mist begins to rise, the cloud growing more dense, more powerful and more menacing.
6/6/2019 0:00 ThE MoP haiREd BoY “YOUR saCRiFiceS WILL nOT be iN vaiN”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Damn it, it’s the fairy kid.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “&#*@ing who?” Croc asks, clearly he was never part of this and was utterly confused. An enemy he didn’t know is feared one.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Whaaaa? They’re somewhere else entirely? She reaches out and carefully hugs Sassy, whom she has not seen in years.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah was not…sure what he was seeing here, he had heard things but was not present for this. “Out of the frying pan…and into the fire.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel “So we end this one and be done with it?” He asked Mags
6/6/2019 0:00 ThE MoP haiREd BoY The Glowing Golden Cloud of hatred and vengeance grows to the size of a boulder, and then a tree, it crackles with malevolent energy and wherever it touches, grass withers, trees decay and die.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass memories comes back to her along with that cloud of inky black taint. He wobbles a bit as he reforms into a man. He leans against Kwazii. She sighs as she hears the fae. The fire fae looks over to them with a frown. She blinks as she gets hug by Echo. She hugs back just as carefully^ I missed you too, Echo! We need to stop meeting like this and have some tea. ^She chuckles^
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Um.. I guess? I wasn’t really involved in this war so I don’t now what to do to stop it except.. believe in Hellifyno or something?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach Tearlach, awakened but still not the strongest he could be stroked his unbraided beard. “Eh, isn’t this… shit this is the cloud thing ain’t it?” There is our large crazy friend.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “No kidding.” Moira stated towards Elijah. She wasn’t pleased with the malevolence that came with the golden cloud… All that hatred.
6/6/2019 0:00 ThE MoP haiREd BoY “AlL of helLIfYNo SHaLLknOow The VENGEAnCE of the MIDNIghT COURt!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Oh! It seems that others have learned how to gather vengeance and wield it! Too bad he was more restrained. “”Fair enough, but WE will have OUR VENGEANCE\, not the other way around.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo She looks at the boy. She knows him, knows his name, knows his people. No – NO – the Fae can’t all be dead. Mab is dead, yes, but please not Oberon, not Titania, not the Lords and Ladies of the Summer and Winter Courts!
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * just sits and listens trying to figure things out *
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Um so just believe really hard and maybe he’ll not unleash the death fart?” She at least is honest enough in her cluelessness.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Being a golden Phoenix, Moira had always felt like such a color should radiate warmth. And goodness. But this… This was the complete opposite. And it made her feel slightly sick to her stomach. “There’s so much hatred and negativity…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “The Death Cloud…” The Head Maid growled, stepping in front of their Mistress.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “…” Croc would sigh as he draws up the AM Pistol he got while back there, taking a moment to figure out how to reload it. “Step back.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist It’s going to be okay, Echo. ^Sassy says to her^ Stay by me and Kwazii, and we will help you through it. ^She says in a reassuring tone as she looks back over to the FaE. She huffs^ I think we need iron, Uncle.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “I mean, if we kill him now it’s done ain’ it?”
6/6/2019 0:00 ThE MoP haiREd BoY The sky crackles with energy as the cloud continues to grow, and as it does, faces can almost be seen within it, howls of pain and dying screams can almost be heard coming from it. His people may have no souls, but they have an essence that can be used, and their death gives him a power of Void that is unmatched across the planet.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo She has no idea what has happened in the years she was gone. Have these people massacred the Fae? If so – if so she is with the boy!
6/6/2019 0:00 ThE MoP haiREd BoY Then he stops for a moment, and looks at the large crowd of people who have suddenly appeared in this field of graves.
6/6/2019 0:00 ThE MoP haiREd BoY “Oh shIT, Time TraVellERS.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Well….uh…..BLEEEED!” Croc didn’t have a fancy line for this situation, instead just taking a moment to aim the AM Pistol and fire a shot at the damned MoP haiREd BoY.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^The Uncle nods as he reaches into the harness bag on Kwazii to pull out an iron crowbar and some iron bullets. Sass has her fire so she can’t do a thing^
6/6/2019 0:00 ThE MoP haiREd BoY “YoU’Re HErE To sTOp me aRenT yoU?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach Tearlach had slight connection to the FaE due to Thistlemere. But the Void is his enemy.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Hopefully? I mean, that’s the idea? Um… so I believe and stuff.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “The fae dead?!” That is something that rocked Elijah to his core, he had known fae through the millennia and for them to be gone….Then he feels the void energy….”Always with the void..” He sighed then looked to Anthem
6/6/2019 0:00 Danger Ranger There was the crackling of thunder in the distance, which would go mostly unnoticed as there were more important things at hand. Danger was here within the group, as if she had been there the entire time. Her eyebrows would raise as the sky crackled and the cloud would grow. There was a a lot going on. Fashionably late as always, Danger.
6/6/2019 0:00 ThE MoP haiREd BoY “Fair enOUGh. I’M NoT Stupid EnoUGh To Go up AGAinSt people Who KnOw The future.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo She walks forward as far as she can, limping toward him. “You know me. We were not enemies, once. I never wanted to be an enemy of the Fae. Who killed Oberon and Titania? Who killed the Summer and Winter Courts?”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “We win, by the way.”
6/6/2019 0:00 ThE MoP haiREd BoY He let the cloud drop, the energy slowly dissipating into the ground from whence it came.
6/6/2019 0:00 ThE MoP haiREd BoY “Good Luck with whatever…. this is.”
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem stood there in shock and surprise, not having been involved in this situation either. She had heard of this FaE though. She had seen what the Cloud had done. Plus it would seem that everything was working itself out.
6/6/2019 0:00 ThE MoP haiREd BoY And then he leaves.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Head Without a Crown – The Vessel Tick… tock?
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Magica….stop antagonizing…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Please.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “…I thought that would be more satisfying.” Croc blinks, wondering what the fuck just happened.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Sorry.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira rubbed her forehead and sighed.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Head Without a Crown – The Vessel Um so that just happened.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Head Without a Crown – The Vessel Good job you did it?
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “That… was oddly quick.” He scratched his beard and looked to Elijah and Echo. “The FaE ain’t gone. Just his Court, he felt hurt… If Thistle would explain shit and stop bein a stubborn bitch, I’d know better.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ He raises his arms up in the air, despite the short stature. “Woo?”
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * chuckles *
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Is just confused
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * joins in with croc in a celebratory woo
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids blink a few times. “…GOOD JOB MISTWESS SHE DID GOOD SAVE THE WORLD AGAIN! WOOHOO! Midnight Court avenged, world saved, etc! Mistwess BESTWESS!” The maidlings were happy. Stupid, but happy.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Woo, we won fellas…” He turns to the group, sounding a bit unphased.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sassy: I’d say we take a Gaian blessed iron crow bar to his dace. ^She chuckles and the Uncle shakes his head^
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo She doesn’t understand that they are in the past. “It sounded to me that all the Fae *except* the Midnight Court were gone.”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She puffs up in pride at her maid’s praise. She did it. She saved the world. Well, kinda. Still more to be done.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Nah, just the Midnight Court.”
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Head Without a Crown – The Vessel No, no no… too easy. Not fun. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK LET’S GO.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Gah, you people bore!” Croc huffs from seeing only one join in on his celebration, however sarcastic it may have been.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo How? We didn’t destroy them – we vanquished them… what, eight years ago?
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis A wave of the hand and the dark line appears again, once more, slightly less corrupted, with more patches of the original translucent white light showing through. It seems strong now too and as it throbs with power it becomes the focal point of all existence. Everything condenses down into that single pixel point of reality and you are pulled, forcibly, through direction itself, sending you crashing through millions of visions of pasts and presents, people living and dying in their entirety before your very eyes until you smash back down… somewhere else.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “I mean, vanquishin usually means a head leaves the shoulders.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::is having a terrible time trying to go from action marks to quotes::
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ This time the visions he tried to pay attention to, but to no avail as he lands on his feet and gets another bar out from his Medi-Pack. “Anyone hungry?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would wince this time as the visions assail his mind. “I…a…this is not enjoyable.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids will be NPC’d by Magicia from here out while their writer drives home, then back to Best Buy to save their computer and maybe get a new monitor. Assume the little creatures cheer for their Mistress, protect her, and eat lots of yummy nutritious corpses.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::shrieks! What the Hells is happening?::
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo afk cat
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira rubbed her temples. Gods, she hated this.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * walks over to croc * I’m a little on the peckish side
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass grabs the harness of Kwazii as time stuff happens. The Uncle stays close to Sass as it does^
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Cheers.” He hands Blade a nicely wrapped chocolate energy bar, hoping that’ll sate as he takes a bite of his own.
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ When suddenly the party comes too, it’s the bright of day. Looking around they would come to notice that they are somewhere deep within the city of Ar’Elis. There is soft music in the air, along with the smell of festival food. There were more people than what usually populated the city, and they all seemed to be moving closer towards the middle of the city.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * takes a bite * much appreciated and yes cheers indeed
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia seems confused. “Wait, this isn’t the tour of Madooga Co… wait. Oh right, that guy I guess?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard A black Lizard pops up on Crocs shoulder
6/6/2019 0:00 Danger Ranger “I smell food…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Ah, how fitting to be hungry and have a festival right around the corner! “Looks like you won’t have to eat-” He sharply turns his head to the lizard, breaking a piece of his bar and offering a bite. “Hey there!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard It takes the bit of bar and chomps
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard munch
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard Munch
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard MUNCH
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Ar’ Ellis..once of the cities Elijah had wished to visit but did not have a chance to. “I..this city its……” He looks to Anthem.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “….” Croc would lean his head a bit away from it, also ready in case this scaly tries anything.
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * follows the group *
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira knew nothing about this city. She looked around for a moment, then to Elijah. “What is it?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard The Lizard flicks its tongue out at Croc and looks around
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ He figured it was safe enough, though not petting it he would follow the group and give another bite of the bar. “You look like a Jerry. HEY EVERYONE! MEET JERRY!” Croc calls to the group.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem looked around and held her head. This all seemed very familiar to her, a seeping feeling of deja-vu flooded her as she took in the area. “I-I think… I dunno. This feels weird.” She had memories in her head right now and no place for them. Though now that there was no immediate threat Anthem had a few moments to work it all out. “Let’s go see what this is all about.” Little did she know it was her doing to what this festival was. So she walked towards the gathering crowds to see what was going on. Though she felt like she already knew.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax just follows
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello * salutes the newly named lizard*
6/6/2019 0:00 Danger Ranger Danger followed the group, her eyes wandering around taking in the city. “Who’s Jerry?” She blinked
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel “You can’t name the lizard after a bartender…”
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel <<Said Magicia
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “I….i’m not sure…something just feels….” He followed after Anthem to the festival.
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard Flicks it tongue at everyone
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Who said I was referring to him? If anything it should be a HONOR to be named after him!” Croc defends, following the group as he takes a swig from a water canteen.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira blinked, then shook her head as she followed Elijah and Anthem.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “It’s a lizard, not a bartender.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard It hisses at Mags and spits a black tar like spittle at her
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Awww… it likes me.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Will you two quite your bantering! We have more important things than the name of a lizard to worry about.!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard it smelled like rotting flesh and burned like chemicals if it hit
6/6/2019 0:00 blade sabatello **afk dinner will return just assume my character is following **
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost quit*
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen It hits one of her guarding maids instead.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “I’m a Sniper, but a Croc.” He would quickly shut up from Elijah, but not for long. “Relax, some friendly chat helps morale! Does it not?”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen The Fwuf screeches and tears its burned cheek flesh off, eating it.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach Yet again, another event and city that Krieger was never really in. He looked around, and decided to follow those who might have an idea.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: I agree. Just shut up and focus on getting back to where we need to be…
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Way to sound like a parent, Elijah.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Look everything seems cool here so maybe Ar’Elis is giving us a quick snack break or something.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard Flicks it tongue at Uncle
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Philistines…” Croc huffs, wanting to show some humor to help spirits through all this confusing stuff. But he would continue to walk to the center of the city.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^The Lizard is rewarded one angry, hateful scowl from Uncle dearest^
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ To those new to the city of Ar’Elis, it was an ancient city of wonders and lore. This sprawling metropolis was one of the largest and most populated city in Hellifyno. It was a unique mixture of ancient ruins with large sky scrapers jutting up towards the heavens. There was a very fine mixture of both magical and technological as floating buildings hovered over sites of excavation. As they walked they see a dense population of both humans and non humans, all congregated over a grand spectacle. On a raised platform was a series of firebenders, dancing while controlling the flames in a show of pyrotechnics.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She admires her Madooga Co tower in the distance.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “I doubt it Magica…..there is a mistake we need to correct here….” He would look over his shoulder and raise his eyebrow at Moira. “Quite the adults are talking. “He winked playfully back to the younger phoenix.
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ There were in fact merchants heading through the crowd with cooked food and drinks on trays, serving the event.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira rolled her eyes. Did he really just say that to her? The ginger haired female stuck her tongue out at him, then grumbled to herself as she continued to walk.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Oooh! I need this! ^She hoards some food into a plastic baggy she had on hand and she collects IV bags of blood as well. She drains one dry as she does^
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach However, Tearlach felt there would be some explosions and the possibility of a Skull masked man.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Feh, you’re good Jerry.” He’d reassure to his lizard friend.
6/6/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector Jadis looks up from scribbling in her journal again, frowning. “A festival is a perfect place to start something. Lots of people gathered. Their guard down because they’re having a good time.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard The lizard made happy pats on crocs shoulder
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would keep his senses alert for anything that seemed off, all of them his eyes scanned the crowds and back alleys they passed, ears where listening for anything malicious and even his nose was sniffing out for anything that should not belong
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::having fainted from shock during the time travel, Echo awakens with absolutely no idea what is going on. Again::
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira thought this entire thing felt off. She had since it started. The younger Phoenix kept up with Elijah, looking around all the while.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ But to hear that there is a problem to correct, it did make him think that the lizard was planning a ploy….but there was no way to be sure yet.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel Tick tock….
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel The sound of the clock can be heard if one listens closely, assuring wary heroes that there is indeed still work to be done.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass and her troop stayed with Echo. Sassy whispers to Echo that they got a break^
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ ….No, it was a red herring, a mere lizard would be too obvious in his mind. Best to look around, he might not know what would look different but it’d be worth a try.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Where are we? ::whispers back::
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah froze when he heard the tick tock, then he whipped his head around..looking and listening for anything out of place.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “A cursed city, that’s where.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard The ticking and tocking made the Lizard uneasy. Its tail swishing on crocs shoulder.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sassy: I think they’ve said Ar’Ellis.
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Raziel simply nodded, keeping an eye on the Lizard
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Well it’s obviously Ar’Elis, my tower is here. But we aren’t far back in time for that crazy shit to go down, so it’s something else.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Strange…you can hear it too?” He asks to Jerry, gently petting its head. Guess all things must’ve heard this. “We should check the center, must be it.” he suggests, but glad to see Raz is keeping an eye in case it goes wrong.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem simply watched the display of fire happened, trying to remember what had happened the last time she was here. Because she was here before. The Scion walked off into the ground, trying to look for a semi quiet place. She was starting to remember people… Places that she’s never visited. Kaler! She was starting to remember Kaler again. But why? The memories being shoved into her head thanks to the constant time traveling.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Oh… ::looks around and up and down, and hears Magicia as well:: I don’t remember if I’ve been here. What… back in time?
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira squinted. More ticking… Fun.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Sam just follows behind everyone
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Prepares for a fight
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “What makes you so sure Magica?” Elijah would ask in a polite and curious tone, as he was not even aware of what the hell happened to Ar’Ellis in the past. He knew something bad had happened but not what.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo That’s right… Puck said we were time travellers… poor boy ::knowing the mop-haired boy is older even than Echo herself, but since he looks like a boy, he’s a boy::
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard The Lizard allows itself to be pat but still keeps its beedy little eyes out.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo I’m awfully confused.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::messes up Echo’s speech::
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Wait Anthem! Reckon the lizard is connected? Can you speak to animals somehow?” It sounded stupid, but it was worth an ask.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Because between that and the thing with the FaE, there was the whole thing where I became a Champion of Hellifyno. So this must be something that happened between that and the FaE.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: It’s okay… I’m always confused… ^She grins^
6/6/2019 0:00 Thor -opens a portal into time –
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: That’s because you’re a dumb bitch, Sassy.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sasuke*
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel The portal fails.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “The Cards?”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Cards?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::wonders if Aelu could speak to the lizard, then, startled:: What?
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard It gives a low and slow hiss at Raziel after locating him as well. It did not like the big guy apparently.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Nah nah, too silly.” Croc rejects the idea.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Jerry, sure we both don’t like dark beings but they’re not all that bad.” Croc informs to Jerry, not that he held malice to Raziel but he usually didn’t want to be in their way in the path of technology.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “The cards that summoned summoned folks out of time… Didn’t that happen… last battle was here wasn’t it?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Thor -walks in proving the theory wrong –
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard Eats Thor
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::politely, to Uncle:: I do not believe we have met. I am the healer Echo.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “If that was the last battle for whatever, then we’re too late probably. We need to stop things BEFORE they happen.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard Just in one bite
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard belches
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “….GOOD JERRY!” Croc praises, petting happily.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Or something that happened in the battle.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Or change the outcome of the battle….”
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ The song in the distance stop as the fireworks display came to an end, those bending the fire moving off the platform as everything became relatively quiet. As they discussed what time period it could possibly be, Anthem Kishimoto steps up on stage and starts to speak. Though this Anthem was dressed differently then the other one, she still had her human arm. “Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for coming to the Autumn Equinox festival. Those who are interested in participating in the sparing please come up to the stage and sign up here. Otherwise, enjoy the season of change.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard Enjoys the praise
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “More fighting…?” Fuuuuuunnnnnn.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Aye, this is when LeLouche shown up….”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: I know who you are, Echo. I see a lot of things. I’m simply known as Sasuke’s estranged Uncle. ^He says simply^ I do admire your healing power. I’m sorry you deal with such idiots.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “ANTHEM!” He calls out. “OI SCION BITCH!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “A spar? He would join but heard Tearlach speak. Instead he would go Camo’d and get ready around a corner just in case of a fight.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “OH THAT GUY!” She slams her fist into her open palm, getting a little light bulb above her head.
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard Is now just a floating Lizard
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “LeLouche?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Yeep.” Gwen was there, tagging along, looking freaked out. She’d recognized this pretty fast, of course. And she wasn’t happy. “I know I’ve said it before… but I’m mega not okay with this…” She was literally here somewhere.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “…Right.” He’d quickly put his had over the lizard to hide it as well.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I remember now! .. I stayed out of this conflict for my own interest!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel He squints at the Lizard again, “Who is this, LeLouche?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “You never did improve did you Magi?” Croc teases. “Even THIS far back?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Yer shit gonna be broken by a fookin card!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::since there is no chaos happening, Echo goes around vaccinating people, including Elijah, against anti-magic. The ONLY thing the vaccine does is to prevent AM from turning them into goo::
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::they will still lose all magical powers::
6/6/2019 0:00 Danger Ranger Danger honestly had no clue what was going on. This time period must have been while she was off in the mountains.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Thank you Echo.”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… He offered to leave my island alone as long as I was cooperative, so I just waited for things to sort themselves out.” She shrugged. No regret.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem who had tried to walk away watched herself speak on stage, then everything hit her at once. What she had forgotten once, returned back to her as she remembered what had happened here. Everything they did. She heard her name be called by Tearlach, and decided she was going to go do something and quietly sneaked away.
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard Doesnt like needles and squirms
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “He’s gonna make ya his bitch! ANd he’s gonna go about and make ya blow up Thistlemere!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira gave a nod to Echo, grateful for her vaccination. “Always ready, huh?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “And still as brazen as I know…” He compliments in turn to her shamelessness.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Ow. This is her second injection today.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::non-human creatures will turn into their closest earth-animal counterparts. Centaurs into horses. Firebirds into eagles or pigeons or bird of their choice. Vampires into humans::
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Kwazii needs no vaccines and Uncle declines for very obvious reasons. Sass blink as she walks along with Kwazii. Although, she stays for a booster^ Nyah! ^She says^
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Takes the needle and grunts
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole Gwen huffed and crossed her arms. “This doesn’t NEED fixing. I fixed it the right way before…” Grumble grumble.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Then I kick yer ass! And call out the fwufs for a swarm! I know how to break the cards!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::humans do not need vaccines::
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would deny the needle, without magic he did not require it.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Don’t need fixin? Have ya seen me arm?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::she asks first!::
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::but humans with psychic powers will lose those powers::
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Before Anthem could get off stage, she looked out to who was yelling at her from the crowd. The voice was familiar but she couldn’t hear him from there; so she went off stage and allowed those who previously took place in the festival to do it again once more. Curious to who was yelling what at her, the Scion manevoured her way through the crowd until she reached the party of time travelers. “Oi! What?!” She yelled back at Tearlach
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “So who am I aiming at?” Croc asks, wanting to know who’s head he needed to take here, before pausing to give Jerry a slice of salami along with having a bite of his own.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She accepts the vaccine, though, since turning to goop is not in her interest, and she has been meaning to get her shots.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax Is injected
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::and inhaling the gas causes skin to become more or less green::
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “I’m just going over the whole ‘You don’t time travel to fix things’ again, man.” She rolled her eyes. “In-case no one was around to remember, I was the one that cut down the emperor and freed Anthem? So… yeah. This feels like stealing away all my hard work just so, that, like… I dunno. It feels… wrong.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::depending how much gas::
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach Tearlach goes un, yelling and screaming shit, literally telling the whole story. Of the lab, of the fights and wars, of Chey being tormented and hurt, of the destruction and control of several cities.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::hooray for Echo’s bottomless healer’s bag::
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Oh good job, Scion, time for another potential paradox.” Well the last potential problems didn’t cause everyone to fade from existence, so she sits back and waits.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Don’t be a daft bitch! Get people out of here!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah was not overly sure what the actual fuck to do..
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Sassy… maybe we should get out of here ::listening to Tearlach::
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira is very quiet. And confused. She moved a hand over to poke Eli’s shoulder. “Poke.” Ahem.
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard Yes, destroy the timelines! This PLEASES the Lizard. It makes excited scuttling over to crocs other shoulder and then to his head.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “No one came asking to time travel so that I…” Sniffle. She’d had to do so much to get this done the right way the first time. And it was just… all about to go away. And sure, maybe she’d remember what she’d done before, but how would it change everything? Would it be for the better? She’d pushed herself in so many ways to save her friend. And now that friend would never need saving.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Except… where do we go? I don’t know what he’s talking about.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “We are ‘fixin’ the timeline… Meanin what happened shouldn’t have.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah looks over his shoulder at Moira. “Yes?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Meanin this wasn’t supposed to go the way it did.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Yeah. We should listen to someone who knows better. I don’t know where, however. ^She looks to Tear^ Uhm! Hello! Where do we go!?
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “.Heywhatareyoudoing?” He asks to Jerry as he keeps the hat on him/her, if he needed to disperse the crowd he had an idea of just firing a shot and seeing everyone scurry.
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Past Anthem waves at Gwen. Then she listened carefully at what Tearlach was saying, raising an eyebrow at his words. “How could you possibly know any of this?!” She looked around to the party here, out on stage the usual sort of Hellifyno throwing elements and powers at each other for the sport of it.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Okay so… yeet the LeLouche off a cliff?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “Nothin’.” Moira shrugged. “How are you feeling after that uh…. crazy light show you put on earlier?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Did I have a wood arm the last time ya saw me? Did I look this much older?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “So you’re saying I’m a mistake. Thanks, Dad.” Gwen wasn’t about to cry at all. She totally wasn’t. She was just going to walk off around a corner and totally not wipe her eyes a bit.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Better…a lot better than before.” He said before looking to Anthem and Tearlach.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::stares at Tearlach, utterly confused:: (Are there people from both past and present here? People of Ar’Elis who might know people from Ar’Elis?)
6/6/2019 0:00 Sarnai Her intention was to go to the inn, away from the caves, but, as she opened the door to the red sun inn, it.. wasn’t the inn. It was else where. It looked completely different. Sarnai, covered head to toe in black leather and fabric; the scarf up around de face covering her features, was taken aback. Wide blue glowing eyes looked around. She wanted to say, wrong room, but, this was the right place. She didn’t leave the island. How the hell did she end up here? The door was closed now behind her, and she looked around frantically as people yelled and screamed about fixin this and running from that paradox. She was silent, standing near the door, confused, and a bit frightened. There was a lot of people here. And a lot of confused people. “I-Ah.. uhm…” Sarnai was almost certain she should leave and crawl back up under the rock she crawled out from.
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard Oh what a beloved sight. The tension building in the air, the rising violent intent! The sadness! The desperation! How it did feed the lizard! It flicks its tongue out. Tasting the air, savoring what was to come. It lets out a loud noise of excitement! Shoot! SHOOT!
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “Really? That’s good.” Moira nodded. “I’m glad you’re feeling better. You had me worried for a little while.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “I..may have had some void nastyness inside me…when I touched minds with Krieger…attempting to get him to see what would happen if he launched that missle”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “…” Seeing the lizard was having the right idea, Croc would clear his throat and change his voice for a moment. “Ahem…G̸͚̻̜̤E̶̟͙ͅͅTÌ·Ì Ì­ÌœÌ° ̝̝̪̲͎O̸͙Ù͖T̫̲͕̻ ÌµÌ»Ì Ì³Ì¥Ì²WÌ«H̶̳̰͍͔I͏̬LE ̼̜̣̫̗͚ͅY͇̭̣̥̯̙͡O̺͙̪̬̞̗̻U̞̱̭̲̗̖̥ Í Ì­Ì£ÍˆÍ™ÌœÌ¤Í–S̨̳̻̝̗͎̹̟T̶̘͎I̶̳̺̤̳̲L̹L͇̲̜̰̤̹͢ ̲̗͔CÍ–Ì¯Ì Í‰A͘Ṇ̡͙͔̼” He’d fire a shot upwards, still in camo as to be hidden among the fear and get people moving.
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Actually…….” He looked to the lizard, then closing his eyes he reached out his mind towards the lizards.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Why didn’t you say so? I could have just lobbed your head off and fixed the proble-” She doesn’t get to finish her sarcasm, as it seems the new approach is causing a mass panic. Great.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “Explains the bad feeling I had.” Moira replied before looking back towards the Lizard.
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ She sighed and gestured for the those who were talking to walk away from the fighting and whooping of the crowd, off towards a little street where Anthem could better listen to what was being told to her. She couldn’t believe what was being told to her, then wondered if maybe she was being…Suddenly there was a a gun shot as the scene turned into complete madness.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::looks at Croc:: Where should we go?
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Don’t say I didnae warn ya.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ People started to run back and forth and away from where they though the shot was.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Fear was motivation, hopefully that will move them out and away. Not like the foe would try to swoop in when everything was already scattered. “It ain’t easy, but at least they are moving.” He informed, not guilty about taking the rough choices.
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Tick tock.
6/6/2019 0:00 Narrator is the clock’s ticking growing faster?
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost There was that damn ticking again….he hoped he was making the right thing
6/6/2019 0:00 Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost afk
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard -And who are you, prey, to touch minds with the likes of me- The lizard’s thoughts were spoken in a very low and grumbly British accent. As if Alan Rickman were being possessed by the spirit of emperor palpatine
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Ah, THERE’S the Croc moment. Causing a panic instead of keeping things calm and unsuspecting.” She sneers at the sniper.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::realizes Croc was yelling to the people they were looking at, not at the group she is in::
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira rubbed her ears. Damn ticking…
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “What I do is for the better, don’t act like YOU are any better!” Croc growls to Magicia.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I’m just saying, calm evacuations don’t cause stampedes….”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: Shut up, Croc, or I’ll make you into a purse. ^The man growls^
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “Do you guys really have to start arguing /right now/?” Moira looked between Croc and Magicia.
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard The Lizard sneers at Elijah
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “It’s what we do best!” She snickers.
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ All of the innocent people who just wanted to attend the Scion’s festival were now running for cover. But not the contestants of the fighting tournament. They looked around, both normally and magically to find the source of the gunshot. Anthem quickly looked around at the chaos, her festival falling apart. “So if you know so much where is the last class card?” She asked Tearlach.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “If you have beef, settle it AFTER we fix everything.” Guess the Vengeful and the Queen still had to iron out the details of their friendship. “Besides, nobody got hurt. I call that success.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “It’s here, in Ar’Elis, it becomes this fook named Ledouche or whatever. He takes yer other cards, and summons them. Turns ya to a drone.”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Yeah, count that as a blessing.” She’ll keep bickering with him until something she can actually help out with happens. Otherwise she’s dead weight in this time realm, since she has zero involvement experience.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sarnai Sarnai looked back and forth, confused, a trickle of sweat running down the side of her face under the black scarf. She tried to figure out, by following the conversation, of what was happening. A card? All this insanity for a card? She still stood as a sentry, still with the exception of her head and eyes moving.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira let out a heavy sigh and rubbed her forehead.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Cards. Cards? I remember almost being killed by playing cards, a long time ago. Razor edged playing cards. Raelin and I.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Believe me, I’m more than happy about it. Only if that was the solution…” At least it would get innocents out of the way.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “If it’s a card, can’t we just rip it in half before it causes problems?” She really doesn’t know at this point.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “I ripped the saber one, but then they made me it, then thistle fixed that? I donae know.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard The Lizard only remembered one being with cards. A being that used Tarrot cards to summon and fight against it. It squints. No, not it, what it was at the time.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc figured the shot was forgotten for now, breaking his camo and freeing Jerry from his hat.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “We need to use this thing called Avenger, on the moon to stop it.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Luckily, the pink little lass gots that one.”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Oh…. can I go eat some festival food while you guys handle it?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ “Here? How cou-” She was suddenly cut off by a feeling that rocked through the entire planet. Every single person would feel it, like a sudden migraine that came and went really quickly. Soon, this sickening pulse would find itself around the world. The entire day sky turned a blood red.
6/6/2019 0:00 Venica Noriceia Fighting her way to where her High Chief was she hunkered down ready to guard his flank if need be. The shield maiden clad in armor her sword and axe ready to be put to use. The color of his hall marked across her face in war paint./d
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole Gwen came back from where she’d been totally not crying, still sniffling. “Yeah. You guys don’t even know what’s happening, but you still wanna meddle…” Sniffle. “Sorry I didn’t do good enough doing this the real way, so you guys HAD to come back and, like, totally replace me…”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Oh, scratch that. Looks like shit’s finally going down.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “I was there ta deal with it too if ya don’t remember, Gwen.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Go on, but at least bring me back-” The migraine was sudden, but growled and hisses to mentally ward it off, for once. “FUCK!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “I mean, shit.” He corrects his foul language, nice save.
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard YAS! FREEDOM! It leaps to Mags and falls flat on the floor because pain
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach He seemed irate. And pointed at her with his hand of living wood. “I fought and bought ya all time, and then during the last battle was made into a livin fuckin card!”
6/6/2019 0:00 Ken Kämpfer Ken grabs his head, flailing like a powerranger. “What… whats going on?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “YEAH. But WHO killed the Emperor?! I DID! I DID THIS THE RIGHT WAY THE FIRST MOTHERFUCKING TIME–hic!” Hiccups. Totally not from crying. “Whatever…” SNIFFLE. “Go be better heroes and whatever.,. I’ll sit here and watch you guys fix my not being good enough.”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen A maid near Magicia explodes in reaction to Croc’s lewd word.
6/6/2019 0:00 Dark God Raziel Life was pain. He was used to it.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux “…” What the hell was happening?
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “…Sorry!” He’d apologize to Magi, not trying to do that.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Then use yer damn Avenger shit! Or whatever the fook it was called!” He did seem even more irate. “Yer shit isn’t bein replaced, but it gives ya a chance to make it right!”
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Aww… come here, Bartender.” She scoops up the lizard and cradles it in her hands, frowning at the loss of another maid.
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ “Gwen what are you talking about? I need your help!” Anthem exclaimed as she felt it. “You guys… Were right. The card is here. In Ar’Elis. That’s definitely not good.” Luckily most of the people were already gone. Even those who were ready to spar didn’t want to deal with this. “We got to go. I got to go…” This Anthem had her team to go meet up with. Past Chey, Gwen, they would be looking for her to see what they were going to do next.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sam Cairfax His eye twitches “Fuck, that hurts”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Yeah, no. Jerry stays with me.” Puppy-guarding the lizard, he keeps it on his head.
6/6/2019 0:00 Venica Noriceia She listened and watched, her sword held ready, the heavy axe on her back, her shield held in her other hand, watching as some seem to fall into some kind of pain trance. Magic perhaps. She thanked the All Father for her protection and waited for the attack to began./d
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Time traveling Anthem made a whistling noise then lobbed a rock at Croc, trying to pull him away from the group.
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard It flails on the floor before being scooped up by Croc and scuttling back into his hat.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel “Hey, he wanted to be with me.” She pouts, rubbing her head and grimacing from the headache.
6/6/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel <<Said Magicia
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::one more pain slams her, but at least it leaves quickly. Aelu’s medicine, and Gaea’s gift, have dulled the pain of her injuries, but she still feels bullet wounds, cracked ribs, fractured cheekbone (which has turned the scarred side of her face into one huge bruise with unhealed scars sticking out, but at least that’s invisible inside her hood) and a torn thigh muscle::
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Wha-?” Move away from the group? He figured that if the Scion was trying to direct him, it had to be worth it. He would slowly move away, acting like he was checking his mask.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::unless they got healed during time travel and nobody told her::
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::oh wait nevermind that::
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Ugh…loose wire…” He’d set Jerry down and put a hand up into his mask to try and fix it whilst being worn.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “You have my help! Just go find her, she’ll always help you! She’ll help you when you can’t help yourself. But I’m… I’m not your Gwen.” It hurt a little to see this Anthem, knowing what was going to happen. But there wasn’t anything she could do. She just couldn’t.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo One thing I envy about vampires ::to Sassy:: is their ability to self-heal. The only thing, I guess.
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard The Lizard looked at Anthem and gave a low warning his towards the scion. Slowly backing up and into Croc
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Well, I could always give you some of my blood but I don’t think that’s gonna end well for you.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem wasn’t trying to crash into her past self, something told her that was pretty dangerous and she’d rather not risk it. So she’d bring Croc far enough to say. “So I got a plan… Or something of a plan. Just. Go let that Anthem go do her thing. Tell the others.” She stated to the Purity with a nod.
6/6/2019 0:00 Moira Crux Moira is very confused.
6/6/2019 0:00 Angsty Lizard -Goes NPC mode-
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia also slips away from the group… to go grab one of those delicious looking funnel cakes. No wait, make that two. She remembers what Croc asked.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::chuckles, wincing:: I am sure you are right about THAT.
6/6/2019 0:00 Venica Noriceia Considers putting a few out of their, well her misery but knows her High Chief would not approve so remains vigilant in her protection, her jaw set ready to fight.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Right right…” He nods in agreement, if there were two Crocs he would be as far as possible in order to ensure nothing bad happens…like if those two teamed up, what would Hellifyno do? Either way he would move back to the group. “Guys, let that Anthem do what she must, don’t interfere.” He orders.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Careful Venica, don’t know how much time will change…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::if they are not far from the food, Echo eats the most healthy thing she can find::
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^She chuckles softly^ Just stick with us and I’ll make sure you’re okay. I wish I could help better.
6/6/2019 0:00 Venica Noriceia She nodded looking to him and around. She did not trust things magic and such make her uneasy at best. Keeping close she tensed waiting.
6/6/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector Jadis also slips away to steal some food. Why not?
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::she hears Croc and decides instantly that she will be HAPPY to let Anthem do what she must without interfering. She wonders which one Anthem is:: Sassy, do you know which one is the Anthem that man is talking about?
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Oh, his name is Croc.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: He’s the one who likes wrecking plans.
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Anthem looked at Gwen with a confused look. The concept of time travel always confused the warrior and she would never be involved with it if she could help it. But there was no more time to waste. But now she knew the same of the Spirit before seeing him, and she knew that he’d try to take her over. Foreknowledge was a dangerous thing. “Before I go, tell me how we defeat him…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Be nice!
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Croc, good. And which is Anthem?
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach He sighed and looked to Gwen. “Listen lass, I know it seems bad, takin away yer deeds. But we have no world to go back to if we don’t do this.” He tried to be calm. But Tearlach and calm were not normal bedmates. “We are gonna fix our world and get our home back… We need ta.” He put a hand on her shoulder. “Listen, if we don’t fix this, we ain’t got nothin but Thyme, and lots more folks will die, and things will get desperate… and I know how dangerous it gets.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass points out to Anthem^ That’s Anthem. She’s really nice.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ He’d point to the one in hidden, then out to the other one.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::to Uncle:: I have a half-brother like that. He is a pest.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Thank you ::to Sass::
6/6/2019 0:00 Venica Noriceia Getting impatient she grumbled. “are we to battle or talk?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: I know someone else who is like that but then, I was asked to. ^He sighs as he looks at Sass with disgust. Sass folds her ears back at her Uncle^
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: You’re welcome.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “Fer now, we talk, Venica… We can’t risk killin ourselves now, can we?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::purses her lips to stifle a chuckle::
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “I’ve already died for someone before, I am not entitled to do so again.” Croc huffs, glad to be thinking it through.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ The Child of Light watched the scene carefully, willing her past self away so she can approach her group. It was difficult considering her extra sensory abilities, but luckily her past self was completely distracted with what was happening.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo I like that one ::indicating Tearlach:: I am all for not getting ourselves killed.
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Pssh, you love me.” She mumbles with a mouth full of food at Croc’s comments.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole Gwen sat down on the ground and didn’t even try to hide some of the tears now. “You don’t KNOW that, dude! You… You’re too… You haven’t seen FUCKING Back to the Future, so don’t tell me… Don’t tell me.” She shrugged away from him and just shook her head at Past Anthem. “I’m sorry, but you… You need to talk to your Gwen, not me.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Venica Noriceia -grumbles and settles back, she was ready to draw blood not serve tea. But what Tear was the High Chief of her hall and thus what he said went even if she didn’t like it.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “The fuck is back to the future?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^The Uncle sighs as he rolls his eyes at her. Sass leans into Echo and whispers^ He’s grumpy…
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::considers tearing the coating off some fried chicken, then indulges. At least it is protein::
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ He would suddenly grunt and hold his mouth, almost puking in his own mouth from Magi. “Nah…not my type…” He had to take a few deep breaths in.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::whispers back:: I noticed.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Then he was chuckling helplessly from his acting.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo (LOL)
6/6/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Whatever, the past is the past. Er, present? Future? …. It happened, he can’t deny it.
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “It is a movie about time travel, goddammit! And it tells you that you don’t mess with time! You all are being suckered into the easy answer! There IS no easy answer into fixing things! All this… emphasis! On PAST mistakes! And now we’re just in the past making MORE mistakes! That… That’s… UGH… Fuckit. Leave me alone…” She put her head down now. They wouldn’t understand her. They couldn’t. They just were too… too… something.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “The fuck… is a movie…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole “Leave me alone…”
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Anthem sighed, and couldn’t believe that this Gwen right in front of her wasn’t helping her save potentially tons of people. “Fine.” Was all that she said as she bended a ball of air beneath her feet as it brought her across the now empty street to where she’d meet with her Gwen, and Chey, and even Elyss as they prepared to storm the gates.
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Tick tock.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::calls to Tearlach:: A vid.
6/6/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Tick tock.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::using the modern-day term::
6/6/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “If we were living in a fictional universe then maybe you would have a point.” To Gwen. “But this is reality and that’s not how it works.”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Too corrupt, I’ll just answer with that.” Croc adds, might as well give SOME answer….but would then begin to laugh a lot louder.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “A vid?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sassy whispers to Echo^ I don’t think he knows tech…
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo ::blinks:: Does he never go into the Tavern? There are vid screens there.
6/6/2019 0:00 Tearlach “That’s what them moving pictures are?”
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: That’s because the guy is a thick head barbarian who only uses his head to bash through wall… ^He grumbles as he takes a beer^
6/6/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: I don’t know, actually.
6/6/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Glad to hear this is still reality.” As sarcastic as Croc sounded, he was being sincere.
6/6/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem soon came up after her copy had left the area far enough. “Holy shit. That was freaky…” She admitted, looking around to everyone. “Ladies. Gentlemen. I think… I have a plan.” She looked around to everyone, trying to get a head count.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo Yes! ::to Tearlach:: many are fictional. “Back to the Future” is one such, a story in moving pictures.
6/6/2019 0:00 Echo It is about time travel.
06/06/19, 10:00 PM Tearlach He just blinked. “Aye, I think I’m gettin yer meanin.”
06/06/19, 10:00 PM Gwen Poole “Dude…” Gwen looked at Ar’Elis, and just… squinted at him. “I literally got here… and the world ended. And there was a roll credits moment. Like in a MOVIE.”
06/06/19, 10:00 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah comes back in some hellifynioan way
06/06/19, 10:00 PM Moira Crux Moira peered at Eli, eyebrows furrowed.
06/06/19, 10:00 PM Echo What IS that ticking?
06/06/19, 10:00 PM Venica Noriceia Having gone for a mead she stood drinking it down as she waited listening to the chatter about her. At least the mead was decent, not as good as theirs, maybe she should have got a turkey leg while she was there./d
06/06/19, 10:00 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: Hopefully, a pipebomb…
06/06/19, 10:00 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “So what’s the plan then?” Croc goes to the Scion that he knew, drawing a circle in the dirt with his Rifle.
06/06/19, 10:00 PM High King Ar’Elis “If you believe you are fictional then write yourself a better story.”
06/06/19, 10:01 PM Tearlach “So, what be the plan, scion?”
06/06/19, 10:01 PM Echo I never heard of a ticking pipe bomb.
06/06/19, 10:01 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Did we solve what we need to solve here!” He then looked around for that little lizard as he was not done talking to it yet
06/06/19, 10:01 PM Moira Crux “I have no idea. I’m… pretty lost.”
06/06/19, 10:01 PM Narrator Tick tock… tick tock… tick tock.. tick tock.. tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
06/06/19, 10:02 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Yea….uh no, we still have a problem.” Croc rolls his eyes.
06/06/19, 10:02 PM Gwen Poole “I’m not fictional! You guys aren’t fictional. But fuckin’…. If movies have credits, and this place has credits, then you’re telling me that what happens in any number works of fiction totally isn’t gonna happen here, even if it works the same way regardless of the fictionality?” She was red in the face… or pink in the face, really. “IF I wrote a BETTER story, you know what I wouldn’t have in the story? TIME TRAVEL!”
06/06/19, 10:02 PM Echo ::is getting nervous as the ticking speeds up and looks around to see if there is any cover::
06/06/19, 10:02 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sassy: I knew of a pipebomb that ticked… It was fun! ^She giggles as she clears her throat^
06/06/19, 10:02 PM Sarnai Sarnai’s eye twitched. The ticking was annoying. The people yelling was annoying. “…Why the fuck did I leave the caves…” she grumbled to herself, pinching the bridge of her nose with her thumb and forefinger.
06/06/19, 10:02 PM Gwen Poole “I’d prefer an actual post apocalypse that we learn to adapt to and maybe even salvage to… to… ROBBING ourselves of personal experiences!”
06/06/19, 10:02 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah glances around, not knowing what to do or even look for really but he’s trying
06/06/19, 10:03 PM Elyss Sieghart “A movie? What’s a movie?” There is suddenly Elyss right beside Gwen in all her redhead goodness. Well, if a cranky looking pale woman in a black jacket with two scimitars on her back looked good. Maybe to some. Maybe not to others. Who cares. She’s just there because of some craziness that doesn’t need too much explaining on this crazy world. She eyes Gwen before looking around remembering the area a bit. Actually, Gwen sounds a bit pissed off, and this is a first for the blonde to have such a red face. “Oye. Gwen. Ya seem quite angry. What is going on here?”
06/06/19, 10:03 PM Venica Noriceia “Tear do you hear the sound, or can you over this annoying creatures protests?”
06/06/19, 10:03 PM Echo ::she pulls Sassy with her and limps closer to Tearlach:: Sir, do you know what is ticking? Where should we go?
06/06/19, 10:03 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “The situation is this.” She looked around to those who weren’t apart of her events from before. Gwen would notice probably around now that Anthem knew things she didn’t know 24 hours ago. “Magical items known as Class Cards are able to summon legends across space and time and manifest them as powerful as their legends make them seem.” She took a breath. “There were 7 of them and this is the night of the last one. Which is located there.” She pointed towards the Crystal Tower.
06/06/19, 10:03 PM Venica Noriceia She had noted the others concern over it and grew uneasy herself.
06/06/19, 10:03 PM Tearlach “Lass! Stop drinkin’ whatever ye got in yer mug… and listen. If yer real, then that makes us real, donea not?” He raised a brow to her. “I hear the tick tock, aye…”
06/06/19, 10:03 PM Moira Crux Moira let out a small yawn, then looked at Anthem curiously.
06/06/19, 10:03 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass helps as much as she could. Kwazii and Uncle follows right behind the two^
06/06/19, 10:03 PM Tearlach “So, go in the tower, break the card, piss on the dick bag?”
06/06/19, 10:03 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Pipebomb? Beh! Try a sticky bomb!” Nasty bombs, stick to anything and destroy whatever it left standing. But he was back to the Scion. “So? Just go in the tower and get it. I bet I can fit into a crack.”
06/06/19, 10:04 PM High King Ar’Elis He simply smiles with serenity at Gwen, shaking his head. Poor thing. Then he looks at Anthem. “I know a secret entrance we can use.”
06/06/19, 10:04 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Everyone with me so far?” She looked around the group. “Yes. Snap the card, end his week long reign 7 days early.”
06/06/19, 10:04 PM Echo ::she turns to listen to Anthem:: If we are in the past… what legend will it summon?
06/06/19, 10:04 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah nodded at what anthem said.” Got it.”
06/06/19, 10:04 PM Echo You must already know.
06/06/19, 10:04 PM Tearlach “What happens to this then?” He points to his wooden hand.
06/06/19, 10:05 PM Moira Crux “Yeah..” Moira nodded to Anthem.
06/06/19, 10:05 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) With a sudden thud nearby, Zoey would fall out of a random ass wormhole. Face first, along with a series of swears and words far to crude to type. She rolls onto her back, planting her palm onto her forehead. “Not again..” She mutters.
06/06/19, 10:05 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia had kinda zoned out while nomming on the festival food. “Huh? Where we going? .. No don’t tell me just lead the way, I’ll follow.”
06/06/19, 10:05 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Or I can just snipe it.” Croc suggests. “Just point me to it, if it needs to be physically broken.”
06/06/19, 10:05 PM Gwen Poole “We’re real, and time travel is gonna really mess stuff up, and we’re all gonna die, and then it won’t even matter that I was right…” Gwen kinda looked at Anthem with a bit of disappointment before standing. “Anthem… listen. I… I know that this was tough for you? It was tough for me. But… this happened. It happened. Everything else happened, too. We… we’re better because it did. What if we’re worse because it doesn’t?”
06/06/19, 10:06 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem showed that her own Gaian arm was still there. If the tree was never destroyed then she shouldn’t have even been there but she was. “It’s hard telling, but I don’t think it’ll effect us now. Moving backwards.” She nodded towards Ar’Elis then regarded Gwen. “But what if it was a mistake?”
06/06/19, 10:06 PM Venica Noriceia Finishing her mug of mead she tossed it down and wiped her mouth with the back of her arm, her sword and shield ready once more.
06/06/19, 10:06 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “What if this wasn’t supposed to happen like this? “
06/06/19, 10:06 PM Echo ::Echo has eaten cherry pie and apple pie for fruit. Neither one is anywhere near as good as her own::
06/06/19, 10:06 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would then glance over to Magi. “Did you remember it?”
06/06/19, 10:06 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: I’m starting to get a strong feeling of sad…
06/06/19, 10:06 PM Tearlach “Lass, yer really not gettin it, the rules ain’t what ya thinkin they are.” He sipped his flask. “If things weren’t supposed to be this way, why not fix it? We have nothin to go back to as it is… so if it ends bad, it’ll end bad anyway.”
06/06/19, 10:06 PM Echo ::frowns as her question is not answered::
06/06/19, 10:06 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ To Echo. “The spirit was a man known as Lelouch Vi Britiannia. The Demon Emperor..”
06/06/19, 10:07 PM Elyss Sieghart “Wait… What? The fuck. Are we… in the past?” She rubs her head. “But if we screw over events before they happen, then, what the hell is going to happen with the future?” She looks at Gwen, then, to Anthem, then, to everyone else. What did she just get herself in to. “Then, why did things happen the way they happened if they weren’t suppose to?” She mutters to herself. “Jeez. Let’s hope we don’t just create an alternate reality that makes things worse or something.”
06/06/19, 10:07 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She passes Croc a funnel cake. “You mean this?”
06/06/19, 10:07 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She pushes herself into a seated position, then looks to the rest. “Wha..” She looks around, her psychic energy flaring up. “Where the fuck am I?” She looks to the rest again. She spots Magicia, that barbarian dude, the girl with the pink hair, and.. everyone else she has no clue who’s who. She’s never been this confused in her life.
06/06/19, 10:07 PM Echo Thank you. ::not of Earth then, which gives her no advantage of knowledge::
06/06/19, 10:08 PM Gwen Poole “There’s, like, really lame comic books they put out where I’m frome, literally called ‘What Ifs’ that no one at all cares about.” She put a hand on Anthem’s arm. “And do you know why they’re lame and no one cares? Because they don’t matter. You can’t dwell on this stuff and blame it for everything, or else you… you just fuck up more.”
06/06/19, 10:08 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass spies funnel cake and she snatches it up as quick as she could. She begins to nom on it^ Ooh, fresh!
06/06/19, 10:08 PM Tearlach “So what happened where the what if?”
06/06/19, 10:08 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: Quit stuffing your face. You’re fat enough as it is. ^He huffs^
06/06/19, 10:09 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “….Yeah….” Croc grins, accepting the funnel cake and having a bite right through the mask absorbing the food through it/
06/06/19, 10:09 PM Tearlach “So what if what we did before where the what if? And what if what we make is the real thing?”
06/06/19, 10:09 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Oh hey, Zoey. Um. World ended. We’re time traveling to fix it.” She gives the condensed version to try to catch Zoey up.
06/06/19, 10:09 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ He’d allow Sassy to take her share, but dare not to allow her to take it all.
06/06/19, 10:09 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She blinks. World ended. She’s the only one here. She eyes Magicia closely. “Tell me your joking.” Her voice it spoken carefully, and slowly.
06/06/19, 10:10 PM High King Ar’Elis “The Crystal palace is a combination of the magic of the True Web and the magic of Twine. Because of that there is a portal stone located directly beneath the building. If we can get to that, we’ll be able to get in without anyone knowing.”
06/06/19, 10:10 PM Gwen Poole “That’s not how that works, though. Alternate time lines are limited issues only, and we’ve been on-going! AND… we’re not in a comic book.” She just sighed and shrugged. “Like I said… if you guys wanna go about messing with stuff… FINE. Go for it. But I’m not helping do more than make sure you guys at least live to see if its a mistake or not.”
06/06/19, 10:10 PM Echo ::diffidently:: Should we not be going to get the card before it can be invoked?
06/06/19, 10:10 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She snickers, then frowns, remembering her brief period within that palace…
06/06/19, 10:10 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Well the way I see it is that everything we did the ‘natural’ way caused all the islands to sink. So I’m going to try this another way.” She replied to Gwen. The pink one had some insight, but without seeing the movies she had Anthem only had her judgement to go by. So she stated to everyone. “If Gwen and Elyss remember correctly. We took some time gearing up before we tried to claim the card.”
06/06/19, 10:11 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Lets move in during that time.”
06/06/19, 10:11 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Ah good, portals.” Croc nods, at least it was better than breaking in and causing damage to the past.
06/06/19, 10:11 PM Elyss Sieghart She sighs. “Well, as if it’ll even matter Gwen. We change the past, fix the future, something else will just come and mess up the future we made, and we’ll be doing it all over again, yeah?” She walks up to Gwen and pats her shoulder. “But, if this is how we fix things now, we’ll just have to worry about the consequences later like all things. I mean, at least this way, we’ll have a future to see get screwed up again and again, this is the way of Hellifyno.”
06/06/19, 10:11 PM Elyss Sieghart thus*
06/06/19, 10:12 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She shoves her hands- Sorry, hand- into her jacket pocket.. Sucks missing the left arm.. (Especially when the writer forgets that Zoey’s missing it..) Her eyes move to the ground as she contemplates a few things for a moment. Her wife and kid are dead. Vietnow is gone. All she can think of is, ‘Who do I need to kill for doing this bullshit?’
06/06/19, 10:12 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “No matter what we do…things are going to be changed..”
06/06/19, 10:12 PM Elyss Sieghart “And yeah, I guess we took some time to prep before going up to get our ass handed to us.” She remembers a little too well about how horrible the fight with Lelouch went.
06/06/19, 10:13 PM Moira Crux “For the better, I hope..”
06/06/19, 10:13 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She turns on her heel and eyes the rest. “What’s the deal with the cards? I mean, how do we get rid of ’em?”
06/06/19, 10:13 PM Elyss Sieghart “I’m sure anything is better than extinction, yeah?” She throws a glance to Moira.
06/06/19, 10:13 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Well, it looks that you’ll have the numbers this time.” Croc assures to Elyss, though seeing that it was prep time he would take the time to slip off his backpack and start making more explosive rounds..and have a bite of funnel cake every now and then.
06/06/19, 10:14 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She just grumbles, following the lead of the group, annoyed that they haven’t already gotten started on fixing this problem yet. And that Gwen is still being a dangly tagnut in this asshole of a mess.
06/06/19, 10:14 PM Echo ::on the other hand, tampering with the past is not, she thought, to be done lightly. She would like to ask many more questions, such as what the outcome of the situation was originally, but with the ticking speeding up, doesn’t feel she should interrupt the leaders::
06/06/19, 10:14 PM Gwen Poole “You guys kinda have a really ineffective troubleshooting method, is all I’m saying…” She just grumbled that, and folded her arms.
06/06/19, 10:14 PM High King Ar’Elis “How would you know how it works? Should we trust your movie or someone who has literally done this before and remembers multiple cycles of the wheel of existence?” Ar’elis loses his calm demeanor for a moment, and then sighs. “I apologize. You are probably just suffering from time dysmorphia. I understand that this is hard, and confusing. But there is no universe to return to. It ended before we ever took the Twine’s of Thyme and traveled back. It’s this or oblivion. Anyways, we have an error to correct, and a timeline to set right.” And with that he sets out to lead the group down to the portal stone of the Crystal Palace.
06/06/19, 10:14 PM Elyss Sieghart “Numbers? Lelouch cold create infinite armies with his powers. Numbers doesn’t really matter.” She looks to Croc this time shrugging. “We needed an army just to actually beat him.” She pats Gwen’s shoulder some more.
06/06/19, 10:15 PM Tearlach “The Godking of the world pretty much said we’re fixin things… So I’m gonna listen to what the infinite force of power tells me.”
06/06/19, 10:15 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Guys. For this to work. We’re going to have to be quick, quiet, and stealthy. Now we have to get underneath the castle, so let’s tunnel our way in?” She tried to get everyone who was going to go to start heading towards the portal stone with Ar’Elis.
06/06/19, 10:15 PM [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel TickTockTickTock the clock is still counting down, you know….
06/06/19, 10:15 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would follow after Anthem and Ar’Elis
06/06/19, 10:15 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “And yet, back where I’m from it took 6 men to stop an army….and we didn’t have magic…” Croc smirks, being one of those six.
06/06/19, 10:15 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir was on his way to the Inn to meet an old friend of his to see about getting his weapons cleaned.. Upon opening the Inn door, the 8 foot tall wolfman was suddenly portaled to what looks like a fairground. Instantly, his senses were assaulted by the aroma of funnel cake, corndogs and carnival music..* “What in the fuck? Ooh- Funnel cakes!” *He howls in delight, wanders over and eats several of the tasty treats, then licking the powdered sugar off his paws, he looks around for people to see what the hell is going on.*
06/06/19, 10:15 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia would also go with Ar’Elis. She doesn’t like the king that much, but he seems to understand these things.
06/06/19, 10:15 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ But he would follow the Scion, double-checking his camo to make sure it works.
06/06/19, 10:15 PM Moira Crux Moira followed after Elijah, awfully quiet now.
06/06/19, 10:16 PM Tearlach He nodded “Aye, lets go to it…. Do I need to summon the Fwufs again?”
06/06/19, 10:16 PM Echo ::her mouth drops open. “There is no universe to return to”? She will ask no more questions if she can hold them in. She turns to Sass:: Did you hear that? ‘No universe to return to’?
06/06/19, 10:16 PM Elyss Sieghart “Too bad this isn’t there.” She chuckles and starts following Anthem rolling her shoulders. “A normal army loses resources. This one doesn’t. And, he did have the power of other class cards at his disposal, so this is probably going to be way easier.”
06/06/19, 10:16 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She simply stands there, listening to everyone and waiting for something she can do. Her psychic energy slowly flows around her, slightly distorting the air surrounding her.
06/06/19, 10:17 PM Lelouch Vi Britannia ~[StoryDM]~ There was another pulse of sickening energy, softer than the first but it was still present. It served as a reminder that the Emperor of Hellifyno will once again, for the first time, roam the lands.
06/06/19, 10:17 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen The maids twitch and growl like eager raptors wishing to rush into a hunt.
06/06/19, 10:17 PM High King Ar’Elis “We saw the universe end. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.”
06/06/19, 10:18 PM The Raven Child “The hell with it. I guess I’ll be here too. Duty, yeah?”
06/06/19, 10:18 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Oh. That. She recognizes that energy. She turns and faces the direction it comes from, her energy spiking up a small bit, but not much. “Well, looks like we might have our first goal.”
06/06/19, 10:18 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Guys we need to hurry or we’ll run out of time to fix what needs to be fixed. MOVE.”
06/06/19, 10:18 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would hurry his footsteps, saving his cloak’s charge for now. “Queen’s right, get going!”
06/06/19, 10:18 PM Tearlach “Movin!” He picked up a couple of people and made his way towards the Tower.
06/06/19, 10:19 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Okay, Echo. Let’s go.
06/06/19, 10:19 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She sighs, following Magicia. She raises her right arm to rub at her left shoulder. She’s really starting to miss that damn arm..
06/06/19, 10:20 PM Venica Noriceia Staying behind Tear she crouched low, her sword at the ready her steps muted by the soft leather of her boots. Shadowing him she watched for any incoming dangers.
06/06/19, 10:20 PM Elyss Sieghart Elyss stuck to the back of the group feeling major dejavu and having minor mental terrors remembering how horrible everything went here: Anthem turning evil, people getting hurt, the emotional turmoil. Jeez. But, if they change this, she won’t have such memories anymore, will she? Ah… Messing with time is weird.
06/06/19, 10:20 PM Angsty Lizard The Lizard didnt know what was going on but hissed regardless
06/06/19, 10:20 PM Echo ::Echo has kept the knife she got in the earlier battle, but discarded the rifle as being too clumsy a weapon for her. At the fastest pace she can manage, she joins the crowd as it surges forward. She has rewrapped the bandage around her thigh to give it more support, so can walk better than before, though she would not be able to run::
06/06/19, 10:20 PM High King Ar’Elis After a few minutes the child king stops at a point in the road that has nothing remarkable about it. He raises his hand, and the earth suddenly flies up, flinging into a cloud of dust and falling dirt that reveals a stone pathway down, into the ground.
06/06/19, 10:20 PM High King Ar’Elis Without comment he starts making his way down the stone tunnel.
06/06/19, 10:21 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass and her troop keeps with Echo since she’s injured. Not really wanting to leave her side. Also, Sassy missed her so they need to hang out^
06/06/19, 10:21 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “…Right.” He’d follow close behind the High King down into the stone tunnel. Naturally his night vision would flick on and the left Udjat Eye would glow a brighter green.
06/06/19, 10:21 PM Lelouch Vi Britannia ~[StoryDM]~ In the distance, a large battle ensued as Anthem and her team tried to stop the Ruler before he could fully lay siege to the world.
06/06/19, 10:22 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia just saunters into the tunnel, singing obnoxiously. “SECRET TUNNEL! SECRET TUNNEEEEEEEL! TO THE CASTLE! SECRET SECRET SECRET SECRET TUNNEEEEEL!”
06/06/19, 10:22 PM The Raven Child “What a joy.”
06/06/19, 10:22 PM Echo ::Echo is warmly happy to have Sassy with her. They are good friends who have been separated a long time, plus Echo does not really know anyone else here::
06/06/19, 10:22 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Ah…good show…but IT WAS SO DAMN LOUD IN HERE!
06/06/19, 10:22 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem knew what they had to do. She remembered it all. The Geass casted on her made her move regardless of what she thought, but she remembered the whole thing. But because of that she got a good look at what Lelouch’s set up was, and where his card was. Wordless she followed the child king. Even though she didn’t meet him before, everyone one of her past lives trusted him. So she’d follow his thread if it meant saving the planet.
06/06/19, 10:22 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah follows behind the High King closely. Illuminating the way with his flames and gaian light.
06/06/19, 10:22 PM Narrator The tunnel you head down is narrow, so only one person can traverse it at a time, but it is also short, shorter than distance should allow to make it all the way to the center of the Crystal Palace, but within a few minutes you are standing before a luminous multifaceted gem, a crystal of many shifting hues that glows and pulses with powerful magics.
06/06/19, 10:23 PM Desmond Foles And.. Here he is, appearing next to Zoey and following casually. He rolls his eyes to Magicia’s singing.. “So.. Missing arm and being the one to follow others still, sister?” A coy smile on his face..
06/06/19, 10:23 PM Sam Cairfax Was also back and mindlessly following Croc
06/06/19, 10:23 PM Elyss Sieghart “Already?” She sighs. “That was fast. Guess we didn’t actually do that much preparation.” She goes into the tunnel after everyone sighing. “Man. This is probably going to suck hard.”
06/06/19, 10:23 PM Angsty Lizard LEAPS at the crystal
06/06/19, 10:24 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would almost lunge after the lizard, but resists and stays where he is. “What are you-!”
06/06/19, 10:24 PM Venica Noriceia Cannot see the full crystal but can see the light flicking off the walls around them. “this does not bode well..”
06/06/19, 10:24 PM High King Ar’Elis Ar’Elis approaches the gem, bowing his head and speaking a few words in an ancient language, as if in communion with the stone. “This is it, prepare yourselves. This will take us to a random point within the Palace, and I can’t control where that will be. We may end up in a room full of armed soldiers, or we may end up in the privy. It’s impossible to tell.”
06/06/19, 10:24 PM Echo Sass, may I walk behind your liger and lean on his hindquarters? Downhill is more difficult.
06/06/19, 10:24 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She eyes him, not that surprised. Once the tunnel opens she steps to the side, grabbing her brother and pulling him along with her. “So.. Time gets fucked and you come back? Nice job, honestly, perfect timing.”
06/06/19, 10:24 PM Venica Noriceia -prays for the armed soldiers-
06/06/19, 10:24 PM Echo ::they are near the tail end of the queue::
06/06/19, 10:24 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would grab the lizard with telekinesis. “Oh no you dont.”
06/06/19, 10:24 PM High King Ar’Elis And then he places his hand on the stone, and everyone vanishes.
06/06/19, 10:25 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir sprints silently after the group, his paws making no sound upon the ground as he closed on his quarry*
06/06/19, 10:25 PM Desmond Foles He raises an eyebrow. “Well.. Yeah.” His voice is casual as hell, as he’d only been revived for the thousandth time now.
06/06/19, 10:25 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Hope its the privy….” Croc was for once, tired of shooting as he wanted a few hours to just rest. Guess it’ll come later. Charging Rifle just in case.
06/06/19, 10:25 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She sighs.. “What ever. Follow Mags and them.” She continues her walking.
06/06/19, 10:25 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Go ahead. He’s well trained. ^Kwazii pads as best he could up ahead to where Echo is, ready for her help. His harness has something for her to latch onto. He’s a good 6 feet on all fours. He’s just massive, nothing magical at all^
06/06/19, 10:25 PM [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel “I hope it’s the throne room. I miss it.”
06/06/19, 10:25 PM Desmond Foles “Yes ma’am..” He mutters..
06/06/19, 10:25 PM [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel <<Said Magicia
06/06/19, 10:26 PM The Raven Child “I’m expecting war.” The Raven Child tilted his helmeted head, its eye-slits blazing violet. “What’s a few soldiers?”
06/06/19, 10:26 PM Echo ::has no time to prepare herself since they all just vanished::
06/06/19, 10:26 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah glanced around as everyone vanished…what was happening now?
06/06/19, 10:27 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: I have a strong feeling this has happened before…
06/06/19, 10:27 PM Lelouch Vi Britannia ~[StoryDM]~ The ground above you shakes violently as bombs and machine gun fire filled the world above them. At this point the Ruler had been summoned, but his special ability ‘Noble Privilege’ hadn’t yet solidified his hold against the magical Tower. Once teleported by the King, the party would actually find themselves in a small room next to the main chamber. Lelouch was heading over towards the front door to see with his own eyes who closed on the barrier, holding tightly on his staff and completely unaware of the intruders in the room next over.
06/06/19, 10:28 PM Venica Noriceia Feeling the vibrations under her feet she nudged Tear. ” Boomsticks..”
06/06/19, 10:28 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ While vanishing off, he would think for a moment: What if- Ohnoafightisgoingon! Croc was in a corner, aiming and being ready for when the door was opened up.
06/06/19, 10:28 PM Echo ::staggers as the ground changes from downhill to level, like expecting another stair when there is none. In a small room, they are somewhat crowded together, she would think::
06/06/19, 10:28 PM Desmond Foles Desmond being Desmond, steps forth and smiles. “Ah! Lelouch- I was dead when you came up!”
06/06/19, 10:28 PM Elyss Sieghart And whoosh! Teleported to someplace else. How fun to have your stomach just flip on ya randomly. “Oh. I feel like puking after that.” She grumbles rubbing her belly and hearing explosions and such outside. Ah yeah. She’s out there giving a good fight. Feels weird to know yourself is doing something else that may not even matter soon.
06/06/19, 10:28 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Once they had made it into the the castle, Anthem would whisper to the group. “The card is in the staff…”
06/06/19, 10:29 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Aw, this isn’t the throne room! I want a reroll!” Grumpy Madoog crosses her arms over her chest and pouts.
06/06/19, 10:29 PM Gwen Poole Hearing everything going on, Gwen was sticking far back from everything, breathing heavily. She didn’t like this. It was one thing to live through a major failure once, but twice? And then having to think about how that might change… everything? It made her feel sick. She was literally turning a shade of green. “I’m gonna hurl. Fuck…” She stopped and stooped over, breathing in and out slowly. “I… haven’t… thrown up from nerves… since jr. high. Thanks, time travel.”
06/06/19, 10:29 PM Echo ::grabs Kwazii’s harness to steady herself::
06/06/19, 10:29 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah then found himself in another room room with the others and then…well shit
06/06/19, 10:29 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Aiming for the staff…” Croc announces, being sure a fully-charged shot would break through the staff and destroy the card in one go.
06/06/19, 10:29 PM Angsty Lizard Poofing from the teleportation, the Lizard is once more on crocs shoulder. It hisses, a red energy field surrounding the two. A benevolent god protecting its peon
06/06/19, 10:30 PM Echo ::sincerely hopes the door to the room is closed so Desmond was unable to do that::
06/06/19, 10:30 PM The Raven Child “Oh, boy. My money’s on ‘everyone jumps for the staff at once and clusterfuck ensues’. Expecting threefold returns if I’m right.”
06/06/19, 10:30 PM Moira Crux Moira is very confused and just… Blah. Writer is tired af but doesn’t wanna leave.
06/06/19, 10:30 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I’ll bet the same, Reaver.”
06/06/19, 10:30 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “…There you are Jerry…” Croc grins, petting Jerry’s head for the moment of silence.
06/06/19, 10:30 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Kwazii is right next to Echo, ready to help her. He goes at her pace as he’s injured himself. He does the best he can with it and helping Echo. Sass pulls out a treat for Kwazii and goes ahead a bit to feed it to him. He takes the treat as he goes. The Uncle is behind the group, just letting things happen^
06/06/19, 10:30 PM Lelouch Vi Britannia ~[StoryDM]~ Luckily Desmond was pulled back before the door was opened. Leaving them still with the advantage of surprise.
06/06/19, 10:30 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah eyed the little lizard on Croc’s shoulder warrily but his eyes return to where he could sense LeLouche
06/06/19, 10:30 PM Echo ::will not jump for the staff, so the Raven Child won’t win::
06/06/19, 10:31 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ She remembered how close he had it the entire time she was under his control. The source of his Noble Privilege. “Alright, on 3 we rush for the staff. He’s got soliders fighting for him so there might be some in there too…”
06/06/19, 10:31 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Zoey sighs.. “okay…” She whispers to the rest.. “I reach out and grab the staff with some good ol’ fashioned telekinesis, and.. You guys do..?”
06/06/19, 10:31 PM Elyss Sieghart Jeez. Gwen doesn’t look good. Uh… “Gwen? Just breath.” She whispers patting the youngster on the back. “Everything will be okay. I’m sure this will all end well. Just have some faith, alright? We’ve fucked up things before and it’s worked out. This… will probably be the same.”
06/06/19, 10:31 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “We are rushing?…Alright.”
06/06/19, 10:31 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “RUSH B! RUSH B- Sorry…”
06/06/19, 10:31 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She just tucks behind a pillar, not eager to give herself away so soon. Aw, this palace brings back so many memories. Most of them awful. She missed it.
06/06/19, 10:31 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “On the count of three…”
06/06/19, 10:31 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “One…”
06/06/19, 10:31 PM Venica Noriceia Sword and shield ready she waited for the word..
06/06/19, 10:31 PM Echo ::to Kwazii:: I thank you… ::looks to Sassy for his name::
06/06/19, 10:31 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Two…”
06/06/19, 10:31 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah prepared himself, he could be a pretty fast runner when needed but….they were fighting a very..powerful guy..
06/06/19, 10:32 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) “Guys- Wait I can just grab it with telekinesis we don’t need to rush.”
06/06/19, 10:32 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Gets teleported again.. He snarls and unholsters a pistol on left paw, summons lightning in the other paw as he looks suspiciously around, The huge wolfman howls and sprints with the rest of the group*
06/06/19, 10:32 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Three!” She pulled opened the door and let everyone out.
06/06/19, 10:32 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: His name is Kwazii. He’s a good kitty.
06/06/19, 10:32 PM Desmond Foles “Yeah.. This isn’t going to end well..” He says, smirking..
06/06/19, 10:32 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Fully charged and ready in the righthand corner of the room, he would hold his fire until the staff was in sight.
06/06/19, 10:32 PM Echo ::they are the back so won’t block anyone who does want to rush into the next room::
06/06/19, 10:32 PM Angsty Lizard The Lizard REEEEEEEEEE’S really loudly! A bolt o red lightning firing at the staff to vaporize it.
06/06/19, 10:32 PM Angsty Lizard When the staff was in sight
06/06/19, 10:32 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Zoey sighs, teleporting directly to Lelouch and using some good ol’ fashioned telekinesis to rip the staff from him, holding out her one and only hand out to catch it.
06/06/19, 10:32 PM Gwen Poole “I… am… not… good…. at faith… in times of crisis…” She shook a little, her knees knocking. “I usually just wing it… but… I’m too afraid… I don’t… I–… I already failed once. I can’t let myself… I won’t. I’m… I’m not even gonna try. Not so I can fail again.”
06/06/19, 10:32 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah bolted like an arrow shot from a bow towards LeLouche and his staff. Reaching the male in seconds and he grabs the staff.
06/06/19, 10:33 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Of course, this is later in the timeline after she retrieved a heart shard from the palace, so… why linger in sentimentalism? She pops out, summoning a wall of Living Nightmare energy to surround Lelouche in hopes to trap him.
06/06/19, 10:33 PM The Raven Child The twelve-foot tall knight turns to look at Magicia, a bit of surprise registering in the deep voice that comes through his helmet’s grille. “Didn’t see you there, Magicia. Hi.” He gives her a little wave that looks totally out of place coming from his massive frame, and then draws his Kyrios pistol and aims for Lelouch’s head. Pragmatism.
06/06/19, 10:33 PM Venica Noriceia -rushes in her sword swinging taking off a hand here a ear, there, stabbing and swinging with accuracy to do the most damage, she wades into the thick of things!”
06/06/19, 10:33 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: I’m not sure if rushing is a good idea but, sure, go right ahead and kill yourself…
06/06/19, 10:33 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Guess Jerry had it in the bag, instead he would carry his shot and instead fire center mass at Lelouch in an attempt to keep him down. He didn’t know id he was meant to be alive or not.
06/06/19, 10:33 PM Echo … Kwazii. ::she scratches that place on his jaw where all cats LOVE to be scratched, while most of the others careen into the next room:: Sassy, if you want to join the Charge of the Light Brigade, I will not stop you.
06/06/19, 10:34 PM The Raven Child “Forward, the Light Brigade…”
06/06/19, 10:34 PM Moira Crux Writer shoves Moira on NPC mode for now.
06/06/19, 10:34 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^He does murr as he gets a good scratching. Just as good as treats. Sass shakes her head^ Rather be in the back with you and Kwazii, honestly. I think my Uncle has the right idea.
06/06/19, 10:35 PM Desmond Foles Desmond just simply crosses his arms and leans into the nearest pillar, watching Zoey.. She seems to be hiding her own power. As per usual. Fucking wuss.
06/06/19, 10:35 PM Elyss Sieghart “And, it’s starting.” She’d give Gwen a good ole patting before throwing the blonde over her shoulder as everyone else just goes stupid on Lelouche. “Oh gosh. They’re starting. Listen woman! You’re failing by not taking action. So what?! I’m freaked out too, but it’s the only way to fix everything that’s broken. If there were other ways, we’d have probably taken them, but there isn’t. If we fail here, there is no going home, ya here?” She’d huff and just throw Gwen over her shoulder if allowed. “I’ll be ya damn pillar for now. Just shoot things, alright?” He arm that wouldn’t be carrying Gwen catches on fire as she’s moving forward to provide support hoping Gwen could at least shoot some shots at people or something.
06/06/19, 10:35 PM Echo Good. Four out of ten soldiers and more than half the horses were killed in that charge.
06/06/19, 10:36 PM Venica Noriceia Fully in her element the shield maiden fought with a viscinousness that suprised thier enemies. Her shiled used to block blows as her sword came down hard on arms holding boom sticks taking them off at the wrists.
06/06/19, 10:36 PM Lelouch Vi Britannia ~[StoryDM]~ Lelouch turned as he heard the door open, but before he could speak the Ruler was instantly overcome by the magical might of those fighting for their world. Luckily it wasn’t one of the Knight cards or the party might have had a fight on their hands. But no, this Ruler’s strategy was to wage war from afar. Before he could even speak a word was the Emperor destroyed without prejudice.
06/06/19, 10:36 PM Venica Noriceia shield*
06/06/19, 10:36 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass nods. Not sure what she’s talking about but it sounded like sense to her. The Uncle agrees with Echo’s words^ If anything were to happen, anyways, we could come up with a new plan. ^The Uncle says^
06/06/19, 10:36 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Well.. As she did go to grab the staff, she’d stand there holding it as she’d more than likely be sprayed with blood..
06/06/19, 10:37 PM Lelouch Vi Britannia ~[StoryDM]~ Tick tock.
06/06/19, 10:37 PM The Raven Child “Dark Explosion,” the Raven Child said in regards Lelouch’s hilariously anticlimactic demise, seemingly apropos of nothing.
06/06/19, 10:37 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “WOOOO!” Croc would give a final shot to Lelouch’s head, dead or not just to be sure….but were there more problems at and here?
06/06/19, 10:37 PM Lelouch Vi Britannia ~[StoryDM]~ Tick tock.
06/06/19, 10:37 PM Elyss Sieghart Oh… That was… stupidly easy. “Wow!” Man…talk about making all the hard work done in the past and such worthless.
06/06/19, 10:37 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “DESTROY THE STAFF AND THE CARD!”
06/06/19, 10:37 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She looks at the body, slightly gags. She tosses staff up, and lets out a psychic charge- shattering the staff.
06/06/19, 10:37 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Into the jaws of Death,\nInto the mouth of hell\n Rode the six hundred. *Fenrir howls as he unleashes a blast of lightning and an entire clip of ammo at the enemies*
06/06/19, 10:37 PM Narrator Soldiers rush forward to meet the charge of the warriors rushing in. Knights clad in dark arm charge towards Venica. Another soldier takes Croc’s bullet, deflecting it off a shield then slicing at him with a mighty sword.
06/06/19, 10:38 PM Echo ::peers through the doorway but cannot tell what is happening:: The ticking is still there… ::nervously::
06/06/19, 10:38 PM Narrator Zoey is dog piled in soldiers with knives stabbing at her.
06/06/19, 10:38 PM Venica Noriceia “I’ve got this .. someone go after the card!!” She said swinging her axe now down onto the head of one of those opposing them.
06/06/19, 10:38 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah was about to destroy the staff himself but he then focuses his fire and light on the soldiers stabbing Zoey, burning them away to nothing while also healing Zoey.
06/06/19, 10:39 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Well, I don’t think we could do anything about the ticking but we can figure out how to be stealthy despite being crippled. ^She chuckles at Echo^
06/06/19, 10:39 PM Narrator The warrior deflects Venicas blow with a shield and then swipes at her with an axe, as another stabs at her with a spear from behind.
06/06/19, 10:39 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ That was shocking, something non-magical that could absorb his rounds! Too bad vehicles and shields were a common weakness, slashed across the chest as he moves back and fires at the attacker’s feet in the hopes of tripping them up.
06/06/19, 10:39 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She teleports upwards to avoid the attack, and holds her arm downward. “Try again, douche bags!” She shouts, just before the floor below them would suddenly sink- Oh. Someone took ’em at the same time.. ;-;
06/06/19, 10:39 PM Narrator A half dozen soldiers charge at Elijah, two burning, but the others closing fast enough to crash him to the ground against their shields.
06/06/19, 10:39 PM Gwen Poole “There’s… there’s… I can’t…” She couldn’t do anything more than be a weight on Elyss’ shoulder as she got hoisted up and carried. She didn’t touch her guns or anything, she just… this was too wrong! And it was gonna mess up! And if SHE messed up… she’d have messed up twice, but worse the second time.
06/06/19, 10:39 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem watched in awe as the reign of Lelouch was brought to an abrupt end, getting a bit angry herself. It was so easy and frail, but was still one of the most fierce enemies she had ever faced…
06/06/19, 10:39 PM Desmond Foles Desmond pushes off the pillar, letting his energy run wild. He holds both hands out, and gives himself a second… He has a small idea..
06/06/19, 10:39 PM The Raven Child “Did you not just see us kill your leader? What’re you even fighting for?” The towering super-knight unsheathes his Vasilias greatclaws, draws his Archontas shortsword, and wades into the thick of melee combat, not even gracing the fighting soldiers with a battlecry.
06/06/19, 10:40 PM Narrator And then…. the soldiers attacking, all collapse, fading into dust as the Emperor falls.
06/06/19, 10:40 PM Angsty Lizard Another REEEEEE is released! Another bolt of red lightning firing at those who atacked Croc. The energy shield still defending the two.
06/06/19, 10:40 PM Echo There’s no point in my going in there. ::Elijah insta-heals Zoey and Echo feels a sharp pang of nausea:: It is chaos, I would be killed before I could help a single person….
06/06/19, 10:40 PM Echo ::then gapes as the enemies dissolve into dust::
06/06/19, 10:40 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “What can I say… soldiers without their leader can be unpredictable..” She smirks as the soldiers poof.
06/06/19, 10:40 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah is knocked to the ground but he creates a blade of fire and light and hacks clean through one of the knights legs, then uses the blade to parry any other blows, just as they begin to fall to dust.
06/06/19, 10:40 PM Lelouch Vi Britannia ~[StoryDM]~ The magic infused in the magic took a few moments to subside after the fall of the Emperor. But soon the scene started to change as everything around then start to fall away into light.
06/06/19, 10:40 PM Echo ::murmurs:: That was too easy….
06/06/19, 10:40 PM Venica Noriceia She had half turned catching the guy behind her off guard, a glancing stab that drew blood but did not hit any major organs. Her shield used to crack the attacker’s jaw as she caught him hard with it across the face. Turning in time to barely block a blow from the warrior. A battle cry given she charged now in full berserker mode!
06/06/19, 10:41 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Looks like the shield took most of the hit, as an inspection while the soldiers fade to dust show his chest was barely slashed. “…Huh, reckon you won’t be following us,once done jerry?”
06/06/19, 10:41 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Zoey lowers herself to the ground, looking to Elijah and giving him a thumbs up. It’s now she decides to be smart and re-makes her psychic shields.
06/06/19, 10:41 PM Elyss Sieghart “Dammit Gwen. Stop moping! People lives are at stake whether you believe in yourself or not. At the end of the day, when we win, you’ll feel better even if you feel bad now. Hell, you might not even remember this to feel bad about it. So, just live in the moment with all you got.” Oh gosh. Knights? She raises her arms, but then, they just fall over and die. She didn’t get to do anything except try and be emotional support for her teammate.
06/06/19, 10:41 PM Elyss Sieghart “Ugh…”
06/06/19, 10:41 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Okay, that’s you right now… ^She trails off at the gape of the mouth before looking inside^ Okay, okay… This is where it gets difficult…
06/06/19, 10:41 PM Angsty Lizard Jerry climbs into Crocs pocket and pokes its head out. Its tongue flicking in response
06/06/19, 10:41 PM Desmond Foles Desmond appears next to Zoey. He’s not happy. “You really are an idiot, aren’t you? Do you realize what you’re doing?!” His eyes glare into Zoey’s.. He’s more than just mad. He’s pissed.
06/06/19, 10:41 PM The Raven Child “…Disappointing,” the knight murmurs, sheathing his imposing weaponry. Even though he wishes the very best for everyone and everything, his bloodthirsty tendencies have a way of cropping up when presented with a violent challenge. “Anyway, what’s next?”
06/06/19, 10:42 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir reloads his weapon, still trying to kill the attacking soldiers with lightning blasts*
06/06/19, 10:42 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Next…” Magicia sounds tense. “Is a year ago.”
06/06/19, 10:42 PM Gwen Poole “I already lived this! You ever heard of ‘I wouldn’t live my life any other way if I had to do it again’? That’s me! I– I didn’t want this to change…” But now Lelouch was dead. And she hadn’t been the one to kill him. She failed.
06/06/19, 10:42 PM Echo ::her hood has pulled back enough that Sassy can see inside, but Echo does not mind – Sassy already knows about Echo’s half-scarred face::
06/06/19, 10:42 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Good thing his vest did have 2 sizable pockets that Jerry could fit in. Though the backpack did have more room but the clutter of items. “What’s wrong a year ago?” Croc asks to Magi.
06/06/19, 10:42 PM Venica Noriceia Thought she did not have a use for magic and trusted it not, she approved of Elijah’s use. A nod of thanks offered as she hacked her way back into the thick of things!
06/06/19, 10:42 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Zoey looks at Desmond for a moment, confused.. “What do you mean?” She asks, raising an eyebrow. Well, she has an over all pretty good idea..
06/06/19, 10:42 PM The Raven Child “A year ago,” the knight repeats, his voice becoming grim.
06/06/19, 10:43 PM Echo ::thought this was a year ago, obviously missed something::
06/06/19, 10:43 PM Desmond Foles “You let yourself be wide open, Zoey.” He steps up right in front of Zoey. “Get. Your. Act. Together. Don’t hold back.” He looks to the rest, then to Zoey. “Good luck.” He then just vanishes- fading.
06/06/19, 10:43 PM [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel “Wages of Consequence.”
06/06/19, 10:43 PM [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel <<Said Magicia
06/06/19, 10:43 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: It’s gonna be okay, Echo. ^She says to her in her reassuring tone of voice^
06/06/19, 10:43 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah gave Venica a nod back, before looking to see if anyone was badly hurt.
06/06/19, 10:44 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “…Don’t know what that is but it sounds like a Stock Market crash.”
06/06/19, 10:44 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She shakes her head, eyeing Magicia and slightly getting over Desmond’s outburst. “You mean when Giovanni came up? Man, I’ve been wantin’ a chance to kill that son of a bitch..”
06/06/19, 10:44 PM Elyss Sieghart “Who says your victory back then doesn’t matter? Hell, you won then, and you’ve won now. It’s not always about what one does personally.” She mutters knowing that Gwen is a bit too lost in her own ego a bit about what she’s done to care about the big picture as of now. She looks to Anthem. “Just imagine how our friend may feel knowing that someone that caused her so much pain was beaten so easily like this.”
06/06/19, 10:44 PM Moira Crux Moira is still there, and now checking to see if anyone needed healing.
06/06/19, 10:44 PM Venica Noriceia With the last body sliding off her sword she laughed and looked around for more. ” Is this all there was? Show yourself and be gutted! ” She challenged to any who might come through the door at them.
06/06/19, 10:44 PM Echo ::sighs. She can’t help anyone, not where there are insta-healers at work::
06/06/19, 10:45 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah…..looked to Magica..”If we are going back to the wages…”
06/06/19, 10:45 PM The Raven Child “It’s not a stock market crash,” the armoured goliath says blandly. “From my twisted memories, I can recall bits of it. The ones -he- was there for, anyway.”
06/06/19, 10:45 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Zoey’s pychic energy worked on healing Zoey autonomously.. That one small cut from the knife? Gone. Poof!
06/06/19, 10:45 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem just quietly looked at the castle fall away into light. To think it could have been just this easy. But as time unfolded itself maybe change was the way of things. “There is one good thing that came out of this.” The Scion stated to Gwen and Elyss. “I remember now. Everything. I remember it all now.”
06/06/19, 10:45 PM Narrator You now once more feel the timeline stretching, breaking, new realities forming, a world where the terror of the Emperor ended far earlier, a world which is more free, less fearful, and in which many people once lost to the mists of death and time now get to live full and rich lives. Visions of families reuniting, of soldiers graves fading away as they return from the trials of this war dance through your mind scapes. Through this you also see yourselves, new beings, much like the old, separated by circumstances and events, reunited, crashing into one another as this existence becomes solid, firm.
06/06/19, 10:45 PM High King Ar’Elis “And it is done.”
06/06/19, 10:45 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Even with magic, I don’t think anyone gets instantly healed unless it’s, like, scrapes or bruises. There’s always something you can do, Echo. We can go in and try to heal what we can. I’m just your wing gal!
06/06/19, 10:45 PM Angsty Lizard The Lizard looks up at croc and in a voice akin to Alan Rickman playing Palpatine speaks. “Seek me out when time is restored”
06/06/19, 10:46 PM Angsty Lizard And then he crawls back into the pocket and vanishes.
06/06/19, 10:46 PM Moira Crux Moira glanced over at Elijah, “Wages? Where are we going to next?”
06/06/19, 10:46 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir stops attacking hings and joins the group, he nods grimly to SniperCroc.* “Need an extra set of eyes?” *The wolfman would ask*
06/06/19, 10:46 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Wait, we’re done?” She gets cautiously hopeful.
06/06/19, 10:46 PM Gwen Poole “This moment says it doesn’t matter…” She just looked deflated. A little less colorful, even. “I… worked so hard… and then this was over in minutes, not days… I’m just not good enough. Not for Anthem, or anybody here.” She sniffled, wiping her face. “Just… not enough.” The visions didn’t matter. The happiness others felt at the early end to painful days had no weight on her. All she could feel… was inadequacy.
06/06/19, 10:46 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Lets just say..whole world fought against an undead horde….one of the times I actually died.”
06/06/19, 10:47 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sassy blinks as the time line gunk happens. The Uncle groans and Kwazii could care less. He’s a liger^
06/06/19, 10:47 PM High King Ar’Elis Once more the line of Thyme and Twine appears in the air. The once coarse and corrupted beam is now shimmering in many places, glowing energy almost overshadowing the darkness that remains. As it appears, you start to see visions of many worlds, many times, many places flashing even as the focal point of existence shrinks down to a single point, an infinite line that goes on in two directions for an eternity. You feel yourselves pulled, forcibly, down into that focal point and then you rush through the many realities, you crash through the very nature of existence and then end up…. Somewhere else.
06/06/19, 10:47 PM Moira Crux “Right. Okay.” That did not put Moira’s mind at ease… at all.
06/06/19, 10:47 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Wha-” He heard the lizard for a moment, before being sent back through another time once more! “Noooo! I must have my answeeeers!” He cries out as he was sent into another existence, but will keep Jerry in mind for once all was restored. Once the other side of time was solid and appeared, he’d land on his feet, already drawn and aimed to make sure he didn’t fall into anything stupid. “WHERE!?”
06/06/19, 10:47 PM High King Ar’Elis “The wounds have almost been healed.”
06/06/19, 10:47 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Gwen, oh my god… in our timeline, it still matters. But we can’t linger on this. We need to push on if we aren’t done.”
06/06/19, 10:48 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She walks up to Magicia, shoving her hand into her jacket pocket.. “So.. How long is this gonna take?” She asks, slightly lowered.
06/06/19, 10:48 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Days… weeks… months… who knows?”
06/06/19, 10:48 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir walks over the Gwen, patting her on the shoulder comfortingly* “We each have a role to play, miss.. I, for one, don’t think you are worthless.”
06/06/19, 10:48 PM High King Ar’Elis There is a glossy look in the child kings eyes. “I can feel it, remember it. So many stories. So many lives. So many cycles.”
06/06/19, 10:48 PM Elyss Sieghart Elyss sighs and looks to Anthem. “It is nice that you remember even if remembering is sometimes a bad thing.” She pats Gwen knowing the girl will need time to get over this. She, herself, will need some time. Though, no time for too much sulking as they’re being forced elsewhere by magic and the forces of time and whatever and oof… Elyss feel like she has to barf again. She’ll just have to buy Gwen ice cream or something.
06/06/19, 10:48 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *his tail wags*
06/06/19, 10:49 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost “Lets just get this next one over with.”
06/06/19, 10:49 PM The Raven Child “Symbolism isn’t worth as much the second time around,” says the Raven Child, stepping over to stand near Gwen. “As ever, you’re the Pink Champion. Without your sword, we wouldn’t be here to try again.” A massive gauntleted hand reaches out to very lightly poke her in the tummy. “There will be plenty of time for you to shine. Chin up, blade poised. It’s far from over.”
06/06/19, 10:49 PM Angsty Lizard Pops back in and looks around. “Wait, there’d the kid go?”
06/06/19, 10:49 PM Echo ::to the group in general:: What. Is. Going. ON?
06/06/19, 10:49 PM Echo ::pulls her hood forward hurriedly::
06/06/19, 10:49 PM Moira Crux “Please.” Moira rubbed the back of her head and sighed as she moved over to Elijah.
06/06/19, 10:49 PM High King Ar’Elis The whole group has traveled with the child king, to someplace else.
06/06/19, 10:49 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem shook her head towards Gwen. “No. No. You’re still plenty good for me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you okay? Let’s get home first though.” She looked around, then looked towards Echo and would explain what she understood.
06/06/19, 10:49 PM Augustus Oct [DM] You find yourselves in the midst of rolling darkness, your feet soaked in what feels like hot, sticky and murky blood. Around you is a building made of black stone that rises taller than anything you have ever seen. There is a single light in this area, created from hellfire that flickers dark and oblivious, casting about shadows of rich green toward a staircase that rises ever higher up a column of that same otherworldly stone. All around you are whispers that converge upon each of your ears. Whispers in a language far too old and chaotic to really focus on.
06/06/19, 10:50 PM Augustus Oct [DM] They hurt your ears, evading the most well endowed senses.
06/06/19, 10:50 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She shakes her head, raising her hand to rub her left shoulder.. “Well, time to relive my entire fuckin’ life then..” She then looks away.. “Now.. let’s hope I don’t have to see it again..” She mutters. That it is the Servant. It’ll become a problem like it did before.. Only now maybe she can prevent it from attacking her family? No. It’s what led to her wall breaking. She has to let it go.
06/06/19, 10:50 PM Gwen Poole “Clearly there’s no ‘our timeline’… You’re just… robbing each other, all of us, of stuff that we went through. How am I… How am I not supposed to linger on the best things that ever happened to me, good or bad, just… not happening?” There just wasn’t any point to this. Any of it. She wasn’t a champion if there wasn’t anything for her to win against. That’s what she did. She won. But where was her victory? It was stolen. The words, kind as they were, as much as she wanted to embrace them… they just didn’t matter. Gwen couldn’t even hold her head up now.
06/06/19, 10:50 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) ((oof was typing.))
06/06/19, 10:50 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “We’re going through time to heal some corruption in Hellifyno’s time to stop it from falling apart… I think.
06/06/19, 10:50 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
06/06/19, 10:50 PM Augustus Oct [DM] When you think you know what they say, they slither from your memory, leaving you wondering what exactly it is that you have come upon.
06/06/19, 10:50 PM Augustus Oct [DM] The room itself is freezing, like ice that chills through to your bones.
06/06/19, 10:50 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Shadows writhe along the walls, darkness closing in like a blizzard at whatever time of day it is.
06/06/19, 10:50 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Welp, here we are. Time to stop that Asparagus from an entire whodadoo…. but that’ll be complicated. The attempt to assassinate him before ended up causing more problems.”
06/06/19, 10:51 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “WHAT IS THIS!?” Croc demanded as he was frantically aiming in every direction, his vision stopped being dizzied as he lowers his Rifle. Hearing a voice only for it to stop was discouraging, but Croc’s gear was best at keeping the correct temperatures, making the chill not too bad but still enough to be encumbering.
06/06/19, 10:51 PM Moira Crux Oh god… They weren’t actually stepping in blood were they? Moira put a hand over her nose and mouth. Disgusting..
06/06/19, 10:51 PM Sam Cairfax He breaths heavily into the air and seeing his voice. “hehehehe i can see my breath”
06/06/19, 10:51 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem just remained on guard, the cold not bothering her as she had no idea what to expect.
06/06/19, 10:51 PM Augustus Oct [DM] You seem to have come out in the blood chambers within the Giovanni mansion. There’s only one way to go, one necessary direction to look forward to.
06/06/19, 10:51 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah winces in pain,he remembered someone that had this kind of power and effect. The freezing only being a reminder of what he had felt at that time. “Lets…get this one done and move on….” Elijah said……not happy to be here.
06/06/19, 10:51 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She eyes the flames… “That seems.. Haunting.” She looks onward, sighing.. Her eyes turning a deep blue and a sudden burst of energy flowing from her- sorry to those next to her, you’re about to get splashed.
06/06/19, 10:52 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sassy sneezes a lot as the cold hits her. She huffs as she sniffs. The Uncle does not care about the atmosphere at all. Despite his injuries, Kwazii’s there with a growl and ready to defend. Sass looks over to Echo^ Are you okay?
06/06/19, 10:52 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Gwen… we all remember you doing that, so clearly it hasn’t been erased for us. I don’t know why, but we have memories of both timelines so far, it seems… ” She is good at ignoring voices, but only to a degree. She’s gotten better since the actual Wages.
06/06/19, 10:52 PM The Raven Child “Gwen,” said the knight, more sternly this time, while staunchly ignoring the chanting and the writhing shadows. “If you aren’t able to believe in yourself, you will become less than useless to this cause. Rise or fall, but do not -wallow- in misery.” There is only one way to go, so the Raven Child moves that way, keeping all his senses alert in spite of the assault on them.
06/06/19, 10:52 PM Moira Crux Moira nodded to Elijah, keeping her hand over her nose and mouth. The quicker they’d get this done, the better.
06/06/19, 10:52 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Welp.” Croc would trudge through the blood-mud forward. “Nose to the grindstone, lets go.”
06/06/19, 10:53 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah was not..happy one bit….His eyes ignited with blue flames and white light once again.
06/06/19, 10:53 PM Elyss Sieghart Oh. This smell. Now, this reminds her of a good ole war. Though, it felt eerily wrong. It’s cold despite the warm blood underneath them. Something is whispering. God. She’s going to have to carry Gwen through all of this… whatever it is. “Don’t worry Gwen. Even if you feel worthless, I still believe in ya. She hoists Gwen a bit more and sighs. Guess they go forward. “Let’s go Gwen.” She moves forward carrying the blonde.
06/06/19, 10:53 PM Echo ::it smells like a level in the Nine Hells, though one that isn’t cold, so she is not affected by the odor. The cold, on the other hand, is not pleasant. She pulls her hooded cloak tighter:: I am fine, child, but you? You feel the cold? ::not expecting that from a vampire::
06/06/19, 10:53 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Around you, the air begins to stir as a wraith comes through the blood soaked pool and SCREAAMMMS with a deathly shriek at Zoey, moving right through her barrier
06/06/19, 10:53 PM Sam Cairfax Sam started whistling, following Croc. Time bullshit or not, it was normally a good idea to follow the guy with the good guns
06/06/19, 10:53 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She begins walking. Ignoring the rest. Her psychic shields pushing the blood on the ground away from her feet. No sound. No nothing. She just casually walks ahead. This wraith would be hit with a psychic shard aiming for what ever mind it has.
06/06/19, 10:54 PM Echo ::she is wearing sandals of wood and hide, so what they are walking through makes for a VERY unpleasant sensation::
06/06/19, 10:54 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Glad to see that one among the group understood the power of Specterstrike, he hoped that the mud didn’t get any deeper or he would hurry to a section that was at the very least solid.
06/06/19, 10:55 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir would not be affected by the cold as badly as the others as he moved alongside Croc*
06/06/19, 10:55 PM The Raven Child In a split second, the Reaver had drawn his Kyrios and fired a semi-auto burst at the wraith, silvered and sanctified anti-aircraft rounds flashing through the air towards it.
06/06/19, 10:55 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Mind? No, it simply seems to evaporate but it moves through her barrier regardless of psychic abilities or not. You are soaked, all of you, as clouds form above, whispering deadly intent, a clattering of thunder and the strike of lightning that strikes a pole at the center of the pool that keeps the lightning itself from traveling through to greet each of you.
06/06/19, 10:55 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Yeah, i am. I hate the cold. ^She frowns. Echo may not remember but she is vampire hybrid. Sass looks up to her Uncle and he looks over to Sass with a shrug. Nothing is fazing him at all. Nothing disturbs him. Nothing changes his grumpy attitude. Sass is uneasy though but she has Kwazii who is there to help her and Echo^
06/06/19, 10:55 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah would throw up an aura of bright white Gaian light and cleansing blue flames.
06/06/19, 10:55 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Ugh.”
06/06/19, 10:56 PM Echo ::the noise of thunder from lightning so close is appallingly painful::
06/06/19, 10:56 PM Gwen Poole “Nah. I was less than useless to everyone back home, but at least I managed that normally. Figures I’d, like… get upstaged spectacularly by spectacular people.” She sighed heavily and just kinda silently cried a little. Sucks to suck. And this new environment sucked, too.
06/06/19, 10:56 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Oh…” Very very frightening, good thing the pole was there or everyone would be in for a shock! He was more annoyed than pained by the sudden noises, a veteran heart being use to the struggles.
06/06/19, 10:56 PM Moira Crux Moira didn’t like their current location. It was disgusting. And she was trying so hard not to puke. But not long after Elijah, Moira was throwing up as well. So gross…
06/06/19, 10:56 PM Elyss Sieghart “This place sucks. Reminds me of having to crawl through demon waste.” She mutters.
06/06/19, 10:56 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She turns to the rest and forms the same shields that surround her around them. “There.. Now ya’ll won’t die due to electrocution..” She mutters, turning and continuing her walk.
06/06/19, 10:56 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ For now she followed the group, ignoring the smell. Anthem was still reeling from what she was remembering. Like the origins of the new tattoo she had. She frowned as she was soaked now, watching the lightning come down. She looked back to Sassy, Magicia, two people she knew might know what was going on.
06/06/19, 10:56 PM Echo ::and no, Echo does not remember. As the realities converged after Daloki’s death, she lost some memories and had others muddled::
06/06/19, 10:56 PM Gwen Poole “Reminds me of high school…”
06/06/19, 10:56 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She’s given up trying to console Gwen. It’s apparent that no amount of reasoning will work on a brick wall.
06/06/19, 10:57 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Bullets fired by the Raven child strike the obsidian walls, fracturing part of it into glass that echoes the mightiest roar through the room as obsidian shrapnel is tossed amok through the room.
06/06/19, 10:57 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Quite whining all of you! Its like you haven’t BEEN in a war before!” Croc scolds.
06/06/19, 10:57 PM Elyss Sieghart “School? Never went to it. Joined the army at 13.”
06/06/19, 10:57 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She snorts.. “Damn, this is like high school..” She mutters..
06/06/19, 10:57 PM The Raven Child “Reminds -me- of high school,” said the Raven Child, without a hint of irony or sarcasm.
06/06/19, 10:57 PM Narrator There are whispers…. as if of someone saying….. “ticktock… ticktock… ticktock…”
06/06/19, 10:57 PM Echo ::she can hear nothing, deafened by the thunder for awhile::
06/06/19, 10:57 PM Sam Cairfax “You know, there’s a joke here about being a wet pussy” he looks up at the pole “But im just too SHOCKed by whats going on to make it”
06/06/19, 10:58 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass and Kwazii are unamused as they are both CATS^
06/06/19, 10:58 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She just sulks onward, muttering under her breath. “Let’s see, before the war broke out for this one.. ugh, I can’t remember what happened. I think Kida was asking for me to provide aid along side her? Before that I didn’t know much about anything.”
06/06/19, 10:58 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Try doing this while fired at and being up to your nose, and I have to SWIM from how short I am!” He would groan dramatically at Sam’s joke, but hearing the ticking made him hasten his swimming as he tries to reach a shore of sorts.
06/06/19, 10:58 PM The Raven Child The Raven Child’s scowling helm fixed on Sam. If its glare could have intensified, it probably would have at the pun.
06/06/19, 10:58 PM Sam Cairfax “You wanna ride on my shoulders?” He smirks, wading through the water.
06/06/19, 10:58 PM Augustus Oct [DM] As you travel higher, your ears begin to pop. The blood pool is left behind but you are still soaked in it from the ankles down, weighing down shoes that fill your body with the frightening chill of death. You can travel for stories, great pain staking steps that only bring about your ascension. Above, high above, is a great box like room that the stairs lead through but pillars begin to frequent the edges of this stair case you’re walking through.
06/06/19, 10:58 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Those whispers begin again.
06/06/19, 10:59 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Slipping and falling on his ass the Hatter mumbles curses to himself in several unknown tongues as he stands up next to Sasuke * Hey kitty… miss me?
06/06/19, 10:59 PM Elijah Dawnshard- The Lost Elijah just kept walking, his gaian light and flames hopefully able to keep anything undead back from them.
06/06/19, 10:59 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir cringed as the deafening thunder assaulted the wolfs sensitive ears.. he could not hear a word being spoken*
06/06/19, 10:59 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Only this time, each time you hear them your head begins to throb
06/06/19, 10:59 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Your body begins to ache.
06/06/19, 10:59 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Your breaths are harder to come by
06/06/19, 10:59 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass gasps^ Daddy’s home! ^She says as she runs away from her Uncle, Echo, and massive kitty to give him a hug^ Oh, I’ve missed you!
06/06/19, 10:59 PM Gwen Poole “Oh? They… don’t even let us join the army until we’re 18 where I’m from.” Gwen sniffled a little, looking at Elyss. “That must’ve sucked. Unless you really enjoyed it, in which case, that’s cool, too. School is overrated.”
06/06/19, 11:00 PM Echo ::her hearing comes back gradually, and when she hears the Hatter’s voice, she falls forward onto hands and knees::
06/06/19, 11:00 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Nnnhhh….” Croc would scowl as he found breathing harder, using his air tank inside the mask in an attempt to get some breath. For his body he was muscling throigh the whispers and the aching. “You are not stopping me…”
06/06/19, 11:00 PM Moira Crux Safe to say, Moira was going to take about three or four showers after all of this was over. The ginger haired female wiped the corners of her mouth as she continued walking, keeping as close to Elijah as possible without getting in his way.
06/06/19, 11:00 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She eyes the pillars. Her pace quickens. Her body urging her forth… Untill she slows to a stop. <Let me take control.> The other half. Sure. Why not? She subjects to it- her energy going wild for a second. Her eyes go back to the green color. She continues on. Like nothing happened.
06/06/19, 11:00 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: Great… ^He groans^
06/06/19, 11:00 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen The voices are taking a toll on her, despite her strengthened mental magic prowess. Grimacing, she clutches her head. “Shut up, we’re ending this here…”
06/06/19, 11:00 PM Sam Cairfax “Great” he huffs “More… exhaustion… Bullshit…” He didnt look pleased. “Really getting tired of the headaches though. Think they could try something new?”
06/06/19, 11:01 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) “Where are we?”
06/06/19, 11:01 PM Augustus Oct [DM] One such voice, one such whisper, slams against Echo’s sense of hearing. “I won’t hurt you. I promise. It’s a deal, right?” Familiar and rich in its Italian accent, only slightly rougher since it comes from someone whose beginnings stretch into the time of Romans and Ancient Latin.
06/06/19, 11:01 PM Elyss Sieghart “I joined because my parents went missing, and it was the only way to provide for my brother. Did I hate it, at first, but it grew on me. We don’t really have laws about joining. You join if you want whenever.” She mutters feeling her body pain all over as they began to ascend. She felt like she was slowly dying in this place. That is no good.
06/06/19, 11:01 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem tried to steady herself from these external effects. But her breathing still heavied, her head throbbed as she felt more tired that then should be. What dark forces were they moving against?
06/06/19, 11:01 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “New stuff in the past? haaaah he said a funny.. Ow. Humor hurts.”
06/06/19, 11:01 PM Augustus Oct [DM] A wraith, out of no where, slams into Anthem from behind, spreading icy chills all the way through her body.
06/06/19, 11:02 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: I dunno. But what I do know is that we are somewhere. All of Hellifyno is gone and now we’re going back in time to fix things. You know, boring things. ^She giggles. The Uncle walks up to the Hatter and sighs^
06/06/19, 11:02 PM The Raven Child “Oh. This is… inconvenient.” The Raven’ Child’s unnatural anatomy begins to kick in, his second pair of lungs heaving to life and granting him new breath. He doubts it will do much; this is no natural shortage of air. He glances at Magicia, as if seeing deeper than her body, and moves to stand beside her. A finger comes to rest on her shoulder, and a calming aura exudes from the huge knight. It is Helvegen’s old signature ability; one she never knew.
06/06/19, 11:02 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She says to them, “Ignore the voices.” She glances back.. ‘Shit..” She stops and turns to the rest. “Okay, we need a way to fight those wraiths. Don’t want one of you falling off this shit.
06/06/19, 11:02 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
06/06/19, 11:02 PM Echo ::the stairs are very difficult to climb. She has had to hold Kwanzii’s harness to make it. Then she hears the voice – so very familiar. “Deal,” she thinks, “if you will not hurt Sassy or her cat either.” ::
06/06/19, 11:02 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: Hello again. ^He says to Hatter^ We have a lot to catch up on when you have the time.
06/06/19, 11:02 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah is getting…aggravated…the voices are putting even him on edge. He just continued walking despite the voices and the chills from the blood. Just focusing on keeping his aura of light and fire up.
06/06/19, 11:02 PM Narrator The aura of the Raven is shattered as thousands of whispers whip around him like a tornado, shrouding him in the pain and torment of this dark place.
06/06/19, 11:03 PM Narrator The whispers scream pain and suffering into Elijah’s ears.
06/06/19, 11:03 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Kwazii looks at Echo. He stays with her as he walks carefully with his hurt paw. He makes sure she’s keeping up^
06/06/19, 11:03 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “And I thought you were tough!” Croc mocks to Anthem and Elijah, seeing them faltering. Though in reality- he was trying to bring their rage as a motivation. “Getting circled by a 3 foot CROC!”
06/06/19, 11:03 PM Echo ::she gets through the pillars and into the room and looks back down the stairs. It IS Elexin. She doesn’t realize yet that it is the Hatter. She thinks, “Please don’t hurt Elexin either.” ::
06/06/19, 11:03 PM Augustus Oct [DM] You have been walking for so long now that minutes stretch into what feels like hours, hours into days, days into weeks, so on, so forth. But there is is, at the very top. A double door that seems connected to nothing on the other side. Around it is pitch darkness, so livid in its appearance that it seems to coil like a snake. A ghostly apparition, a man in full Roman gear and armor, strikes out at Elijah, ghostly necrotic sword passing right through him, absorbing some of that Gaia energy of his that has protected him thus far
06/06/19, 11:03 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “….” Something familiar, yet not familiar at all, washes through her thanks to the Reaver… only to be destroyed all too soon. Wincing, she trudges on. Nearly to the door now, right? “I’ve survived through your mind bullshit once, Giovanni. I’ll do it a thousand times through a thousand timelines…”
06/06/19, 11:04 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) * Shivers as this place seems sort of familiar but not familiar like a forgotten nightmare *
06/06/19, 11:04 PM Echo ::ack mistook something… is still on the stairs::
06/06/19, 11:04 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She shudders.. The other half being in control doesn’t mean much for the physical body.. She still continues her walk.. She stops a few feet away from the door, pointing a single finger at it.. Shooting off a single shard of psychic energy at it.
06/06/19, 11:04 PM Narrator Howling spirits rise around Magicia, tearing at her with ethereal hands, and though they do no damage, they chill her flesh and scream into her soul before they rise ever upwards and past the group.
06/06/19, 11:04 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass looks behind her and she falls back to let Uncle stay with the Hatter. She then goes to Echo^ Sorry, Echo. I had to say hello.
06/06/19, 11:04 PM Sam Cairfax “That doesnt look pleasant…” He comments, his claws growing, his stance switching in prep. He combated the whispers by whispering back Swing by Savage
06/06/19, 11:04 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem stopped as she shivered thoroughly, surprised as she trained to ignore the temperature. But there was nothing natural about the wraith that flew through her body! She crossed her arms and tried to warm herself with small applications of fire. She simply ignored Croc, brushing him off as annoying as she moved forward. Until they came upon the ghostly apparition.
06/06/19, 11:05 PM Echo ::unlike the others, she has no pain at all from the whispers::
06/06/19, 11:05 PM Augustus Oct [DM] These voices, not all of them are Gus’. The ones that plague your minds are all different. A million voices of the dead, all of them people, citizens, even, of the murdered lives spread across Hellifyno since Augustus became who he was to each and every one of you.
06/06/19, 11:05 PM Narrator Another spirit floats into Zoeys body and she feels control for her soul and mind being wrestled from her.
06/06/19, 11:05 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Lightning strikes again, illuminating the walls.
06/06/19, 11:05 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah grunts as he feels the sword pass through and drain some of the Gaian energy. His anger flares and burns, making his flames burn a little brighter and he lashes out with a taloned hand, wreathed in flame and light at the ghostly apparition in roman armor.
06/06/19, 11:05 PM Echo ::unless Augustus doesn’t control all the voices:: Of course, Sassy… … Sassy, is that … really Elexin?
06/06/19, 11:05 PM Gwen Poole “I loved it when I came here… All of it, really. But now I’m… I don’t know. I feel like everything is being taken from me, and that people are taking things from themselves. And I… I don’t want to lose…–” And then the wraith! Anthem! “Hey! Goddammit…” She found some strength to stand on her own then, putting a hand on Elyss’ shoulder. “Let me down. I don’t want you fussing over me while we’re in the thick of this whole time travel mess. Like I said… I can at least make sure people make it back alive to whatever future you all are trying to build.” She could do that much. Maybe. Who knows, maybe she wasn’t good enough for even that.
06/06/19, 11:05 PM Sam Cairfax “oh shit, shake that ass, mah. Move it like a gypsy” he whispers some more, a bit of bounce to his step.
06/06/19, 11:06 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Tcch, this is nothing…” She mutters through gritted chattering teeth, clutching her shoulders tight for warmth. She’s the queen of Paracosm. What’s a little cold!? … Cold hurts. Ugh. She can feel herself slowing.
06/06/19, 11:06 PM The Raven Child The purple shine behind the knight’s visor flares as his aura is crushed. “Serves me right for trying to use magic… Never mind, then.” He can hardly feel natural pain, but again, there is nothing natural about this. “We’re being played with. Do none of you have any countermeasures?” A horrible thought strikes him. “…You prepared for this, right? Thought it all through? Got all the gear you needed to shut down everything we come across?” Something tells him they haven’t. The dead speak into his mind, and the Raven Child resists the urge to answer.
06/06/19, 11:06 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) That control would be set to rest as the other half and Zoey practically play monkey in the middle with control.. Zoey’s body sort of goes still during this process. A quick few words inside of Magicia’s mind. <It’s trying to take me over. Again.>
06/06/19, 11:06 PM Narrator For Gwen the whispers are of despair, of uselessness, of waste and pain and emptiness. They call to her soul to give up, to lie down, to give in to the darkness of this place, and find peace.
06/06/19, 11:06 PM Moira Crux Moira watched Elijah lash out and stepped back just slightly. Stay a good bit away from the angry older Phoenix. >.>
06/06/19, 11:06 PM Augustus Oct [DM] As it does, you see a great many abominations lurking in the walls of stone, not the abominations you know but great beasts of the beyond and shadowlands. A needle, as thin and sharp as a razor, comes from no where, striking against Sam’s side where it eats away at flesh and clothing
06/06/19, 11:06 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… I could try my mind magic to fight the voices for all of us but there’s a huge risk of backlash, it seems.”
06/06/19, 11:06 PM Augustus Oct [DM] BANG
06/06/19, 11:06 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sassy: He seems like my dad. I had to give him a hug. ^She shrugs^ If not then it was nice to see his face anyways.
06/06/19, 11:06 PM Augustus Oct [DM] BANG
06/06/19, 11:07 PM Augustus Oct [DM] BANG
06/06/19, 11:07 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir shudders and tries to press onward, his legs weakening as he continues to drive forwards. He hears the voices and cannot help but snarl as the voices continue around him. He tries to use his shadow wolves to scout ahead of the group*
06/06/19, 11:07 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Knocking from the other side of the door.
06/06/19, 11:07 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Ahhh, the sounds of home… This is the part where he used the Trebuchet…
06/06/19, 11:07 PM Narrator The shadow wolves of Fenrir scout forward, but are quickly consumed in greater darkness, greater shadows, their silent howls heard only by Fenrir.
06/06/19, 11:07 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would simply nod as the Great Scion, hoping the message wasn’t twisted on what he was trying to accomplish. Though it seemed that from not being here before he was spared from the attacks on his allies. Despite the hubris from earlier, he was beginning to tire a bit himself.
06/06/19, 11:07 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) A burst of energy- a large one- as Zoey’s control is finalized into the other half. Mental barriers up. War mode on. She eyes the door. Not amused.
06/06/19, 11:08 PM Narrator Zoey remains in control. But the whispers continue to eat away at her resolve.
06/06/19, 11:08 PM Augustus Oct [DM] You’re right before the door by now where the sound of banging, of clawing and slithering seems to become readily apparent.
06/06/19, 11:08 PM Sam Cairfax “Fuck!” he jumped, having gotten lost in his own song. “Who is it?” He calls back to the door, drawing his guns and waiting
06/06/19, 11:08 PM Elyss Sieghart She is quick to roll Gwen off her shoulders seeing Anthem shake so. Ah, this place is being a bother, and affecting everyone so heavily. She grits her teeth feeling them shake a bit and jumps at the door banging. “Alright. This is getting too ridiculous for a spooky mansion!” She growls out as her arms start to pop.
06/06/19, 11:09 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Fuck it. She has to at least try. Shivering violently, Magicia summons her mind magic to put up the best barrier she can against the voices, hopefully providing protection for those in her near vicinity as well.
06/06/19, 11:09 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Voices pain loss … living with Elexin’s and everyone else’s is overwhelming sometimes* “I don’t like the sound of that…. who can I hide behind?
06/06/19, 11:09 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She walks up to the door, the whispers acting as white noise for the other half’s control. She places a hand on the door, letting a small psychic burst. She then backs up, shoving her hand into her jacket pocket.
06/06/19, 11:09 PM Gwen Poole Uselessness she knew. Uselessness, she realized, was something she’d never quite escape. But at least, if running away from home hadn’t been the answer, she could at least pretend otherwise like she’d done back home. Clearly, she’d never be good enough. And trying would be futile. But other people were better than her. They at least deserved a shot. She’d pretend to be good enough to save them. “I won’t wallow…” That Ravener guy told her not to. He probably knew what he was talking about, but she’d brushed him off… Better to listen to people that were better than you, right? And edgy emo whispers weren’t better than her. She was at least not lame enough to die her hair black or something, and she wasn’t going to start now.
06/06/19, 11:09 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah eyes the door warily…whatever is on the other side….likely is dangerous and was not of the world of the living. ” We need to be careful what we fight here,the rules of the living do not apply to the dead.”
06/06/19, 11:09 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc would knock back on the door once he was there “OPEN UP!” He demands as he takes a few steps back and readies Specterstrike.
06/06/19, 11:09 PM Echo ::turns to Elexin:: Hide behind me.
06/06/19, 11:09 PM Narrator A spirit stares into Elyss’ face, and then the apparitions own features melt, and the ethereal gore shoots forward into Elyss’ body, spreading a gloom and despair to her very soul.
06/06/19, 11:09 PM Augustus Oct [DM] A chill spreads through each of you, worse than the others, before it slams open revealing…. nothing. At least not yet. It leads into a room as dark as the first. The only difference is that the walls are filled with glass vials. Each vial is filled with an opaque substance as dark as the last, great vials that rise all the way to the ceiling with creepily splashing creatures.
06/06/19, 11:10 PM Augustus Oct [DM] In the smaller bottles, pieces of the dead. Arms
06/06/19, 11:10 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Eyes
06/06/19, 11:10 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Ears
06/06/19, 11:10 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Toes
06/06/19, 11:10 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Fingers
06/06/19, 11:10 PM Moira Crux “I feel like that’s pretty obvious, Elijah.” Moira stated as she looked at the door. Ugh…
06/06/19, 11:10 PM Augustus Oct [DM] It matters not.
06/06/19, 11:10 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Don’t worry, daddy. Hide behind Echo and Kwazii, they can hide you well, especially the kitty.
06/06/19, 11:10 PM Augustus Oct [DM] They’re all moving though, spidering across the glass.
06/06/19, 11:10 PM Augustus Oct [DM] One is the living corpse of a lizard man. He slams against the side of his glass.
06/06/19, 11:11 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Another is of a were-shark with a ripped open face. Bite marks scatter the glass of his case.
06/06/19, 11:11 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem would ignore the whispers for now, her many hours in quiet meditation training her to section off her mind. But the door was interesting, as was the banging on the side. Until it opened and the party started to go through it.
06/06/19, 11:11 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Oh hey… he has pickles too.” She doesn’t dare let her guard down. Nor her mental barrier.
06/06/19, 11:11 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ The chill…the voices…it was all beginning to take a toll on a hardened body. He would take a step inside the room and watch the various pieces of what was use to be people move…and a lizard man. It was all spooky to be sure, but he kept his footsteps silent and watching…
06/06/19, 11:11 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She raises a hand, psychic energy forming above her palm as a light- also as a bomb ready to be thrown. She waits. She then chucks it right in the center. Not much energy would be supplied to this bomb, but there’s enough to do something at least.
06/06/19, 11:11 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) “Ugh…… ” *Scrambles behind Echo…. let’s her be the tank today*
06/06/19, 11:11 PM The Raven Child The Raven Child resists the words of the dead for a moment longer, before letting out a long breath and cutting himself off from the otherworldly, shutting it out entirely. Why play its game, when no game needs to be played. The voices are abruptly cut off, though the shadows remain, gaining focus… and the chill intensifies. He is thankful for his Safineia helm and battleplate. “…What’s this vileness? What does he mean by it?”
06/06/19, 11:11 PM Augustus Oct [DM] You all suddenly feel sleepy, as if plagued by those voices that still surround you to this very moment. Chills that never seem to go away.
06/06/19, 11:12 PM Sam Cairfax Whelp, THAT was gross. Sam looked around. He was soaked, tired, and cold. His body ached but he had to keep smiling. Even if it was only for himself
06/06/19, 11:12 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Uncle is at the rear, protecting Elexin’s ass. Sass beams behind her and waves to those behind her^ You’re going to be safe, Daddy. ^Not very reassuring since he’s hiding behind the injured^
06/06/19, 11:12 PM Echo ::she is suddenly very calm. His fear suggests it is a damaged form of Elexin, and her memories of him are a bit muddled – surely, surely they can never have been married, right? – but for Daloki’s sake she will take care of him as best she can::
06/06/19, 11:12 PM Narrator One of the glass containers rattles, then falls from its perch and shatters, and a severed hand starts crawling across the floor towards Croc.
06/06/19, 11:12 PM Augustus Oct [DM] A wire is tripped over by The Raven Child, eliciting the titillating sound of music, piano, opera. But that’s not all. Arrows shoot from the walls, hundreds converging upon those nearest him.
06/06/19, 11:12 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ The cold and voices are an annoyance yes but the sudden sleepiness is worse. Elijah gritted his teeth and bit down on his lip hard enough he drew a faint amount of blood. He would not let himself be put to sleep, not by theses means.
06/06/19, 11:12 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Sam.
06/06/19, 11:13 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Croc
06/06/19, 11:13 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Even Sasuke wherever she is.
06/06/19, 11:13 PM Elyss Sieghart Oh fuck. The hell does these things even come from!? She suddenly has something inside her trying to make her despair and all that emo crap which she’s been through enough of in her life. She grits her trembling teeth and closes her eyes for a moment willing herself to not give up. She’s been in so much shit. More shit won’t hurt. Into the room, she’d find herself with the other opening her eyes to look at all the… moving body parts. She really doesn’t want to be here now. She can’t even muster any words for Gwen anymore. “Ah!” Some fucking lizard thing man is banging on its glass cage. “I’m going to need a drink.” She mutters rubbing her head and wanting a good nap or something with warm milk.
06/06/19, 11:13 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She scoffs.. Come on, human body! You’ve stayed up for weeks over normal Vietnow things, this shouldn’t be that bad! Zoey’s side.. Is begging for sleep. The other half’s side, well, that one’s unaffected. Those arrows would go unnoticed.
06/06/19, 11:13 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Sleep….no! He would try and fight the weariness, if one falls asleep on a battlefield they never open their eyes again! Going as far as to try to bap his knee with Specterstrike to keep the pain awake for him. “….Ew.” He’d keep the hand away via nudging with Spectestirke.
06/06/19, 11:13 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir stops dead in his tracks, his pulse quickens slightly. His face looks shocked, sensing the howls of his shadow wolves fading to silence. He grows nervous as he whispers* What the fuck?
06/06/19, 11:13 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She quickly rushes to the side, using up some of that remaining adrenaline shot to both dodge the arrows and fight the sleepy. Hey, that shot from Croc is more useful than previously thought!
06/06/19, 11:13 PM Augustus Oct [DM] You begin to hear something slithering through the walls, the sound of springs being sprung, what sounds like a breeze picking up sand in the middle of a desert.
06/06/19, 11:14 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) * Yawns *
06/06/19, 11:14 PM Moira Crux Moira staggered slightly at the sudden sleepy feeling. That’s not normal. The young woman placed a hand in her hair and steadied herself as she continued to follow Elijah. Don’t fall asleep, Moira. Don’t fall asleep.
06/06/19, 11:14 PM Echo ::all of the arrows miss her, but she hears Sasuke grunt and turns to see she has been hit:: That was not the deal I agreed to! ::the sleepiness affects her, though::
06/06/19, 11:14 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass is with the injured. She does trip since she’s ahead of them for protection. Sass yelps as soon as she gets hit. Kwazii gets hurt. The Uncle chuckles a bit as an arrow hits Sass on the shoulder^ Why me!? ^She shouts^
06/06/19, 11:14 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Fancy tricks…won’t stop me…” Croc taunts to the slithering, tired as he may be, he’d flick the hand away with his Rifle before aiming anf following the sounds. He didn’t have an injection for himself as he saved it for allies.
06/06/19, 11:14 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: Because you’re the idiot who rushes into danger…
06/06/19, 11:14 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) ” Can we just take a nap now?”
06/06/19, 11:14 PM The Raven Child “-! Careless of me…” Drawing his greatclaws and forcing his armour to accommodate the hypersonic speed he is about to move at, the Raven Child deflects and divides as many arrows as he can, trying to keep those around him safe. He appreciates the music, though; he and the other two always have.
06/06/19, 11:14 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ She was tired? No. Anthem shook her head as she tried to fight the drowsiness, there was far too much left to be done. Anthem hit the deck when the arrows were fired, grateful they didn’t hit her as she got up into a low stance.
06/06/19, 11:15 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: If I have to deal with your daughter, Elexin, you have to too. I’ve been dealing with her for far longer than what was said!
06/06/19, 11:15 PM Augustus Oct [DM] You have to stop now. You just have to. Your worries, your desire to be back home before all this started. It begins to weigh on you.
06/06/19, 11:15 PM Narrator “Sleep…. Sleep….” The words are an incantation, a chant… told in whispers that speak through your ears directly to your souls.
06/06/19, 11:15 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah hoped his shield of fire and light would burn away and deflect the arrows but he still dropped like a ton of bricks as quickly as he could. Only to slowly get back up once they had stopped.
06/06/19, 11:15 PM Narrator “Give in…”
06/06/19, 11:16 PM Echo ::sinks down to the floor before she can help Sassy and Kwazii::
06/06/19, 11:16 PM Echo afk cat
06/06/19, 11:16 PM The Raven Child “Never.”
06/06/19, 11:16 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) “Enough..” She mutters.. She raises her hand to the side of her head.. “Enough..!” She stumbles back some, trying not to give in. The whispers, the environment.. She’s fought worse, and yet this.. It gets under her skin. Her psychic energy begins to circle around her strongly.. “ENOUGH DAMNIT!” With that, it bursts from her like the ticking time bomb it is, scattering in all directions.
06/06/19, 11:16 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Okay, that’s it. I’m burning this mansion for good measure after we’re done.” She jogs in place, working to keep her energy up along with that mental barrier. “CMON, FIGHT IT PEOPLE! LET’S SING! OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM, E I E I O!”
06/06/19, 11:16 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) “Yes Sleep is good… we can sleep … have waffles in the morning. “
06/06/19, 11:16 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “I…I….no! NO!” Croc would object, but would begin to fall to a knee from wanting to return to Pipeline, away from this foul place. The soul refused to obey, Croc was a FREE being!
06/06/19, 11:16 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “No” Elijah growls back. He feels the weight of the desire to be home sink deep into him but he refuses to give in.
06/06/19, 11:16 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Daddy’s right… Naps are important… ^She yawns along with Kwazii. Kwazii goes down with Echo and acts as her pillow^ Daddy, can I snuggle you like for old time’s sake?
06/06/19, 11:16 PM Augustus Oct [DM] It spreads through your bodies like a thick coil, a chant so provocative that it even seems to effect one of the beasts who breaks from his glass exhibit, a giant death worm with razor sharp teeth that charges Elijah wearily
06/06/19, 11:17 PM Narrator The Raven Child feels ethereal hands guiding him down, down to the ground, to the peace of slumber eternal.
06/06/19, 11:17 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “AND ON HIS FARM HE HAD A MAID, E I E I O! COME ON, WAKE UP!”
06/06/19, 11:17 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Uncle isn’t sleepy but he does feel enticed to want to sleep. He’s not a creature that sleeps at all^
06/06/19, 11:17 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Darkness begins to fold around you, covering the room like a thick blanket.
06/06/19, 11:17 PM Augustus Oct [DM] It consumes Sasuke.
06/06/19, 11:17 PM Augustus Oct [DM] It swallows Elexin and Echo whole.
06/06/19, 11:17 PM The Raven Child It is more than a proclamation. It is symbology that reaches to the very root of his being; whence he was dreamt and released into the truth, it reaches. If he gives in, he is nothing and no one, unworthy of even bearing an identity. Of standing on the ground and breathing the air. Unfit to exist.
06/06/19, 11:17 PM The Raven Child “Never.”
06/06/19, 11:17 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “With a FWEEP FWEEP here and a FWEEP FWEEP there!”
06/06/19, 11:17 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Wheee… ^Sassy says as it consumes her and Kwazii since the liger is with Echo^
06/06/19, 11:17 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Her energy continuously bursts from her, expanding outward. Her mind losing it’s self- to it’s self.
06/06/19, 11:18 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Its dark…cold…but he was not budging. He’d aim and fire at the damned worm before that arm would surrender to the sleep.
06/06/19, 11:18 PM Augustus Oct [DM] It comes down upon Magicia and her Fwuffs like a thick, enveloping wave.
06/06/19, 11:18 PM Gwen Poole TRAP! “See! Look! We all could’ve died right there!” Thankfully Gwen was still armored up. “Died and then all the time line stuff ends and the future is just left worse or forever broken or something… Jeez…” She was kinda over being sad and was just… angry, now. She pulled out the Vorpal Blade and stabbed the wall the arrows came out of. “Stupid…” Once Magicia started singing, Gwen half-heartedly whistled. It was the best she could do, but she was pretty good at whistling regardless of her enthusiasm. And on his farm he had a cow, E I E I O.
06/06/19, 11:18 PM Moira Crux Moira was struggling to stay awake at this point. Someone make it stop. x.x The ginger haired female gently clapped her hands on her face a few times while walking.
06/06/19, 11:18 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah with out hesistating would fire several bolts of blue fire ad blinding white light at the beast, hoping that would deal with it. As the darkness encroached…Elijah ignited himself….using the Gaian light and his flames to burn against the darkness like a beacon.
06/06/19, 11:18 PM Sam Cairfax “I dont get to sleep” he slouches to the ground, keeping himself up with the help of his swords.”And youre not the one who gets… to kill… me…”
06/06/19, 11:18 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Gwen’s blow severs one of the traps laid out but that’s before she is engulfed by darkness too
06/06/19, 11:18 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: Sasuke! ^He shouts as he walks over to her as fast as he could. He’s never felt anything draining away at his energy^ Sasuke, where are you!? Ah, fuck! I’m going to get my ass kicked for this violation!
06/06/19, 11:19 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Here a fweep! There a.. fweep…” Her mental barrier is wavering, but she’s been training to be a primordial so…. She keeps pushing. Keeps trying. “Everywhere a fweep… fweep…”
06/06/19, 11:19 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Elijah’s Gaian light and flames do seem to push back the darkness a bit but it is overwhelming and it sucks him into its embrace.
06/06/19, 11:19 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Oh god… OH god….” He was beginning to be fearful, watching those around him one by one vanish off into the darkness, he was next sooner or later if he didn’t fight! “Aaah…” He would slap his sleeping arm to try to keep awake and keep a hand on his gun.
06/06/19, 11:19 PM Augustus Oct [DM] You can’t see anything, you can only feel as the world begins to enclose around you.
06/06/19, 11:19 PM Augustus Oct [DM] And then…
06/06/19, 11:19 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Her body aches. Her mind is no longer under her own control. She slowly regains her composure, her eyes closing. Just standing there now. Motionless.
06/06/19, 11:19 PM Gwen Poole With the Vorpal still in hand, Gwen just decided to slash at the darkness itself, getting a bit angrier. “Piss off, ghost!”
06/06/19, 11:19 PM Elyss Sieghart Arrows. She ducks down and all that and rises slowly. Ah… Man, is it getting dark in here? Maybe that’s just her. Stay awake? But, she can see everyone back at home waiting for her. She rubs and shakes her head. Ah, she hears Adam calling her names and shit and telling her she has to go protect the world, and now, she sees herself in the army: the place she lived fighting and all that to protect her home, but she’s tired of all the fighting. A nice bed at home sounds nice.
06/06/19, 11:19 PM Narrator “You are meaningless, you have accomplished nothing, your whole life is a waste and you should just come down… down…. to rest finally and end in peace…” Directly into Gwen’s ears, into her heart and into her soul, the sound a sharp contrast to attempts at whistling, almost seeming to subvert them.
06/06/19, 11:19 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Nothing. Every sense, every desire has been replaced with one.
06/06/19, 11:19 PM Augustus Oct [DM] To rest.
06/06/19, 11:19 PM Augustus Oct [DM] To sleep
06/06/19, 11:19 PM Augustus Oct [DM] To give up this goal of yours to fix the past mistakes.
06/06/19, 11:20 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *The great wolfs ears perked up, listening to the sounds. Fenrirs lack of concentration causes him to focus in the whispering voices. He panics, seeing the shadows consuming the others. He stands back to back with Croc, blasting bolts of lightning into the darkness*
06/06/19, 11:20 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Belatedly Anthem would try to fight the darkness as well with her Gaian light. But it was to no avail as she’d probably succumb as well. To sleep.
06/06/19, 11:20 PM Echo ::as she is taken by the shadow, murmurs:: Waffles… ::dreams of Key’ush the Stunt Dog before her mind goes into oblivion::
06/06/19, 11:20 PM Narrator A pointless goal, a fools errand.
06/06/19, 11:20 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Gwens fears are heightened. They’re changing the past, they’re making things worse.
06/06/19, 11:20 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah roars as he pushes even more of his energy into maintaining the light and fire. He fights..hard to keep himself from falling to sleep.
06/06/19, 11:20 PM The Raven Child A massive hand reaches out to support Sam as he slouches. The Raven Child’s emboldening aura shines again, only for a moment. “Hold fast.” And raises his deep, microphone-augmented voice to join in with Magicia’s silly song. “OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM!”
06/06/19, 11:20 PM Narrator This is all for naught.
06/06/19, 11:20 PM Augustus Oct [DM] And she is helping them.
06/06/19, 11:20 PM Sam Cairfax “Gotta… stay…” he bites his own arm weakly “Awa…” Sam passess out
06/06/19, 11:20 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^He can feel that will and energy eroding away. He hasn’t slept ever since… Ever… He’s complicated, okay? He finally gives in after a few more moments and then… He’s out…^
06/06/19, 11:20 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Shit, you aren’t gonna win…” She falls to a knee, grimacing and continuing to fight it.No, all this training and power build up. She’s stronger than this…. “E I E I O BITCH..”
06/06/19, 11:21 PM Gwen Poole “When I find peace, it’ll be when I’m an old lady with zero fucks and a bunch of grandkids playing in my front yard with their pet robots or something! Not here, not now!” Worse future, worse past, all of it sucked. But was it all worse than back home? The end of the world didn’t compare to seeing all your ‘friends’ find love and acceptance from their families. And she’d never looked for ‘peace’ there. She wasn’t going to start now.
06/06/19, 11:21 PM Augustus Oct [DM] There is only one individual who seems able to hold it back, this darkness, and that is Magicia, but all of a sudden, the ground seems to split beneath her and her Fwuffs and she is enclosed in the darkness even with the others.
06/06/19, 11:21 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ He’d glance at Fenrir, glad to see someone at all, but his head would slowly start to tilt downwards…the fight was beginning to seep from him… “Ma…gi…” He asked from where he was.
06/06/19, 11:21 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Her head moves face upwards as a smile forms. Her eyes open. Reality sets in. She laughs. Insanity. Zoey’s finally broken. She laughs again. Then again. Then some more. Her energy slowly entering and exiting her body, keeping her going and pulling her down.
06/06/19, 11:21 PM Moira Crux Moira continued to lightly clap her hands on her face for a little while longer. She even hummed to herself while trying to stay awake. “Eli… How much longer do we have…” Gods she wanted to sleep. But she knew that she shouldn’t..
06/06/19, 11:22 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She falters and falls, crying out as she is plunged into the darkness.
06/06/19, 11:22 PM Narrator Emptiness encompasses you all. And it is… comforting. Like a womb. It gives you peace. It gives you the chance to find your final rest.
06/06/19, 11:22 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah falls to one knee still giving off as much light and fire as he could…trying to push back or at least hold back the darkness. “I…will not let you win….” Elijah….tries to hold but……he looses eventually.
06/06/19, 11:22 PM The Raven Child “ALL AS ONE, FOREVER!” And as he roars in defiance, he is devoured by the shadows.
06/06/19, 11:23 PM Elyss Sieghart She’s on her knees trying to just… not close her eyes for too long. Still, everything is so dark even with them open. Are they even open? “Ah… Why is this place so… weird.” And, she’s gone.
06/06/19, 11:23 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Suddenly there is light. But the light is so bright that you cannot see within a foot of yourself. It hurts your eyes, sending streaks across your vision as pain sets in. A thundering throb at your very souls and minds.
06/06/19, 11:23 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She feels her eyes grow heavy, the draw of the darkness starting to finally get to her. Sleep, Magicia, sleep…
06/06/19, 11:23 PM Augustus Oct [DM] You’re somewhere else now.
06/06/19, 11:23 PM Gwen Poole “I DON’T WANNA TAKE A NAP!” She stabbed and slashed at the darkness with the Vorpal. “I’M NOT SLEEPY!”
06/06/19, 11:23 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen and then the light….
06/06/19, 11:23 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Somewhere that is filled with light but you are no longer sleepy.
06/06/19, 11:23 PM Augustus Oct [DM] No longer bathed in that darkness.
06/06/19, 11:23 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ All was dark…then the light was blinding his eyes…
06/06/19, 11:23 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ The will to survive…a spark he would not let get snuffed out… until there was a sudden flash that blinds and wakes him back right up and onto his feet, turning off his air tank to breathe in the new air now that he no longer felt weak.
06/06/19, 11:23 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Before you is a mirror and that mirror shows you, each and every one of you.
06/06/19, 11:23 PM Echo ::the light pierces closed eyelids and she yelps in pain::
06/06/19, 11:23 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Your sins. Your misdeeds. Truths you don’t want shown to others.
06/06/19, 11:24 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She just continues standing there, laughing.. She then stops, raising a hand to block out the light.. Her sanity slowly returning. “Ho.. Holy shit..” She’s met with the mirrors.
06/06/19, 11:24 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *PAIN is something he recognizes*
06/06/19, 11:24 PM The Raven Child There stands the Raven Child, fully armoured as ever. Staring at himself in the mirror, and behind that helm… a smirk?
06/06/19, 11:24 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Those mirrors are like pitch darkness in and of themselves
06/06/19, 11:24 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Just barely, you can see something beyond.
06/06/19, 11:24 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She manages to find her feet, staring into her mirror silently.
06/06/19, 11:24 PM Augustus Oct [DM] But only if you’re paying close attention.
06/06/19, 11:24 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “…” That mirror wanted to be shattered right here, right now. he was not entirely a great being his own life…he use to follow a much darker path…Beyond that…was it hope?
06/06/19, 11:24 PM Augustus Oct [DM] A figure, his back turned to you.
06/06/19, 11:24 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah looks into that mirror……he knows what he is looking at…knows. He just stares into his mirror….not able to even speak.
06/06/19, 11:24 PM Echo ::there she is, truly young, before she was scarred, just 18, committing murder::
06/06/19, 11:25 PM Augustus Oct [DM] A figure bathed in the darkness of his own sins and shadows, shadows that curl around him as if they are his best friends.
06/06/19, 11:25 PM Moira Crux Moira shut her eyes tight, covering them with her hands due to the blinding light. Such a drastic change… The young woman peered into the mirror in front of her and blinked. She squinted after a moment, staring at the figure. A figure that isn’t her… What… Who was that?
06/06/19, 11:25 PM Augustus Oct [DM] He is sitting at a desk
06/06/19, 11:25 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Her sins- letting her first ever love die to a landmine. She stops and watches this.. She was seventeen when this happens..
06/06/19, 11:25 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) *happened
06/06/19, 11:25 PM Augustus Oct [DM] At either side of him are creatures that cannot be looked upon with your bare eyes, creatures that eat away at reality
06/06/19, 11:25 PM Augustus Oct [DM] “WORK TOGETHER.”
06/06/19, 11:25 PM Augustus Oct [DM] “TAKE OVER THE PLANET.”
06/06/19, 11:25 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem sees her mirror after the darkness subsides. A frown on her face as she knew well her sins. She knew the mistakes that she’d regret for the rest of her life. But there was something else? She watched with interest.
06/06/19, 11:25 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She falls silent.. She looks up to the creature.. “You bastard.”
06/06/19, 11:25 PM Augustus Oct [DM] “IT CAN ALL BE YOURS”
06/06/19, 11:25 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ A sin…those he had killed in front of their own family…their scared faces as the father was left to bleed and die… Cooperate and take over?
06/06/19, 11:25 PM Augustus Oct [DM] “YOU JUST HAVE TO DO THIS”
06/06/19, 11:26 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Kwazii, Sassy, and Uncle are in the mirror. He could care less about this nonsense. After you’ve been alive for as long as he was, you tend not to care. Sass whimpers as she gets PING, after PING of memories. All of the things she has done. All of them. Even the ones she can’t remember. She begins to sob, going onto her knees. Kwazii’s an animal. No concept^ I DIDN’T DO IT! ^Sassy sobs^ She did, she did! ^Sass yells^ I didn’t! I couldn’t! Maybe just the two but still! The majority of it isn’t my fault!
06/06/19, 11:26 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Improvidence. The Malevolent Queen. Paroxysm. They’re all staring her in the face as he speaks.
06/06/19, 11:26 PM Augustus Oct [DM] “I don’t want it,” Augustus, as that is certainly who it is beyond the window, slams his hands into the top of the desk, shaking the entire building with just one strike at his desk.
06/06/19, 11:26 PM Augustus Oct [DM] It shatters beneath his palms.
06/06/19, 11:27 PM Elyss Sieghart Sins? Gosh, there is so much to look at. Her brother, her army, her titles… So much she’s done. Great. Right after getting over her failures already, she has to do it all over again.
06/06/19, 11:27 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Each of you, confronted with your own sins, looks upon a man filled with denial at his eventual conquest.
06/06/19, 11:27 PM Echo ::she’d had to do it… they would have raped and killed her, killed Aelu, Herakles would have died because she wasn’t there to save him… but she still felt guilty… and there were others that she, a Healer, had killed in the 3000+ years since then::
06/06/19, 11:27 PM The Raven Child “Ah, with this shit. Are we supposed to feel sorry for him?” It’s difficult for the Ravener to sympathize. All he sees here is weakness and hubris. He knows how this ends; That Other One’s memories have yet to lie, except where they are left in shadow.
06/06/19, 11:27 PM Gwen Poole Gwen’s sin. It was… it was horrible. And also normal. What else did young ladies do late at night when no one else was watching and they thought they were alone and just needed to get to sleep, but they had just a little bit of excess energy? And some of her misdeeds were shooting bad people or monsters thoughtlessly. And the truth was just that she was still a girl sitting in her room at her laptop, crying to herself as she saw people leading more fulfilling lives. Or in short… pretty basic shit. It was really boring, really. Like some bad coming of age story you didn’t watch with your parents because it was too real.
06/06/19, 11:27 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *he snarls fiercely, trying to drive the hide from the light.. but he started to despair.. knowing he was of the shadows. He sees his sin: all the trouble and pain he has caused others. He sees his face in his mirror.*
06/06/19, 11:27 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Oh you got to be kidding me.” Something about his words snaps her out of her stupor. “GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.”
06/06/19, 11:27 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Around each of you, shadows of yourselves begin to pool from the floor like thick tar, sinking into your bodies without you ever realizing it
06/06/19, 11:27 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ The ground-shaking actions were just resulting in a huff of defiance, about fed up with feeling like he was either in a swamp or on a train every second! Yet why would this being delay, why was it hesitating?
06/06/19, 11:28 PM The Raven Child The Ravener in the mirror is as he is now; unsullied by shame, untouched by defeat, unvarnished by evil. He is the man he wishes to be. A Knight, not a Dragon. Never a Dragon.
06/06/19, 11:28 PM Echo Augustus… you don’t have to… my old friend… BE my old friend again…
06/06/19, 11:28 PM Augustus Oct [DM] A thick tentacle of void smacks into Magicia and her Fwuffs, pushing her back toward the wall.
06/06/19, 11:28 PM Augustus Oct [DM] He seems to have heard something, this man beyond the wall.
06/06/19, 11:28 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “You gonna just whine and pout about your conquest not going the way you wanted? Well guess what? WE’VE ALREADY TAKEN OVER THE PLANET. All of us at some point or another have held it in our palms, to save or conquer it. YOU BIG BLOB OF BABY.”
06/06/19, 11:28 PM Augustus Oct [DM] He turns to look at each of you, waving a hand and that wall between you crumbles.
06/06/19, 11:28 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *The deal was just for a little while take control of the vampire’s body while his brain was gone and keep it alive well sort of…. that was what eons ago now? *
06/06/19, 11:28 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen And then SMACK.
06/06/19, 11:29 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Guess it made a better door than a window that wall!
06/06/19, 11:29 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She slams into the wall with a groan, the wind knocked out of her.
06/06/19, 11:29 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Another tentacle swipes through those tar like ghosts of yourself, slamming into each one of you until you’re crushed against the wall just like Magicia
06/06/19, 11:29 PM Echo Remember… Remember… long ago, Augustus, remember who you were when we first met…
06/06/19, 11:29 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Even Echo
06/06/19, 11:29 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Even Elexin and Sasuke.
06/06/19, 11:29 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Elijah too.
06/06/19, 11:29 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Ouch! Slammed into a wall and pinned, finding air hard to get.
06/06/19, 11:29 PM Moira Crux Moira didn’t like what she was seeing or hearing. She really just wanted to go home. She had no idea who these people were. Or why she was dragged into this.
06/06/19, 11:30 PM Elyss Sieghart So much smacking. And, into a wall she goes. What is this? She’s done absolutely nothing but get abused.
06/06/19, 11:30 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She looks back to the mirror. The next.. Her slaughtering that little village, just because they took one of Lily’s eyes.. She shudders. Rage now filling her mind. She eyes this.. thing. She looks up to what she can guess is Giovanni. She attempts to shoot a psychic message to him.. <Fight this. You currently hold Hellifyno’s fate in your hands.> She’s smacked by the tentacle, although saves herself from the wall by teleporting behind it after it makes contact.. Now on the ground, she continues.. <Don’t. Give.. in..>
06/06/19, 11:30 PM The Raven Child “Augustus.” The Raven Child says tonelessly, invoking the name with cold dispassion. “Why do you show us this?” He is battered against the wall, not bothering to resist. An old adage has just come to mind, and he follows it unhesitatingly.
06/06/19, 11:30 PM Echo Uagghhh ::gets all the wind knocked out of her, and more bruises on her back to match the ones on her front::
06/06/19, 11:30 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^The Uncle could care less and so can the liger. Uncle has no remorse about the things he has done. Ligers have no concept of right and wrong. Sass, oh, Sass can feel the guilt. She is denying it. She has no idea of realty at this point. The Uncle looks around to see who he can see. All three of the Sass group gets slammed into the wall. She screams as Kwazii lets out a yelp. The Uncle lands against the wall with an oomph^
06/06/19, 11:30 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She coughs, trying to find enough breath to speak. “Grow the hell up… you are just a freakin’ child..”
06/06/19, 11:31 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah was…lost in what he saw in his mirror…..the killer of Alysha….the failed protector of Civalo’ki…..wait… Civalo’ki was..returned. Breaking free of whatever was entrancing him to the mirror, Elijah then found himself pinned to the wall by the tentacle. “Oh fuck this.” Elijah growled and his hands started to burn with flames and light again.
06/06/19, 11:31 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Thwumph*
06/06/19, 11:31 PM Gwen Poole Gwen was tentacle bapped into the wall, and she just… accepted it. “…Oh, wait! Is this that… one guy? From when I got here?” She weakly pointed. “His name was like… a Ninja Turtle or something, right?”
06/06/19, 11:31 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ She shook her head as just past her own sins. The slaughtering of those in Thistlemere predominantly was shown to her. But more interested until… More Void?! The Child of Light would fight back against the smacking with her Gaian light, confused as to what was going on with the mirrors.
06/06/19, 11:31 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She pushes herself back into a stance, her entire body feeling as if it’s on fire..
06/06/19, 11:32 PM Narrator The darkness of the Void is overpowering here, even the glowing light of the Gaian CoL’s is dimmed, effective, but reduced, the despair of life threatening their very souls. The tentacles burning but holding.
06/06/19, 11:32 PM Augustus Oct [DM] These beings before Augustus, these shadow like entities, warp the world around them, stealing the light from the very reality each of you desire to retain. The void recoils, though, just before Gus is enveloped by it, his very steps convulsions upon the earth, eyes blaring a bright blue. The mirrors are gone now, though, and each of you are faced with the choice to either fight or submit but he does not speak anymore. This is not the Abomination of Augustus but a vampire, a primordial, an Antediluvian and as he bares down upon you, the world is enveloped with power and raw void
06/06/19, 11:32 PM Echo ::knows it will take a full minute before she can breathe in, but can still breathe out, and cries out:: Augustus Giovanni!
06/06/19, 11:32 PM Augustus Oct [DM] It twists the world, bringing from nothingness great beasts of the void that charge at you.
06/06/19, 11:33 PM Augustus Oct [DM] The ground splits in that little chamber of yours and from it comes a ghostly pale arm, hundreds of zombies and ghouls rising to challenge those who would interrupt him in his hour of choice.
06/06/19, 11:33 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “You will be defeated. It comes to everyone. Heroes.. villains.. whatever you’re called. You’ll face defeat in your mission for the world. And you will fail too. Now or tomorrow. So grow.. the hell up…” She struggles to her feet, bracing for yet another impact at any moment, summoning a wave of living nightmares to protect her as the maids quickly scramble to their feet as well.
06/06/19, 11:34 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Naturally he was trying to to resist and bite against this assault, even from his pinned state he would muster the strength to draw up his Shiv in preparation for when the beast arrives.
06/06/19, 11:34 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She eyes Giovanni. Her eyes taking a deep purple, then a bright yellow- her energy spiking tremendously. She holds her hand out to him, palm facing him, and lets out as many little psychic shards as she can- which given Animus- her current power boost- would be hundreds of the things.
06/06/19, 11:34 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem focused more as her light brightened a bit with her effort, though it took her more concentration as the effect of the Void was strong here. She wouldn’t submit either, not here, nor ever in any timeline as the Scion stepped forward to fight.
06/06/19, 11:34 PM Narrator A twisted beast with a million arms lunges at Magicia clawing at her face and eyes.
06/06/19, 11:34 PM The Raven Child Something tells the Raven Child that he is weaker here than he usually is. Nevertheless, he reacts as he would any day of the weak: with a roar on his lips and weapons in his hands. “ALL AS ONE, FOREVER!” howls the Ravener as immense black wings spring from his shoulders, serving as battering rams of solid shadow when he lunges forth against this dreadful foe.
06/06/19, 11:34 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah’s choice was made before it was even offered……he would fight….he would never serve the void willingly. Glowing with fire and light once again, Elijah was ready to fight the void beasts or Giovanni’s undead hordes.
06/06/19, 11:34 PM Gwen Poole “Yeah, its totally him. Giovanni, right? Is that his name? Just like a Ninja Turtle.” Gwen squinted his direction, and then at the zombies. “Ah… darn. Well, at least I remember seeing that one newsfeed where they showed him getting fuckin’ rekt’d by one of those marines…. Do we have to change this one? I liked that ending better. This isn’t even me really whining, it was just funnier when that happened.”
06/06/19, 11:35 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Breathlessly takes inventory of his faculties*
06/06/19, 11:35 PM Narrator The Scion is assaulted by winged Void Creatures that swarm her, clawing and attacking from every direction.
06/06/19, 11:35 PM Augustus Oct [DM] A great void beast charges Zoey, ripping through her psychic shards that never even make it to Augustus. Instead, it lashes out with tentacles of the void, needles ripping from its body to penetrate through hers.
06/06/19, 11:35 PM Moira Crux Ugh… Moira wasn’t going to submit. Hell no. She stood up and looked around. The only clear choice Mo saw was to fight.
06/06/19, 11:35 PM Elyss Sieghart “Ah… My back? Are done feeling sorry for ourselves?” Oh look. What the fuck? Scary voidy monsters, zombies, and other spooky things that go bump in the night. Well, here they go again. Her arms catch on fire as she pulls out her two scimitars that burns like the rest of her. Time to barbecue some rotten shit. She goes in swinging her flaming blades around to take on some zombie dudes.
06/06/19, 11:35 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Well that’s a fucking pain, but she’s a fucking Champion. And fighting Augustus and the hell he unleashed made her that. She screams in fury, summoning claws of her own to tear right back into the beast blindly. Yes, let’s rip each other apart!
06/06/19, 11:35 PM Narrator A Void creature with a thousand eyes and tentacles arms wraps a lashing limb around the mans throat and tries to rip his head off.
06/06/19, 11:35 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Great bats of void charge at Elexin, a blast of void energy slamming toward his midsection
06/06/19, 11:36 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Kwazii carefully gets up and shakes himself. He finds Sass and pads over to her as she cries. The Uncle gets up and forms into the back inky cloud of taint and floats over to her. He helps her up^ Sasuke! Enough! ^He shouts^ Time to fight! Deal with these issues later! ^He huffs. Sass then sees the battle before her and she gets up with a sniffle^
06/06/19, 11:36 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She keeps her hands raised, a field of telekinesis forming in front of her, catching said needles. She simply turns them around, and shoots them back.
06/06/19, 11:36 PM Narrator Dark void humanoids rise from the ground beneath Elyss’ and surround them in a mass of clawing and biting, striking and strangling.
06/06/19, 11:36 PM Augustus Oct [DM] A wave of sand, as pitch as night, circles Sasuke, suffocating her and her charge in its midst
06/06/19, 11:36 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah moves to support Magica and The Scion, firing blasts of light and fire as well as throwing up walls of cleansing flames to block off charges from other monsters to the other heroes.
06/06/19, 11:36 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem guarded her face as she was assualted from above, deep gashes tearing into her arms and shoulders as she fought. She replied in kind though, dropping down to the ground and hitting the winged void creature with a gaian blast right before rolling out of the way/
06/06/19, 11:37 PM Narrator A darkness emptier than the emptiest night explodes across Zoeys shield, shattering it, letting a million tiny Void worms rush in and subsume her body.
06/06/19, 11:37 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ This was looking all too dark, even with the strengths they had things were bleak. Just maybe his Camo would work for a moment as he was seemingly overlooked.
06/06/19, 11:37 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen The blood of their mistress sends the maids into a rage, and they pounce on the beast from all sides, joining the fight with their own teeth and claw!
06/06/19, 11:37 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) FUCKS A MONKEY …. * Leaps to the left decides better tries to grab Sasuke to use her as a meat shield as he dodges right instead*
06/06/19, 11:37 PM Echo ::she struggles forward toward him, crying out:: Deal, Augustus! No conditions! ::she fights forward, slashing at zombies with her knife. The cloak whose hood hides her purple-bruised, half-scarred face is torn off:: Augustus Giovanni!
06/06/19, 11:37 PM Elyss Sieghart Whelp. She just starts trying to slice some void dudes up with her flaming blades. If that will even work. It’s all she can do anyway. “Die die die die.”
06/06/19, 11:37 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Augustus’ hand lifts, necrotic energy balancing against his palm and he sends it vaulting after a Croc that has mistaken his presence as being overlooked.
06/06/19, 11:37 PM Narrator The bats seem to be multiplying, even as they are consumed in Gaian light more of them assault Anthem and then encompass Elijah, a great cloud of the beasts of death and destruction forming.
06/06/19, 11:37 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *I snarl as I am smacked into the wall. I rip at the tenticle holding me to the wall, using ever increasing strength, I rip the tenticle in two, then answer Raven with a mighty howl of my own, rapidly growing in size and power as I curl protectively round Sansuke*
06/06/19, 11:38 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ She joins Elijah with his fire, commanding the element to her will as she summoned forth white flames to mix with the Phoenix’s as they worked to fight the darkness.
06/06/19, 11:38 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^The Uncle couldn’t react quick enough. Actually, nobody could as the sand gets to her. Now, she can’t breathe nor does the Uncle but Kwazii can. The Uncle tries to save Sass but he got the cat instead. Sass is yoinked out of the sand and is now her dad’s sheild. She quickly makes a wall of fire and she pushes it at the void bats^ Thanks, Dad!
06/06/19, 11:38 PM Narrator the void humanoids are sliced by Elyss’, but do not die, instead falling to grapple at her ankles and pull her down into their hell.
06/06/19, 11:38 PM The Raven Child “WE SHALL STAND TOGETHER!” Archontas shortsword, Kyrios machine pistol and Vasilias greatclaws blur in a seamless rush, carving the air around the Raven Child to ribbons and slashing apart anything that enters his kill zone. His wings are at once mobile shields and crushing hammers. Behind his helm, a joyful smile goes unseen as the winged Reaver indulges himself in brutal melee combat.
06/06/19, 11:38 PM Moira Crux Moira began to fire at any monsters nearby with blasts of fire, occasionally looking around to make sure people were okay.
06/06/19, 11:38 PM Augustus Oct [DM] The bodies of zombies ring Echo’s ascent toward Augustus, each downed by her knives as she moves in his direction. And she is, for a moment, at least overlooked by the great beast that is Augustus.
06/06/19, 11:38 PM Elyss Sieghart “Stop stop stop stop.” She’s now trying to cut off those voidy fingers grabbing at her ankles and oh god. This is just a mess.
06/06/19, 11:39 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) “GH!” She stumbles back, letting out a burst of energy to get as many as possible off her. It’s not her control is ripped from her as the other half comes in- full frontal “fuck you in every way shape and form” mode. The worms would be flung off as another shield rises. The look of anger now on Zoey’s face.
06/06/19, 11:39 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Moira finds herself surrounded by a hoard of zombies and ghouls that rip at her with claws made of the void, whether they catch fire or not.
06/06/19, 11:39 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ He reckoned that it wouldn’t work, but was worth the honest try. Though the camo did help to make his movement less predictable, ducking down from the blast and debating on if he needed to use that sweet AM…
06/06/19, 11:39 PM Narrator A massive tangled creature leaps on The Raven and starts grappling with inhuman strength as it tries to bite his throat out.
06/06/19, 11:39 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen As a pack, the maids are perfectly capable of ripping the limbs off of this beast one by one, devouring it with a rage beyond comprehension. The eldritch swarm has been activated.
06/06/19, 11:39 PM Augustus Oct [DM] A burst of void energy slams into Zoey’s chest, ripping a hole in her side before continuing on through to bash against the surrounding Fwuff hoard.
06/06/19, 11:39 PM Echo ::she continues to struggle toward Augustus, but now with not enough breath to call out to him – and there is so much noise that he may never have heard her::
06/06/19, 11:39 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah in response to being encompassed sends out a nova of fire and light, burning away the bat horde hopefully. Then Elijah would redouble his efforts with walls of flame and light.
06/06/19, 11:39 PM Gwen Poole “You know what?!” Gwen screamed. And then pulled her pistol free of her belt. And she turned the safety off. And then she opened fuckin’ fire on the zombies. “WE’RE PROBABLY PAST THE POINT OF NO RETURN ANYWAY!” She ran to Elesis, shooting at the creepies coming her way, while she slashed with the Vorpal Blade to sever a few other awful things away from Anthem.
06/06/19, 11:40 PM Narrator As the maids fight, a tentacle erupts from the darkness above and grabs Magicia, smashing her into a wall, and then flinging her across the chamber to be devoured by a pack of void wolves.
06/06/19, 11:40 PM Echo ::hears a snicker-snack or two behind her::
06/06/19, 11:40 PM Sam Cairfax Starts murder fucking zombies?
06/06/19, 11:40 PM Gwen Poole “I’m sick and tired of all this emo shit, so C’MON YOU OLIVE GARDEN FUCKER!”
06/06/19, 11:40 PM Narrator A swarm of midnight bleak black insectoids descends upon Gwen, striking a million tiny slashes at her face and body.
06/06/19, 11:40 PM Moira Crux Moira crouched down as she was attacked. It didn’t seem like her flames were doing much. The young woman didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, she was standing, and the heat of her flames grew as a ring of golden fire blast out from her.
06/06/19, 11:41 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Blinded with her own blood, Magicia keeps fighting alongside her maids, screaming constant nonsense about victories and failures and Old MacDonald until she is flung to the wolves… Gasping for breath, she reacts by summoning a wave of Living Nightmares to combat the wolves and try to get them off of her.
06/06/19, 11:41 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc began to think that now was a good time for it: Drawing up his AM Pistol looted from earlier and firing a round at Augustus vefore being quick to holster and hide it away in favor of his Rifle.
06/06/19, 11:41 PM Narrator A howling creature with hundreds of limbs leaps on Sam’s back and starts tearing into his body.
06/06/19, 11:41 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) “Gah!” She falls to her knees, a good portion of her energy going to her shields.. “Come on damnit..!” She raises a hand to the sky, an electric current forming above them. Her energy begins to force the wound to slowly heal it’s self.
06/06/19, 11:41 PM The Raven Child The encroaching creature is met with even greater sanguine glee. Where before a noble warcry boomed, now a near-feral howl tears forth. The Raven Child lets the monster snap at the battleplate of his gorget for a moment, then sheathes his shortsword and pistol. Seizing the beast with both hands, he begins to exert pressure. At first immense, then unimaginable, then -limitless-. The Ravener roars with merriment as he crushes the monster into a smear of gore.
06/06/19, 11:41 PM Narrator The light of Elijah burns through the bats, but then a giant serpentine voidling crashes into him, smashing him into a wall.
06/06/19, 11:42 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Whether he hears Echo or not has yet to be seen but he does choose that moment, among all others, to charge at Anthem and his weight is that of a freight train that aims to pick her up, slam her into a wall with his shoulders striking against her rib cage. Croc’s bullet just barely misses, ripping through a void creature that then slams into him as it is melted, another void beast taking its place to rip at him with claws of great entropy.
06/06/19, 11:42 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ She stepped into a more aggressive stance as she mixed both Gaian green with her own fire as she tried to stop the void creature from hurting her companions. She stepped in with a volley of fire blast combined with a series of machine gun punches throughout the room.
06/06/19, 11:42 PM Gwen Poole “I BEAT YOU MY FIRST FUCKIN’ MONTH HERE, YOU BASTARD!” Bugs? BUGS? She turned in a wide circle, slashing with the Vorpal Blade to cut them into confetti that rained down around her, while she took aim at Giovanni himself. “And it has been a YEAR since then! You think you’re bad? I’ll show you bad!”
06/06/19, 11:42 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Asking Sasuke* Where’s the lady with the bag over her head?
06/06/19, 11:42 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: I don’t know. I can help you look for her if you want.
06/06/19, 11:42 PM Sam Cairfax “FUCK ME!” He screams, stabbing into the creature with his sabers and shooting at anything that didnt look friendly
06/06/19, 11:43 PM Narrator As the Raven crushes the void creature dark ichor falls upon his armor and it begins melting away into nothingness.
06/06/19, 11:43 PM Echo ::it seems like she is making progress – and then Augustus moves and she is fighting toward an empty space::
06/06/19, 11:43 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen The Nightmares tear off the wolves long enough for Magicia to get to her feet. She summons her Gaia mallet, fuming angrily. “BONK TIME, BITCHES.” Bonk time activates. Whack a wolf.
06/06/19, 11:43 PM Narrator Black blood spews across Sam and burns, melting through armor and body and consuming his flesh.
06/06/19, 11:43 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) That electric current turns into a psychic storm, as Giovanni’s undead forces and the void would be pelted by pure energy, Zoey’s form slowly floating upwards as she begins to let out every ounce of herself for the sake of keeping these people alive.
06/06/19, 11:43 PM Gwen Poole “I’m the worst one here! I can’t do anything! Why the hell am I still standing then?! C’MON! I’m HUMAN! You’re supposed to be Dracula 2000s! Literally BITE ME, suckhead!”
06/06/19, 11:43 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Little void rats begin chewing through Gwen’s shoes, eating at flesh and bone until one of her feet is nearly gone
06/06/19, 11:43 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ The slam got him dizzied for a moment, seeing as Jerry was no longer there he was left exposed to a devastating blow to the chest and to his mask. Slashed and bleeding from both, he was staggering before getting pissed with a more ‘shoot-to-kill’ method.
06/06/19, 11:43 PM Elyss Sieghart “Blondie has snapped.” Elyss mutters kicking off the voidy fingers and moving to help Gwen. “Why am I always facing things I can’t actually kill?” She growls just slicing at whatever needs to be sliced at.
06/06/19, 11:43 PM Narrator Wolves crumble as Magicia attacks, but they work in tandem striking at her heels and back even as many die.
06/06/19, 11:43 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir snarls and howls a challenge at the void wolves, summoning hundreds of shadow wolves to fight by his side as he blocks the void woves access to the rest of the group*
06/06/19, 11:43 PM Echo ::idiotically she calls out in response to Sam’s cry:: Not at the moment, thank you! ::then actually blushes in the middle of Armageddon::
06/06/19, 11:43 PM Sam Cairfax Sam shrieks, doing his best to remove armor. Fuck it, if he was gonna die, he was gonna die swinging!
06/06/19, 11:44 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Wolves*
06/06/19, 11:44 PM Narrator Gwen is beset by minute void insects that resist any attempts to slice or cut with regular weapons.
06/06/19, 11:44 PM Narrator The pack of void wolves then gets distracted charging against Fenrirs shadows.
06/06/19, 11:44 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She is outnumbered, and the maids are still fighting the many armed beast. But she can’t afford to give a fuck. Only kicking those that come close to her as best as she can, while summoning more nightmares to try to push them back a bit.
06/06/19, 11:44 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Elexin is splashed with a wave of void needles that turn him into a pin cushion. Fortunately, it’s not enough to kill him but it is enough to annoy the hell out of anyone.
06/06/19, 11:45 PM The Raven Child “Oh, darn. This is really good battleplate, too.” A neural command causes the armour to divide itself into individual plates and store itself in a small triangular capsule, which the Raven Child then pockets before picking up his sword and pistol again. “‘Ere We Go.”
06/06/19, 11:45 PM Sam Cairfax Leaping into action, sam starts swiping through anything he can, firing a shot at Augustus and then back at the bugs.
06/06/19, 11:45 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
06/06/19, 11:45 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Shadow wolves summoned by Fenrir in this room seem to turn on him right away, dozens if not hundreds of them converging upon him with snapping jaws.
06/06/19, 11:45 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc figured that helping Magi would give some edge, bringing an inner rage out and drawing his all-bleeding Shiv to slice and dice at the wolves on the Nightmare Queen
06/06/19, 11:45 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Is a meat shield since Elexin never really put her down. Sass screams and puts up another small flaming wall in front of her^
06/06/19, 11:45 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Grunting as he is smashed into a wall by the serpentine void beast. Elijah winces in pain as he definitely feels his ribs are probably bruised if not cracked. He could heal later right now he had to deal with the big snake. Creating a spear of light and blue flame, Elijah darts towards the serpentine body, stabbing it and pole vaulting himself up higher only do to repeat till he got to the head and then he would immolate the beasts head and mouth with gouts of flames from his hands, and bolts of white light from his eyes.
06/06/19, 11:45 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Not sure if the voidy needles would pierce through but it’s all reactive^
06/06/19, 11:45 PM Narrator Void slugs drop upon Sam from above coating him in corrosive slime and biting at his flesh.
06/06/19, 11:45 PM Gwen Poole Void rats got stomped on by Gwen’s armored feet, even if she had to stomp with her stump or whatever. “What?! You wanna send your pets to end me? You must be scared!” The Vorpal Blade she was swinging wasn’t remotely normal, hopefully, even here in Emoland. That’s what she used to turn rats and bugs both into sushi to serve.
06/06/19, 11:45 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem sent a blast of washing Gaian energy over Gwen first. Then towards the Queen next. She’s breathing heavily from the exertion, sweat dripping from her brow as she also fought the beings of void that came for her as well.
06/06/19, 11:46 PM Echo ::between zombies she glimpses Augustus and turns to move toward him in his new position. Somewhere in her thoughts she wonders how she can be felling zombies while taking few injuries – she is not remotely a good fighter – and puts it down to “Deal?” ::
06/06/19, 11:46 PM Narrator The Gaian energy melts many of the insectoids assaulting Gwen
06/06/19, 11:46 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Well that gives her a brief second of relief. Panting, she rushes forward to join back in the fight with the others, nodding to Croc gratefully. This is ridiculous. At this rate they’ll be overwhelmed and taken. “There’s gotta be a source here to cut off. Mirrors, maybe?” She tries smashing a mirror.
06/06/19, 11:46 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She pulls one arm closer to herself, and lets out a quick burst of energy- from here continuous shock waves of psychic power begins to go through the air, each one carrying an extreme explosive force- for those fighting on Zoey’s side, they’d be unaffected. “I didn’t come this far to die now, you bastards!” Her shouts only bring more of these shock waves.
06/06/19, 11:46 PM Elyss Sieghart “You’re crazy when mad Gwen.” She comments while trying to not die.
06/06/19, 11:46 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Another nod to Anthem for her efforts.
06/06/19, 11:46 PM The Raven Child Not at all set back by the destruction of his armour, the now six-feet-tall Helvegen lookalike resumes wreaking carnage through the ghastly beings before him, restraining himself to humming an upbeat tune.
06/06/19, 11:46 PM Moira Crux Assuming Moira got away from the ghouls and shit, she went back to fighting her way through more of them, heading towards Elijah and his company as quickly as she could.
06/06/19, 11:47 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Mirrors…maybe! Croc would use an explosive round to shatter multiple mirrors at a time.
06/06/19, 11:47 PM Echo ::hears Elyss and remembers crazy Gwen van Helsing::
06/06/19, 11:47 PM Narrator A beast with a thousand eyes all bleeding void rushes at Magicia, squirting liquid death at her.
06/06/19, 11:47 PM Narrator Tentacle monsters leap at Moirs from the back and sides, lashing at her with whip like limbs.
06/06/19, 11:47 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) * He used to know how to do this… he concentrates concentrates and slowly forces the void needles from his body * That’s not easy.
06/06/19, 11:48 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Either Croc had a deathwish, or was feeling generous, this time with body-checking Magi out of the way of the liquid. Thankfully he was missd from being short.
06/06/19, 11:48 PM Augustus Oct [DM] One of Sam’s shots strikes against Augustus’ back, rendering through darkness that eats it away until it is nothing but a mere hole in his armor as Anthem is rammed into with Gus’ shoulders, knocking her into a wall, a blanket of void erupting at point of impact to rend through armor and to tear into flesh. He turns then, even before she can react, to charge Gwen as well. A volley of void needles strike out at her from a wavering hand of his. He stomps his feet, the ground beneath Sniper’s feet opening up to reveal several snapping jaws of death worms, their mouths filled with void teeth that threaten to rip him apart.
06/06/19, 11:48 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Okay, guess not the mirrors?” She NYOOMS out of the way, with Croc’s effort adding to help.
06/06/19, 11:48 PM Narrator A larger void needle smashes into Elexins gut even as he removes the smaller ones.
06/06/19, 11:48 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Hey, uh, Dad, could you put me down, please, or are we going to do this until the next time warp?…
06/06/19, 11:48 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Again and again this Child of Light tried to stem back the flow of void from hurting those around here. Her eyes started to glow white as well as the tattoo around her head as she dipped into another reserve of power for a brighter Gaian light.
06/06/19, 11:49 PM Narrator The eye creature latches on to Croc’s leg and the dark void spills out burning through clothes and flesh.
06/06/19, 11:49 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) Shit on a sandwich * Falls on his ass * This will take a minute.
06/06/19, 11:49 PM Narrator Gaia seems so far in this dark place. The Void is so close. The Children of Light attack, and kill, but their illumination is more dim than it has ever been.
06/06/19, 11:49 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “GRRRRR!” He was beginning to have enough of this, figuring the AM Pistol was his only way to endure as he fired that at the dark eyes.
06/06/19, 11:49 PM Narrator The AM melts the eye creature immediately.
06/06/19, 11:50 PM Echo ::it is no use. She is stumbling over fallen zombies, slicing at those still upright, but getting nowhere. The zombies are not harming her, only ringing her to keep her away from Augustus::
06/06/19, 11:50 PM Augustus Oct [DM] This is a place of void, of malice and contempt. Elijah’s gaian light converges upon those void creatures nearest him and they turn to muck before him.
06/06/19, 11:50 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Oh.” She whips out her Madooga Co rifle from before and fires at the beast.
06/06/19, 11:50 PM Narrator A void leaper charges at Sasuke and crashes into her chest, barreling to the ground with her and tearing at her core.
06/06/19, 11:50 PM Gwen Poole “I’m not crazy! I’M FROM NEW YORK!” More bullets for the baddies! Vorpal Blade snickersnacking! As she saw Anthem get charged, she did rush… only for the void needles to come for her. Rather than cut through them, instead… she cut herself to the other side of them, right to Gus himself. “GET. OFF. MY. FRIEND.” SLASH!
06/06/19, 11:50 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ The AM felt like he was given strength…would he dare to try a round in Specterstrike…? He sure would! Switching with the moment given he would fully charge an AM shot before firing right at Agustus…lets see if a beast would stop a shot like this!
06/06/19, 11:50 PM The Raven Child The Ravener continued to fight, now angling himself so that he could move through the fray towards Augustus. The dark-haired young man roared a wordless challenge, firing his pistol at the antediluvian just once. Just a single shot.
06/06/19, 11:51 PM Sam Cairfax Sam jumps to the wall and then to August, his meteorite swords posed in a cross like motion to decapitate
06/06/19, 11:51 PM Augustus Oct [DM] There’s a look of quiet disdain, anger, malice. Then nothing.
06/06/19, 11:51 PM Augustus Oct [DM] The world begins to quiver
06/06/19, 11:51 PM Echo ::wonders what happens to AM rounds that kill Void creatures. Do they fall to the ground? Or vanish? ::
06/06/19, 11:51 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *He pales as his own shadow wolves turn against him. But he merely disband the shadow wolves and they fade into nothingness. He would stand back to back with SniperCroc, blasting at first and mirrors alike with lightning and bullets*
06/06/19, 11:51 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah seeing this….allows Gaia’s light to flow through him again and he begins to glow with it….every pore of his body is radiating the blinding light of Gaia. Hopefully this will drive some of the voidlings back.
06/06/19, 11:51 PM Narrator Hands of purest midnight reach up from the ground and grab at the Raven’s legs, trying to pull him down into a pool of oblivion.
06/06/19, 11:51 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Her outbursts stops. She looks down at her self. She can’t handle anymore. How does she enter that pocket dimension thing again? She sighs, raising a hand and.. She’s gone. Into that pocket dimension Damantin introduced to her.
06/06/19, 11:51 PM Augustus Oct [DM] To shake around each of you. Flames sprout along the walls, the stone begins to melt, consuming the floor around you with magma
06/06/19, 11:51 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Magic wavers around each of you
06/06/19, 11:51 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ ….Did the shot work? Too late to find out as he loads in a normal shot and plays a game of the floor is lava!
06/06/19, 11:51 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass yelps as a void leaper gets to her, effectively knocking her out of her dad’s arms. She yells in pain as it slashes at her stomach. She puts a hand up and blasts the creature with fire. Kwazii, despite his injury, barrels at the creature. He tries to tear away at it. Sass gets up with a groan and she quickly runs to Kwazii’s side^
06/06/19, 11:52 PM Augustus Oct [DM] The void begins to crumble and shriek
06/06/19, 11:52 PM Narrator Magma bursts after Zoey following her into her dimension..
06/06/19, 11:52 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She just keeps firing the AM, hoping for some sort of sign of it working or not working. Stepping to avoid the magma. “This is bullshit….”
06/06/19, 11:52 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Those whispers grow louder
06/06/19, 11:52 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Pelting against each of your minds
06/06/19, 11:52 PM Narrator Every AM shot fired destroys a voidling instantly.
06/06/19, 11:52 PM Augustus Oct [DM] And Gwen’s blade slashes right through Augustus
06/06/19, 11:52 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Ripping him in two
06/06/19, 11:52 PM Narrator The void creatures all vanish in an instant.
06/06/19, 11:52 PM Echo Augustus!!!!!
06/06/19, 11:52 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Considering what this did to the void earlier, I should have figured to try this.” She grumbles under her breath. Stupid Magicia.
06/06/19, 11:52 PM Augustus Oct [DM] He bursts into flames, blood like acid spouting through the room nearest him in waves.
06/06/19, 11:52 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) And from here, she’d quickly avoid this, letting it hit the Daemons inside- Wait. Idea time. She steps back through the void, into the normal dimension. Floating above. Never mind. Gus is dead. She never gets to do the cool shit.
06/06/19, 11:52 PM Augustus Oct [DM] It splashes on Zoey
06/06/19, 11:53 PM Augustus Oct [DM] Splashes on Gwen
06/06/19, 11:53 PM Narrator The attacks cease. The hands and tentacles vanish. The monsters are banished.
06/06/19, 11:53 PM Moira Crux Elijah had some god juice going again. Awesome saaaauce. Ahem. Anywhosen. Moira had finally gotten to Elijah and whoever was with him when the creatures vanished and Augustus burst into flames.
06/06/19, 11:53 PM Augustus Oct [DM] It splashes on Echo, of all people.
06/06/19, 11:53 PM Elyss Sieghart Elyss is just… there doing something.
06/06/19, 11:53 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ There was a renewed vigor to the Scion’s step as she moved through the creatures with her Gaian blessing with no remorse. But even in this state, where she was supposed to be at her most powerful it didn’t give her the boost she was looking for. Sensing the lava did she ready to move it away, weaponize it maybe; but then everything disappeared.
06/06/19, 11:53 PM Augustus Oct [DM] And then he crumbles into dust before them.
06/06/19, 11:53 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “I thought the same.” He smirks to Magicia, almost feeling more connected with her from all this damned fighting! Seeing the monsters retreat had Croc let out a cry of victory. For a smol size, it was mighty.
06/06/19, 11:53 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) * Pulls the void spike from his gut with a sick gushing hollow sound *
06/06/19, 11:53 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) “EeK!” She raises a hand, her psychic shielding appearing again. Constantly regenerating as it’s being torn apart. “Shit..!”
06/06/19, 11:53 PM Gwen Poole “Elyss! Anthem!” She reached for Anthem, grabbing her, trying to pull her back towards Elyss to regroup. She didn’t mind the acid. Pain, whatever the fuck, it didn’t matter.
06/06/19, 11:53 PM The Raven Child The cutting enchantment around the Ravener’s shortsword flares up. He grits his teeth at the sudden pulling, and slashes downwards to free one of his legs, his face still set in a bloodthirsty snarl. And then, the peril is gone, as the void should be. “…” Short, sharp breaths are taken as he stands up straight, brushing a loose strand of onyx hair away from his purple eyes. “Well, that happened.”
06/06/19, 11:53 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah began to look to the others of the party. “Anyone hurt?”
06/06/19, 11:54 PM Echo :: Evil as he was, she had to hope she could reach the vampire he was when they met… and then the acid blood splashes over her left arm and shoulder and she shrieks in agony::
06/06/19, 11:54 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She sends up a wall of dark tendrils to protect herself from the potential showering of Gusness, shuddering from anxiety, anger, exhaustion.
06/06/19, 11:54 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She slowly lowers herself, grasping at her side.. “Yeah.. Over here.” Her psychic energy kept it from getting worse.. but a full on hole in her side is pretty damn bad.
06/06/19, 11:54 PM Sam Cairfax “Fucking hell! Way to go, Blondie!” He calls out, landing next to her and putting out his fist. “Fist bump me!c
06/06/19, 11:54 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Wounded but still kicking!” Croc reports to Elijah, though he was looking like hell without a chance to repair his gear or vest, he didn’t even have armor anymore.
06/06/19, 11:54 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Um… I’m kinda bleeding.” But her maids are already at her side, stapling her up, so that helps.
06/06/19, 11:54 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Uncle, Kwazii the liger, and Sassy all gets splashed on. They yell out in pain as he does. Sass looks over to her Uncle as she sees him getting hurt. That makes her scream louder. Her Uncle? In pain?^
06/06/19, 11:54 PM Elyss Sieghart Wait. What? “OMG GWEN YOU KILLED HIM!” She says a bit too loudly wondering if that was just it. She didn’t seem to mind the magma, but damn, what? She moves to Gwen and looks around at everything. “Oh man. This was rough.”
06/06/19, 11:55 PM Gwen Poole “I think I’m burning. And some things ate some of my feet.” But, yay, adrenaline! And friendship! She was about to pass out on Elyss, maybe.
06/06/19, 11:55 PM Moira Crux Moira’s covered in cuts and shit after having been surrounded the way she’d been. But she didn’t seem to be too worried about herself despite the blood. “I’m fine.” She’s fine. Totally fine.
06/06/19, 11:55 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Don’t praise her, she only likes crying about being worthless and whatnot.”
06/06/19, 11:56 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem would answer Gwen’s call as her eyes flashed back to red, her breathing really ragged now. She looked around, seeing her group hurt and in shambles. She wasn’t too hot herself, with rivets of blood going down her arms and legs from where she got hit. But it would worth it, it seemed.
06/06/19, 11:56 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah would move to Magica and Croc..using his fire and light to heal them both and anyone else rather quickly.
06/06/19, 11:56 PM Sam Cairfax His fist bump is ignored, he holds it out to Mags for a bump. “Anyone?”
06/06/19, 11:56 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir whines in pain as a bleeding gash had been opened along his flank. He sways heavily, crumpling onto his uninjured side*
06/06/19, 11:56 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ Croc could heal in his own, but did appreciate the aid. He’d being Fenrir in with the duo to get him healed as well.
06/06/19, 11:56 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “…” Fist bump.
06/06/19, 11:56 PM Sam Cairfax “Yeah!”
06/06/19, 11:56 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She falls to her ass, her hand keeping on her side. Lots of blood loss there. Her eyes pulsate. Her energy just coming in and out of herself. She teleports closer to mags, hoping to get healed sooner.
06/06/19, 11:56 PM Echo ~Aelu, unharmed, instantly bites her, mitigating the acid, but he cannot help anyone else without doing himself serious damage~
06/06/19, 11:56 PM The Raven Child “Good job, Gwen.” Will flicks some void off his blade and sheathes it, allowing its power field to disintegrate what other remains are on it. “Be kind, Magicia.” The boy in black reaches out to fist bump Sam with the air of someone doing his duty.
06/06/19, 11:56 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Once things have calmed down, Kwazii is not only having a broken paw but burns on his hide. Sass has some too as well as Uncle dearest. The two are healing and Sass makes her way over to her animal^ Oh, Kwazii… ^She says, sadly. She pulls out some treats to feed him^
06/06/19, 11:56 PM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) * In his mind Black Sabbath’s PARANOID begins playing *
06/06/19, 11:56 PM Elyss Sieghart She looks to Magicia. “Eh. I’ll praise her all I want. She needs a bit of… encouraging to not be mopey anymore.” She sighs and sees how messed up Gwen is though. Well. “We need to get ya healed up or something.”
06/06/19, 11:57 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Echo! ^She calls out for her friend^ Echo, where are you?
06/06/19, 11:57 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Okay, waste your efforts on a brick wall. I’m gonna brace myself for the next time jump.”
06/06/19, 11:57 PM Moira Crux Moira crouched down and sighed. She needed a break. This wasn’t fun.
06/06/19, 11:58 PM Echo ::feeling better, though, Echo hurries to Kwazii, knowing Sass and Elexin will heal, and pulls IV packs of plain water from her bag, pouring them one by one over the big cats burns::
06/06/19, 11:58 PM Sniper Crocâ„¢ And because player has a thing called ’employment’ and ‘early shifts’, Croc would be dusting himself off before being becoming an NPC and awaiting his next jump.
06/06/19, 11:58 PM Gwen Poole “Hey. If you’re allowed to have mood swings, so am I, Magicia…” Said Gwen weakly. “Clearly… maybe… I’m wrong about the time travel thing… but… I can at least not… actually be useless. And let you actually important people get hurt when I could do something.” She shook her head. “I’m sorry… about before.”
06/06/19, 11:58 PM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “And you called yourself uselss.” With that was left of her energy, she want to heal those around her. So she’d start to do that, though it was a slow process.
06/06/19, 11:58 PM Elyss Sieghart “She seems to be quite grateful you ended us getting our ass beat.” Elyss mutters to Gwen.
06/06/19, 11:58 PM The Raven Child “Think like that and we’ll all tear each other apart before this is done.” Will manages to convey disapproval without shifting his facial expression. “Imagine if, during Ar’Elis, Helvegen had ceased ‘wasting his efforts on a brick wall’.”
06/06/19, 11:58 PM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *He thanks SniperCroc for the healing, getting ready for the next thing, whatever that may be..*
06/06/19, 11:58 PM Sam Cairfax “Think the next one will come with a bathroom break?” He snorts at Mags. “Cause I’m kinda getting hungry and need to pee.”
06/06/19, 11:58 PM Echo Water, Sassy, lots of water. ::she throws more packs down, making sure to avoid saline packs::
06/06/19, 11:58 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She pushes herself up. Her body still hurts. She catches up to Mags.. “Hey, I’m gonna need a break.”
06/06/19, 11:59 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “She was the one trying to sabotage our earlier attempts at fixes because of something called a ‘movie’.” She snarls at The Raven Child.
06/06/19, 11:59 PM Gwen Poole “But also know if we have to re-do the time travel and put everything right, I’m literally saying ‘I told you so’ the whole way in a sing-song voice. Maybe even a rap. Because that’s totally what’ll probably happen. Just sayin’. Back to the Future, dudes.”
06/06/19, 11:59 PM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Kwazii lets Echo do her thing. He does winces but he knows better than to nip. He’s well trained. Sassy gives him more meaty cat treats with a smile^ Good job, Kwazii. You got that meanie. ^She nods to Echo. She thinks she brought some water for Kwazii. She checks and sure enough, she did. She does give him some in a bowl she brought and he laps it up^
06/06/19, 11:59 PM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah would actually collapse and rest on his haunches….he was…tired. That fight had taken a lot of his energy and so had the last ones.
06/06/19, 11:59 PM Echo ::one after another she cuts packs open with a scalpel (Sass can use a claw) and lets the water flow over Kwazii’s burns::
06/06/19, 11:59 PM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “A break, sure… that sounds perf-“
06/06/19, 11:59 PM [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel TICK TOCK
06/06/19, 11:59 PM [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel TICK TOCK
06/06/19, 11:59 PM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) She looks down at her hand, then sighs.. “Missing an arm sucks.”
06/07/19, 12:00 AM [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel Do you really have the time to take a break?
06/07/19, 12:00 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^And she also pours some on Kwazii, carefully cutting where Echo shows her. She doesn’t know a thing about this stuff^
06/07/19, 12:00 AM Echo ::the pain of Kwazii’s acid burns lessens::
06/07/19, 12:00 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “.. Shit.”
06/07/19, 12:00 AM Elyss Sieghart “I’m sure many of people have hindered progress somewhat at times.” She mutters before hearing tick tock all over again.
06/07/19, 12:00 AM Sam Cairfax Sam’s body changed again. Once more becoming a woman “Also, I dont like that I keep changing so rapidly” she says, looking down at her chest and frowning. “Probabky time bullshit”
06/07/19, 12:00 AM The Raven Child “And she just saw us through that nightmare. Forgive her and stand together, or die derisive and divided.” His tone is authoritative, even without the augmented voice of his armour.
06/07/19, 12:00 AM Echo It’s just water – slash the pack open and let it flow over the burns.
06/07/19, 12:00 AM High King Ar’Elis “We are almost done. I can feel the time line healing. I can feel the universe reforming. I… I remember.” The child Ar’Elis is calm, as always.
06/07/19, 12:00 AM Moira Crux Moira looked over at Elijah and sighed. “How much more do you think we’re gonna have to go through?”
06/07/19, 12:00 AM Narrator And then the universe shifts. This time it is a fundamental change. Something profound. There is a split in reality, and you see not just yourselves, but all of the selves that have been created since the beginning. As this happens, visions of the future and the past crash into you. You can see a world that was not wracked by the fear of the Abomination of Giovanni. You see a world where Olde Watch was never attacked, where their hatred was never solidified into the darkness that led to subsequent wars. You see a timeline where the people of Consequence are free, not just to be ruled by a dictator, but to rule themselves, allowing all forms of life to live in harmony. You can see visions of a better Hellifyno, one that is more peaceful, one that is filled with more hope, and far less darkness. A million million visions flood each of your minds, of the people who lived, of their lives playing out, of the families, and children, that would spring from these new possibilities. You see a planet coming together, finally, to once more united face the terrors that beset them, and resist. These realities crash into you and around you and as they do a sense of gratefulness envelops you, as if the planet, or maybe existence, or something more ethereal thanks you, for saving it.
06/07/19, 12:01 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: I think he deserves a relaxing vacation, don’t you think, Echo? ^And then they DOOO THE TIIIIME WAAARP AGAAAAIN!^
06/07/19, 12:01 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She is not ready for this next jump, no matter how much she prepares. Because this one is one of her darkest moments….
06/07/19, 12:02 AM The Raven Child “Oh. Is this Ar’Elis?” Even Will, in all his ability to forgive, darkens at the prospect. The greatest failure perhaps in the planet’s history…
06/07/19, 12:02 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “No idea Moira.” He said and then they were being sent somewhere else again.
06/07/19, 12:02 AM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Her eyes haven’t stopped pulsating. Here’s her plan for now- wait for the next shift, then enter the warp. From there, heal, recollect, recharge, and once done, rejoin. She looks to Magicia.. “Hey. I’ll be keeping up with you..” That same hole in reality forms behind her- as colorful little lights come from it- along with the snarl of a few daemons who instantly want a peice of that psyker energy that Zoey’s got. “I’ll come back when I got the energy to do so.. I’m sorry.” And.. She’s just gone.
06/07/19, 12:03 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) * Asks Sasuke if she has any duct tape *
06/07/19, 12:03 AM Echo She sees Consequence … even a Tavern out in a meadow where it was when she first came to Hellifyno ten years before… it is so beautiful she takes a sharp breath
06/07/19, 12:04 AM High King Ar’Elis He reaches up a hand, and the string of Twine Thyme is revealed once more. It is now mostly cleansed. There are still traces of the corruption on it, but they are faded, and washed out by the glowing bright light that shines in new hope across the stream. He touches that strand, ever so gently, and another time shift happens. The world focuses to a point, you move not in a direction but through, visions of strange things assail you and subsume you. This time though, you live a thousand different lives as if they were your own. You are born and grow old and die. You have children or you don’t. You see the past and the future and the infinite possibilities and when you are done… you are somewhere else.
06/07/19, 12:04 AM [DM] Kida Le Morte *through everything kida just kind of hung out in a daze like state. due to the loss of twine she seemed to have just shut off for now… watching and moving with the group*
06/07/19, 12:04 AM [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel The wormhole behind Zoey is quickly eaten up…
06/07/19, 12:04 AM Moira Crux (Okay, I’m down for the count y’all. Gonna go to bed before I crash with all my lights and shit on.)
06/07/19, 12:04 AM [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel So much for following her.
06/07/19, 12:04 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *He looks uncertain and a bit frightened about the next time shift. But his resolve would strengthen, determined to protect those around him at any cost.. Well- maybe not /ANY/ cost..*
06/07/19, 12:05 AM Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio) Welp, good thing she can create more.. Only now it’ll take longer.. FUCK YOU, DM’s!
06/07/19, 12:05 AM Narrator You are in a familiar place. It is the city of Ar’Elis, the site of the Cards and the Emperor’s fall. But this is not the glistening city you stood in before. This is a city that has been ravaged, destroyed, and torn apart. In the distance you hear the shrieking of beasts, and as you watch, a massive monkey the size of a tank crashes into a building, tearing out a chunk and hurtling it at the group before continuing on his rampage.
06/07/19, 12:06 AM Narrator There is rubble and ruin everywhere. There is howling and screaming. Fires light the sky and smoke chokes the air.
06/07/19, 12:06 AM The Raven Child Will’s stomach turns at all of the impossibility being laid out before him. This isn’t right. He isn’t even a year old, and he’s supposed to engage with all of this? At the same time, though, his mind soars at the concept of infinity. It’s something not totally alien to him, and he isn’t sure if he likes it or not, but at last he’s able to deal with it. He embraces it, lets it go and moves on. On to Ar’Elis.
06/07/19, 12:06 AM The Raven Child “Fuck.”
06/07/19, 12:06 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Once Kwazii is all good, he carefully gets up. Does not care about the time stuff at all. Sass likes this vision of a better Hellifyno while her Uncle just snorts at it. Now, the group of Sass is in Ar’Elis. She doesn’t know about this, neither does Uncle and Kwazii^
06/07/19, 12:06 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Wait a second…” Magicia steps forward, clutching her shoulders and wincing. “This isn’t right. This is after the chaos started. We haven’t gone back far enough…”
06/07/19, 12:06 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah reaches out and grabs the chunck with an invisible force before it hits them. Then he gently sets it down. “ getting tiring…”
06/07/19, 12:06 AM Gwen Poole “Where’s this?” For some reason, probably because she just never came to this place for any reason at all, Gwen never recognized Ar’Elis.
06/07/19, 12:06 AM High King Ar’Elis “This is the town of my birth. The time of my re-birth.”
06/07/19, 12:07 AM High King Ar’Elis “And my ancient enemy is coming.”
06/07/19, 12:07 AM Sam Cairfax Sam leaps over the debris, landing on the chunk and kicking off of it to dodge
06/07/19, 12:07 AM Gwen Poole “Ohh…” Gwen nodded slowly. And then rubbed the back of her neck before leaning over to Elyss. “…Where is this again?” She whispered this, just to get a private answer.
06/07/19, 12:07 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “..The baby.” She snaps into remembrance. The chase for the child during the unraveling of minds during the Madooga Co tour.
06/07/19, 12:07 AM Narrator A tiny screaching monkey hurtles out of nowhere to crash into Sam.
06/07/19, 12:08 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem was ready this time to keep going. Tired, physically and mentally. Bleeding a bit still that slowly healed itself she weathered another trip backwards until they were back in Ar’Elis. Except it was war torn, worse then when Lelouche laid siege to it. After looking over the destruction she looked over to Ar’Elis. “What enemy?”
06/07/19, 12:08 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) I don’t know this place. *Looks around and eeeeks as he dodges some ape going on a rampage*
06/07/19, 12:08 AM Elyss Sieghart “Where are we now? I recall this place, but it was less ruined… and not so… primatey…” She mutters looking around.
06/07/19, 12:08 AM The Raven Child “That sounds promising.” His battleplate having regenerated, Will held out the triangle and equipped it once again, the Nychta shards sliding over his body until he was once more fully armoured. “So where’s this enemy of yours, Ar’Elis?”
06/07/19, 12:08 AM Sam Cairfax Sam grabs the monkey and holds it up. His powers activating to dominate it. “Stop”.
06/07/19, 12:08 AM Narrator Not far off you see a magnificent arena formed entirely of sand, being demolished by a group of crazed apes that tear it apart piece by piece.
06/07/19, 12:09 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “That either refers to the Abomination, Ruby, or Me.”
06/07/19, 12:09 AM Narrator The monkey claws Sam in the face.
06/07/19, 12:09 AM Echo ::angrily grabs Kwazii’s harness and leads him behind cover, then begins to wash the acid-burned area of his hide with cool soapy water. Soap will cut the acid even further. It will be awhile before his fur grows back in the area, of course. Then she gives him an injection of a localized pain-killer. No numbness. He’ll feel weaker, but not be suffering::
06/07/19, 12:09 AM The Raven Child “In ages past, there was another. Wasn’t there?”
06/07/19, 12:09 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Or maybe the monkeys.”
06/07/19, 12:09 AM High King Ar’Elis He shakes his head.
06/07/19, 12:09 AM Sam Cairfax He throws the monkey on the floor and kicks it in the face. Yeeting it into a wall
06/07/19, 12:09 AM The Raven Child “It’s his -ancient- enemy. Not his one-year-ago enemy.”
06/07/19, 12:10 AM Narrator Another monkey leaps into a skyscraper directly behind the entire group and tears into its support beams until the entire building starts to collapse towards them.
06/07/19, 12:10 AM Gwen Poole “…I think I missed this bit. Or I hadn’t made up my mind to move here yet. One or the other.” Gwen was lost, for sure.
06/07/19, 12:10 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “So…what is this?”
06/07/19, 12:10 AM Sam Cairfax “I am so done with this shit!” She tells, the whole situation getting to her just a bit.
06/07/19, 12:10 AM Narrator There are wild enraged apes and monkeys, simians of every variety, tearing apart the city with mindless rage.
06/07/19, 12:10 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Oh… At least that doesn’t mean me.”
06/07/19, 12:11 AM Echo ::hears the groaning of metal and concrete nearby, looks up:: Ohhhhhhh no RUN!!
06/07/19, 12:11 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) * Runs for his unlife *
06/07/19, 12:11 AM The Raven Child Those are very strong monkeys, the Ravener thinks. More disconcertingly, they don’t appear in any of That Guy’s memories. So…
06/07/19, 12:11 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Wait, the monkeys were during the tour..” She casts a wary glance in the direction of her Madooga Co tower. She’s in there, somewhere…
06/07/19, 12:11 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem could feel the building start to shake before she actually saw it. She turned and yelled “run!” As the massive building threatened to come down on them, doing just as such and getting out of the path
06/07/19, 12:11 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sassy and her group quickly gets out of the way. Sass looks around. She sees Echo hiding behind Kwazii. Kwazii stays still as he stands to let her do her healing touch. Sass and him owe her. He does yelp in surprise as he gets the injection. He looks at her, more so curious. It will take a few for it to hit him. Sass gives Kwazii some pats on his head^ It’s okay, it’s okay… ^She says gently^ This is meant to help. I’m sorry it hurts but you will feel better… ^She trails off as she gasps^ Echo, are you ready to run?
06/07/19, 12:11 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Oh great.”……Elijah would grab whoever he could and would fucking sprint out of its path as quickly as possble.-
06/07/19, 12:11 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Oof, and she has to dodge a collapsing building, too.
06/07/19, 12:11 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass and co moves with Echo out of the way^
06/07/19, 12:12 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir grows massively, standing over the group and taking the brunt of the building against his back as it falls*
06/07/19, 12:12 AM Narrator The skyscraper crashes down, almost in slow motion, the massive tower rushing towards the group, before it smashes to the earth, destroying several other buildings and killing anything that was in its path. With the crash, flames leap up, smoke and debris fill the air, choking, making it hard to see.
06/07/19, 12:12 AM Echo ::grabs Kwazii’s harness again because she can’t run. Kwazii, though weakened, is still fast, and pulls her out of the way just in time::
06/07/19, 12:12 AM Echo ::she stubs a lot of toes, though::
06/07/19, 12:12 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I was running a tour during all this, can you believe it!?” She almost laughs with exasperation as she high tails it out of the way.
06/07/19, 12:13 AM The Raven Child At the moment, The Ravener is slightly conflicted. Part of him wants to go and see if there are alternate versions of Kida and Magicia and Ruby here in the past, and if there are, give his best shot at killing them. But there is more to be concerned about than destroying unsavoury bits of the past, and besides, Magicia has helped to save the world since then. Perhaps it would not be fair. With an internal shrug, the winged Reaver leaps into the sky, wings bearing him further aloft as he unsheathes his claws in anticipation of oncoming danger.
06/07/19, 12:13 AM Sam Cairfax Runs away from the building and leap dodges out of the way. “I just wanted to drink…” she mumbles “but no!” SHe coughs, “but no, I get sucked into the time warp “
06/07/19, 12:13 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Once at safety, Kwazii nudges his muzzle against Echo as an apology for running on her. Sass sighs as she looks up to her Uncle^
06/07/19, 12:13 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: I’m done with this bullshit…
06/07/19, 12:14 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrirs legs support the building for about 10 seconds after the group has gotten to safety, then his legs quiver and buckle underneath the weight of the building.*
06/07/19, 12:15 AM Echo Nothing to apologize for, Kwazii, you saved my life. ::she looks around for Sass and Elexin, realizing the latter has never acknowledged her. That seems odd. Oh, well::
06/07/19, 12:15 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass and the Uncle are next to Echo. Elexin, they have no clue as of where he ran off to^
06/07/19, 12:15 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah would set down whoever he had picked up and looked back towards where the skyscraper fell.
06/07/19, 12:15 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Okay, so… trying to figure out where we need to be. I think at this point, Baby Ar’Elis is still in that hotel place being protected by a keeper?”
06/07/19, 12:15 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: So is everyone, okay?
06/07/19, 12:15 AM Narrator Then, off in the distance, an ancient artifact is found in the rubble by an enemy of all of Hellifyno. A crazed woman who seeks only power. Ruby touches the stone, and as it speaks to her, she knows a force that was born at the dawn of time, and she knows what she must do. Invoking its power, she releases the Malevolent Abomination for the first time in almost a million years.
06/07/19, 12:16 AM The Raven Child “Oh. Well, there’s that.”
06/07/19, 12:16 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *he gives a whine as the huge building continues to press him down into the ground*
06/07/19, 12:16 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Shit… are we too late!?”
06/07/19, 12:16 AM Sam Cairfax “Rip in peperinni, wolf boi” she takes off her hat in respect before putting it back on “oi, you! Nightmare chick!” He points to Mags “what now?”
06/07/19, 12:16 AM Elyss Sieghart Elyss had dodged the building, but she still doesn’t know what is going on at all.
06/07/19, 12:17 AM Narrator Reality distorts, it begins to unwind, space and time shift and crash against one another. The very fabric of reality is rent and torn as the creature rises from its ancient prison. You feel like your mind is shattering. Objects around you distort, break apart and are reformed in twisted new ways. Geometry fails, reason fails, reason flees and there is only a screaming howling insanity that tears through every inch of your being. Your body parts are suddenly millions of miles away from one another. Your eyes are looking at your own dead body being born anew. Your skin feels sensations from a million other beings who you have never met. And through it all, there is a dark figure, that approaches, the only solid thing in any universe.
06/07/19, 12:17 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: I don’t think we’re okay, anymore…
06/07/19, 12:17 AM Echo ::she sees Fenrir Sharpfang go down under the falling building and wishes she could help:: I have taken no new harm, and Aelu is uninjured.
06/07/19, 12:17 AM The Raven Child “I mean… oh.” He’s about to suggest that he himself go and fight the Malevolent Abomination, before remembering that he is oddly weaker now than he usually is. “Hm. Well, what are we -meant- to do? What’s the objective with each jump?”
06/07/19, 12:17 AM Narrator Insanity would be a blessing right now as the Abomination of malevolence tears reality apart and rips your very perceptions to shreds.
06/07/19, 12:17 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Glad Aelu is okay. I haven’t seen ’em in a donkey’s age. Right now, i think Aelu is safer hidden…
06/07/19, 12:17 AM Echo ::then … chaos again, madness::
06/07/19, 12:18 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Fuck, she had just stopped getting used to this sensation, too. Here in this time, where she both hasn’t and has joined with the Malevolence, her mind is fucky. “Fix the wounds of time, Raven. Stop the chaos before it happens.. but we’re too late…”
06/07/19, 12:18 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ This is the first time in her life Anthem would sense this creature before seeing it after the building crash. Her crimson eyes going wide as she underwent the distorting of reality, then without warning the feeling makes her puke. Luckily she’s able to find a bush or something.
06/07/19, 12:18 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Fuck.” Was all Elijah managed to say before madness overwhelmed him. Falling to one knee Elijah tries to find something to hold onto.
06/07/19, 12:18 AM High King Ar’Elis The child Ar’Elis stands firm, never wavering. “My ancient friend. My ancient foe. I was but an infant when last we met. But now I remember how I defeated you last time. And your reign of terror will end forever.”
06/07/19, 12:18 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Chaos and madness that is something he understands*
06/07/19, 12:18 AM Echo ::Aelu is hiding under Echo’s belt. She is wearing trousers and a blouse of healer’s green with one sleeve gone, now that she has no cloak::
06/07/19, 12:19 AM Gwen Poole “Whoa. That was trippy. Can we not?” Gwen shook her head and set a hand on Elyss for some stability, before looking at Anthem. “Aww, eww… C’mere, Anthem.” She went and gave the Scion a pat on the back.
06/07/19, 12:19 AM Echo ::to everyone but Sass and Kwazii, she keeps her head bowed or the left side of her face turned away as much as possible::
06/07/19, 12:19 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She shudders violently, feeling the past and future within her being starting to meet up and collide. Enter the Black, Magicia… that is what you did then, right? .. NO, FIGHT IT.
06/07/19, 12:20 AM High King Ar’Elis The child raises his hands, glowing light that has no color that is discernible to any perception shoots from it towards the shadowy thing. This light seems to be a kind of beacon through the madness, through the tearing rends in reality, revealing the Malevolent Abomination as just a man, aproaching at a slow gait. One that falls back at the force of the attack.
06/07/19, 12:20 AM Sam Cairfax Fucj, chaos and madness. Not again. She stares at the singular figure and just cocks an eyebrow. “Sup?”
06/07/19, 12:20 AM High King Ar’Elis The child fires again, and again, and with each bolt reality starts to feel more whole, more real.
06/07/19, 12:20 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass is used to madness and chaos, Uncle too. The two lives together in it, side by side, forever. She doesn’t twitch or anything, nor does the Uncle. Kwazii is grateful the meds kicked in since it bothers him. He stays near Echo’s and Aelu’s side through the madness^
06/07/19, 12:20 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ This was a first. Maybe it was just a reaction to the first time her perception of reality was warped before her eyes. “Thanks.” She replied to Gwen with a nod, wiping the back of her mouth with the back of her hand. The taste of bile and blood was really gross and she wished she could wash out her mouth. Though she weathered through it to watch the King Ar’Elis.
06/07/19, 12:21 AM Narrator And then, a second Abomination arises. And then a third, and a fourth, until the dark creatures surround you. Their power tears reality once more and you are left with perceptions that can’t perceive, feelings that are alien and dying. The world feels as if it is ending, not physically, but spiritually, the very fabric of it rending.
06/07/19, 12:22 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen The King’s power helps break through the madness that is tearing at Magicia’s poor mind.. but then.. more? “Wh-what the hell…? There was.. there was only one that came through back then!”
06/07/19, 12:22 AM Narrator A dark bolt slashes through the child Ar’Elis’s body, then another. His limbs are ripped from him. His beating heart is pulled from his chest.
06/07/19, 12:22 AM High King Ar’Elis The child falls, shocked, gurgling blood, eyes growing glassy.
06/07/19, 12:22 AM Echo ::she doesn’t even recognize the city of Ar’Elis and was not here when this happened before. But when more Abominations appear, she begins praying to her gods::
06/07/19, 12:22 AM Sam Cairfax She mentally folds her arms and waits for something else to happen. All these mind games were starting to build her tolerance
06/07/19, 12:22 AM Elyss Sieghart Elyss just wants to die, so she doesn’t have to feel this anymore. “Why can’t we go back in time to correctly pet a mistreated sheep or something!?” She yells as she just goes limp and falls over letting whatever tear her apart. Not like she can do anything about anything.
06/07/19, 12:22 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah grits his teeth….and he tried to offer some of his power to the High King…giving him more power to use…then..the dark bolt hits.
06/07/19, 12:22 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “No!”
06/07/19, 12:22 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Looks around frowning * This does not compute.
06/07/19, 12:22 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem catches Ar’Elis as he falls. “No… You were our brightest hope.”
06/07/19, 12:22 AM The Raven Child “Stop the Chaos? And they sent -us-?” The Raven Child laughs horribly. It sounds like the cawing of a crow, sarcastic and raucous. “Idiots. Much as I can’t stand him, That Guy isn’t wrong about that…” Now unimpeded by Augustus’s presence, his aura blazes up again, all the spirit of this immortal warrior burning within it and bolstering those around him to great heights of bravery and resolve. “ALL AS ONE, TOGETHER!” And with that, he lunges at the nearest Abomination, heedless of the possibility that they might not be real at all.
06/07/19, 12:23 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Ar’Elis!” She gasps and rushes forward, still having a bit of NYOOM left. “No,no no no no no no…”
06/07/19, 12:23 AM Narrator The shadowy creatures close in, they are all around you now but there is nothing you can do. Reality is breaking. Direction is gone. Time is distorted. Did he just die? Are you back in Consequence? persistence? Earth? Whatever that place is. The fabric of life and existence is rent and the young king is savagely torn to shreds.
06/07/19, 12:23 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: I don’t know what’s going on but I do know that this must be a fight… Right?
06/07/19, 12:23 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah….drags himself over “Wait……” Slowly…he pulls a flaming of his own out of thin air. “Can this help?”
06/07/19, 12:24 AM Echo ::just stares at Sassy as if she can’t understand the question::
06/07/19, 12:24 AM High King Ar’Elis As he dies, the child Ar’Elis reaches out, somehow, and a line, a Twine of Thyme appears, shooting bright white into the distance. He silently urges you, take this life line, escape, live, and bring hope to the future.
06/07/19, 12:24 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Try it, please…” She can feel her heart growing heavy. She doesn’t like Ar’Elis but she knows how much they need him now. “Ar’Elis don’t you freakin’ dare.. don’t you die.. It’s just a heart you can live without it trust me I’ve done it…”
06/07/19, 12:24 AM Gwen Poole “Actually… I’d rather go pet sheep myself.” Elyss had a better idea, really.
06/07/19, 12:24 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “.. Please…”
06/07/19, 12:24 AM Sam Cairfax Charge! Sam joins Raven in his attack.
06/07/19, 12:25 AM Narrator There is no city anymore. There is no continent. There is no Hellifyno. There is not even darkness. Just you, each of you, with a choice. To end this all now, or to go on, to escape, to fight on.
06/07/19, 12:25 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem takes the line and gestures for everyone to grab ahold of it. To where ever, whenever it might take them.
06/07/19, 12:25 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah would press his feather into the High King’s body where the heart was. The phoenix flames and mix of Gaian light along with the healing remedies of the feather itself should do something right?
06/07/19, 12:25 AM The Raven Child “Ah, and it’s all stopped making sense.” The Raven Child ceased doing anything, because doing something would result in nothing or worse. “Never mind then.”
06/07/19, 12:25 AM Narrator No attacks will work. You can’t charge. There is no ground. Your legs aren’t even attached. Who are you? What are you? What is anything?
06/07/19, 12:26 AM High King Ar’Elis The child’s body has been ripped into a million different dimensions.
06/07/19, 12:26 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen This wasn’t supposed to happen… there was only one back then.. wasn’t there? She was sure of it. Choking a bit, Magicia slowly hoists herself up, reaching for the life line. Continue on… find a new way without him. “.. We have to go. Now.”
06/07/19, 12:26 AM Elyss Sieghart “I am toast.” She mutters feeling empty, but somehow she was able to crawl to the lifeline and holds on.
06/07/19, 12:26 AM High King Ar’Elis All that is left is that one thin strand of hope.
06/07/19, 12:26 AM Echo ::as others take the line, she does, too, once again holding Kwazii’s harness and indicating he should take the line in his mouth::
06/07/19, 12:26 AM The Raven Child The Raven Child was the Ravener was the winged Reaver was Will. He knew that to be true. Didn’t he?
06/07/19, 12:26 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah…would follow Anthems lead and reach out for the life line, his head hanging low in defeat.
06/07/19, 12:26 AM Sam Cairfax “Folliw the hope”
06/07/19, 12:26 AM [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel Take a hold of hope, or succumb to the nothing? It is time to choose.
06/07/19, 12:26 AM Gum The pink figure watched from the skies with a smirk on her lips. her tail was moving slowly
06/07/19, 12:26 AM Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Tick tock tick tock.
06/07/19, 12:26 AM The Raven Child He, too, reached for hope. It was something he needed.
06/07/19, 12:26 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass is a stubborn one so she takes the choice to fight on along with Kwazii and Uncle to tag along. He does take the line next to Echo with his mouth. Sass and the Uncle are together, holding onto the line and each other^
06/07/19, 12:27 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah hangs onto the hope like the others.
06/07/19, 12:27 AM Echo Elexin – grab the line…
06/07/19, 12:27 AM Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Gum would find there was no sky. No ground. Just people floating in nothing, and a single strain of glowing Thyme.
06/07/19, 12:27 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Takes the line*
06/07/19, 12:27 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids had been there doing maid-type stuff up until this point. Where are they now? Undoubtedly following and protecting their Mistress. It’s what they do. Now they were clamoring on the lifeline like all the others, fweeping. Allegedly.
06/07/19, 12:27 AM Gwen Poole “You’re buttered toast, Elyss, and that’s pretty awesome toast!” Gwen grabbed onto the lifeline as well, right next to Elyss.
06/07/19, 12:27 AM Echo ::that damned ticking::
06/07/19, 12:27 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Will probably be hung with it*
06/07/19, 12:28 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Hurry up…” She’s too mortified to cry. Just determined to live.
06/07/19, 12:28 AM Elyss Sieghart “Buttered toast…”
06/07/19, 12:28 AM Echo ::the madness is getting to her:: There was a man like you and me, as simple as a man could ever be, and he was happy as a king, except for one pe—culiar thing.
06/07/19, 12:29 AM Valno Le Morte -sort of just watches from the shadows trying to catch up and figure out what is going on-
06/07/19, 12:29 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *He gives a loud howl of despair, being a ways away from the line, trying to get to it before it leaves him in this madening place*
06/07/19, 12:29 AM Echo He had a clock that worked all right, it worked all right but not exactly quite, instead of going “Tick tock tick,” the crazy clock went, “Tock tick tock.”
06/07/19, 12:29 AM The Raven Child “I guess this answers my question. None of us were prepared at all for anything.” The Raven Child laughed again, even more harshly. “Ah, well. ‘Ere We Go.”
06/07/19, 12:29 AM Echo ::she continues singing “The Syncopated Clock” with a dazed look on her face::
06/07/19, 12:30 AM Narrator Those that take the hope that take the strand, the Twine of Thyme, are flung, fast beyond speed, through something and nothing. This is similar to the other time jumps but also very different. It seems to last not for moments, but for an eternity. It is as if you are an immortal hanging by a stringing for generations, for ages, flinging through every possibility and impossibility, crashing through the very nature of time and space itself. You barely remember your bodies anymore, barely remember one another, all you feel is the sensation of movement, of speed, of escape, and then , as if in answer to a prophecy given by a smart ass herself, giant words come into view.
06/07/19, 12:30 AM Narrator Those words are gibberish, they don’t mean anything to any of you. But then more words. \n\nStarring….. And at that, each of your names begin to appear.
06/07/19, 12:30 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist
06/07/19, 12:30 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “MADOOGA DAMNIT NOT AGAIN.”
06/07/19, 12:31 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: What is this? Some kinda fourth wall bullshit?
06/07/19, 12:31 AM Narrator Fenrir…. The Raven Child… Sasuke… Echo… Elijah Dawnshard….
06/07/19, 12:31 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: We’re not Deadpool…
06/07/19, 12:31 AM Gwen Poole “Yeah, because you’re mad slick, Elyss!” Gwen grinned. And then, with no surprise at all, pointed at at the words. “See? Look. Look. Looook.”
06/07/19, 12:31 AM Narrator Special guest stars: The Maid
06/07/19, 12:31 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “.. Deja vu, I’ve just been in this place before…”
06/07/19, 12:31 AM The Raven Child “Higher on the street, and I know it’s my time to go…”
06/07/19, 12:31 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “What the fuck?”
06/07/19, 12:31 AM Sam Cairfax “Ooooooooh!” She nods “what? Mc
06/07/19, 12:31 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: I didn’t get my trailer!
06/07/19, 12:31 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: You’re a D-List star, Sasuke, what did you expect?
06/07/19, 12:31 AM Valno Le Morte Yep I’ve missed something -she mumbles as she step out and floats along-
06/07/19, 12:31 AM Narrator Sasuke Firemist and Elijah Dawnshard
06/07/19, 12:32 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “Either I’ve been demoted to a Guest or promoted to a Special Guest. Peculiar.”
06/07/19, 12:32 AM Gwen Poole “Look at this, then look at me. Now look back. Look at me again. And tell me Back to the Future can’t apply here as much as anything else. My fears are justified! I’m VALIDATED!”
06/07/19, 12:32 AM Narrator Each of your names appear, flashing past you so fast you almost can’t read them.
06/07/19, 12:32 AM [DM] Kida Le Morte *kida stares blankly and leans on valnos shoulder*
06/07/19, 12:32 AM Narrator With commentary by: Gwen Poole
06/07/19, 12:32 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Uh what?” Anthem was pretty confused. What was a Rolepages? Where were they? Gwen was probably right, they done broke Time itself.
06/07/19, 12:32 AM The Raven Child “You’re a spectacular guest, Fwuf.”
06/07/19, 12:32 AM Valno Le Morte -wraps an arm around Kida-
06/07/19, 12:32 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: What did I do? Or what am I going to do?
06/07/19, 12:32 AM Elyss Sieghart “Gwen. Shut up for a bit. You’re words they break reality.”
06/07/19, 12:32 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She searches for her name, half hoping this is a dream so she doesn’t appear….
06/07/19, 12:32 AM Narrator Directed by Magicia the Nightmare Queen and Anthem Lucas Kishimoto
06/07/19, 12:32 AM Narrator Produced by: The Narrator
06/07/19, 12:32 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Heck.”
06/07/19, 12:32 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Uh what?”
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf …..
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids cheer more Madooga! Loudly Violently.
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Now we know who to complain to for our shit pay.
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ It’s rather upsetting.
06/07/19, 12:33 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Ah damn…” She read her name.
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: HEY! PRODUCER! WE DEMAND A HIGHER SALARY!
06/07/19, 12:33 AM The Raven Child “Ah, there you are, Magicia. Right up at the top.”
06/07/19, 12:33 AM [DM] Kida Le Morte *kida applauds..maybe?*
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Sílrien Ranor applauds and reminds them of the wall*
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Gwen Poole “Nah, I’m, like, some mega-powerful fourth-wall breaking meme machine, Elyss. I’m just me.”
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Sílrien Ranor brava!
06/07/19, 12:33 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “You’re getting paid?”
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Narrator And then you crash back into…… something else.
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Sam Cairfax “Damn it, Cheshire!”
06/07/19, 12:33 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) You got popcorn Sasuke??
06/07/19, 12:33 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “you’re getting paid for all this shit?”
06/07/19, 12:33 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) ACK
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Elyss Sieghart “I… I’m going to go sleep for a long time.”
06/07/19, 12:33 AM The Raven Child “There’s that silly wall again,” Will complained, pointing at it. It was very close, right up until…
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Valno Le Morte -grumbles-
06/07/19, 12:33 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass shares the popcorn with Elexin as they fall^
06/07/19, 12:34 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ They suddenly crash… Into something.
06/07/19, 12:34 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “I get paid in satisfaction. And infant corpses. But ham is usually given instead. Damned skimpers.”
06/07/19, 12:34 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: I always save some for my dad.
06/07/19, 12:34 AM Echo CHEERS FOR NARRY AND ALL THE DMs!!!!!
06/07/19, 12:34 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ ^
06/07/19, 12:34 AM Elyss Sieghart “Can you share such broken abilities with me, Gwen?” Oof! Crashed into something.
06/07/19, 12:34 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ CHEERS TO ALL THE DM’S AND NARRY
06/07/19, 12:34 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) Good thing my hat is nailed to my freakin head.
06/07/19, 12:34 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ And then, folks are crashing into things because, well…
06/07/19, 12:34 AM Narrator You find yourselves floating. You are in a place of infinite possibility. Dream it, and it becomes a reality. Think it, and it will happen. Contradictions don’t exist. Reality doesn’t exist. There is only fantasy. Only possibility. A place where anything and anyone is possible.
06/07/19, 12:34 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ It’s not over yet.
06/07/19, 12:34 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Player claps and cheers. She gives them failed wolf whistles and throws snippets of yarn into the air as confetti!^
06/07/19, 12:34 AM The Raven Child “Cheers.” The Raven Child folded his arms and let himself crash, trailing black feathers in a manner that could only be described as ‘cinematic’.
06/07/19, 12:35 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) Claps
06/07/19, 12:35 AM Echo ::throws flowers and chocolate and beer and vodka in unbreakable bottles::
06/07/19, 12:35 AM Narrator Somehow you know that this is the beginning, the very beginning. A time when there were no rules. There were no structures. Time and space didn’t matter, they could be anything and they were everything.
06/07/19, 12:35 AM Narrator Flowers and chocolate beer and vodka appears.
06/07/19, 12:35 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem thinks a hammock inbetween two palm trees, and suddenly they appear…
06/07/19, 12:35 AM Narrator Hammock appears. As do the trees.
06/07/19, 12:35 AM Valno Le Morte -her silver glowing eyes scan over everyone who is along for this ride noting the ones she knows and the ones she does not as her eyes begin so roam further scanning around-
06/07/19, 12:35 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Hey! Isn’t this where the Creation, Balance, and Chaos were born from?
06/07/19, 12:35 AM The Raven Child The Raven Child dreams of a Hellifyno where all is peaceful and just.
06/07/19, 12:36 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She almost feels as if she’s been here before. Possible, what with the time fuckery and whatnot. But she doesn’t know. She floats around in the somethingness, eyes shut tight. She just wants solid ground….
06/07/19, 12:36 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: It might be…
06/07/19, 12:36 AM Valno Le Morte -she heads for the vodka-
06/07/19, 12:36 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah imagines a comfy chair infront of a fireplace…plenty of books and a mug of hibiscus tea, then he is surprised to see it pop up-
06/07/19, 12:36 AM Narrator Many Hellifynos come into being, including the perfect one. And then they crash together and break and reform and break again.
06/07/19, 12:36 AM DM Alena Kross -watches as the mind creates what the heart desires-
06/07/19, 12:36 AM The Raven Child “Damn.”
06/07/19, 12:36 AM Elyss Sieghart “I can finally be toast?” But, she doesn’t actually want to be toast. The hell is going on now?
06/07/19, 12:36 AM Narrator The chair, the fireplace, it all exists.
06/07/19, 12:36 AM Echo ::thinks of the original Blue Moon tavern, out in a meadow ringed a half mile away with a forest::
06/07/19, 12:36 AM Narrator Elyss is toast. And then isn’t.
06/07/19, 12:36 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah flops, tiredly into the chair..and relaxes into it.
06/07/19, 12:36 AM Elyss Sieghart Talk about an identity crisis…
06/07/19, 12:36 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids begin thinking about bodies and bodies and bodies and bodies… Ham, human corpses, all varieties of meat to eat. And a big throne and comfy bed for Mistress!
06/07/19, 12:37 AM Gwen Poole Gwen imagined a floating theater screen that showed the entirety of Back to the Future so that everyone could know what the fuck she was talking about.
06/07/19, 12:37 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sassy imagines yarn and a good wooden crochet hook^
06/07/19, 12:37 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -and from the nothing, kidas chest glows a bright green as the weird little blob like creature with long black anters and a white skull head appear. it waves a slimey hand to everyone- welcome everyone… to the land of the dreamers!!!
06/07/19, 12:37 AM The Raven Child “Guess that answers the question of infinite possibilities, to a degree.” Electing not to worry too much about it, the Ravener folded his hands behind his head and let himself drift.
06/07/19, 12:37 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She finds solid ground and lands, brushing herself off. “Dreamers?” What does that mean? Is it like her, a Dreamwalker?
06/07/19, 12:37 AM Echo ::imagines the floating theater screen dissolving into dust because she has seen Back to the Future enough times::
06/07/19, 12:37 AM Valno Le Morte -she looks to Kida worry in her eyes as her chest grows raising a brow at the skull head thing reaching for her daggers- Dreamers?
06/07/19, 12:38 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: So everything and everyone is a dream?
06/07/19, 12:38 AM Narrator As you float in this realm of infinite possibilities and infinite realities you start to perceive something… different.
06/07/19, 12:38 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah is taking five minutes to regather his strength..he will be right back.
06/07/19, 12:38 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem watches the movie as she relaxes in her hammock. This is okay for now.
06/07/19, 12:38 AM Echo ::smiles to herself::
06/07/19, 12:38 AM DM Alena Kross But the dreams did not mingle, where Elijah had his perfect library, the others simply saw him standing with an odd smile on his face-
06/07/19, 12:38 AM Gwen Poole Gwen tugged Elyss over to Anthem’s hammock so they could chill and watch the flick.
06/07/19, 12:38 AM Narrator These are faces, faces, of sleeping beings. They are humans, quietly at rest, tucked into beds, and as you look you recognize them. These are the real people, the people who dream, the people who create everything that you see and feel and experience. These are the Dreamers.
06/07/19, 12:39 AM Narrator Ad they look like you.
06/07/19, 12:39 AM Narrator Not like your faces, but like your souls.
06/07/19, 12:39 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Who is that ugly-Ohhh…
06/07/19, 12:39 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She just stands and waits, hoping to still wake up from that nightmare. History had gone wrong before they could meddle with it on that last jump. What happened?
06/07/19, 12:39 AM Narrator They are you, and as they dream, each their own dream, you are created and exist, and so does everything that exists.
06/07/19, 12:39 AM Valno Le Morte -her brow raises and her nose twitches as her eyes roam over the dreamers faces-
06/07/19, 12:40 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) Oh oh oh oh oh
06/07/19, 12:40 AM Echo ::remembers seeing the Dreamers long ago… but there were nowhere near so many… how Hellifyno’s population has grown in ten years!::
06/07/19, 12:40 AM Echo ::exponentially::
06/07/19, 12:40 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem looks at something familiar and it wasn’t the movie. Who were these people? She goes wide eyed a bit.
06/07/19, 12:40 AM Elyss Sieghart “Oh. Anthem!” She is dragged on over after being toast for a bit and just doesn’t know what is going on but looks at the flick. “Uh… I see myself… floating around. Looks like me.” She shivers. “Man… I keep forgetting how weird this all is.”
06/07/19, 12:41 AM [DM] Kida Le Morte *kida looked to valno and then the dreamers*
06/07/19, 12:41 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen It went wrong, it all went wrong… and now this is territory she’s definitely not familiar with.
06/07/19, 12:41 AM Gwen Poole “Oh, if you want, you can do what I did when this happened!” Gwen pulled free the Vorpal Blade. “I stabbed myself in the head with this to get rid of the fucks I had about the fragility of our reality.”
06/07/19, 12:41 AM Valno Le Morte -she kept Kida close as she looked and watched confusion on her brows but understanding in her glowing silver eyes-
06/07/19, 12:41 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Hello.” Was all she could say, actually kinda scared as well. This just got really deep. Like deeper into the rabbit hole she’s ever gone.
06/07/19, 12:42 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: I don’t like this person. She’s an ugly potato.
06/07/19, 12:42 AM Echo On a marble slab raised up above all the beds of the Dreamers lies a special Dreamer whom she recognizes instantly as Narrator, the greatest of them all.
06/07/19, 12:42 AM Narrator Slowly, as you float in infinite possibilities, strings begin to form. Lines begin to stretch out over the vast emptiness of everything and nothing, and as they do, a form of network forms. Connections are made, and you witness the birth of things like space, distance, and direction. You witness the creation of cause and effect, time, and linear reality. You watch the creation of the first particles, the first forms. Shape exists now, place exists now. You can be somewhere and not somewhere else. You can know something, and not know other things.
06/07/19, 12:42 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: Eh, you’d think you’d get used to it by now…
06/07/19, 12:42 AM Gwen Poole “What’s so ugly about potatoes? Potatoes are kinda, like, a wonder-food.”
06/07/19, 12:43 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: Another rabbit hole for another day…
06/07/19, 12:43 AM Gwen Poole “Now celeriac? That’s an ugly vegetable.”
06/07/19, 12:43 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Head Maid scans over their ‘dreamer’, and is… not so impressed. There is a hint of maidliness there, but it’s not quite right. A bit too big.
06/07/19, 12:43 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… That explains why your brain is pink mush.” She mutters under her breath.
06/07/19, 12:43 AM Sam Cairfax “So is that a no on the bathroom break?”
06/07/19, 12:43 AM Elyss Sieghart “Are we going to be alright Anthem?” She looks at Gwen raising a brow. “You took your… fucks away?” She sighs and just… feels her mind struggle ro percieve anything.
06/07/19, 12:43 AM Narrator Slowly there is the formation of a universe, many universes, each with different rules but all connected by these twines of thyme, that stretch back and forth dragging existence into being and as they do, stars start to be birthed, little lights in the distance, and some far closer. A sun is born as are planets, and one very special planet which you slowly gravitate towards.
06/07/19, 12:44 AM Echo ::looks at herself, the child no one liked who became a Dreamer as refuge::
06/07/19, 12:44 AM Valno Le Morte -a soft sigh escapes her lips as she watches it all it seemed so familiar yes so distant-
06/07/19, 12:44 AM Echo ::and even though life changed, she never stopped Dreaming::
06/07/19, 12:44 AM Gwen Poole “Yeah. I didn’t wanna, like, go crazy or anything from seeing stuff you’re not really supposed to see.” Gwen dreamt herself some extra buttery and salty buffalo chicken flavored movie popcorn to share with Anthem and Elyss.
06/07/19, 12:45 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “…I’m not gonna lie. I have no idea anymore.” She replied to Elyss as she watched the formation of the universe around them. Things she couldn’t imagine appearing before her eyes. The creation of all things, it was… enlightening.
06/07/19, 12:45 AM Narrator Upon this planet there is an island, and as the seas come into existence, and land and mountains and life are given birth, you settle down onto this island, and find that you can stand, for there is ground, and there is a concept of up and down, and there is air that can be breathed and space that can be explored.
06/07/19, 12:45 AM Sam Cairfax Sam stares at hers and just squints “Why is mine fat?”
06/07/19, 12:46 AM Valno Le Morte -she lands her boots hitting the solid earth an arm still around Kida she stands solid with weight and looks around breathing a single word- Hellifyno
06/07/19, 12:47 AM Echo ::hugs Sassy and the Hatter/Elexin and Valno and Kida:: The birth of Hellifyno. I wonder if that was its name in the beginning.
06/07/19, 12:47 AM Elyss Sieghart “The one I recognize looks tired.” She mutters
06/07/19, 12:47 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen A realm to be melded by the mind… endless possibilities… perhaps this isn’t such unfamiliar territory after all. This can be, by definition… a paracosm.
06/07/19, 12:47 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *He looks around as a field filled with rabbits appears before him. He also would see… His parents? alive? No.. It can’t be..*
06/07/19, 12:47 AM Echo ::and Kwazii and maybe even Uncle::
06/07/19, 12:47 AM Narrator A voice whispers…. “Hell if I know”
06/07/19, 12:47 AM Valno Le Morte -she hugs Echo tight for a moment- I am unsure… but this land is unmistakable
06/07/19, 12:47 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids touchdown and immediately get to an important task… they need to know if there’s meats to eats. And a place for Madooga to zzz. The maids are simple creatures, despite their complexity.
06/07/19, 12:47 AM Valno Le Morte -a smirk covers her lips-
06/07/19, 12:47 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -and as the island was created. so was the large mountain range that spanned from one edge of the island to the other. a large landmass that seemed two times bigger than the original twine island… the trees are barely beginning to grow and blossom. the waters and the lakes are vast and wild… the fields of blooming flowers spanning as far as the eye can see-
06/07/19, 12:48 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass gives Echo a careful hug. Kwazii takes a hug. Uncle hates hugs so he doesn’t return it^
06/07/19, 12:48 AM Echo ::smiles at the voice:: Daloki had such a zany sense of humor.
06/07/19, 12:48 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) Daloki I recognize that name *looks at Echo *
06/07/19, 12:48 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ It was nice to feel land underneath her feet. But after seeing what she just saw, did it matter? Where they a dream? An idea? The Scion was having a existence crisis a bit as she looked around. Atleast familiar faces brought her some comfort. Then there was an unfamiliar voice, Anthem went on guard. Watching the original Twine come to life around her.
06/07/19, 12:49 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -there are no people here except those who landed. there was nothing but time space and dreams… the little globby creatures who glows green floated above all as he waited for them all to settle- welcome to the first lands.
06/07/19, 12:49 AM Echo She was Elexin’s wife. She died a year or so ago.
06/07/19, 12:49 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor the first dream of lad
06/07/19, 12:49 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor land*
06/07/19, 12:49 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor the first thing called mountains and trees and flowers
06/07/19, 12:49 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor the first… everything…
06/07/19, 12:49 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: What?… ^She frowns^ Dal died?… ^She blinks at Echo in shock^
06/07/19, 12:49 AM Valno Le Morte -she looks at Hatter… really looks at him and smiles- Glad to see you alive… -her eyes dim upon hearing about Dal-
06/07/19, 12:50 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She slowly moves forward, staring blankly in thought. Thoughts of woe, thoughts of hope. She still can’t comprehend why things went wrong on that last jump. But they’re here now. Wherever ‘here’ is.
06/07/19, 12:50 AM Elyss Sieghart Elyss just wants to understand anything. It seems like she’s just a thought of some other being that watches over the existence of everything. She just… wishes she can wipe her mind of everything she’s just learned.
06/07/19, 12:50 AM Echo ::her smile has faded and she nods:: I can tell you about it another time. It was terrible.
06/07/19, 12:50 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the creature moved around as it hummed softly- this is the land of twine and thyme… the first island of this world.
06/07/19, 12:51 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *he decides to accept it and move on to the next area, spotting the Hatter walking over to him and pawing gently at Hatter, thankful for someone real and substantial to reach out and touch*
06/07/19, 12:51 AM Archibald Cheshire III *Poof* There was Chesh, popping out of Mag’s head and rolling. “Fuck!” He coughed “And i thought my mind was a nightmare”
06/07/19, 12:52 AM Sam Cairfax Sam takes a rest at a tree and removes her hat.
06/07/19, 12:52 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem watched and listened to the creature with intrigue
06/07/19, 12:52 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Recognizes the Wolf and Smiles * Hey.
06/07/19, 12:52 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids hunted about a while longer but eventually regrouped near their Mistress. Without food to hunt for and an ungodly amount of dust, the maids didn’t have much to do except… scream at eachother like adorable little velociraptors.
06/07/19, 12:52 AM Echo I wasn’t there, but Marieke told me the whole story. ::sighs::
06/07/19, 12:52 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the creature moved more and moved off towards the lone and long mountain range- here you can think of anything and everything and it shall be… you wish for a minotaur? -as he spoke a small minotaur appeared- tada!!!
06/07/19, 12:53 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Having drank his tea and taken a few minutes to recollect his energies, Elijah….comes back to where ever they are.
06/07/19, 12:53 AM Valno Le Morte -she looked at the minotaur appear and shook her head slightly telling herself not to think-
06/07/19, 12:53 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor or… if you wish for…maybe a teddy bear!! -a stuffed little teddy appears from existence as tooletuk picks it up- you can think of anything.
06/07/19, 12:53 AM Sam Cairfax Sam imagines a cold bottle of wine and an outhouse to finally go to the restroom.
06/07/19, 12:53 AM Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids turned and faced the Minotaur. “Is… is it an eat?”
06/07/19, 12:53 AM Echo That isn’t really Elexin, is it ::nodding toward the Hatter. She seems to have forgotten that she lost her hooded cloak and her badly marred face is exposed:: Perhaps that’s for the best, considering that she’s dead.
06/07/19, 12:54 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor here… everything is new and fresh and clean and here is where anything is possible!!
06/07/19, 12:54 AM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass and her crew are just watching at this point^
06/07/19, 12:54 AM The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Starts listening close to Tooletuk…. that just sounds sort of dangerous whatever you wish for ?*
06/07/19, 12:54 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Ow.” Having random things appear on her head is not the most fun. And her adrenaline has run out.
06/07/19, 12:54 AM Valno Le Morte -she looked to Lex hearing Echo she moved to rest a gentle hand on her shoulder-
06/07/19, 12:54 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem watched with awe as suddenly wishes became reality. But those were things with dreams, weren’t they? She was still reeling from what she just realized…It was hard but she tried to follow along.
06/07/19, 12:55 AM Sam Cairfax “So… what your saying is here, we’re all gods? What about the Wyrm, wyrd, etc etc?” Chesh asks, floating around. the goop and examining it.
06/07/19, 12:55 AM Echo :: is a bit miffed that there weren’t more cheers for the DMs who did such a fantastic job ::
06/07/19, 12:55 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the creature nodded- here, the dreamers thought of land and then trees and moutains and things… the dreamers thought of this world and universe and everything that resides within it…
06/07/19, 12:56 AM Archibald Cheshire III “So… what your saying is here, we’re all gods? What about the Wyrm, wyrd, etc etc?” Chesh asks, floating around. the goop and examining it.
06/07/19, 12:56 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the event is still going.-
06/07/19, 12:56 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She rubs her head, trying to fix her hair as she listens, only half awake. She wont’ cheer until the 100 hour event is over and done with.
06/07/19, 12:56 AM Valno Le Morte The very beginning… the pure fresh world before the taint… -her eyes moved around the land watching-
06/07/19, 12:56 AM Echo :: the event goes for 100 hours do we wait till then? confused ::
06/07/19, 12:56 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor those things didn’t exist in this time frame yet. all that you know or will know happens billions and trillions of years from now
06/07/19, 12:57 AM Archibald Cheshire III “Ah, got it” he smirks and vanishes, reappearing with a large building that simply said “BAR” over it.
06/07/19, 12:57 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Can you tell us how this happened?” Anthem finally asked out.
06/07/19, 12:58 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the creature tilted its head more- what is the most detail things you remember before the world… POOFED
06/07/19, 12:58 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor think of that
06/07/19, 12:58 AM Elyss Sieghart Elyss walks up to Anthem. Her and Gwen are the only two she even knows.
06/07/19, 12:58 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -it floated more-
06/07/19, 12:58 AM Valno Le Morte -she smirked looking to the creature- Im not sure you would enjoy that
06/07/19, 12:58 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor there was.. twine city.. -and once the creature spoke of the city.. the ground trembled softly as on the one side of the large island the familiar city of twine appeared-“,#13CF13”
06/07/19, 12:58 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She frowns and thinks. “I remember… the balance feeling off. Everything was warped and shifting. So I evacuated Paracosm to the best of my abilities. But then…”
06/07/19, 12:59 AM Gwen Poole “Uuuuh…” Gwen remembered… that she had cereal that morning.
06/07/19, 12:59 AM Echo ::at the creatures words, her face becomes mournful and she says softly:: Amodelius… ::knowing that even in a brand new world, he will not reappear::
06/07/19, 12:59 AM Echo ACK Asmodelius
06/07/19, 12:59 AM Echo Aesmodeles, even
06/07/19, 12:59 AM Echo ::is tired::
06/07/19, 12:59 AM æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “I remember leaving The Red sun for a few minutes, then when something felt back…I went to check on Moira…then all hell broke loose.”
06/07/19, 12:59 AM DM Alena Kross From time to time, various items appeared as thoughts created and then discarded the items. Random thoughts littered the ground as the group milled about in confusion this new twist.
06/07/19, 12:59 AM Archibald Cheshire III “I remember, i remember the worry” Plays from inside the bar.
06/07/19, 12:59 AM (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -tooletuk looked to magi then everyone- do you remember your home? what land you come from?
6/7/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: I remember Persistence being swallowed up and attacked by pink llamas with tentacle limbs. I remember evacuating everyone and making sure everyone went through. ^She frowns^
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Paracosm is my home. The land I come from is dead to me.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Valno Le Morte -her silver glowing eyes flash black and her jaw flexed upon the images that filled her mind hearing the Tooletuks words-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem thought about what happened today. Her rush through the island of Palisade as the world suddenly turned to shit. Her attention towards the city of Twine now. She had no idea what to expect now but she was just rolling with it.
6/7/2019 0:00 Echo ::remembers too much::
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Where she came from? Home… She wants to go back there.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: Elexin, can we talk?
6/7/2019 0:00 The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) * That was hard… the Hat came from deep in Dark Wonderland…. the body however was from some reality of Earth *
6/7/2019 0:00 Echo ::too much, too much – she wanders away to grieve in private::
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the dreamed up planet would shake a little as more things seemed to pop up. more islands and continents.. as people spoke creatures and things would begin to fill the island of twine and thyme… more minotaurs. the teacup giraffes. all of which were babies for now-
6/7/2019 0:00 Valno Le Morte ((Compy dying, things to do. Im off for now but ill be back on tomorrow -waves-)
6/7/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole Gwen thought about all the places she skateboarded around. Where was that? Some parts of Consequence, lots of Persistence, and also Twine a few times!
6/7/2019 0:00 Echo (exhausted, must rest. Someone think of Worlds’ Crossing please)
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor (bye echo!)
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor (bye love)
6/7/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass thinks of Worlds Crossings just for Echo^
6/7/2019 0:00 The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Bye Echo*
6/7/2019 0:00 Valno Le Morte (byes love)
6/7/2019 0:00 Echo *poof*
6/7/2019 0:00 The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Bye Valno*
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “We go where Mistress goes. The rest of the world matters not to us, for it has given us nothing.”
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Empire that Crumbles – The Vessel The OOC is devoured by dreams of a clean chat.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -there was confusion at times where one moment a open filed turned into a large building or a giant mushroom depending on whose dream triggered the magic-
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -worlds crossing was thought of. and tooletuk looked to the maids- the world has not given you friends?
6/7/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^The Uncle sighs and shakes his head^
6/7/2019 0:00 The Hatter (Essence of Elexin) *Must be off himself and seems to fade into an alternate reality of his own*
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor (bye lexi)
6/7/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist (bai, elexin)
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the world of Hellifyno begins to shape and mold and come more into existence. more and more things appear as more and more dreamers think of things they could. animals. homes. details.. even down to the last door mouse. it all slowly came back into existence… one piece at a time-
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “…It brought me DaVinci.” The Head Maid pondered a moment. “And ham… and delicious babies…”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem thought deeply of where she came from. She was born in Consequence herself, but her many lives were born far and wide across what was known to Hellifyno. Some memories, shes finding, where from those who didn’t originate from Hellifyno… That was new.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -memories were their carpenters, using the familiar to slowly rebuild the world they knew around them. Old ghosts rising fast-
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh thought about his home and then Izzy. He thought about everything he’d done and everyone he’d seen. He wasnt even from this site originally. Then he remembered the RP community on Tumblr and shuttered,
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She imagines her pets, her people, her adopted family, her dear maids, her tutelary…. everything she holds dear.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -slowly as they dream more.. things begin to stop coming to reality…as the world fills with more items and things tooletuk looks around- this world is what we have made it to be…
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor with friends. family. alliances.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor even enemies.”,#13CF13″
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor all of it has shaped who we are and were we are and with out it, Hellifyno wouldn’t be what it is..
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor that is our home…
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Head Maid imagined many many many many many many many maids, prancing beneath Paracosm and beneath the Inns and Taverns of the world, of the catacombs beneath improvidence… all the places they would put gore nests, where they would stash the corpses they devoured. And they shrines to Mistress… They wished to imagine a world where Madooga is supreme ruler, but they weren’t sure they were allowed to imagine that hard.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -Some of the faces they saw were not so beloved, nor missed but ancients history coming to life, coming back to haunt them all over again-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah did not even know what to think, but..he imagined……he imagined his parents..his friends…those he lost in the war.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -and then.. tooletuk moved more as time seemed to fast forward. the trees growing faster. the animals getting bigger as more animals appear. they stayed however on the twine and thyme island…-
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -the whirl of time might make some dizzy and slightly sick to their stomach, as so life progressed so quickly around them-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem soon thought of her family, from her late grandfather down to her younger brother and everyone in between. She wondered if they would be alright, having somehow survived this cataclysm.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Does this mean we get to go home now? Did we fix time even though Ar’Elis was turned into paste?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “mmmm… baby paste.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole Gwen thought of an absolute tsunami of chinchillas. Because the world could always need more chinchillas.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -and as time sped up, there was one teddy. then two and three.. then 20. then 1000 and that one single teddy has now turned into the twine and thymes first real population… the first teddies of twine…-
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -then time slows..-
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “You silly goose! We havent even hit 10hrs yet” Chesh boops Mag’s nose.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She has no idea what that means, of course. But she could bite off Arch’s finger from her exhaustion. “… So that means we still gotta fix something, huh?”
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -the bears danced, lounged, and played, and of course had picnics.-
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -tooletuk looked to the travelers. and then out. soon the first beings of twine besides the teddies appeared…-
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -and with twine city now there… the peoples seemed to be having one… big…issue….-
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Over time, the Twines of Thyme and reality start to grow thicker, settling reality into place. Slowly the dreams you are dreaming start to be less effective. Not everything is possible, only most things, or some things. The world can’t be fixed with a thought, but only by thoughts and actions united, and as this happens, the structure of the universe settles into place, as the first city in existence is born, and the population of beings created by the Dreams, forms and grows.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She quickly dreams of a big waffle to nom on and regain her strength, before the dream power wanes.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator That’s when a smell starts to waft through the air. A foul odor, a stench, that quickly grows. As time is sped up it goes from a distant odor to being a pervasive scent, then a stench, then a choking foul toxin that fills the air.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator It smells like shit.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem sense that something bad was coming their way. But instead it was just the world solidifying? Or something. She wasn’t sure what was real anymore. If she was even real.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ That smell was real though. Real rank.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *He would dream that everyone was safe from danger*
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Literal shit. The city of Twine is rank with the smell, and as time passes, and the city encompasses all of you, that smell becomes reality, as you find a metropolis drowning in its own feces.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Oh yeah. This is Twine, all right.” She drops her waffle and wretches. Finally puking properly after a day of nausea.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross – the smell was so dense it make the air almost clogged with it and brought tears to the eyes and made noses run-
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator No more dreams. Only poop.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Everywhere.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator It bursts from the windows.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator It pools around your feet.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator It washes down the streat in growing waves.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -tooletuk always hated this part of history but it was always an important one.. with out poop.. there would be no portals anywhere….-
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh levitates and dodges the poop “Damn it, Dragon!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Poop falls from the sky on Archibald.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Imagines a places where there’s no dung^
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The imagination period is over. A woman drops a bucket of dung on Sassys head from above.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids deploy rafts and umbrellas from their emergency garterbelts. They have enough for themselves and Mistress. They were prepared after the last time they visited Twine.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem tried to run away from the shit, covering her mouth with her sleeve to no avail as the shit stench permutated her clothes.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator It is everywhere.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I DREAM OF AN UMBRELLA! I DREAM OF AN UMBRELLA!” The nauseated queen shrieks frantically.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator No umbrellas appear. Only more shit.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Well, at least the maids got her covered.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -it wasn’t a dragon that did this… it was the many years of backed up everything.. and no where to move it to….-
6/7/2019 0:00 Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^The dung goes back to the woman as she imagines it so^
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She is having major PTSD from the last marathon, though….
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah covers his mouth and nose but he still has to step and trudge through literal shit.-
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Elyss feels shit ruining her life in too many different ways at once. She really hates this. She hates it so much.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The people and teddies of Twine are covered in the foul feces. And as more of them are born, more of the crap accumulates. It is all pervasive. It is everywhere.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids even turn themselves into makeshift umbrellas for Mistress, just in case.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -the crap was lumpy with undigested corn and sharp parts left better unchecked but they managed to tear a hole in the raft sinking the maids and the queen-
6/7/2019 0:00 Gwen Poole Gwen once went to a world where everything was made of cholera. She was fine. It was a brief visit, but once was enough to acclimate.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A wave of feces surges forwards and washes over Gwen.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ And a raft too, apparently. The maids are very ingenious despite their stupidity. The poor poor maids, doign so much just to try and save Mistress.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrirs sensitive nose is so overwhelmed with the scent of feces and it begins to shut down, he climbs up on to the highest level he can see*
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She can feel the maids dying inside from being this messy. But it’s hard to express her sympathy when she just is trying not to puke again.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Shit runs down from the high house Fenrir escapes to as the people inside try to find someplace to put it.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf (That*, not and)
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor – tooletuk shook his head as he moved along- once the people of this world had enough shit in their lives that when they decided to create the first portal……and then the first portal had made the second one. and then it was the portalverse…..
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem wondered if she could bend some rock over her head as an umbrella to escape the raining feces.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah was half tempted to start incinerating the feces but he decided against it.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -rivers of poop run where the roads had been and while many were up these creeks they were without paddles.-
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Flaming shit would not be a good idea at all. Not at all.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She would kill Elijah if he ended up causing just hot shit to rain down.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator In an effort to escape the literal shit storm peoples of Twine move out into the countryside, only to pollute that, causing rivers and streams to turn brown and mountains to sluice with the sickly bodily substances.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Luckily no one had dreamt up any fans yet.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The fumes from the feces are palpable, even those who find refuge have to breathe, have to feel the particles accumulate on their skin.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Everything is foul and fecund, washed in feces and waste and corrupted by the bodily expulsions of thousands and millions over the course of eons.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator It is a world of shit.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah to clear a path…..decides to burn a path through the shit, burning it off of him. And the poop in front of him
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She can’t contain it. She pukes more.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Flames ignite the poop and the fumes fill the air in choking smoking waves of shit stink, which spread quickly across the flamable substance.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem follows suit and pukes as well.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Shit seems to rain from the sky now, as flying creatures are invented, and they too, have bodily functions
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *He snarls and tries to teleport to the moon, attempting to also teleport Elijah and a few others, including Anthem, the Fwuf and her maids*
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “….” She draws her silver daggers, stumbling towards Elijah.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah realizing it was a bad idea..puts the fires out.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids, not wanting to risk opening their mouths,tap out a message in Morse Code.” ..-. .. .-. . / – ..- .-. -.- . -.– / -.– — ..- / .- … … …. — .-.. .”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Meanwhile Elijah’s fire spreads and hits a house that had been fully filled with the fecund substance. And as it does the house erupts and all of the waste inside is ignited into more foul flames and choking clouds of waste and odor.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I’m going to kill you, you idiotic pigeon…”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Death is about to be imagined.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -tooletuk had no sense of smell or really sense of anything. he was the first ancestor and was never really dreamed all the way through as the creauture just moved.. then a barfing ugly short and pot bellied human steps up- “this shit stinks!! we need to get rid of it!!!”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem trekked through knee high shit with a small platform of earth overhead keeping the shit from literally falling on her head. But the smell of burning shit was 10 times worse than normal shit and right then she held a quiet hatred for the Phoenix.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Teddies and humans alike agree wholeheartedly, but no plan can be found to get rid of the shit.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -then a woman pops up from another house an yells- “does anyone know how to help us!!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator “The Dreams don’t work like they used to.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “.– . / … …. — ..- .-.. -.. / – …. .-. — .– / . .-.. .. / .. -. .-.-.- / – …. .- – / … …. — ..- .-.. -.. / ..-. .. -..- / .. – .-.-.-“
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She lunges at Elijah with full intent to slice his ears off.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -Clouds of shit scented smoke roll across the land, till one of the teddies squeaks out , what about a rain dance?-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah just books it
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Shit spills down the streets in great gasping waves of brown/black/yellow/greenish waste. And some of the Twiners give in and invent shit surfing.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -tooletuk looks around as another person looks out from a window- “what about a set of pipes that move it!!”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “How was the first portal created!?” She screams, running after Eli.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator “Pipes are dumb.” A shit pie is thrown at Tool.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -tooletuk looks to magi as she is chasing eli- hmmm.. the twiners took a few days to create that…. –
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -it wasn’t tooletuk who said it… it was a random person-
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -but the little globby thing ducks the shit pie0
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ While his writer is dying of laughter, Elijah continues to run and evade Magica…somehow the phoenix runs more like an elf than the human he looks to be.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I am not staying here a few days while this chicken heats everything up!” She is still running after Eli in a disgusted rage.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The shit fire is raging through nearly a quarter of the town now, combining the ever present waste with fumes and smoke and choking gasses.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator It is like living in a wet, sticky, fart.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -meanwhile others start shoveling but to no avail, damn those dysentery days!-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ He just keeps on running
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A wave of crap smacks straight head long into Elijah as he runs.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “YOU WILL BE ROTISSERIE SHIT CHICKEN, ELIJAH”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “.– . / … …. — ..- .-.. -.. / – …. .-. — .– / . .-.. .. / .. -. .-.-.- / – …. .- – / … …. — ..- .-.. -.. / ..-. .. -..- / .. – .-.-.-” The maids cheer on MAgicia in Morse
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The crap piles up around the maids feet, higher, higher, higher…..
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Is smacked by a wave of crap-
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “…I never thought my funeral would be this shitty.”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She has to halt to not get hit by the same crap wave. But that’s good for Elijah.. right?
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -tooletuk ponders- well…. -and then a man, no bigger than tooletuk himself. with shit shoes that are like snow shoes but only for walking on shit.… large round glasses and a clothes pin on his very round nose SLOSHES up and flings feces all over. he speaks with a slur- “i ssss-ink i found the an-tthhh-er!!! “
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A bucket of shit drops on the shit shoe mans head.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Is it to sacrifice a toucan to the shit?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Buckets of shit are dropped on everyone now, it is the only way to get it out of the houses.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Writer is dying of laughter
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the small man waves a piece of paper but is use to the shit in the town- i have found a way to ge-ssss rid of the thhhh-it
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -People brace for yet another shit storm about to –
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She has to retreat to the maid umbrellas. Retreat and kill Elijah another day!
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah just tries to run but he gets shit on-
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the man adjusts his glasses- we need about 12 feet of clean road…
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Why is there so much shit? This is some form of fresh hell and now Anthem understands fully why the start of the name of this world was, in fact hell. In the meanwhile writer is dying of laughter.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen A maid thinks the solution is throwing a fan at the shit to blow it away… shit hits the fan.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A giant is invented, and now, huge loads begin to drop from the air as she stomps about grumbling and sloshing the thick turdy mess.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir gets an idea! He grows the size of a mountain and starts to dig the shit away with paws the size of semitrucks*
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Uncle: You’re all shitty people…
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Especially my Uncle.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Evades the giant turds
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator “MUST POOP, TOO MANY BEANS” The giant farts and shards fly like torpedoes.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “NO MAS FRIJOLES, PENDEJO!” The maids take cover however they can.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross – INCOMING!! Sirens go off-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ TAKE COVER
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Every giant footstep sends great splattering waves of the shit stream at your feet flying everywhere.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -then he looks up- after da 12 feet of clean space…. we need a eye of newt? a bit of poop… a blade of grass. and a… -and then sirens. the little man digs into the shit to hide from the giants shit storm-
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The giant stops for a moment, squatting, in a place that just happens to be directly over the maids.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Kill the giant!” She calls from under her umbrella, rushing to avoid the giant’s bum.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -once the alarms stop and the giant seems to move on. the shit shoe man *POPS* his head up from the new wave of crap as she looks aroun- did you all make-thhh it? come! WE NEED THESE ITEMS NOW OR WE WILL NEVER MAKE THIS POOP ERASER!!!
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “Run.” And so they did.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “What was the last item, Glasses?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Great gasping mountainous boulders of feces fall from the giants backside into the spot where the maids had been, but then, relieved, it sighs, uses a tree to cleanse itself, and it stomps on.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “NOPE!” Chesh hops into Eli’s head
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ What could be done in such a shitty situation? It was catasphroic on so many levels. If she ever got out of this she needed like 4 showers in a row and then burn the shower after. She did what she could to avoid being shitted on but failing.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -if people were wise they would be scrambling to secure the items needed to get them out of the shit hole they were in-
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the man looks down as the paper was gone… into the new wave of shit. he looks to everyone- i know it rhymes with grass… -the little man sloshes again through the shit trying to find the paper-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah shakes his head “ACK
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia has an eye of newt up her sleeve, at least. Don’t ask why. “Glass? Bass? Pass? Mass? A-… No wait I can’t say that around maids.”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “GET THE fucK Out!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The shit is now knee height in the streets. Buckets continue to pour. Flying creatures continue to rain. The world is a brown stained nightmare.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the little man digs. flinging feces everywhere..-
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He would hear a velvet voice in his mind “And get shit on? No thanks”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah imagines Chesh being yeeted out of his head and right into a tower pile of steaming fecal matter
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir assists with the digging*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem helps the man dig, looking for a blade of grass
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh clings onto a neural pathway “NO! PLEASE! I’LL BE A GOOD KITTY!”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD LITERALLY!!” Elijah uses a mix of Telekinesis and telepathy at this point.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the little man recalls the list a few times before reaching deeper into the poop.. almost as if diving now..-
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “PLEASE NO! I CAN HELP YOU!”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Class? Gas?”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “HOW!??”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Anthem only uncovers a bare ass that spews diarrhea up at her, the man, buried beneath the waste apologizing as it happens.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Ohhh….that sucks anthem…”
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor hmmmm…. -as the little man dug feces would fly to eli- you!!! what is your thing? do you have ideas?
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Lass? Vass, er, vase?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “What do you want?”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She’s still trying to figure out the last ingredient for the Glasses man.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -keep the guesses coming cause you are all ..the shit-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah then starts using his telekinetics to start flinging mounds of shit….accidentally in a similar direction of the maids and Magica.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “That sinking struggling feeling of being alone in the universe without a hope of friendship or positivity as depression consumes your very soul? Wait no, that doesn’t end with ss.”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Crass? Thrass? Brass? Plass?”
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the glasses man just paced..back and forth. trying to recall the last item. and then.. he stopped and looked to magi- what… did you th-ay?
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She feels more shit smack into her umbrella… Elijah is going to die SO MUCH.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem throws up on the man in return, out of reflex and unsure if there is now anything left in her stomach as she pulled the man out of the way as she continued to dig. To say the Scion was fed up with this shit was an understatment.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist It’s always glass.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The shit is at thigh level now. Walking is actually difficult with this much compiled waste everywhere. So is breathing. So is living.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass pipes in^
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir keeps digging, kicking up massive streams of shit everywhere*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ understatement*
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Thrass?”
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the man shakes his head- no not that one
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “You really want to throw dirt clods, Big Bird?” The maids scowl at Eli.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I mean I also said brass…”
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -his hand motions to her as poop flies a little- that one! we need an eye of newt, a bit of poop. a blad of grass and a ring of brass!!!
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Oh sorry that was an accident!!” He really did mean it, and it was an accident.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ -He starts instead just…moving the mounds to the side.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor blade*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Gas” he whispers in Eli’s head
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I have an eye of newt! It’s in my sleeve!” Kept in there for safekeeping because… well… shit.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “What?” He says to the stowaway in his head
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the man held his hands out- doe-ttthhhh anyone have the rest?!?
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -he looked around-
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor if you dont have it… can you find it!!
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -the shit was rising, many fell never to be seen again-
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Maybe it’s gas? *Fenrir suggests, still digging through the shit, as Elijah would rapidly be up to his chest in shit from the wolfs frantic digging*
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A massive bird, magnificent in its many hued colors appears, above the city of Twine. It calls out once, a beautiful love song of hope and peace and magic to the entire new born world.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Then it drops a giant load of shit on everyone in the city.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She sludges her way over to the man, passing him the eye carefully. “And don’t you judge me for having this on hand. You live in a city of shit.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Another beautiful bird song and the majestic winged creature flaps off into the night.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “…Do we have any railgun ammo left? I’m going to wipe birds from history.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Fenrir is metagamig” He squints “But, Gas, Eli, Gas”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Hopefully she dug far enough to hit dirt, then if so she could get some grass with shit on it for the recipe.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She can’t believe people are still arguing about ‘gas’ and ‘glass’ when the solution has already been realized. Brass. C’mon. The Glasses man said it.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Gas? How is that supposed to help!?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir shoots the massive bird down with a 50 Cal rifle* BOOM!
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the man shakes his head.. as magi gives him the eye, a clothes pin would appear on her nose as suddenly the world smelled better and the smell of poop left her senses-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ And then Eli is shit a bird
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “I dont know, im just throwing out words”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “I’m about to throw you out in a second.”
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -perhaps if brass is needed the bullets being fired might count-
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She can breath again! Kind of. The clothes pin hinders things. “Gotta find brass… who has brass… Maids, anything?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Please dont” An image of sad kitten eyes pops into Eli’s head
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -if anthem was able to get the grass to the little man who knows what could happen. but a ring of brass was needed-
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The bird is hit with a 50 caliber rifles and screeches as it dies. And as most creatures do…. it voids its intestines as it passes, huge gaping waves of shit raining down from the sky on the city.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “Ring of Brass? Hold up. EVERYONE VOMIT UP YOUR STOMACH CONTENTS.” And so the maids did, looking for the remains of hands in their tummies to look for rings.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III A hand would pop out of Eli’s head and yeet a brass doornob at Mags.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Followed by a massive body hitting the shit river and splattering the feces everywhere.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah ignores that image…and yoinks Chesh out of his head with telekinesis, imagination and telepathy. Sending him rght into a steaming pile of fecal matter. ” GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!!”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Her shit covered umbrella catches the doorknob, and it sticks.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “No that one’s diamond. Worthless.” the maid yeets that one and keeps looking.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ She looked around to see if there was was any brass, even with a better smelling world there was still the fact that there was shit piled high around them.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the little man watches to see who could get the next pieces to her as he continues to scoop and slosh through the crap-
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Eli if that was you throwing more shit at me I’m gonna bury you in this crap.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf “brass here!” *Fenrir howls out, wading over with a pawful of used bullets to the little man or someone nearby*
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -the poop was rising faster now, most were up to their waist, at this rate, they might all waste away-
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She turns to see what was on her umbrella. “… A doorknob?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “NOOOOOOO” Chesh is flung from Eli’s head and towards a tower of shit. He strikes it and stares at eli STARES with a deep hatred “Im gonna eat your fucking soul, Bird Boi”
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the little man looks to the brass bullets as he accepts them and another clothes pin that is bright pink now appears on fenrirs nose-
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Whole buildings are being constructed from shit now, the inhabitants of Twine unable to do anything else with it. Great towers of shards and palaces of poop rising into view.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “…” She does half a dreamwalk to pop a vision of herself into Eli’s crowded head. “Woof.” Oh, he’s out. She follows
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “I’ll set you on fire…right where you stand pussy cat.!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “You wont! NO BALLS!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids started throwing discarded rings at Eli and Archibald. their goal was to throw it hard enough to break his head, but they don’t have a throwing arm quite like Magi does. They are under the assumption they’re helping these gentlemen.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator At those words someone pees off a building onto Archibald’s head.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She grimaces and peels the doorknob out of the shit on her umbrella. “Ugh, god, AGH….” Passing it to the glasses man. Between this and the bullets, maybe it’ll be enough?
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III he just looks so defeated….
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah yeets a ball of fire right at Chesh
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem watched in both awe and disgust to think that there home that they knew and love started with a foundation and need to dispose of thing’s feces. It was quite humbling really.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the man nods to magi, since she got her gift he accepts and then looks around to see who would bring the blade of grass and 1 piece of poop-
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Of course” The fireball hits! Chesh vanishing in a poof of smoke. The smell of burning shit filling the air.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “OH GREAT MORE BURNING SHIT”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The fireball hits, and feces erupts in flames, a new, choking pillar of smoke and flames erupts through the feces.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrirs senses are becoming clearer with the clothes pin on his nose, he hands a piece of poop to the man*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah grabd the first piece of poop he finds and walks over to the glasses man. “Here…”
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -the poop is coming in waves like a nasty wave pool, take care you are not swept under!!-
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Out of no where, a solid ball of shit flies at Eli
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “EliIsweartogodsIwillkillyousofreakingmuch.”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen At least she has the clothespin protecting her nose now.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the man looks to fenrirs piece of poop then to elis piece… and chooses elis.. much more solid looking.. and then eli too gets a clothes pin over the nose as all his senses seem to wash clean of the horrid smell…-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah ducks
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ to avoid the shitball
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids finally find one! A ring of brass in all of their stomach contents! At least they hope it’s brass. “Did we already get the ring? Should we yeet this?”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “NO.”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem is so done with this shit. She weathers the storm as she looked over curious to what needed to be done to free them from this special kind of hell.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir looks urgently for some grass*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III The shit ball flies towards the glasses man
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Children of twine race into the midst of the group and start throwing shitballs at one another, laughing and giggling, the poop up to their chests but not caring as they play. And stray balls of feces smack Anthem and Magicia i quick succession in the face.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator More giggling as the children race off.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “…..Kill me.” God, it’s Twine all over again…. Wait.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ After handing off the piece of poop, Elijah begins to search for some fucking grass in this shit hole
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -the children locally known as shit heads are notorious pests –
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Releasing that she still held a blade of grass in her shit covered hands, she’d bring it to the man. Creature. Thing. There’s so much shit it’s hard for her to focus.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Kiiillll meeeee.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids make note that next time they see a child, throw knives back at them.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir hands several dozen knives to Fwuf and her maids*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ She was hit in the face with shit and really knew that there was nothing worse than this, and there was nothing she could do about it. She just… Wiped her face of the shit.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Kids giggle and hurtle poop balls at Fenrir and the maids while ducking between buildings and diving beneath the shit for cover.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -the little man looks around as he sees anthem walk up and nods to her. taking the grass and the last clothes pin attaching its self to her nose and cleaning out her senses too as he turns around and begins to tredge back to where he came… disappearing around a corner for a moment as some buzzing and sparks flash and then…. as if clock work… right infront of the heros.. under all the shit… it starts to swirl like a whirlpool as the level of shit seems to go down. the houses begin to empty. the streets clearing now…..!!!!!-
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Thus, the first portal, and the first toilet, were invented.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Thank fuck…..”
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -the sound of a flush echos through the streets ringing in freedom from poop-
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “I hate all of you” He was a grumpy cat, covered in shit and NOT happy about it,
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The people of Twine rejoice.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maid looks mildly offended that this dog man would pull knives apparently out of his ass to give to them. As if they wouldn’t carry their own. It distracts them long enough to nearly get plopped by those kids again. But thankfully.. it is over.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Oh go cry about it pussy cat.”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Or should I say…shitty cat.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “I will eeeeeeeeeend youuuuuuuu” He squints, a snow storm forming over Elijah and raining snowballs onto him
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Just over Elijah
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Well it looked like a drain if she ever seen one. Anthem found a tree to hold on to lest she get flushed.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ -uses the snow…to clean off-
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -and then from above… more portals open.. hundreds of them as suddenly water…. fountains of water pour down over the city as it washes it and the people clean!!. the portals on the ground whirling more to work a proper toilet. the flushing noise echoing out along with the rejoicing city folk-
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “NOOOOOOOO”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She just stands there in a daze, wondering why she isn’t dead yet.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III And he was soaked
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross –and tiny round creatures with happy faces and scrubbing bubbles come out and whirl around doing all the work so they won’t have to-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ -yeets self into the water so he is squeaky clean-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem makes sure to take her deep hot water bath cleanse thing as they were blessed with water.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ Ah… the first cleaning. The maids rejoice.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen The queen collapses on her side and screams quietly, a squeak under her breath at a frequency probably only maids can hear.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -tooletuk watches to the bubble creature things clean the city and the people.. leaving everyone smelling like fresh orange sunrise. soon the clean teddies would walk up and deposit a little suction cup air freshner on everyones nose0
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -bop.. bop bopbop-
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen It’s too late. Magicia wants to die. This is the second year in a row where Twine has traumatized her.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah would dry himself off just by heating up
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir looks around for a building to climb on to, noticing a whirlpool forming where the plug portal is, and he shakes his fur off after the shit is washed clean by the bubble creatures.. it poofs out ridiculously after the wolfman is dry*
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -once all the soap was washed off . the waters would stop as portals opened all around the city as a warm dry wind began to blow around. giving everyone a nice fluff and dry look-
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh sat next to mags and folded his arms in a grumpy manner
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids then resolve that omnicide is the answer. This world i too evil. It made Mistress upset.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -but oh that static cling!-
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “….” She slowly peels herself off of the ground. She is clean outside, but her mind will never be free from the filth. She sits there next to Chesh, folding her arms in the same grumpy manner.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Head Maid gently picks up Archibald, sets them slightly further away, and then sits down with their Mistress.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Congrats, by the way” He mumbled to her before going silent again
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -large dryer sheets seem to be thrown into the mix now to relieve the static. they swirl and rub and twist allll around everyone. now they all smell like fresh linen!!!-
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Slowly but surely the portals drain the waste and feces and the water portals cleanse the land. The foul muck is suctioned off and a freedom, a joy, a sense of liberation suffuses the land. Their first great trial with the new reality had been met, with some obvious shitty consequences, but in the end they came out stronger The Teddies, and the humans and the many peoples of Twine, after a good scrubbing bubble cleanse, come together to celebrate, not just their salvation from a fate worse than death, but a new era of possibilities with the creation of a brand new ability, the power to create portals. It is a revolution that changes history, and all present bear witness to this epic event, and rejoice.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Twine is clean once more.
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] A Fresh Lemon Scented Age – The Vessel What a nice lemony fresh scented age! And yet….
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] A Fresh Lemon Scented Age – The Vessel Tick.
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] A Fresh Lemon Scented Age – The Vessel Tock.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -tooletuk frowned a little- seems the clock needs us to move on now….
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir howl with joy,his tail wagging enthusiastically*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Oh for fucks sake!”
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -cleaned up and ready for action, they tense for there was always something lurking.. ready to spring-
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She growls under her breath. More to do. Of course. The shit never *really* is over.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^Sass is ready to go along with the injured Kwazii and an annoyed Uncle^
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *He stays close to Elijah and waits, growling softly as they wait, mentally and physically preparing for the next trial*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Oh what now?!” He rolled his eyes
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -tooletuk looked to the newly clean heros- ok.. time to get back on this adventure
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem was happy now to not be covered in shit, but she couldn’t so easily forget the sensation against her skin. But there was more to do of course. So she tried to mentally come back from the torture they were all subjected too
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Idunwanna… okay.” She stands slowly, wishing she could just scrub her brain with some steel wool.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “Would a bonk help Mistress?”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah needed a good shower as soon as they were back to their lives again.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -the day was warm upon their skins and the soft breeze blew , such lightly scented with liliac. A perfect day to start anew-
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -tooletuk opens a portal now as he motions for everyone to step inside the black emptiness of the portalverse- wont you join me?!?
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Yes.” To Fwuf.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh, not moving from his grumpy position. Floated to the portal like a poor flash animation.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Head Maid nodded, conking their Mistwess on the noggin to try and beat the memories out of her.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ In all her experience and wisdom Anthem felt like there wasn’t anything worse that she could go through as she willingly walked into the portalverse without a second thought.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf And begin anew? Sure, why the fuck not.. *Fenrir mutters bitterly, heading towards the portal*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah slowly makes his way over to the portal, hands in his pockets
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen It doesn’t work but she appreciates the effort.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator As you step into the portal there is a trembling across the land of Twine, slight, quiet, but noticeable to those that pay attention before stepping through the magical vortex.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She certainly feels it, and it causes her to hurry up through the portal. “Nope, not again. Nope nope nope see you later space cowboy.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The island had a rumbly in the tumbly! What do islands eat? Probably virgins.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Tick tock.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah makes sure he is gone through the portal if that is what the island eats
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids follow, and NPC follow their Mistwess.
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] A Fresh Lemon Scented Age – The Vessel Seems there’s still a bit of bullshit lingering around Eli.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -as everyone enters a few teddies follow behind and begin to serve drinks and food to those who need it as tooletuk floats. the portal then closes as more portals seem to slowly appear in the vast empty darkness… one by one they polka dot at random.. revealing splashes of color and places. mostly oceans for now though-
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *The wolfman follows close behind the maids*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem couldn’t eat yet. She was once again, still reeling from the madness that they just went through. It shook the Kishimoto woman down to her core.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah didnt dare eat, he…has a strong stomach but between the madness and the shit…he was at the literal edge of emptying his stomach.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Cheshire just floated around as if he were in zero gravity. All grumpy and the like”,#222222″
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia tries to eat but… she can’t. She still feels nauseated.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir eats a small rare steak, but that’s it.*
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She goes into NPC/along for the ride mode for the night, shutting down to get some sleep to help oversee things tomorrow.
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] A Fresh Lemon Scented Age – The Vessel But, don’t forget. The clock is still…
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -slowly time fast forward, minutes turned to hours… in a matter of seconds that was.. allowing people to rest as more portals and views opened to the heroes… then.. a day… then another day and another pass by as tooletuk sat and watched everyone.-
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Doooont”
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] A Fresh Lemon Scented Age – The Vessel tick tock tick tock ticking…
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “DAMN IT!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir eats some more food after a day has past, feeling quite hungry now*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh becomes a cat and curls up into a ball, snuggling with a stuffed teddy to help him sleep
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem sat back and closed her eyes and started to meditate. Drowning everything out as she tried to set her mind right while relaxing and regaining her strength. Any residual injuries would heal faster too.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Suddenly there is a cat in Anthems lap curled around a stuffed teddy bear.
6/7/2019 0:00 DM Alena Kross -it would be the much needed calm before the storm, allowing them to reset their bodies and minds to be strong for what lay ahead of them-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah just laid on his back with his arms under his head, closing his eyes too. Meditating in a way not too different from Anthem, but it allowed him to drawn in….some more energies. Get his strength back and heal anything that had not already done so.
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -as the heros relax. large portals open to reveal the stars in the space.. then close as it shows the new/old continents, times of olden days begin to flicker here and there. showing friends of old from the days of the first year or two. then more portals. showing the new and varying worlds. different species and creatures roaming new and strange worlds. the portalverse has a sense of calming. a sense of familiarity. and a sense of getting lost in a new world. it was peaceful and the perfect place to relax for a little while… then portals open back to large island of twine and thyme.. it was peaceful outside and inside. much like they would recall it before the island of twine disappeared- this is the home we create. this is the world and the family we chose to protect…. -tooletuks words were calm as he motioned to the portals that looked to twine and thyme-
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Any star light that touches Elijah’s skin…he would absorb it and gain energy back a little faster.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem’s focused didn’t allow her to notice or react to the cat in her lap as she mediated. Putting all of this to the dark corners of her mind until she can properly break down about it later.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir decids to rest and regain some energy for the mext stage*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh’s ears flick for a moment as talking is happening but is content to be resting in the warm ones lap
6/7/2019 0:00 (DM) Tooletuk, the First Ancestor -and with that. the little green glowing glob antler thing would turn into a green orb and return to kidas chest. leaving in the same manner it came as kida looked out to the large island-“,#13CF13”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Next*
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM] Kida Le Morte *she smiled softly* that is our home. thank you ancestor for coming to visit… rest well now tooletuk…
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator That’s when something massive seems to tear at the world around you. As you look at this place of magic and love, you watch it being rent, physically and metaphysically apart. There are aspects being ripped in one direction, and others being torn in the other. Visions of times and realities break, shattering into two distinct vistas. As you watch this, a portal opens, showing a vision of dark creatures, beings that can only be understood as Abominations, not one, not dozens, but hundreds, marching towards Twine over the shifting waters, ripping into the island, breaking its mass and sheering its physical structure.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ At this…Elijah would open his eyes and he saw the carnage being wrought. “Oh….oh gods.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The distortion effect of the Abominations takes over, snipping the Twines of Thyme that hold reality so that they are separated, even as the island breaks into two pieces, separated. Mountains crumble, peoples die, and the portalverse is rent by this attack as well, and you can feel a fundamental aspect of Twine vanishing from it forever.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He peeks one sleepy eye open and shrugs
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM] Kida Le Morte *as this happened kida sat up. again twine was being destroyed.. as kida stands and races to the portal.. it doesn’t allow her access out..she screams a bit* NOOO! NO PLEASE!! LET ME OUT!! *she beats on the portal as it seals them all within. staring wide eyed to the island as it was ripped in two*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ That tear in the fabric of space was enough to move the woman from her mediation, mostly restored but not completely. She looked upward and into the portals, trying to understanding what was going on. She could feel the island being ripped into two pieces, the reality warping Abominations visible for a few moments. “What.. What can we do? Ar’Eils was struck dead by these things.” She stated as she starts to pet the cat that she noticed was on her lap.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator In physical reality you can see the destruction, you can even feel it rumbling through your metaphysical realm. It is almost painful, like losing a limb, like losing a friend. But through the portal the devastation is even worse. Whole communities are lost, natural features of the island are distorted, the world, as small as it is, is broken into its first two pieces. Two separate islands. Two separate land masses. Each with only a portion of the magic and power that they had once held before.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Okay, that was a little depressing. His ears flopped against his head. Reliving events long since past. He gives a bit of a whimper.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator As Kida tries to escape the Abominations begin their assault on the portalverse, snapping the Twines that make it possible, hurtling their corrosive energies at the very nature of the place, tainting it was a dark and corrosive energy that collapses the portals back to Hellifyno. As you watch, reality beyond your current realm gets distorted, it gets dismembered, and the only way back starts to collapse, crashing in on itself until all that is left is the metaphysical rubble of a broken door.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah walked over to Kida….and he gently hugged her from behind.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator You are now stuck in the portalverse, and beyond this realm, Hellifyno is ravaged by the Abominations.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Twine and Thyme have been broken into two different realms. And reality grows a little darker.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem was powerless as she watched the goddess beat against the portal. But when they started to collapse she quickly got to her feet and tried to get out too! But that was to no avail as soon enough here they were. Powerless. Useless as their home was ravaged by the literal seeds of their undoing.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Oh, i get it now” He lifts his head up. “This is what always happened. Why twine has the power that it does?”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM] Kida Le Morte *kida trembled as she stared in horror to what was left of the portals… tears streaming down her already stained cheeks as she lets out a sob… the sound echos within the portalverse. the pain and agony ringing softly to anyone who listened. eli’s arms wrapping around her from behind lead to her collapsing forward as her hands stretched forward. the tears and the sobs didn’t stop until she had fallen asleep. and even then.. it was not a peaceful one*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Time and space. Separated. That makes sense.” She sighed and put her hands in her pockets. Quietly Anthem started to look around, see if there was any portals that she could use to escape. With that she walked into the portalverse, deeper and deeper until she vanished from sight.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah would gently lay Kida down to rest, then he glanced around. Not spotting Anthem he hoped she was okay but he did not want to leave Kida alone. So he sat down and just waited. He had time.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man A tiny hairy little naked man drops out from one of the portals. “Hey! What’s all that ruckus? Are you people messing with my portals? You’d better not be.” He waves a cane at anyone still around.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Get off my lawn you stupid kids.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “This is the problem with millennials. No respect for their elders!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Did you fucking just?” He looks at the tiny fairy and blows some air at him
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man The tiny man is blown back by the wind falling into a random portal and vanishing.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man Then he reappears with a fluffy pink scarf. “That is so rude! Mind your manners!” He snaps his fingers and a portal engulfs Archibald, bringing him into a universe where everyone wants to tickle him for the next five minutes.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Serves him right, stupid kids.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Always disrespecting their elders.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A million tickling disembodied hands tickle at Archibald as he falls through infinite space.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III What poor fate is this?
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator They tickle and tickle and tickle and he falls. A few pinch his butt. One grabs his cheeks with an “oooooooo” sound, and then, finally, after an infinitely long five minutes, Archibald is barfed back up into the portalverse proper.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “See what happens? Proper respect. That’s what kids these days need to learn.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Which days are these anyways?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man He pulls a calendar from one of the portals at random.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh curls up into a ball and shutters. “Im sorry… im so sorry, just make it stop… please make it stop…”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Ahhh the first age, that was fun. Until the whole Abominations thing happened.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “And stop your whining” The little man pokes Archibald with his cane.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Far worse universes than that one.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Next time I’ll send you to the bed bug universe.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Im sorry! I’ll behave!” he shouts rolling onto his butt and keeping his legs tucked. He looked around. Where was everyone else?
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “The portalverse eats people. Don’t you know that? It’s a hungry little beast.” the man pets a random portal hovering in the air next to him. “Now what are you doing here? And give me one good reason I shouldn’t just pop you in the universe of infinite falling right now?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh thought for a moment before a literal lightbulb went off over his head. “Why, because it truly must be lonely here.” He smiled. “After all, Mr.Portal Fairy, the Multiverse is such a vast place. Always watching people going about with their lives and friendships, never having a friend to spend time with?” He sighs. “Truly, it is a lonely existence.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man The little man stops, his eyes growing wide. He stares at Archibald for a moment, a tear starting to form on his face. He sighs deeply. Then he walks over and whacks the man in the head with his cane. “Who are you calling lonely? I have a whole multiverse full of people trying to bother me! Why would I want you as a companion? Some random… thing that pops in here unannounced and doesn’t even wipe his shoes.” Points to a trail of mud that is behind Archi on the metaphysically floating ‘floor’ beneath them.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “I live here to get away from rude people like you!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “OW!” He shouts, covering his head. “Its not exactly like this was a planned trip” He squints, rubbing his head. “We just kind of ended up here after the world went to shit. Something about timeline reset? I dont know, im just a product of my narrators imagination”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf “it’s not like we chose to be trapped here…” *Fenrir commented dryly to Archibald, having shifted into a giant wolf and sat next to Kinda to try and comfort her*
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Nowhere Man*
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Not Archibald..
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man The tiny hairy naked man rolls his eyes. “Always with the Narrator. I bet he made you live out a whole scene full of poop jokes, am I right? No don’t tell me I don’t want to know. That’s disgusting. We have better than him here anyways. The Portalverse is a realm of infinite possibility. Any life you want to lead can be found here. It is truly a magical place…” Then he stares at f=Fenrir who apparently popped in through a portal. “You’re multiplying! Is this how you people procreate. Not on my lawn!” He pulls a hose from a random portal and sprays Fenrir down with icy cold water.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Why are you telling me that, dolt?” He types somethig on his phone, pullingup the rolepages chat and shoving it in Fenrirs face “Do you even read before speaking? Or just skim?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man He waves a hand and a portal filled with cell phones of every variety from ancient to modern drops o Archibald’s head. “That thing can’t even get service here, and there are far better places to live out your existence than that tired old realm. Have you ever heard of Pornhub? Now that’s a place to be someone!” The man holds his cane high in tribute. “But enough of advertising thing’s that shouldn’t be spoken of. You are apparently stuck here. So what do you want to do? The Multiverse is at your command.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man He shuts the hose off now, tossing it in another random portal.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir is about to answer Archibald, then the wolf is sprayed with very cold water. He whines and retreats from the Nowhere man*
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Good boy.” To Fenrir. “That there is proper respect.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “So is it adventure? Romance? Pure pleasure? Plot devices? We have it all here. And if you’re goina stay you might as well be entertaining.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III ” I don’t entertain anyone other than myself.” He shrugs “though I suppose really I’m here for the friendship. The companionship. I’m here to feel like I’m part of something. Like I have friends, I guess”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Bahhh, that’s not a reason, that’s just whiny nonsense. But if you want friends then sure, here you go.” He tosses Archibald back into the tickle universe for a few minutes where everyone wants to be his friend.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Shivers from the cold water..* “How about a warm bed and nice juicy steak for dinner for me ?” *His teeth are chattering slightly*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III And throughout the whole of the Omniverse… Everyone could hear the faint shouting of agony. As it transcends time and space
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Archibald only falls through the tickleverse for a few minutes before being barfed back up into the main Portalverse realm.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Warm bed and steak? That sounds boring. Wouldn’t you rather create a universe and then watch it crumble as your hands squeeze around it?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III His eyes are devoid of all life and emotion. Truly the horrors he has Witness… wait. That was it. “Yes!” He jumps up “I do and I would!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Ahhh a man of ambition. I like that. I can lead you to the core where we make the universes. But it not be an easy trip. Your soul may end up rent and tornn into a million different universes made of nothing but torture and horrors.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “…” a few blinks were given. “Sounds like fun”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III ” I either become the master of my own universe, or I suffer a horrible horrible death. This really sounds like a win-win to me”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir looks over at Nowhere Man, his yellow eyes narrowing slightly as if expecting a nasty trick of some sort* “Maybe… What would you get out of that though? Hmm?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man He grins at Fenrir. “A small amount of entertainment in an infinitely boring universe. Are you in?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh covers Fenrirs mouth “yes, he is”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir frowns in thought for a few minutes then nods once..* “Alright I- mmffh!” *Fenrirs mouth gets covered by Chesh*
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Excellent! Let’s get started.” The strange little man pulls a knife from one portal and slices through reality, creating a brand new portal that leads down into a dark abyss. Without another world he leaps down into the portal feet first and vanishes.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man A moment later, the portal starts to grow teeth, and shift around space, surging towards Archi and Fenrir, like a giant gaping maw in reality eager to consume them.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Cheshire kicks Fenrir in before cannonballing into the jaws of the hungry universe.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III *attempts to
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man And a giant gulping sound is heard as the they are swallowed whole.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrirs hackles raise then gets kicked into the portal*
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator You appear in a place that is infinitely dark. You can’t even see your own hands. All you can see is the bleak oblivion of nothingness that is emptiness. Nothing exists, there is no touch point. You can’t tell if you are on ground or floating. You can’t tell if you are upside down or right side up. All you can tell is that you exist. Or Do You?
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man The sound of cackling can be heard, a touch point in the dark, but not a good one.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir touches his own paw to his face as a test to see what happens*
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Fenrir feels his paw.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III It so reminded him of the rabbit holes. Removing his top hat, he pulls out his teapot a cup, pouring himself some and sipping.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “HURRY UP!!! We can’t be dawdling in the Void all day.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man The voice grows further away as he speaks.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator There is no way to know how to walk or how to move. There is nothing around you save yourselves.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh floats after the voice, enjoying the taste of his tea more expedient like “Relax and move into it, dog.” He calls to fenrir in the dark, speeding himself up to catch the nowhere man.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Or rather, assumes he’s floating.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Are you floating? Are you moving? There is no context to tell.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir uses the shadow of darkness to instantly appear next to where he last heard the Nowhere mans voice*
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Holy shit you frightened me!” The man smacks Fenrir with his cane.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “But come along.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Attempts to poof next to the nowhere man just to make sure. He was getting worried
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir winces as the cane smacks him, but holds onto the cane as Nowhere man heads off again, howling softly occasionally so Chesh can follow still*
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Moving forward you start to see faint globes of illumination hanging in the darkness. These are incorporeal and elusive. You can’t move towards them, but you can use them to actually gauge where you are and with that, the tracking of your motions become possible. And the faint light even lets you dimly see the other members of the group. You can know where you are in relation to other things. Archibald pops up next to the elder tiny man, and sees his face grumpy and stern.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “We’re moving into a dangerous realm now, so KEEP YOUR PIE HOLES SHUT!” He waves his cane around dramatically. “You hear me? Shhhhhhhhh”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh just wraps his tail around Fenrirs foot and let’s himself be pulled along. Pouring Nother cup of tea to enjoy
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir looks around closely at the things around him*
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *he doesn’t speak*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Silently sips his tea
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor Deep in a meditative state, there is no future or past, just the now. A vast unending emptiness of nothing. This is how it feels when immersed in the metaconsciousness- loss of self, of ones needs, desires. Things of great import become meaningless. This is what it feel like in the Q’yaar- so why then- when Silrien Ranor opens her eyes- does it remain so. A deep, unending nothingness. The elf opens her eyes…and opens her eyes again.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor and promptly panics.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator As you move the glowing shapes start to take on more dimension. At first they look like tiny worlds hanging in the dark, like the new born creations of reality. But then they start to grow limbs, their fine features grow contours, they grow what might be called mouths, genitals, and grotesque appendages that can’t be described. They twist and contort into new shapes that break the laws of reality as you know them, their size increasing so as to accommodate these new features, their form becoming something that can only be described as horrors. Tentacles grow from their bodies, great boils begin to throb against their skin. Many heads and faces form. And they emit a menacing energy, an energy that feels as if it were akin to the darkness felt before, but worse than emptiness they long to draw everything back into that empty void.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator At the noise, the twisted creatures of new born horror turn from the Void and stare in rage upon the group.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “OY ANOTHER OF YOU? When will this mad hell end?” He swipes his cane at Sil.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Tentacles start to grow faster, and they reach out…
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Arms are formed, necks with jaws attached pour outwards towards the group.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Oh shit, now we run” And with that he takes off.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor The mind reels when given nothing but nothing. Sensation, and perception become redundant. Elves don’t panic. Elves don’t do anything but act morally superior to the rest of the mortal world. It’s that distinct lack of fluster that sets them apart. But a blow caught her on that weird bone on the side of ones ankle, thankfully – because at least with pain- there is something.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor and at that moment she screams.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh takes one look at the horrors and poofs onto the shoulders of the fairy. An even tinier version of himself straddling the Nowheremans head . He was not dressed as a Jockey with purple stripes on his suit.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A tentacle reaches down, grabs Silrien by the leg, and lifts her into the Void that is nothingness. When she is eaten, she feels her soul shatter, but this is only a minor god of the Void, and so she is spit back out a few moments later.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man The tiny man knocks Archibald off into the darkness of infinite void that lay below them. “I’m not yer mommy looking to give you a piggyback ride.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Fuck youuuuuuuuuuu” he calls back from the void before desperately trying to run after the fairy.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Archi falls for what seems like an eternity, before he learns to walk on nothing, but by then he is far behind the main group, and tentacles and disembodied heads are closing in to surround him.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor Dangling for a moment- or did she? what was up or down when one has no point of reference. As the elf disappears screaming and feels as though every molecule is simultaneously here and there and stretched from the beginning of time all the way to the end- it is with some surprise that she appears once more- feeling like she has been absorbed, reabsorbed secreted and eventually shat out.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator No respite for the elf, beings of untold horror are surging forward to devour, to consume, to taste, to feel, to end the life of part of the universe. Spikes stab down at Sil, heads rushh at her with gaping open maws. Clow like faces laugh and stretch out tongues to pull out her soul.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Then a thought occured to him. In a place where motion had no meaning maybe he was looking at this the wrong way? As he learned to walk in nothing he tried, along with moving towards the direction, having the direction move towards him. Motion was relative after all, so in the void why couldn’t it be even more so? Why couldn’t the party move to him? Or the exit?
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “I told you all to be QUIET.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Of course, he wasnt stupid enough to just sit there and let himself be eaten on a hunch. Another POOF and he was back to where he wanted to be.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Achi’s attempts work well and he does close the distance with the group, but that places him in line with the faces trying to eat Sil and the tentacles lashing down on everyone.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator There is no exit.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir panics and in his panic shadow travels very close to Chesh, quite literally touching him with his sides*
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A tentacle whips around Fenrir, trying to drag him down into the eternal darkness.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor She perceives the presence of others without the need for sight or sound. Another refugee from the psychotically unhinged mind of a lizard king. creatures creep and gnash and chew and barf their way through the multiverse. And so surrounded by all the gibbering nightmares of a fevered dream, she did what cam naturally and brought her hands together in one almighty clap, intoning the words “Vara t’el Seldarine”, invoking the protection of a god that just was not there.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Archie is not having it tonight. Knocking into the elf to push her away from the clown faces and then trying the same thing. Motion was relative. So relatively speaking, the void creatures were just out of reach of him. He hoped to God it would work, otherwise he was a dead cat.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Claws rend, tentacles lash, faces bite at Archi, but he manages to stay at a relative distance, just barely bypassing their attacks. As one of the clown like faces is about to bite dow on Sil she is pushed aside, and she falls into infinite night, lost from the group again.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir snarls silently, opening his jaws impossibly wide to bite and tend and tear at the tenticle seeking to drag him to where he does not wish to go*
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Just a little bit farther.” Now that the beasties are occupied with the rest of the group the little naked man is taking his time and walking at a leisurely pace.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah knew better than to travel the void….but it seems some people did not have that common sense. Especially that…shitty cat he had spent fifteen minutes trying to get out of his head. A sudden flash of blue flame and bright white light would illuminate the void all around. With a piercing cry, Elijah arrived in his phoenix form and he dived and sunks his talons into some of the various void creatures. The light and flames the phoenix gave off would burn the voidlings away for now.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor Tumbles away from the others that she knows intellectually are there, a blow a push and she falls through the frictionless emptiness of space, calling with a dopplered plaintive cry “But I didn’t even have my pudding”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Haha! I figured it out!” Chesh then begins to trail after the fairy. “Everyone, get close to me!” He was gonna try the same trick, adding those near him to the relativity field.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Fenrir snarls, biting into the tentacle, and it does nothing except cause inky corruption to fill his mouth. But then Elijah, a new born child of Gaia and Child of the Light shows up ad suddenly the inky dark is illuminated. The shard holding Fenrir actually severs letting him free, Sil can see the rest of the group, and the lesser monsters of the Void begin to shy away.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Damn it, bird! I was just getting things under control!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Archi meanwhile is free and clear and able to traverse the Void with ease.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III I am become Void-walking
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah would mind speak to Archi. “Bullshit you did shitty stop your fretting and get on my back, we are leaving back to the portal verse.”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ He would then mind speak to the others as well. “Hurry…we cannot linger here forever, either climb onto my back or I shall pick you up in my talons.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Fuck off, mate” he figure skates around the void, following the fairy.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Archi may feel a slight change in him, as he intuits and interprets the Void. A slight, affinity for this place, for this power. As he comes to know and understad it, he may not see it as evil, but merely a force of nature, one that can be used and manipulated like any other.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Oy now we have a freakin Gaian with us? How are we supposed to traverse the planes of the elder gods if we have that light bulb shining all around us?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “You people must procreate via danger. That’s what I think. Send in an apocalypse and a thousand of you will pop up.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir looks around, both nervous and uneasy, he tries once more to use his shadow powers, attempting to summon a shadow wolf pup*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Well if you won’t leave then I will at least accompany you, and why would you want to go to the planes of the elder gods?!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor In the glorious splendor created by the blaze of light, the knife eared one sees a motley collection of strange looking creatures and beyond that grouping- tentacled nightmares the like of which she did not wish to see again. But for a moment, and towards that nucleus, she attempts to scramble back, but her senses tell there is nothing there. No purchase of gravity. “What is this place?” she cries out panicked. Her life experiences has taught her nothing to comprehend this.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “I know, it’s so revolting” the cat comments to, doing a leap and spin as if he were an Olympic ice skater. Landing, he then begins to move skate backwards. Testing out everything. “Because reasons, Birb”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator There are no shadows in the Void. Nothing appears. But a disembodied face does try to surge through the light to devour the Wolf’s head.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “The Elder gods is just what we have to go through. These fools wanted to create a universe.”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Create a universe…….are you mad?! We have barely saved the one we are coming from and you want to make a new one!?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “The void” Chesh tells the elf, skating over to.her and pulling her close to himself and dancing with her. The solo now becoming a duo. “Names Cheshire, by the way”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Trust me, Elijah, I know what I’m doing”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Archi skates near the Elf and they can both clearly see dark figures surrounding the man, surrounding them both. They grow closer, some reaching out, to touch, to grasp. Not in anger or malice, but in embrace.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “This isnt my first rodeo”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Elijah on the other hand is like a torch burning back against the night.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor The elf feeling solidity for the first time, clings like a limpet to Cheshire, although why she would be spinning around in some danse macabre when all the while hellish creatures attempted to pull apart the rest, did not make any kind of sense. It was at this point, she decided she was dreaming. “Silrien Ranor” is still her automatic response.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A dark Void laced hand traces Sil’s back, and a cool chill, colder than death, races through her. But also a compulsion, an invitation, to join these strange beings, to become one of them.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf “I change my mind!” *Fenrir whimpers, he looks between the voices of Elijah and Cheshire, a feeling of great worry welling up inside him*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Such a lovely name.” He smiles, once more in a gentleman’s suit. Dancing around the shadowy figures. He’d already given into his own madness once. He did not see a reason to do so again. So, he chose the warmth of Elijah’s light.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III The two skate towards elijah
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah keeps his light and flames illuminating the area at least. “Well…looks I’m going with you for now, so shall we continue on?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Hands grasp for Archi, for Sil, they cling, they claw, they grasp, and one reaches directly into Archibald’s soul, grasping it so hard that his movements are halted. He is held in the embrace of a Void god, a being with a million eyes and a million limbs and it slowly drags Archibald back towards its Void cold embrace.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Within this grasp there is a corruption, a taint that flows into Archi, the feeling of emptiness and death suffusing him.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *He teleports beside Elijah, pressing his flank against him, shaking a bit*
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Shadows begin to whisper from the darkness, and ancient chant, an ancient spell.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor The Void. Shock at this strange situation still numbs her conscious thought. perhaps it is for the best. But her learning- she could recall , void magic- the nameless one- the eater of worlds. And at this point, a caress that was both lovingly delivered and terrifyingly abusive coursed down her spine and at its touch- she howled, trying to clamber through Cheshire to get away from it.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah lets out a piercing cry and he lunges over to where the void god has it’s grip on Archi, he then floods Archi with Gaian light and his blue flames once he is there. “Back foul thing!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Oh bloody hell” he releases Sil so that she may escape into the light before turning around “FINE! But I reserve the right to look as I want to.” He straightened his suit. “Hello darkness my old friend…”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator “Elog’atu neforium, ter al talonium, rectus val teni’it. Dal agobath fortona. Del agobath gar th’on”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “I’ve come to speak with you again”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The Void seeps into Archibald, and he feels his mind subsumed by darkness. The power of emptiness fills him and even as his soul starts to wear away, he becomes cognizant of new powers, of new perspectives. He can see the Void in new ways, and control it, shape it, use it. Use it to destroy the living vessels that have invaded its domain. Use it to convert them to his way.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Because a vision slowly creeping, left its seeds while I was sleeping” he sings into the void, pouring his heart and soul into his emotions and crying out into the void. Filling it with his love, his anguish, his joy, and his sorrow.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah just….blinks… what he is watching…not sure how to feel-
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The darkness is like a wall, Elijah’s Gaian light chips at it, but bounces off, as this god of Void begins to devour Archi’s soul in infinite emptiness.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator “Elog’atu neforium, ter al talonium, rectus val teni’it. Dal agobath fortona. Del agobath gar th’on”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator “Hello darkness my old friend…”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He resists the pull on his mind, singing louder into the void, holding onto whatever humanity he could “and the VISION THAT WAS PLANTED IN MY BRAIN! STILL REMAINS! BENEATH THE SOOOOOOOOUND OF SILENCE!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor The hair prickles on the back of her neck. fear, terror the like of which she has never experienced. As that dancer tumbles from her, she reaches to him- her only anchor in this madness “Neuma en’ templa” she casts and in any other world, a lasso of arcane power would entrap that against which it was cast, trying to prevent her rescuer from falling away, attempting to restrain his passage and drag him back to her.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The magic of the celestial gods fails as Silrien casts her spell, and in response a horde of Voidlings hurtle themselves at her, barfed from the mouth of an older god that births them in spite and hate.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The darkness lashes at Archi’s soul, it tries to tear it free, to corrupt it.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah unleashes a volley of flaming feathers at the voidling horde, razor edged feather slicing and eviscerating before exploding into white light and blue flames.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir is nearly paralyzed with fear, But he teleports in front of Silrien and blasts lightning at the horde as well*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ feathers*
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Elijahs attacks are much more effective at defending Sil, the horde being cut in half by his attacks before they surround Silrien.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Fenrir is less effective but he manages to take the brunt of the attack, the tiny voidlings crashing into his body and sending him toppling off into infinite darkness as they bite and tear at his flesh for eternity.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor The elf is swept aside by an attacking force, surrounded by them and screaming once more in panic, lashed and whipped by their fury, unable to cast anything more as concentration alludes her and agonies rise to consume her.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “RUN YOU FOOLS!” He screams. This was always his destiny. A creature of madness, he would return to the madness that bore him. In the void, where nothing was real… Everything was. Cheshire snaps his fingers, generating sound as a chorus plays around him. He Invisions a pair of pistols, HIS pistols, and summons them through his illusions. The illusion with the power to push back the dark. He aims both of his .500 customs at the creature latched onto his soul. “Hacks!” And fires both rounds poitn.blank. into the creatures face.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Silrien is left handling a small but sizable force that bites and claws and tears at her, but nothing near what was coming before the heroic efforts of Fenrir and Eli
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Consol commands… are a bitch…”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah dashes into the fray with a cry, slashing with talon and ripping with his beak. He aides Sil and finishes the voidlings attacking her before he flies to catch Fenrir out of that infinite Darkness
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ He would let no more die of the void this day if he could help it.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Archi envisions a world where he can defeat the void with pure imagination. And he fails. The Void creature that has him lashes at his soul again and again, tearing into his very being, infecting him with a darkness that seeps through his very personality.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Elijah’s attack shatters more of the voidlings and he manages to catch Fenrir at the very last second as he plunges into nothingness.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “You people are taking a long time. This is only the barest level of the Void.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrir continues to try and fight the voidlings off as they send him tumbling into the infinite darkness, but he is caught by Elijah just in time*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah drops Fenrir back on whatever solid ground they were on before he looks back to Archi….he knew he was nearly powerless against the void god but he had to try at least.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Heh, it was worth a shot…” he releases his pistols as they float into nothingness. A tears flowing from his eyes. “Izzy… I’m sorry… we never got to have that drink…” he continued fighting for as long as he could. Hoping against hope that some miracle would happen. He might have been awesome. Hell, he might have been the best, but even the Cheshire cat had his limits. So, if he was going to die it would be with a smile on his face and the name of the only woman he ever loved on his lips.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor Whether she could concentrate or not, the power that suffused each and every cell would not let her die this day. The letters of fire appear in her mind and her lips part, but she is no longer cogniscient of the voice that commands all before it “Koron en’ naur” calling to her a fireball of white hot brilliance to burn away the nightmares.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator There are many Void gods that have paid attention now. They are mostly younger, nascent in this stage, but they are creatures of unimaginable power, twisted beings with thousands of faces and limbs and tentacles and claws that are closing in on the group.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Silriens efforts, aided by faith, burn through the remaining Voidlings and she is left free of their grasp for a few moments more.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Focusing once more, Elijah put everything he had into flooding Gaian light and his blue flames into Archi and blasting at the void god. This time fueled by the anger and rage in his heart from a long ago war against the void. Then…he sensed others were now making there move…”We need to leave…now if not sooner!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III With one last snap, Cheshire tried to poor the party away. Back to the place where this began. A fools hope, but hope none the less.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The gods notice Archi and his willingness to die. And they are pleased.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He wasnt willing. Just getting tired.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The majority of the Void Beings turn on Archi, floating towards him as his poof fails. His teleportation has no power here. Only one knew the power of portals in this realm.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man Facepalm.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Idiots.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “If you wanted to leave you could have just asked.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Country ROAAAAAAAAADS TAKE ME HOOOOOOOOME”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “To the plaaaaaace”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “I BELOOOOOOOOONG”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “WEST VIRGINIAAAAAAAAA”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “MOMMA MOUNTAAAAAAAAAIN”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “TAKE ME HOOOOOOOOOOME”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Country roooooooads”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Mr.fairy man, can we leave before my soul is consumed entierly?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf “you’re crazy, Nowhere Man… I wish to be home!” *Fenrir breathes, then freezes, sensing the other Void God’s closing in… He gasps, then turns around slowly*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Please?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Archi is subsumed by Void gods, lesser and minor, that begin to tear at his flesh, to rip at his limbs, to devour his soul and implant him with a new, dark core, that will always be their own.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ With a shout, Elijah burns all the brighter and hotter, casting back the darkness for at least several hundred yards now. Any voidlings and lesser creatures would be blinded and burned away.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor It was second nature, like breathing, the complex osmotic exchange of gases. Her head whips about to spy the others and she drifts and weaves and meanders her way towards the falling rescuer. “No sacrifice” she states. “Not today” hearing the tuneless wailing of Cheshire and twisting fingers, plucking at space like a harp and invoking “Yala onna en’ vilya” directing it to Cheshire- summoning him to her as she could a wood sprite or dryad of her own world. But was it too late?
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Alright, have it your way.” He snaps his fingers, and everyone is suddenly back in the Portalverse main room.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “I guess you didn’t really want to be gods and create universes you could crush in the palm of your hands.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator There are no Void monsters or gods in the portalverse.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Just infinite portals leading to infinite places.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Is unsure if he is dead dead or like Alysa was now.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Archi’s body is broken and bleading and lying on the floor. And his soul is tainted by the corruption of the Void. But he breathes.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor Silrien looks to the strange little man with a horrified expression, her heart still beating as though threatening to gallop bursting from her chest. “Only a monster would want to” she retorts, pale and grey and appearing as though she was about to throw up.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Thanks “Ow…” he squeaks out.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah once back in the main room, returns to his human form. “I didnt….i have no desire for that.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Hey, he asked for it.” Motions to the broken body of Archibald on the floor.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “I just wanted a little entertainment.”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ He then moves over to Archi’s body, placing his hands on the males bloody torso, Gaian light and blue flames would flood out of Elijahs hands all over Archibalds body.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Let’s not throw judgment around!” He raises a single finger into the air before letting it flop. “It was…. wait” he squints. “Portal fairy, do these portals traverse time as well?”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ In an attempt to heal what he could, he could not however heal a soul
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor The knife eared caster is already on her knees beside the still form of Cheshire, hands plucking energies from the air around them to twist into a matrix of healing, forming cell wall and plasm and fixing that which can be fixed. “Tanka tel’ taurnin” whispered repeatedly under her breath. It can heal the physical, but it cannot replace or unsully a soul.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man The tiny naked hairy man pulls a calendar out of a nearby portal. “Hmmm no, the Abominations ripped Thyme away from Twine last night, so you are shit out of luck.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “So what are we supposed to do now?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf “Shit!!!” fenrir yelps, then snarls at Nowhere man* “I OUGHTA RIP YOUR HEAD OFF! I’d find that entertaining to me!” *Fenrir thunders, moving into a sprint towards Nowhere Man, fangs bared, claws out*
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Could always go to Thyme and go back but, the Portalverse is shut off from the rest of the world. Abominations and all.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man A portal opens up and as Fenrir sprints forward he finds himself falling through a universe where a billion hands pinch him over and over and over again.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man Pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Can we… select the… Thymeline… for me there?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Maybe”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “No maybes”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Yes or no?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A million fingers pinch Fenrir in every place possible, even the worst,, as he falls for a full minute, and then is coughed back up into the portalverse.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Depends on the circumstances.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III And people thought he spoke in circles. “So, Fire bird, we get to Thyme, choose the right thyme line or ‘circumstances’ and we go home, easy peasy leamon squeezy.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “That is the general idea.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man He waves his hands nonchalantly.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor Slanted eyes fixed in concentration at the task before her, blinks slowly and suddenly turns, rising to her feet. A tentative cringing as though not wishing to cause anyone any bother but “I know not who you are or why I am here- put please- point me back in the direction of Kili Toda- and I shall take my leave.” Clearly- she still thinks she is dreaming
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ He sighed….”Alright….fine but no…stupid risk.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir lands heavily on the ground, cringing slightly and whimpering*
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Oh that city hasn’t been founded yet. You’ll need to wait a few thousand years for the founding of Kili Toda.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III It would infact NOT be easy peasy lemon squeezy and he knew it. “Its gone” he tells the elf. “We stuck here unless we do the right things.” He waves again at Eli “yeah yeah, got it”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “But when it does get founded it is magnificent.” He hands Sil a newspaper with the headline “New City Founded in Wake of Undead Attacks”
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor “But..” she starts to reply and then remembers- this is/was/will be some day Hellifyno and truly- anything can happen. In a small voice she says “I’m not dreaming am I?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The void pulses within Cheshire, like a small second heart, tempting, touching, corrupting.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor takes the newspaper and flicks straight to the sunday funnies.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Nope. I saved your life” he chuckles
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “No, you are the Dream.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor before returning to the front page and scanning the page. “Undead? Zombies? really? Again?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “We live in cycles within cycles within cycles.”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah can feel the void pulsing within Archi..but hes not sure how he feels about it yet…should he try and cleanse to void..or end Archi like he did Aly…..
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrir just curls up and takes a nap, having been through enough, both real and imagined stuff for the next 100 years
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor The elf mutters sardonically “never a truer word…” and hands the paper back to the strange little man.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “So I say, before we go to Thyme, we take a break, yeah?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor the elf moves to the wolf and tries to give comfort by laying a hand upon his hackles, hoping to relieve it of its pain and suffering. At the word break- the elf looks up and nods vigorously. “I have some magic herb i would like to burn”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “You can’t get to Twine right now. The Portalverse is closed.” The man open a portal which has a faint shimmer over it, and on the other side you can see reality eating Abominations surrounding Twine and sieging it, and the Portalverse itself, with only a few Teddy defenders guarding against their attacks.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Last time this happened the Abominations broke in and you all died.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “We’ll see what happens this time.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Anyways, new adventure?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrir feels Silrien lay hands upon him and he lowers his hackles, great ful for the elf’s contact. He would also sniff at Chesh, feeling both concerned and worried.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He looks through the portal and back to Bird man “Following you, boss.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Greatful for*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “A break would be a good idea” With that Eli, went off to a quieter section. He then laid down on his back and put his hands under his head. Closing his eyes and regathering his energies.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf He would stick with Silrien.. Afterall-, it would not be right to simply leave her all alone.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh just lays there and breaths for a bit.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man The little naked and hairy man just sighs. “A’ight, have it your way.” And he goes off to smoke a pipe.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor A hand remains absently upon the pelt of the great wolf and with a nod, she accepts that this is never going to end, so returns to the meditative state that she thought she could not awaken from. At least in this place there was some sense of a tangible reality.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “WAIT!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrir would relax further as the elf let her hand rest upon him. It was a comfort of sorts. The physical touch was soothing for the great wolf.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He looks to the fairy “Can we pull from the Omniverse? Anywhere within it? Can we pull them here to help us fght the abominations?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh gets up “Hold up, where did you go?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man Green smoke is blown from a hole through a random portal into Archi’s face. And it calms him considerably.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He takes a moment and relaxes “Seriously though, can we?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man A face sticks out through the portal. “Not yet.” And then it retract and vanishes once more.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He rolls his eyes “Then when?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf “It should be possible…” Fenrir muses lazily
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “When you are ready. If ever.” More smoke blows from the portal.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *Well now. there’s a surprise. The odd mechanical chamber that currently housed a fast growing thing inside of it was also in this place… whatever this place was. Maybe not the best time for it to gave been disconnected from its power source in the Red Sun, but its generator should keep it going for now, but in all likely hood the creature that was growing within would have to be ejected soon judging by the loud whining hum coming from the machine as it struggled on using up the limited power in its backup generator*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Cause if we can… i know just the guys we can summon” He gives a wide smile. looking back to Elijah “Ready when you are, You wanna see some REAL power?”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Lets…just do what we have to do.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He smirks back to the portal. “Alright, Fairy boy! I know what we’re gonna do! Ready when you are!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The Portalverse is an ethereal realm, a place between space, a place of connections. It appears as a kind of cavern and yet the floor and walls keep shifting, changing shape and size, changing their fundamental dimensions at random. And throughout it there are a myriad of portals that appear and vanish also at random will that can take you to anywhere in the multiverse. These snap into view and can be seen, revealing wondrous worlds made of gold and jewels, or precarious worlds where death is the religion. They reveal places made entire of methane and realms made entirely of cotton. These come into view and then vanish over time, and are available stretched out over the entirety of the infinite realm that branches and expands the farther you go into it.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor Absent for mere moments and returning refreshed, the elf speaks, still with some misapprehension. “But what is it we need to do?” her tone rising a little. Clueless elf.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Pfffffffftttttt”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man More smoke billows out.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “I can’t get you there, only time can get you there.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “But I can get you to a universe where the air is made of opium.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Simple, we’re gonna summon an army of us each and a few really big-” he waves his hand at the smoke “Stop that.” He rolls his eyes “So get us to Thyme.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man The little man drops out of the portal with bright red eyes. He frowns at Archi, but walks over to a wall and does a little finger wiggle and…. “Hellifyno is under siege. All portals to that world or the universe surrounding it are closed.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man He then gives Archibald a knowing stare.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Opium universe?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “So then how do we stop it? Im NOT about to just sit here and wait till it gets destroyed or the “Time is right”‘ He sneered, his shadow slinking and contorting as he got angry. “So either help us out or get the hell out of my way. I’ll find a way into Hellifyno if i have to break down the universal walls themselves!” His shadow grew, a silhouette forming behind him with its own hellish smile and hungry eyes.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrirs eyes snap open abruptly, “Under seige? From what exactly? Is there way to possibly create a back door portal to Hellifyno?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor “Closed?” rising panic now clear in her tone. “but…” she stops herself thinking now is not the time to bring up the importance of her research and instead allows a long slow breath to hiss between her teeth and adopts an expression of resignation. This is why she stayed in Kili Toda. Acceptance soon follows. “I will do what I can”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “I figured as much….” He said softly.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Well there are several ways you’ve done it before. One involved ritual suicide. You all said some words over a book and then slit your throats. It was really touching that kind of solidarity. Another one, and this one was weird, involved you all turning into cats. No idea how that worked but it did. There was also the time you cut each other’s winkies off and then did that weird dance. But that didn’t actually work and nobody liked the consequences.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Come to think of it, you usually lose this one.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor She has a few questions of her own. “I felt…something.” Bright teeth sink enamel into her teeth. When she cast, it seemed to anger the watchers- and there were watchers- she could feel it. “Is it safe to use the arcane arts in the void?” thinking the last thing any of them needed was a spell backfiring.
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Nothing is safe in the Void.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man The little hairy man pulls a Budweiser down from a portal because apparently they are sponsoring all of this.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf “that last one wouldn’t work.. I tried to summon shadow wolves to render aid and well…” *The great wolf looked very sorrowful as he slowly shook his head*
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf “they turned and started to attack me..”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ “Magic in the void is…..difficult unless you are a creature of magic like me…and have access to abilities that are naturally opposed to the void.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *There was a series of beeps form the odd chamber that so far remained out of the way. The screen was still getting power at least. 95% it read, blinking erratically from time to time*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Then tell us HOW to do it! You know so much? Prove it.” The shadow’s slinked up his body, solidifying as black tattoos around his hands and wrists. He took a breath and calmed down, relaxing. The shadows receding. “Please.” He states calmly “Help us”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Elijah Dawnshard æ Elijah has to leave for something, his writer wishes the others good luck and a happy marathon
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man The man takes a hard look at Archibold, then he pulls a seat from a portal and takes a rest. “Okay fine, I’ll tell you. The cutting off of your winkie doesn’t come until the end. First there are several disgusting sex acts that have to be performed on a three headed mule.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man He pulls seats down for all of them. “You may want to take a seat for this.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He throws his hands up in the air and walks away to take a breather. “Bloody useless”
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor This did not instill her with hope but still- she had a cast for just that. To open a portal from one reality to another- tearing space and time apart. “Dimension door!” she says suddenly. “The Haeannon cast” a shrug as she suddenly feels foolish for saying it, and adds in a smaller self conscious voice. “Its worth a try”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man “Don’t you want to hear about how the mongoose plays a role in your butt crack being released from the death curse?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man The little naked man sips his beer.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor the elf blanches at the thought of such a perversion.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sílrien Ranor But is happy to offer up Cheshire for such an honor.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf “No.” Fenrir growls to Nowhere Man before laying his head back down on his paes
6/7/2019 0:00 Nowhere Man Shrugs and sips his beer some more.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *suddenly, the beeping stopped, and fro the chamber that held whatever it was in there, and a loud ‘ding’ similar to that of an old fashioned microwave or dinner bell rang out,t he sound travelling quite a distance for some reason before the contraption shut down. Whatever was in there was on its own now*
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrirs ears perked up, hearing a ‘ding’.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf His head still rested on his paws.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *the machine goes dark, the screen at the front, off. No sound from the metal thing that could be mistaken for an iron maiden, until a tap…. and then another tap, but apart for that, nothing*
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim From deep within the Portalverse a rumbling could be heard. The sounds of engines roaring. Gears turning, A portal opens up, bringing into this world a massive airship! Its hull reflective like silver, each individual perfectly able to see their reflections within it. Its sails made from a golden like material, shining like the sun within and just as glorious to gaze upon. It hovered above the heroes, blasting wind in all directions as a massive metal anchor descended to the ground. Slamming into the floor with a loud crash and sending a cloud of dust up. When it cleared? Who should be standing there but a man in an open coat. His hair made of what could have been strands of opals and pearls, It too glistening like fine gems as he stood there, looking off into the distance like some majestic stallion. The roar of the engine stopped, now only giving a feint purring hum.
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim The man looked down, spotting a metal box that had been completely unguarded. A perfect eyebrow raised as he stepped of the anchor and towards the box. Hands on his hips, he inspected it. Violet eyes examining it for any signs of magic. Imagine his surprise when he found life. Taping it with his foot to check for traps, not that many would effect him, before leaning down and picking it up “Yoink! Youre commin with me, friend”
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *Well, that happened. With no power running through the box it was surprisingly easy to shift and move, if not slightly on the heavy side. Whatever was inside must have been still in the process of gaining its faculties because no noise of protest came for the box*
6/7/2019 0:00 Dark Creature the creature was walking around the different locations, standing at 12ft tall. completely black with only 2 large white eyes upon its face that never blinked. it had unusually long limbs and large hands, pointed with claws. its head looking back and forth while it walked, admiring the many things it saw along the road. Soon it noticed it wasn’t where it just was and looked over towards a person that was speaking
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Frowns what was making the gods awful noises peers out to see the form of a floating ship coming into giving its low altitude land nearby. She’d always perfered keeping both feet on the ground less far to fall was her excuse but she couldn’t help being curious somewhat too about the vessel as well as how things look from afar, changes ones prospectus as to say. Cautiously approaches her blue reptilian eyes watching the male that emerged from it
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim “Oh shit.” The violet eyed man blinks at the newcomers, especially creature. “PEOPLE!” He shouts, running over towards Lily and grabbing hold in a hug that could crack Bedrock, dropping the container as he did “Oh you dont know how long its been!” He weeps, squeezing the life out of her till he suddenly wasnt crying anymore “That being said, neither do i” he looks between the two individuals. “Time sort of becomes convoluted when sailing the spaces between realities.” He casually comments “It could be a few days, a few seconds, hell, i could have been gone for literal eternities.” He walks back towards the ship “But that doesnt matter anymore!” His voice confident as he picks the box back up and captain morgan poses on the anchor. “Because today is your lucky day! Today is the day you all join my crew and help me hunt the most DANGEROUS of game! The mighty Prime Dragon!”
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim “Or, to be more layman about it… a Multidimensional dragonoid with the ability to breath you out of existence that has plagued my people since the beginning of our multiverse.” He nods stoicly. Getting all manly about it.
6/7/2019 0:00 Dark Creature The creature watches this person get very excited and hug the woman. It looks to her reaction before it walks towards the ship and slowly grabs the chain holding onto the anchor. It shakes it softly before giving it a good pull and started to lower it down a few feet before letting the ship go just to see what would happen. It steps back when the man walks over to the anchor.
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Lily’s gaze also drifted over to the large shadowy form a cold shiver running down her spine for it reminded her of another form who was equal to its presence. Approaching hastened boot falls brought her attention back to where the male once stood to find him approaching her in quick pace that she barely had a moment to react when he wrapped his arms about her with a vice like grip that could make any kyropractor proud.. “Hello” A squeaky accordin like sound coming from the scale woman as her only response-
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *As the chamber was dropped, and landed heavily on its side the hatch snapped open and out rolled the being that had been growing inside. A woman of bark and leaves, connected with tubed along her spine and the back of her head to the machine that had given her life, and developed and protected her from the current crisis, and yet…. She was not awake. It seemed the Nymph genes had taken root more than the rest of the genes that made up her biological make up*
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim With box in hand, he taps against the massive chain of the anchor. The madman and the box both hurling to the top of the ship. A brief moment would pass before everyone else, regardless of power or weight, would also find themselves standing on the bridge of the Airship. an assortment of dummies and statues with poorly painted faces, standing next to what might have at one point been important posts, littered the deck. Giving it an almost museum feeling to the whole situatuon. Atticus, now wearing a naval hat and standing at the wheel, painted a smiley face on it “Imma call you Susan” He smiles before lovingly placing it next to himself with a pat. “Alright Lads and lasses! Prepare the warp gates! We finish this hunt today!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Dark Creature The creature notices it was somewhere else now and it slowly walks over to the side of the ship and looks down. Turning slowly to look at Lily before it looks to the captain.
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim The engines roar to life once more. A loud groaning sound as it lifts up and sets sail. Passing through a portal of its own to the space between all things
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Finally getting some air back into her lungs Lily followed up the gantry into the ship letting Creature and the male go first given the uneasy feeling she felt about the form she rather death be in front of her then following. Ok maybe it was safer or more sane to be outside for within in the Deck what she could work out was where command was given and the ship piloted from where dummies with crudely painted faces on them that well looked like props from a horror movie Atticus wasn’t kidding when he said and acted like he did over seeing another living being how long as the poor man been like this indeed.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *Luckily being shuffled from pillar to post hadn’t dislodged the Nymph now hanging form the thick tubes that were embedded in her bark like skin. Maybe she should think about waking up soon, hanging, slumped by hanging thanks ot these tubes that at one point were delivering chemicals and nourishment to her during her stages of development*
6/7/2019 0:00 Dark Creature The creature looks over to the nymph like person before tilting its head and making its way over. It lowers onto its knuckles to stare at the woman before nudging her softly.
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim As they passed through the portal, they came into a world of infinite light at color. Like a watercolor painting of earths Aurora borialis was then put into a kaleidoscope and the party had passed through it all. Shimmering golds and vibrant reds encircled them. Emerald greens and the royalest of purples. Even some colors they couldnt imagine! All there! Those with an affinity for magic would also feel it. A cool esnsation that flowed through their very souls! Pure, raw, unadulterated magical energies surrounded the ship. Atticus closed his eyes and took a deep breath in “Ah, nothing like the magic of the Arcanium to fill ones lungs and get the blood flowing! Right Susan?” He looked down at the box to see the fetus “Susan!” He cried “Youve given birth!” He leans down and pulls the Zeta fetus up into his arms like a baby. “Susan, i dont believe it. ITS A GIRL!” Carefully he removed the tubes from the child and examined it. “Im gonna call you… Little Susie” He smiles before lifint the child into the air, bathing it in the raw magical energy of the Arcanium. “Hey guys! Imma daddy!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *A few moments after the tubes were pulled form her back, the bark like skin that covered her body sealed the wounds, regenerating in a way similar in fashion to one of the Humanoids that gave her a finger. Suddenly a loud gasp from the Nymph like being as he used her lungs for the first time…. if she had lungs? Do nymphs have lungs? Regardless, the pale wooden being was somewhat disturbed by the turn of events taking place, and not to mention confused*
6/7/2019 0:00 Dark Creature The creature backs away when the Captain picks up the nymph and starts pulling out tubes. It watches closely to see her gasp to life and its eyes brighten with joy
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Tapping a talon like nail on the front of one of the dummies faces she wondered about the deck keeping from the creature as much as she could from the moment when the flowing ribbon like colours began to stream past them casting a breif collage of dappled shades f their own colour but weaker against the sides of some panelling Lily watched in wonder when their captain called out one of the names he had given to a ‘Female?’ like dummy beside him which she glanced over turning on her heels to see him raising from the box he had brought aboard the form of a small female very much like she had just been born..”Ok…that is some weird stuff going on right there?” What realm or verse where they in for it might be well damn possible the captain just had a baby to this inanimate object..”Should i question” she mumbled to herself.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *Words! She knew those. They had been implanted in to her brain during her rapid growth. It took her a few moments to work out these words, and understand their meaning, and once she had gently pushed herself away from the person holding her, to stand on her own defiant feet she looked around. Her red leaf like hair almost as bright as the colours all around them. Maybe she was taking a que from the colours in her own design? Luckily however she was wearing clothes that were also made out of tree bark and leaves, similar to her own design in that regard. Still however she struggled to process everything. Bit of an overload*
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim “Better if you dont” he comments before a loud roaring moan is heard in the distance “Could it be?” His violet eyes went wide as a form came into existence. Breaking from the bottom of the color like a whale breaks from the ocean, a creature roughly larger than the air ship itself, soared in front of them. four fleshy insectoid wings flapped slowly upon its back. Its scales shimmering white that reflected the same dazzling light that surrounded the ship and its crew. Instead of spines, a mane of thick hair that matched the captains rolled down its back and ended at the tail. Four horns sprouted from its head as it gave a mighty roar. “It is! All hands to stations! Man the harpoon cannons! ready the weapons! Full power to the shields.” Quickly, and rather roughly, he put Little Susie back in the box “Susan, take care of the baby!” He kissed the tips of his fingers and then placed it on Zeta’s forehead. “Daddy loves you… SO MUCH” He started tearing up before slamming the box close.
6/7/2019 0:00 Dark Creature The creature turns around slowly to see another creature appear. It hadn’t seen one like it before and starts to make its way to the front of the ship to study it and learn how it moves and works. Downloading in a way a pattern design so that if it wished it could take on this new creations form.
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Hearing the roar which you must be deaf not to hear but even then it vibrated the hull with resonance one could still feel it, Lily watched as the form emerge through the colourful sopu like space the ship was floating through its size dwarfing that of the vessel they were in which wasnt a reassuring thing for ones confidence..”Hmm Captiain think we can waylay the congratulations here though seems someone else has come out to say congratulations first” She glances about for a station or post familiar to her that she could ‘man’ to help defned the ship .
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim “OF COURSE!” He cries, a deadly serious look in his eyes as the airship hurtled toward the Prime Dragon. “This is for my spilled soda pop, you bitch…”
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *Kicking the door back open and clambering out, the slightly annoyed new life to whatever this place was, picked up the machine that was her home for all of four days and with a short run, threw it overboard at the creature, before wiping her hands on a job well done and strolling away to the other side of this ship. To look at the pretty colours some more*
6/7/2019 0:00 Dark Creature It looks back to the captain when the ship changes direction towards the flying creature
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim The dragon moves its tail in a fluid like motion, Susan exploding on impact but barely doing any damage. “SUSAN! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim Leaving his post and summoning blades to his side, he rushes towards the other end of the ship. “SUSIE! YOURE IN CHARGE WHILE IM GONE! this was a bad idea…” He mutters, stopping for a moment and crying “I never should have brought you and your mother here. Im sorry.” He looked away “Get everyone back to safety, im going to avenge your mother!” and like that, he lept off the ship and hurdled towards the dragon. The ship, without someone at the helm, began pulling hard to starboard. “Careful, it’s alignment is a little ooooooooooooooooooof!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) wanted to high five the primodial dragon that was one less creepy dummy to be dealing with but it be mere moments before it would turn its attention to them again. The ship lerched violently as the captian left the ‘wheel’ Lily makes a dive for it to hold the ship from listing over and spnning them off-
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim “Also i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” and his voice trailed off.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta …… *She had no idea what was going on, but seeing the spinning thing at the helm she assumed that was causing this ramshackle ship to start turning. Looks like Lily had the same idea and walked over to the woman holding the wheel steady, or what passed as a wheel*
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “ok i swear that crazy assed Captian said this thing had a harpoon about here someone find it and use it before it comes back and well end up like susan please!”
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim The wheel pulled with the force of 1000 giants, or for our European friends, 10 to the 3mil chihuahuas. The ship, breaking out of arcane space and crashing to a world below. Luckily, the shields were still active so no one was hurt too badly. More thrown around like beans in a can.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *Seeing what was coming, I.E one big ass crash, she produced a wine from one hand and wrapped it around the mast, and produced another vine for her other hand and wrapped that around Lily’s waist, the end result, these two hanging in midair for a time*
6/7/2019 0:00 Dark Creature From the sudden lurch the creature loses its balance and was thrown from the bow and sent falling down towards whatever land was under that flying ship. The creature watches the land quickly approach and so far all seemed lost before it turns itself in and spins before changing its shape to that dragon except this creature didn’t have any brightly coloured shine to it, silver was its only reflective surface in a dull light. It’s main of this hair was dark while 4 hours appeared on its head and it roars just like the creature that Captain Atticus swore vengeance upon.
6/7/2019 0:00 Dark Creature (Horns not hours*)
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Feeling like her arms were going to be ripped from their sockets Lily admitted defeat and let the wheel go which she realized was a bad idea but it was the latter of two evils for it was the only stable thing to grip to as the ship fell but before the ground impacted against the hull and the rest of the ship she felt something wrap about her waist making her glance up to see what had got tangled up into seeing the newly formed female gripping her to then see the shadow figure jettisoned onto the ground below..”Damn it is it ok?” but when it changed it shape it seemed fine.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *Once everything had come to a stop she slowly lowered herself down, and Lily to the ground… wherever this ground was. Was it even ground? Here it was hard to be sure. How would they get back? Once they were both on the ground her two vines retracted back i to her hands…. and then she skipped off to look at the pretty colours again*
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim The world beneath was a barren wasteland of scorched rock and smoking soil. The air reeked of heat and sulfur. The sky was black, as if eternally cast in the grey light of a dying star. this was NOT a fun place to be. However the ship, though seemngly having taken little to no structural damage, powered down and was completely nonoperational. The side of the ship screeched as a stairway ladder was dislodged, giving the two NORMAL PEOPLE a way to get down to the planet below
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Lily reached out once she felt the hard ground below her..”Wooh there little one not the time to be chasing rainbows ok, big not so happy dragon about and well we don’t know where we are, i dont want your…mummy and daddy haunting me from the grave if you get hurt..stay close if you can” She glances about then to look for the shadow creature.
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim There were no pretty colors anymore
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim only sadness
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III and the distinct smell of rotting eggs with a soft undertone of vanilla lavender.
6/7/2019 0:00 Dark Creature The creature just flies around the ship.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *With no more pretty colours to look at she kicked the ground, which was a very bad idea seeing as the ground was hot and hard, and honestly quite painful for a person made of wood. She mumbled something as she was stopped by Lily, and in the end rested her surprisingly soft frame against the reptilian woman*
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim In the distance, rocks could be heard moving. Something had disturbed the dirt. Something else was here… Maybe. Or it could have also been residual kinetic energy from the crash. Yeah, it was probably that.
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Lily watched the shadow dragon that was once aboard the ship circling above them in the gray clouds like of this baron place that smelt of old ladies and well strangely a undertone of cookies alittle because of the vanilla. The mumble caught her attention and seeing how the hot aching vibe and smell came from the surface and in the air wasnt likely going to be to kind to the nymph Lily looked at the dummys for some shoes for the girl to wear on her feet in not she would remove her jacket and cut into it to fashion her some covering for her feet.
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim There was one dummy, wearing a pair of cowboy boots and a poncho. A sign hung over their neck that read “El Booty”
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim Another dummy, this one with a sad face, was also close by, its body in shambles, holding onto a sword
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “Excuse me” she remarks to the dummy slipping off the boots and brought them over to the girl..”Put your feet in these they maybe big but it will keep you off the rocks..” Her head darting to the direction of the rock fall, the ship had been settled for a while so it couldnt have been that making it move but then it could be some stones that were just tittering on the edge and were ready to fall anyway. well that was what she prayed it was anyway..”i hope..or i don’t think we are…”
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *She took the boots and…. wasn’t very impressed with how they looked… or smelled….* Do I have to put these on? *She asked in a soft voice, if not a little croaky, seeing as this was the first time she had used her voice apart from a mumble, while looking over to the same direction Lily was looking*
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim More scuttling could be heard around them. Soft whispers in a rough, tribal, language. Some to the left, others to the right. Some behind them further up the hill, others further below.
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Lily hearing the petite voice of the girl glances back with the colbalt blue reptile optics she bore..”Sorry my dear if we had the time and paint i will colour them any colour you like..”A scaley hand moving to the Glock pistol she had on her belt and well since the shadow creature didnt look to need anhy weapon to defend itself being in a dragon like state it only meant the nymph needed something and she wasn’t going to hand her gun to the child like form but in the dim light that allowed them to see by played along the sword clutched by one of the creepy ass dummies lily moved over to slip it from its lifeless grip to bring over…”Here take this too, hold it by here and if anything tries to eat you stab it with the other end ok”Offering the hilt to the nmyph.
6/7/2019 0:00 Dark Creature The creature just circles the two ladies while watching from above. It didn’t have anything else to do at the moment.
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim From behind a rock scuttled a creature. It appeared to be a humanoid, crouched over and walking on its knuckles and using the shaft of its spear to move along. Its face seemed hidden by a large mask that covered most of its body with a green mane around the edges. It moved in quick jagged like motions, almost robotic as it made its way towards Lily and Zeta. A series of clicks made as it did.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *As she took the sword, in an inexperienced grip she thought about the dim light, and surprisingly her leaves and bark began to give off a bio-luminescence, lighting up the small area around them a little more, and giving the creature above an easier time keeping an eye on them, the nymph looking woman turning to face this creature, tilting her head to one side in a confused way*
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) A digit slide down the side of the muzzle of the weapon pushing the safety off the other curling close to the trigger ready if needed as the faceless lumbering form made its way closer to them well it wore a mask but that didn’t give at best a idea of it was human, beast or other behind the mask it wore. listening to try work out how the clicks related to its actions to if it got faster or that when threaten ect..”Friend?” she asked breifly scanning the ridge line about them to see if there were more but given the ‘voices/noises’ they heard when they landed it was likely there was more.
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim The creature scuttled its way up to Lily, examining her weapon in a too close for comfort way. A low his was given, the mask opening up to reveal a fleshy mouth with rows of razor teeth. A loud noise was made! Like a cross between a pig squealing in reverse and an Obese woman being fisted to the point of orgasm. A long and wet tongue wrapping around her gun and pulling it into the creatures mouth. The sound of metal bending and breaking before it spat out the metal. Raising its spear in the sky, it screamed again. a chorus of screams answering back from all around the crew.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta … … …*Ditching the shoes, by shoving them in that thing’s mouth she next grabbed Lily by the wrist and attempted to pull her back to the ship, because that appeared to be the safest place to be right now. Running away was certainly her idea of a good plan*
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “Son of a …”She cussed as the form moved close examining her to close for comfort before the razor like maw opened behind the mask revealing the rows of sharp teeth before it reached out to swallow down her gun, spitting the remains at their feet before the wird high pitched noise rang out making her clamp her hands about her ears at such a painful pitch before she was jerked by the elbow by the nymph girl tugged towards the ship>yeah a good plan as hopefully it had more weapons even though she still had blades and well her magic had been so hit and miss lately though she doubted it would work here. Shame those boots were quiet nice really seeing them dangle from the forms mouth.
6/7/2019 0:00 Dark Creature A portal opens just as the creature was flying down to save its new found friends, it swallows the creature whole and vanishes without a trace.
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Oh great though if you counted the dummies they were not alone but it seemed now the females where and lost their other companion as a rift appeared and seemed to have taken away the shadow creature..”Oh just joys just when you need the recovery truck guys to save you they called to another job..”
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim The creature swallows the boots after chewing for a bit. More of the bastard’s swarming from the rocks and scuttling forward like a flood. Their screeches piercing the air as spears hurled towards the party. Cutting into Zeta’s leg and scraping past Lily’s shoulder. No impalement though, so that was nice. You know what wasnt nice though? How fast the bastards moved! RUN FOREST! RUN!
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Half through the sheer will of not falling pray to these things shits Lily ran half stumbling over the rocky ground back to the ship trying at best to dodge the spears that whipped past them a few grazing maybe a few of her scales off, She glances back to the girl beside her seeing if she was keeping up seeing the spear grazing the leg..”Shit” she cussed pausing for a moment to se if the nymph needed a piggy back or aid.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *She may have had skin made of bark, but it was a soft bark, and yes she could bleed. A sudden yelp left the woman as she stopped suddenly holding her leg just above the ankle. So, she did what came naturally to her, thank to the Draong genes that seemed to influence her. She got angry, sending vines each and any direction in a fit of rage that Lily would be proud of. Each vine lined with thorns just as sharp as these spears being thrown at them, only she could control where they went as they sprouted from the ground in a deadly assault*
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Thankful she was close to the girl for suddenly lily felt the ground below them shift as sharp jagged vines erupt from under the rocky about them thrown in the direction of the screaming natives..”Damn it girl that’s quiet a temper..”She chuckles giving a proud grin at her, while reaching for a set of knifes on her belt there was only a few of them and with a flick of her wrists come and perfected from throwing stones in the lake throw them in the direction of those not caught in the vines.
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim Unfortunately, the earth was Barron. No plant life existed to produce such vines. However, something interesting did happen. The area around Zeta bloomed with grass and wild flowers. Bringing life and color to the dead world. Such a thing stopped the savages In their tracks as they halted their advance at the edge of the ring created. Hesitantly, they moved around it, the leader poking it with their spear first before rubbing his hand against the grass. “Wo’chaka” it muttered in a raspy voice. As if aunt Marge, you know the one who smokes too much, were gargling rocks. The creature then did something else, kneeling into the grass and laying down. “WO’CHAKA!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Zera La Fae With all the commotion that had taken place, what with the warping and dimensions and reverting time, Zera had been caught up in a swirl of events she did not understand or history she had not experienced the first time around. Somehow, she had ended up on the ship of the deranged pirate and was either asleep? Passed out? Something like that. All that she did know was that she was thoroughly confused. “What the hell is going on!?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *Dammit. She was hoping for blood, gore, violence beyond measure as revenge for being caught by a spear head. Instead she summons…. grass….. Still, at least they weren’t trying to kill the two, no wait, three of… now hold on a minute, who was that shouting?*.
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Raises a brow..”Well i’d be..” lowering her hand back down glancing over to the new comer..”Kinda making friends with the natives and got into a miss understand seems to clam down for now” Grinning Lily crouched down and ran her palm over the grass too..”Hmm always so quick to anger..”She mumbles to herself smirking at the irony over some words she teaches the boy now coming back and biting her on the ass..”Seems beauty as tamed the beast..for now” she looks to the nymph-
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) calm*
6/7/2019 0:00 Zera La Fae A thin brow rose over a golden hazel eye. “You call this making friends?” She couldn’t help but grin a bit at the situation. It didn’t really look like the natives were that friendly, but at least they weren’t actively being chased or having their lives threatened… for now. Zera looked at the two seemingly normal other ones that were presumably from Hellifyno. She didn’t recognize them, but then again she didn’t know that many people to begin with.
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim As many of the savages were now laying on the glass, outstretched like stare fish and making grass Angels. The leader rolls over and scuttles over to the one who had made the grass. Grabbing Zeta by the hand and examining before quickly shooting its head up to look her in the eyes. It then jumped up and down and motioned outwards with its spear.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *Sitting down, mostly because she was dripping from the small wound on her ankle she looked at the cut. Oddly enough her blood smelt very much like a mixture of sap and…. rum? Well… certainly interesting*
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Watched the natives rolling about the grass like it was snow she chuckled when a whiff of rum catches her nose having frequented the taverns often she knew amongst the smell of rotten eggs lavender it seemed out of place. blue eyes falling onto the nymph clutching at the wound that had ran along the wood like skin she bore..”Oh shit yeah” she fumbled about for something to use for Aid-
6/7/2019 0:00 Zera La Fae Curiously, she watched as the leader goes over to Zeta excitedly. “I think it wants you to make more grass?” Sadly, Zera wasn’t not very magically inclined. What was she good at exactly? Not too much by the looks of it. She was short, standing at only 4’8″ and was often covered in paint.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta …… *Clearly she either didn’t want to, or for now wasn’t able to say much, only talking once so far, but she placed one hand to the hot ground, mimicking the same actions before, mostly running on instinct right about now in order to create more grass*
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim More grass sprouted up. The field extending outwards as the savages all dropped their spears in surprise. Many started bowing to Zeta.
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim A choir of voices chanting out in a worship like display
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Taring off the sleeve from her shirt Lily kneels down beside the nymph to wrap it about her ankle to put pressure on and stem the bleed..”AH i think little one they see you now as their god..” Smiling she glances to Zera as she tied the strip of fabric off..”Seems they did and given the state of this place and our captain we had seems now people crave or lack the smallest of things be it just a blade of grass or another human in this chaotic void we find ourselves in at the moment”
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *Zeta didn’t look all that impressed by this news, even to a new life like Zeta she didn’t like the word ‘Gods’, but how much of that was down to the time spent in her maturation chamber, or the information she gained form that device?*
6/7/2019 0:00 Zera La Fae Zera looked around at the haunting environment, the only bit of color being the green of the soft, lush grass. Her eyes turned to the sky, wondering if it were possible to rain here. If not, the grass wouldn’t last very long. She wished Tetheon were here as well. If so, he could change the weather pattern enough to make it rain if it were possible.
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim A group swarms the party, lifting them up by their butts and carrying them away to the top of the hill. A small village was there. Homes made from the rocky Craigs of the mountain stacked together. A massive fireplace with some alien creature roasting on a spic. At the back of the village was the largest of the houses.
6/7/2019 0:00 Zera La Fae “Looks like we are being invited for dinner… I just hope we aren’t on the menu.” A shudder is sent down the redhead’s spine. She had an issue with cannibals and definitely didn’t want to be on the menu for the evening.
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “woooh hold on are they going to eat us!” wiggles about preferring to walk herself looking over to Zera who seemed to share the same idea of being on the menu. She takes in as much detail she can for a escape route back to the ship..”though i kinda like being carried now like this saves on the shoes
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “laughs trying to make light of whats happening-
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *Unlike the other two, Zeta was more concerned with a poppy she saw in the grass she made and leaned back to pick it, showing a surprising about of flexibility to snag the stem before plucking it from the ground and setting it in to her leaf like hair. She now sat there, beaming from ear to ear*
6/7/2019 0:00 {DM} Atticus Grim The party is brought to the big rock house in the back. An older looking savage with a special stick walking out. The hair on the side of its mask like face long and white. Its stick, ornate and covered with bones and dyed cloth. Its gnarled fingers curling from outside his “beard” as it approaches. The green one from before begins conversing with it for a moment before the elder approaches Zeta. It takes a moment to examine her before stamping its staf in the ground and pointing to the dead earth and stamping it again.
6/7/2019 0:00 Zera La Fae “Those are some nice shoes. Get them in Consequence?” What the hell, Zera? You might be eaten and you talking about fucking shoes!? Her eyes go towards the nymph that grew the grass to see it pluck a red poppy from the small field it had created. “Oooh, nice splash of color there.” Hopefully the… coconut masked creature things would be equally impressed. Aaaaand, apparently they want a repeat performance. Hopefully the silent one that worked gardening magic could do it again.
6/7/2019 0:00 Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Smoothed down her clothing she swore one of them groped her ass while carrying her giving a narrowed glare back at the forms that carried her before looking at their leader before them and given his gesture wished to see or for the nymph to repeat what she just did again.
6/7/2019 0:00 Experiment Zeta *She folded her arms, and rolled her eyes for a few seconds, before finally speaking again* A please wouldn’t kill you *Defiant to the last in her tone of voice, yet somehow she could guess their survival rested on her ability to create….grass of all things, so, again with the performance. Oh joy. Kneeling down she placed both hands against the ground, intent on this being the last time she needed to do this, so attempted to flood them with grass*
06/07/19, 10:00 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “leans over to Zera..”if they eat you first though could i get your shoes?”
06/07/19, 10:00 AM {DM} Atticus Grim Zeta’s arms glistened with the light of the arcanium. As she placed her hands on the ground, the world around them exploded in green. The esscens of magic bending to Little Susie’s will as the whole village became covered with grass and wild flowers. The houses. Everything. The elder was taken back by the display of power and vowed to Susie. “Wo’chaka”
06/07/19, 10:04 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Lily raised a brow turning in a slow circle on the spot watching the colour and greeny erupt all about them as the magic flowed from the nymph into the once baron land ..”Wo’chaka indeed” smiling she gently patted the girl on a shoulder wirh a hand-
06/07/19, 10:06 AM Experiment Zeta *Back to the silent ways of the Nymph creature as she stood back up, and picked a yellow flower this time, sitting it just under the red one she found earlier. She did however seem quite pleased with her current flower collection**
06/07/19, 10:07 AM Zera La Fae Zera let out a low whistle. “Color me impressed. That is amazing.” Her eyes went over to Lily as she asked for her shoes if she was to be eaten first. “I don’t plan on being on the menu, but if, worse comes to worse… okay.” What? It wasn’t like she would need them if she was dead.
06/07/19, 10:09 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Lily chuckles over to the other woman..”Hay it’s ok they look better on you then me i like alittle more heel ” giving a wink to her then returns to watching the other natives especially thr leader-
06/07/19, 10:10 AM {DM} Atticus Grim The savages, savage as they were, all raised their spears into the air and started whooping like drunk guys at frat party when theres a nip slip. The elder, taking Zeta by the hand and leading her somewhere else. A little ways down there was a cave. A cave that lead deep into the scorched earth. The rest of the savages, cowering around the cave, affraid to go in.
06/07/19, 10:12 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Following behind there was little chance the leader was going to lead the girl anywhere without them following and if he disagreed well she was willing to try fight again, She sniffed about the cave entrance to judge if it smelt wet, sulphar anything disgusting about it that could give a clue to if it was dangerous –
06/07/19, 10:12 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) distinguishing*
06/07/19, 10:13 AM {DM} Atticus Grim It smelled like vanilla lavender
06/07/19, 10:14 AM Experiment Zeta …….*Somehow she felt as if she was better off in her chamber tha under here… where there was no sun to keep her night and regenerated. Bad cave. very bad cave*
06/07/19, 10:15 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Still frowns at the sweet fragrance it could be a trap the only small grace what if she died down there it was or she would at least smell nice. She waits to follow the nymph should she wish to go inside-
06/07/19, 10:18 AM Experiment Zeta *Damn right Lily was coming in to the cave, and damn near pulled the woman with her. She would drag her if need be, but she wasn’t going in there alone, and Zera looked to have fallen asleep on the grass*
06/07/19, 10:20 AM {DM} Atticus Grim Deep within the cave twists and turns tunnels. Deep within the earth they did crawl. Insects and creepy crawlies scuttling everywhere
06/07/19, 10:20 AM {DM} Atticus Grim Within the dark of the cave came a noise.
06/07/19, 10:20 AM {DM} Atticus Grim A deep rumbling that shook the cave itself the deeper one went.
06/07/19, 10:21 AM Zera La Fae Zera followed behind the others, keeping her distance and making sure whereever they were being led to, that there was also a way to get out. (Sorry, was getting food)
06/07/19, 10:23 AM Experiment Zeta *Luckily, Zeta still had that sword Lily had given her upon their first encounter, which she slyly passed back at this point, suspecting that Lily would be able to use it better than she ever could. She didn’t trust the rumblings* 🙂P)
06/07/19, 10:24 AM {DM} Atticus Grim The deeper they went the more clear the sound would become. A dull roar and then… snoring? Loud angry snoring! All light from the world above gone! The crew moving in total darkness.
06/07/19, 10:24 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Guided well more dragged down into the dark cave lily nearly losing the arm in the process off being tugged down descends deeper within glancing between Zera following behind and trying to see ahead of them not liking the deep rumbling ..”please tell em that was the realm/plant shifting alittle and not living”? swallowing ad tries to listen when she felt something cold press into her palm making her look down to the sword she had given the girl now handed back to her..”really this is like giving a kid scissors and telling them to run with them..”She smirks
06/07/19, 10:27 AM Experiment Zeta *It would have been dark, had it not been for the naturally accruing luminescence that littered the Nymph like woman. It was bright by any stretch fo the imagination, but at least they could see just about the direction they were headed* Something sleeps in the deep dark
06/07/19, 10:27 AM Zera La Fae “That was the realm/plant shifting alittle and not living…” Zera repeated the freeze, in a completely deadpan way that conveyed she did not believe what she was saying.
06/07/19, 10:28 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Lily froze for a moment she didn’t like the dark even though she could see some way didn’t mean she didnt like it blindly she glances between the two woman trying to reassure herself they were there and she wasnt alone. Backing alittle way lily presses herself up against a wall for support and starts to breath heavily/panting-
06/07/19, 10:29 AM {DM} Atticus Grim Yep, it was snoring, lily slipping on a rock causing whatever was sleeping to stir just a bit. “No no no” came a familiar voice. “You cant give the Lama jellybeans” and then back to snoring.
06/07/19, 10:29 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrir had went ahead of the group to scout last night and needless to say, he had fallen asleep in the cavern system. The great wolf was snoring in his fitful slumber..
06/07/19, 10:30 AM Experiment Zeta ……….. Wait…… *She may have been young but she knew that voice* That’s the captain crazy pants *She whispered to Lily*
06/07/19, 10:30 AM {DM} Atticus Grim Apparently fenrir fell into portal and ended up here! WONDERFUL!
06/07/19, 10:32 AM Zera La Fae “Captain Crazy Pants?” Zera raised an eyebrow at the name. What in the world happened when she was asleep?
06/07/19, 10:32 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “the…the captain?” but how did he end up down here? the last she seen the captain was when he throw himself off the ship after the dragon and susan..”What..whats he doing here?” looking quizzical at the nymph. Ok that news definitely distracted her from the darkness about them.
06/07/19, 10:33 AM {DM} Atticus Grim As the two came closer, they would find Fenrir and Atticus snuggling within the cave. An empty bottle of something next to the captan…
06/07/19, 10:33 AM {DM} Atticus Grim Atticus was the big spoon of course.
06/07/19, 10:33 AM Experiment Zeta Who else speaks like that? *She asked, not knowing the answer to that question, and looked back to Zera to explain* He’s a moron on a boat
06/07/19, 10:34 AM Experiment Zeta Who is…. doing questionable things with a wolf
06/07/19, 10:35 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “i mean the captians meant to stay with his ship and that but well he threw himself over board” she glanced to Zera and shrugged peering into the opening to see the two forms spooning each other, their ‘captain’ being the bigger spoon cradling the smaller wolf form before him from behind..”Ok i think i feel unwell…”
06/07/19, 10:35 AM Zera La Fae “I’m suddenly very glad its dark and I can’t see what’s going on now…” There was not enough liquor in the ‘verse that could help her unsee that.
06/07/19, 10:37 AM {DM} Atticus Grim He sits up suddenly, finger up in a matter of fact way “actually, it’s a trans multiversal air ship” he wobbles a little. “And it is more advanced than ANYTHING your monkey civilization has…” he shakes his head. Eyes adjusting. “Wait” he squints “Little SUSIE!” He shouts, waking the werewolf with the sheer volume and embracing the Nymph in his vice like grip. “Oh my dear sweet daughter!” He absolutely plasters her face in kisses “I have missed you my daughter, my love, my REASON FOR EXISTING!”
06/07/19, 10:39 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “How, in the name of of the herald, did you find me?”
06/07/19, 10:40 AM {DM} Atticus Grim He lets her go
06/07/19, 10:40 AM Experiment Zeta ….. What are you doing here? Dry humping a wolf? *She asked in an extremely muffled tone of voice due to the whole situation. The better question should have been, why were they all here, but her mind slipped past that point*
06/07/19, 10:40 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “well its firewood” she teases the Captian..”These monkeys used it for kindling” grinning before takign a step back as the man wrapped himself about the nymph girl-
06/07/19, 10:40 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrir stirs and notices someone was shouting.. He feels a person sleeping quite close to him. The great wolf turns his head to see who, and jumps up in shock, accidentally tripping over his own tail in his shock
06/07/19, 10:42 AM {DM} Atticus Grim He turns away, throwing his arm over his eyes. “Oh it’s a tragic story! When I lost your mother, I went into a rage! Scaling the dragons back, I made my way to the beasts head.” He looks her in the eyes. “We battled through the cosmos! I got some hits in, it got some hits in, but then as I was POISED to strike the final blow…”
06/07/19, 10:42 AM {DM} Atticus Grim He drops his head in shame
06/07/19, 10:42 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “I got a phone call…”
06/07/19, 10:43 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “From the modeling agency”
06/07/19, 10:44 AM Zera La Fae Zera just… brinks and stares as she thought to herself that she should have never gotten off of the ship. Nope…. not enough liquor in the multiverse. or coffee. Ooooh…. coffee sounded good about now. Her thought train derails as she listens to the captain wax on in lunacy. Captain Crazy Pants indeed.
06/07/19, 10:44 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “Obviously, it was very important, as I’ve been waiting EONS for a call back”
06/07/19, 10:44 AM Zera La Fae *blinks
06/07/19, 10:45 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “Anyways, the Prime Dragon must have seen an opportunity because it launched me from it’s back and down to the realm below.”
06/07/19, 10:45 AM {DM} Atticus Grim He looks back over the crew’s shoulder “must have created this hole with my landi- Oh hello!”
06/07/19, 10:45 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Laughs out loudly over the wild tale of the phone call face palming herself- ..”Yeap sounds very plausible”
06/07/19, 10:47 AM Experiment Zeta *In a bid to dispel any rumour about her relations with anyone, she looked to Lily and Zera and simply mouthed ‘No relation’*
06/07/19, 10:47 AM {DM} Atticus Grim He moves past everyone else, violet eyes locking onto Zera. “Well, hello there” he says, throwing on his most charming voice. “Atticus Grim” he says, bringing her hand up to his lips to kiss her ring finger. “Captain Atticus Grim. And you are…?”
06/07/19, 10:48 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “Aside from stunningly beautiful”
06/07/19, 10:50 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Lily grins at Zeta ..”Are you sure all i seen was this crazy guy out of a box anythings possible in these verses not calling it yet” She teased before glancing over the the captian slightly wounded he never gave her such a charmed response all she got was some bruised ribs and now her pride. Flipping him the finger she wonder about the crator under ground he said he created when he fell to see if that was such the case-
06/07/19, 10:50 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) pull you out**
06/07/19, 10:50 AM Zera La Fae “Uh… Zera,” She tried to pull her hand away before he could kiss it. “Zera La Fae..” Bewilders eyes turned towards Lily and Zeta with a silent plea for help.
06/07/19, 10:50 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrir decides not to bring anything up.. Instead he calls out softly, knowing the caverns would probably amplify his nervous words a little bit, “Well, Perhaps we should be heading out now..”
06/07/19, 10:51 AM Experiment Zeta *Now free of being hugged to death she leaned against Lily, letting someone else suffer the man for the moment, before looking to Fenrir* You still have to explain why you were sleeping with the big guy over here
06/07/19, 10:52 AM {DM} Atticus Grim He shrugs “what can I say?” He gives Zera a wink “imma cuddler”
06/07/19, 10:53 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Luckily his fur and the darkness hid his deep blush. “I was warming him with my fur. Its a bit cold without a coat in these caverns if you hadnt noticed..”
06/07/19, 10:54 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf He says, not actually being able to tell due to his own thick coat of fur.
06/07/19, 10:54 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Lies*
06/07/19, 10:54 AM {DM} Atticus Grim Is wearing a coat
06/07/19, 10:54 AM Zera La Fae A visual shudder moves down her spine as the captain winked at her.
06/07/19, 10:54 AM {DM} Atticus Grim Just not buttoned up
06/07/19, 10:55 AM {DM} Atticus Grim His chiseled chest very much exposed.
06/07/19, 10:55 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “So, what have you lot been up too?”
06/07/19, 10:55 AM Experiment Zeta …..If we couldn’t move along ot the point why they are worshipping me like a God up there? *She asked, still confused by that at the moment*
06/07/19, 10:55 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “Because you’re my kid of course”
06/07/19, 10:55 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “Also, who?”
06/07/19, 10:56 AM Experiment Zeta I’m pretty sure the wolf is more your kid than I *She replied after a few moments while slowly beginning ot edge her way backwards, out of the cave, while pointing to the short tribal leader that lead them there in the first place* Him
06/07/19, 10:58 AM {DM} Atticus Grim The tribal leader was still at the mouth of the cave so Zeta was pointing at nothing.
06/07/19, 10:58 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “Ah yes! Good to meet you Invisible person!”
06/07/19, 10:58 AM {DM} Atticus Grim He nods “captain Atticus Grim, at your service”
06/07/19, 10:59 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “Thank you for taking care of my crew while I was gone”
06/07/19, 10:59 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “They’re HOPELESS without me”
06/07/19, 11:00 AM Zera La Fae This guy was breaking her brain a little. Resisting the urge to facepalm, she answered. “He led us to the cave and is probably waiting at the entrance. “
06/07/19, 11:00 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “But I think it’s time we left”
06/07/19, 11:00 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) -rolls her eyes her lips curled into a slight smirk the head giving a short shake of disbelief…”keeping him warm” she mumbles lowly before chuckling knowing Atticus she wouldnt put it past the Captian not seeing a invisible person before them so curiously amuses him
06/07/19, 11:01 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “Let’s go, crew!” He comments, putting his hat back on and walking out of the cave.
06/07/19, 11:03 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrir nods, deciding to take third place in the line, his natural nightvision helping him to guide the others behind him to the left or right of tripping hazards
06/07/19, 11:03 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) Taking up the rear Not taking it up the rear! Lily follows behind the others that filed out of the cave back towards the leader and the natives if they were still there blinking as they emerge into brighter light then the darkness of the cave prior..”ah gods damn it..”
06/07/19, 11:04 AM Zera La Fae Zera follows behind along with Lily. “About time…”
06/07/19, 11:05 AM {DM} Atticus Grim The savages were waiting there for them. Their spears pointed at the opalescent haired man who immediately raised his hands up.
06/07/19, 11:05 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “Watch and learn, children! You are about to witness perfect. Diplomacy.”
06/07/19, 11:06 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “this isnt going to end well” she mumbles to Zera
06/07/19, 11:06 AM Narrator The many nascent realms and verses tremble ever so slightly, as if far off, in some fundamental place, something is breaking.
06/07/19, 11:06 AM {DM} Atticus Grim He clears his throat. “RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!” He screams, throwing Zeta over his shoulders and booking a hard right towards the ship.
06/07/19, 11:07 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrir looks around, blinking in the brightness. He whispers to Zera, indicating the opalescent haired man, “Who is that?”
06/07/19, 11:07 AM Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Tick. Tock. There’s a clock. What’s it for? Are you sure? It is heard in the back of your mind, no matter what.
06/07/19, 11:09 AM Zera La Fae Without hesitation, she took off after the crazy flirty captain, easily keeping pace. “Don’t worry about it. Just run!”
06/07/19, 11:10 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “So much for Diplomacy” She glances to the wolf a brow raised over what she thought she heard him say before running off after the Captain.
06/07/19, 11:11 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrir wants to make a grab for one of the natives spears with his paws as he sprints for the ship, but decides to run for the ship, his powerful and legs allowing him to reach and swiftly overtake the captain and Lily.
06/07/19, 11:11 AM {DM} Atticus Grim LEAP! the captain is on the ship, taking the wheel and hitting a bunch of buttons as a SWARM of savages, a proverbial ocean of them if you will, rushed the ship.
06/07/19, 11:12 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “what happened to ladies first” she calls after the wolf a breathless laugh coming from her as she makes it to the ship throwing herself unceremoniously onto the deck panting –
06/07/19, 11:13 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “Its not working! Why isnt it… oh”
06/07/19, 11:13 AM Zera La Fae Zera slips into the ship just before Lily, grabbing something to bat the savages away. “We’re all here! Go!” she called to the captain.
06/07/19, 11:13 AM {DM} Atticus Grim He puts the keys in.
06/07/19, 11:14 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf Fenrir helps Lilly onto the ship then leaps onto the ship himself, manning the nearest piece of artillery. firing into the savages
06/07/19, 11:14 AM {DM} Atticus Grim The shields go up just in time to defend against a wave of spears as the ship pulls into Arcane space and heads back to the Portalverse.
06/07/19, 11:15 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “Well, crew, it’s been fun, but for now” he puts his hat on zeta’s head. “She’s your captain now”
06/07/19, 11:15 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “we ….were…just..making ..friends..” she laughs flopping onto her back and looking as they raise into the multi coloured soup like space again.
06/07/19, 11:17 AM {DM} Atticus Grim “Unfortunatly, a ship cannot have two captains so…” he twists the ship, sending all of the crew members flying down to the portalverse below “good luck in your future ventuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuures”
06/07/19, 11:19 AM Zera La Fae So down she fell… towards the portalverse. “On to the next adventure then…”
06/07/19, 11:20 AM Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf *Fenrir howls and jumps towards the portalverse*
06/07/19, 11:20 AM Lily Ann Black (Lady Duskore) “Wooh..i just got my ass on this ship after being thrown off it once before i want to see your Captains licence…!” tumbles from the ship once more towards the portal which had just prior taken away the shadow creature-
06/07/19, 11:24 AM Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *Celine appeared right as the ship twists, only to be thrown into the portalverse*
06/07/19, 11:29 AM Professor Possibility Somewhere, over the rainbow… The Greatest Mind on Hellifyno threw a switch. And because of that switch, and her just being that incredibly smart, the entirety of spacetime was at her fingertips! The switch was thrown! A thread of the fabric of reality was pulled, and a perfectly stable and not at all theoretical wormhole was opened! A spherical hole, bridging one part of reality to another within the same universe! And what was on the other side of that hole? Well. Possi wanted to find out. “WHAT. HAVE. YOU. IDIOTS. DONE. TO. MY. PLANET.” That’s what she screamed as she stomped her way through her wormhole, toting her rifle.
06/07/19, 11:30 AM Narrator As the last scene ends there is a moment when a sound of applause is heard, a crowd not seen, not known, is giving a standing ovation for Atticus and the magic that he has wrought. However, this break in the fourth wall quickly fades not only from reality but even from memory as the story progresses.
06/07/19, 11:31 AM Cpt. Kurai Y. Kishimoto The Crimson Captain quickly stepped out of the wormhole behind her companion, fully armed with her pistols and rifle and armored in her Defender Mk. 5. The helmet fell back into the chestplate as Kurai looked around and shook her head. She leaves for a few days and this, this place of course found a way to fuck itself to high heavens. “What in creation happened here?!”
06/07/19, 11:32 AM Narrator Setting: The universe was destroyed. The Heroes witnessed the fall of every continent on Hellifyno and then the rise of a new one, the island continent of Thyme. Led by the child king Ar’Elis they used the powers of Thyme to go back in time and correct the wrongs of the recent past, defeating enemies from the past few years before they could wreak their devastation upon the lands. But when they reached the time of The Ar’Elian Saga, the Abominations killed the young king Ar’Elis, and the group was flung backwards, to the very beginning of time, to the Dreamers. \n\nAfter untold eons within the earliest Dreams, the group found themselves on the first land, the island of Twine and Thyme, the place where reality was first stitched together. There they witnessed wonders, and horrors… and eventually portals were discovered. Using this power they moved into the Portalverse to explore this new potential. \n\nBut then the Abominations attacked. They ripped the physical island in two, separating Thyme and Twine forever, and then laid siege to the Portalverse, trapping the group within its infinite halls. Now, a trembling and a rumbling throughout the realms of reality indicates that the Abominations are about to tear through the last of the defenses of the Portalverse, destroy our intrepid Heroes, and completely eviscerate the many lands of existence. \n\nCan the Abominations be stopped? Can the many realms be saved? Is there any hope for the group to restore the timeline and return to their homes? Find out, on the next thrilling installment of The RolePages 10th Anniversary 100 Hour Marathon Event.
06/07/19, 11:34 AM Archibald Cheshire III Cheshire sat up and looked at the two newcomers and squinted before flopping back down. “10years, 100hrs, that’s what the sign said.”
06/07/19, 11:36 AM Professor Possibility “SIR. I WILL REQUIRE ACTUAL INFORMATION, NOT HALF-BAKED NONSENSE.” Possi pointed her rifle at him, but… not in a threatening way as an actual projectile weapon. It was more like she wiggled it at him like a teacher would wiggle a yardstick threateningly at a student.
06/07/19, 11:37 AM Narrator As you fall back into the Portalverse you find yourselves in a place of infinite connections. This is envisioned in physical reality by a tunnel that stretches out in either direction with infinite branches and infinite portals leading to the many verses and realms of existence. However, this tunnel seems to be under distress. Even as you land there is a quivering, a shaking, a concussive force assaulting the reality around you. Standing in the tunnel you feel shards of portals cracking and shattering down upon your heads, along with stone and rubble. The ground quakes, the walls tremble, and violence crashes upon the foundations of the plane upon which you stand.
06/07/19, 11:39 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia gulps down her morning coffee groggily. Don’t ask where she managed to get it. DM perks, you wouldn’t understand. She groans as the tremors start up. “Would they keep it down!?”
06/07/19, 11:39 AM Narrator As Possi requests a portal screen opens showing dark figures, shadowy beings obscured by the distortion of reality itself. There are millions of them, these twisted creatures, these Abominations, assaulting the Island Fortress of Twine, decimating the human and teddy defenders of of the city, and even assaulting the source of the Portalverse itself. They are coming for you. But you can’t get out. You are stuck waiting in this earthen death trap for the enemy to breach the island’s defenses.
06/07/19, 11:40 AM Archibald Cheshire III “Look” he sits up again “long story short, wibbily wobbly time whimy, fixing the mistakes of the past. Ar’elis is dead, now we’re stuck here at the beginning of all, abominations are attacking twine, and some fairy fuck wont tell us how to fix things” he flops back diwn5
06/07/19, 11:40 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ From deep within the tunnel, Anthem found no avail as there were no portals to take to get out from the Verse. So she started to head back towards where she assumed the party still was. She had been healed and rested up from the night before, then nods to Magicia and Possi before looking upon the screen and watching in horror.
06/07/19, 11:41 AM DM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist ^POOF! Sassy is here along with her Uncle and injured Kwazii. He still limps on his paw and is still kind of sore from his burns. Sass guides him to the group with the Uncle following closely behind^ Hello, everyone! ^Sass pipes up^
06/07/19, 11:42 AM Isaac Trueheart Isaac groans as he slowly and groggily wakes up “uuuuugh….. my head…..”
06/07/19, 11:42 AM Narrator Ticktock… ticktock… the ever present clock is ticking and time seems to be running out.
06/07/19, 11:42 AM Archibald Cheshire III “Also!” He shoots back up “Elijah is an avatar of Gaea and I know how to walk through the void.” He flops back down “actually pretty easy…”
06/07/19, 11:42 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Well at least we aren’t dead YET, right?” She chugs the rest of the coffee and yeets her mug into the depths of the tunnel. “So let’s freakin do something about this.”
06/07/19, 11:42 AM Archibald Cheshire III “And then theres the clock”
06/07/19, 11:42 AM Narrator The caverns of the Portalverse are rocked, again and again, by powerful primordial forces, battering at its defenses.
06/07/19, 11:42 AM Narrator Also in time to the ticking of the clock…
06/07/19, 11:43 AM Emori Natsu(+Others) Emori jolted awake. Where was she? She’d moved to Consequence not long ago with her brother. And suddenly everything was gone. The shifter sat up and looked around, confused. Writer may be a little distracted for a bit. Needs more coffee.
06/07/19, 11:43 AM Archibald Cheshire III “Tried, from what I understand we need to get to thyme, and do some Shenanigans there so that way everything lines up and then we can summon an army from all across the Omniverse. At least, that’s the idea the naked fairy put in my head”
06/07/19, 11:44 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “How would we take down an Abomination? Let alone an invading force?” She asked no one in particular, still watching the screen.
06/07/19, 11:45 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “…. Naked fairy? Wait, did Puck come back while I was zoned out?”
06/07/19, 11:45 AM Archibald Cheshire III “Necause apparently, this has all happened before and NORMALLY the part where we all died
06/07/19, 11:45 AM Professor Possibility “…Oh, well, would you look at that, a convenient window to look at the exact mistakes that were made, I bet.” Yes, yes, that one weird island with the one weird woman and all her weird things, yes. Possibility had never been there, personally, but she’d heard it was pleasant enough. Ugly things attacking, killing. She frowned. Combined with the rambling of that one man, Possi immediately knew the diagnosis. “Ah. I see.” She held her chin high. “While you were all frollicking around with magic, I studied science. When you were fooling about with sorcery, I mastered engineering. While you wasted your time trying to be masters of your reality with cheat codes and tomfoolery, I cultivated the power of my MIND. And now that the WORLD has been torn to TEMPORAL SHREDS and the ABOMINATIONS are at the gate… you have the AUDACITY to come to come to me to HELP?! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!”
06/07/19, 11:45 AM DM Sasuke “Sassy” Firemist Sass: Yeah, he did, Magicia. ^Sass pipes up before going silent^
06/07/19, 11:45 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Oh I’ve taken down plenty of abominations. It’s not impossible. You just need like… sudden extreme power boosts that turn you into a magical girl, and a Gaia weapon.”
06/07/19, 11:46 AM Nowhere Man A tiny, naked, hairy little man pokes his head out of a random portal. Looking around at the carnage he hiccups. “No, no, no, no, this almost always ends poorly.” He then promptly pulls his head back up into the portal and seals the opening shut.
06/07/19, 11:46 AM [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She zones out again, still groggy, while her player searches for something to wrap her arm with.
06/07/19, 11:46 AM Professor Possibility “I need none of your foul sorcery, not while I have the power of ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE ON MY SIDE!” Possi karate chopped the air, kicked, spun around, and then brandished her rifle like it was some kind of melee weapon.
06/07/19, 11:46 AM Archibald Cheshire III “Literally no one asked you for help” he comments “you just showed up “
06/07/19, 11:46 AM Isaac Trueheart “Wait, are our powers back?” Isaac asks, clearly being out for a while
06/07/19, 11:47 AM Emori Natsu(+Others) Emori rubbed her forehead as she looked through what she had. Good… she had her sword. She placed a tan index finger between her eyebrows. It’s not there… Of course it’s not. She didn’t go to bed with it on. The wolf shifting warrior stood up and brushed herself off before looking around over at the tiny male who’d just came and went through a portal. “Anyone know who that was?”
06/07/19, 11:47 AM Narrator All powers are back, except the power to escape the Portalverse that is slowly collapsing around all of you.
06/07/19, 11:48 AM Archibald Cheshire III “That… was the annoying naked fairy man”
06/07/19, 11:48 AM Emori Natsu(+Others) “Naked fairy man?” What…
06/07/19, 11:48 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem nodded as she listened to the Queen. She flexes her right arm. “Luckily I have a Gaian we-” She was cut off by the tiny, naked man who appeared for just a moment. She chuckled a bit at Cheshire’s statement, he was technically correct.
06/07/19, 11:48 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Who the hell is that?”
06/07/19, 11:50 AM Archibald Cheshire III “The naked. Fairy. Man.” He grunted, still in no mood after last nights ‘adventure’ “it’s like you guys don’t listen”
06/07/19, 11:50 AM Elyss Sieghart “Ugh. Is the world ending again? The hell is all the shaking?” She mutters appearing out of the blue rubbing her sore head. Man, she just wanted to sleep a bit longer, but it seems the call of duty is just too powerful to sleep through.
06/07/19, 11:50 AM Narrator Another impact shakes the Portalverse, and a number of portals hanging in the air above shatter and explode, raining shards of various realities down upon the group. As Emori is hit she’s sees visions of a world where mice are the dominant species and have colonized the stars. Anthem is hit by shards that show her a universe where time is made of cheese and the messiah is a giant ball of lint. Isaac is hit by shards that show him a universe where everything is on fire, always, and flames rule reality.
06/07/19, 11:50 AM Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *Celine stood there, utterly confused, looking around she attempted to hold a fireball in her hand, curious if her powers were still apparent here*
06/07/19, 11:51 AM Archibald Cheshire III “Abominations trying to break their way into the portal verse” he tells Elyss.
06/07/19, 11:51 AM Emori Natsu(+Others) “Well excuse me.” She replied to Archibald. It’s not her fault she wasn’t following.
06/07/19, 11:51 AM Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Tick tock. There’s that clock again.
06/07/19, 11:51 AM Archibald Cheshire III Yes it was.
06/07/19, 11:51 AM Emori Natsu(+Others) Was not.
06/07/19, 11:52 AM Elyss Sieghart “Abominations?” She mutters as realities just break like glass and start sprinkling down like a rain shower. “Well… I guess this is probably not the first time. Do we kill them or pray something saves us again?” She mutters cracking her shoulders just to keep her worry from showing.
06/07/19, 11:52 AM Narrator On the portal screen the shadowy Abominations can be seen closing in on the Portalverse entrance. The city of Twine has fallen, its new formed walls are breached, its teddy defenders are on the run. And now massive battering rams are being employed to crack through the Portalscape and reduce the rest of reality to nothingness.
06/07/19, 11:53 AM Professor Possibility “Fairies?! BAH! I hate those people. They’re nonsensical to a fault!” Possibility cocked her rifle for the next one she saw. “I say let the Abominations come! I’ll set them right, I tell you! Save your precious portal nonsense! But! KNOW THIS… When the time comes, I will happily replace this system with the FEAT of SPECTACULAR engineering that is Professor Possibility’s Gateway! Much more reliable, and not under threat of attack due to not being some kind of nonsensical magic doohickey or bauble.”
06/07/19, 11:53 AM Elyss Sieghart “Oh man. That is no good. We just made this place all over again just for it to get broken by reality eating monsters.” She sighs. “This never gets easier.”
06/07/19, 11:53 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem shuttered as the vision of this universe was presented to her. What an weird reality. “Whatever, we gotta defend this place. If these creatures get in here, then they can be anywhere. All the time.” Anthem stepped towards the viewing screen, still not sure what she could do when the child king fell to less of these monsters.
06/07/19, 11:54 AM Archibald Cheshire III “So” he leaps up, folding his hand into his pockets. “Kill the bad things, save the omniverse, home in time for tea.” He nods “simple in theory, the hard thing is HOW DO KILL?” He throws a pebble at Possi. “No letting the big bad evil dudes into the nexus to all reality. Bad scientist, bad.”
06/07/19, 11:54 AM Narrator A crack in the Portalverse opens up, and a stream of reality altering energies reaches out to tear at the fabric of existence around you. There is a feeling of distortion, as if distance and proportion were broken for a moment, large is small and close is far, before a portal manages to swallow the arm of the being, subsuming it into nothingness.
06/07/19, 11:54 AM Elyss Sieghart She looks at Possi. “You’re really loud about a lot of shit I can’t find care for. Let’s just focus on not dying and not letting these things end reality. Discuss your portal crap later.”
06/07/19, 11:54 AM Emori Natsu(+Others) Emori looked at the Professor, a thin brow raising. She seemed a little eager. The warrior glanced back at the screen then over to Archibald. This bunch was odd.
06/07/19, 11:55 AM Isaac Trueheart Isaac just blinked after witnessing this “well… that happened….”
06/07/19, 11:56 AM Narrator Then… the trembling and the rumbling of the violence and the impacts stops. The Portalverse you stand within grows silent.
06/07/19, 11:56 AM Archibald Cheshire III He sighs, flopping down again. ” so now that you’re all up to speed, you guys can do the rest of the thinky bits. I’ve literally thought of everything I can.”
06/07/19, 11:56 AM Narrator The portal screen grows dark.
06/07/19, 11:57 AM Narrator The lights in this realm grow dim, fading.
06/07/19, 11:57 AM Archibald Cheshire III Aside from releasing the full power of the void but they didn’t need to know that.
06/07/19, 11:57 AM æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Uh oh. I got a bad feeling about this…”
06/07/19, 11:57 AM Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *as i fireball ignites in her hands, she giggled evilly, her fireball lighting things as the area went dark*
06/07/19, 11:57 AM Professor Possibility “PERHAPS… If you didn’t rely on REALITY TWISTING MAGIC DOOHICKEYS for TRAVEL… the UNIVERSE wouldn’t be at THREAT.” Possi preened, smoothing her hair back. And then pointing her rifle at the crack that formed. “I’ll fix your issues first, and THEN I’ll replace them with PROPER solutions, I promise! Don’t dismiss the powers of SCIENCE! MWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”
06/07/19, 11:58 AM Isaac Trueheart Isaac mutters an illumination spell, and glows with a purple aura
06/07/19, 11:58 AM Elyss Sieghart Ah! Who turned out the lights. “Anthem. Maybe I’m not cut out for caving the world. And…” She just squints at Possi. “I feel the magic would just crap on your science whenever it wanted still.”
06/07/19, 11:58 AM Elyss Sieghart saving*
06/07/19, 11:58 AM Archibald Cheshire III ” literally no one is doing that either. You are honestly just trying to make yourself sound more important than you actually are. So if you could stop with the yelling and make with the saving of the universe… That would be nice”
06/07/19, 11:59 AM Emori Natsu(+Others) Emori rubbed her good ear and sighed as she looked at the Professor. Loud… Messing with the only ear she had that actually worked.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Elyss. You didn’t see what I saw yesterday. There isn’t a choice now. I doubt anyone could leave now if they wanted too…” Anthem seemed a bit… darker. More detached. But even knowing what she knew from yesterday, she still stood ready to defend. A guardian at the gate. “I suggest everyone ready themselves for one thing or another…”
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “THE GREATEST MIND ON HELLIFYNO CANNOT MAKE HERSELF SEEM MORE IMPORTANT WHEN SHE IS ALREADY THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THIS… Room? Is this a room? I hate it when spaces are just…” She waved a hand about dismissively. “Nebulous. AND YOU!” She pointed a finger at the other woman that spoke up. “I feel my intelligence would just crap on your ignorance whenever it wanted, as well Shush. Now is not the time for me to be correct in such debates while you all wallow in the safety of your magically bankrupt status quo.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III ” you know, if you were an actual scientist you would have taken time to assess the situation and realize that no one here is really magically bankrupt.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Emori Natsu(+Others) Emori nodded to Anthem. As a warrior, she knew that being ready for anything was extremely important. Especially in a time like this.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III ” looks like the greatest mind on the Dead Planet can’t even follow the basics of the scientific method”
6/7/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac chuckles at this
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Elyss rolls her eyes. “Eh. Where I’m from, people use science and magic together, so I don’t really care about your science only distopia or whatnot.” She grumbles a bit wondering what the hell is going on before looking to Anthem. “Leaving is hardly a choice in these situations, but this uselessness I’m feeling most of the time despite how prepared I try to be is…” She falls silent and sighs. She tries her best to look ready for a fight, but she wonders what it is they’ll be fighting. She can at least look brave in the face of unstoppable damnation.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Then, the entrance to the Portalverse, closed these past 12 hours, begins to slowly creep open, and beyond the realm of fuzzy haze, you can see that a battle is ensuing. The Dark shadowy figures are still there but their backs are turned as a new group of warriors begins to assault them. These are soldiers that seem to glow, not with light, but with an intrinsic hope. They are glorious in stature, almost inhuman in their nature. They strike at the reality rending abominations with weapons that eviscerate even their immortal bodies. You do not know these people, and yet they are familiar, as if they are legends that have been told over and over again in your souls. These are figures that stand dominant against all histories of all worlds, and as they assault the Abominations, the dark and menacing monsters are pushed back.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “But, I digress.” He stands up, snapping his fingers to mute Possi. “She’s right, we need to fight “
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Just a bubble of Silence that surrounds the great scientist
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Because Magic
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis A man, tall beyond height, glowing with a golden aura, steps into the room. Those that may have known him as a child will recognize him instantly. Even those that do not will feel the power of his presence and the command that it demands. This is the High King Ar’Elis, not a boy, but a full grown man, covered in the gore of battle but still radiant, and exuding a sense of peace and ease even amidst the battle.
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “We are here to free the people of Twine, and end the blight that is the Abominations. Will you fight with us?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *she smirked at Archibald’s words nodding in agreement before her gaze snapped to the high king, bowing to them as they spoke*
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Magicia snaps out of her medical issue daze just in time to… “Woah woah woah wait. Didn’t he DIE?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh gives a tired smile to the king. “What are we waiting for? I’m in.”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem looked over to the boy and had a look of shock on her face. “But. We saw you. I saw you. Get ripped apart by the Abominations.” The Scion stated to the High King, confused a bit.
6/7/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac kneels before the great king “of course my king….”
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “Against stupidity, the Greatest Mind on Hellifyno contends in vain!” Possi just… blinked, though. At what she was seeing. “…And what are these, now? More people that made mistakes, asking for my help? Yes, yes, I came here to clean up your mess, whoever you are. Step aside, now.” Possi just made her way, marching on up towards all the hubbub. “AND LET ME SHOW YOU WONDERS!” She lowered goggles over her glasses, and flipped a switch on her rifle.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III ” really? How many times are people absolutely mutilated in our daily lives only to pop up a week later perfectly fine. You’re going to pick now to start questioning continuity errors?”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “I’m ready to repel the invaders.”
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The man nods, and waves his hands, and as he does your weapons begin to emit a strange illumination. Not light, but energy, a radiation of power that suffuses swords and bows, bullets and claws. This power also seeps into your beings and you feel the very nature of reality heeding to your beck and call.
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “Then we stand together.”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “… Freaking timelines. Okay, don’t question it Magicia. Just summons her Gaia mallet. It’s ‘Bomination Bashin’ time.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen *puts a ” after the ‘timelines.’
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Eh? Isn’t that the kid that like got… eviscerated or something? She sighs. “Not much choice but to fight. Death is the only other option, and death sucks.” She looks to Anthem. “I also wouldn’t want my friends to die anymore, so count me in.” She pulls out her scimitar, but it felt… different… better… She feels better all of a sudden. Not as hopeless. “Oh…” She sighs and puts on a determined face. “Let’s get these little voidy whatever shits.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “…Excuse me?” She held her rifle up. “But it appears you’re trying to SABOTAGE me?” She wiggled the glowy rifle. “Turn off the lightshow, you uppity wizard king, or else I’ll blow up the moment I fire!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler was there, too; or rather, eventually, after he came back from his small wander around the tunnel of the verse, and recovering from the mental impact of all that happened before. He saw the commotion, and would wander towards the others, before feeling that power surge] Woah…. w-we’re going to fight them? [He asked as he approached, feeling that surge go through his Omni-tool to the weapons stored there]
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids stand ready beside their Mistress, shrieking out their horrid battle cry. The Head Maid stands at the tip of the maidly spear. “Once more the MA need a lesson… the only Eldritch abomination Hellifyno needs is ME!”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ The Scion had wished that she had acquired the Sword of Promised Victory in time, but it’s not like she had known that this was going to happen. She closed her fist and looked at it, then back up to the King as the power suffused her very being. She was more than ready now.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator the Portalverse entrance is open and outside a raging battle can be see. The Abominations are blighting reality, warping, twisting, breaking the very cords that bind the world. But opposing them are the Heroes of old, the legends of renown, the archer striking down foes, the queen eviscerating her opponents with magic and skill. The Prophet of Or stands above the scene, directing the battle even as Malcolm the Great sluices through the enemy ranks.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *Her body reacted with the energy, her wings spread wide, growing in length as her razor claws extended and her fangs turned into that of a saber tooths. Her eyes turning golden as she growled, ready and prepared to fight till her last breathe*
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “It’s not that bad, Kaler. You do a Magic of Friendship thing, you win, everything heals, you go home and have pizza. Easy peasy… just speaking from past experience, of course.”
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The High King nods. “I do not know you. But I once knew you, and will again. I recognize your souls. You will do well this day.” And then he turns and rushes into the fray of battle, severing an Abomination at its waist.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “I swear, I will let the whole of creation…” he grunts, not finishing that sentence. “You know what?” He flips out his .500 customs “let’s just get this over with.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “Levithun Mokthus” isaac shouts, and begins to levitate, raising his 44 magnum revolver in the air. “Let’s go get ’em!”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She wastes no time, rushing after the King with mallet reared up. Charging up a swing, she slams it down, sending a powerful wave of Gaian energy, enhanced with the King’s super special power boost thing, right towards the abominations!
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A stream of tiny Abominations hurtles towards Magicia as she charges.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A more massive hulking shadowy beast hurls itself at Isaac.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Legit just starts shooting baddies, providing mags with cover fire.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem ran into battle as well, summoning swords of stone from the ground as they were quickly set ablaze. She moved like water, pushed by air as the Scion went after the abominations quickly.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids bare their fangs, more massive than the blades of men and more numerous than the stars. The ungodly impossible maw of the horde will once more be turned towards the enemies of Hellifyno. The little scavengers with eldritch asperations will once more save the world! The maids surge forth, the Head Maid at the front, each maid swinging gaian dusters as well as tooth and claw. “You stole our reality, and now you’re all gonna pay!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland O-oh no I… I trust that this surge must mean something good just…. eh, n-new experiences, this whole past day is a new experience. [Again, the poor lad hadn’t seen as much as the others here have, or at least most. Still under a year’s stay on Hellifyno. Nevertheless, he would tap that tool, summoning up his two main weapons of melee; the Sun Sword, and the Godly Shield. Feeling that surge, it didn’t take long for wisps of golden energy to ripple along the sunboi’s skin as he hovered, feeling more so confident as he, too, charged, with incredible speed in his flight]
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Presumably, those beasts would only get caught in that blast wave she caused… if not, she hop hop hops to get out of the way. Either way,she just starts BAM BAM BAMMING.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Several of the smaller Abominations explode as Archi fires.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Others are destroyed by Magicia’s blast wave, creating an opening in the enemy forces.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart “Alright. Let’s get it done with and head home. I’m going to drink till I can’t after this.” She charges with her blades that alight with fire and energy from Ar’Elis. She’s quick to slash forward sending multiple fiery shockwaves towards any Abomination she is near or capable of attacking.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Maids! This is an order! RIP AND TEAR UNTIL IT IS DONE!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ An Abomination fell to its knee as a series of arrows were placed in its leg by the Archer, only for the Queen to blow out the back of its chest. A flying abomination sensed Kaler’s aura and quickly went after him.
6/7/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart Isaac empties the cylinder of bullets into the hulking abomination, quickly realizing that they aren’t going to stop it
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids swarm into the entrance created by their Mistress. They will rip and tear the enemy army from the inside out!
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *Celine roared, the any wildlife and mother nature herself coming to help as Celine ran after the King, slicing two abominations in half*
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A towering Abomination lashes at Elyss with reality warping magic and for a moment she feels as if her body is tearing apart. But then she fires her shockwaves and the imbued energy rips through the being, tearing it to pieces.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The Abominations have creatures of the wild too, dark beasts that leap to contend with Celine and her animals. But their bodies are shredded by each rip and tear of claw and jaw.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Another 30 ft tall abomination opened up with a massive, dark beam of energy to try and tear a swath in the Fwuf hoard.
6/7/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart afk
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “You all are ADDICTED to this nonsense!” Rather than risk firing her weapon and blowing the fuck up, Possi put it on her back and, just… pulled a few razor sharp utility knives out of her tool belt instead. “FINE. I’ll just POKE things and hope nothing horrific happens to me, then!” Maybe her normal tools wouldn’t be all weirdly empowered, and thus safe to use. And so Possi ran up and violently started shanking an Abomination, hopefully non-magically.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler used that opening, swooshing past foe and enemy alike till he noticed the flying opponent approaching. He wasted no time in charging with beyond subsonic speeds, sword swinging back before thrusting forwards to slice the thing right down the middle!]
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen The maids have been activated to full swarm horror. The Queen is a whack-a-mole machine in a bad mood and a writhing mass of nightmare energy aura backing her up.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Ah. She hates feeling like her body is just going to burst at any moment. How strange that such feelings are now a bit normal for her. Whatever, her eyes are blazing after tearing one of the creatures apart, and she’s not going to slow down as she simply launches herself towards more of them letting the empowered flames lick the space around her it whip like fashion slashing at all that nears.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The Abomination wraps around Possi, invading her mind and soul even as it is stabbed. Reality warps, falls away, then is reborn in new and twisted ways. Her perceptions fail her for a moment, and then the creature dies on her blade and she snaps back into herself.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart in*
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids move like water, more like a sea of teeth and sickeningly scarlet eyes than an army. This isn’t their first rodeo, they remember fighting the Abominations before. They flow around the blast and begin an assault on all sides, aiming to cover the 30 foot behemoth like army ants and shred away its features, shred away its being.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Thousands of Abomination shadows surge at the maids in a climactic show of force, the impact of the two armies causing ripples in the air across the battlefield.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *Celine raored, sending shockwaves out, literally vibrating the air around the beings as the air rumbled, Lightning strike in the ground randomly around her, she made sure to be far enough away not to hurt her fellow companions*
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Kaler would cut down that creature, only to see with his supervision a dozen more coming at him in a V formation. That massive one was quickly covered in Fwuf’s, falling over like a weight as it was rended.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Flying Abominations assault Celine from the sky. Some are struck down by lightning and force, but others barrel past it, tearing through her reality, warping the way she sees and hears and smells even as they descend upon her.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III A little late to the party, Chesh snaps his fingers. A metal cover of At Dooms Gate starts playing while the heroes do their thing.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ The stone weapons broke off as she ran through an Abomination and ripping it in half. So she summoned a single spear now, covered in lightning as the Scion danced across the battlefield for the literal sake of reality.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Archibald is assaulted by dozens of Abominations that destroy his perceptions with their presence and then move in seeking to tear his body into pieces.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Sliding forward, he shoots the flying abominations to help Celine out.
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOOK! GAZE UPON YOUR COMPATRIOT, YOU VILE THINGS!” Possi dumped the Abomination off to the side, and planted a foot on its back. “You cannot stop me!” She extended the blade on the utility knife a bit more and went for another one! “It doesn’t take your lesser magic or a spectacular feat of intelligent engineering to even slaughter you brutes!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector There’s a sudden blast, a beam of direct power, straight at the abominations. Oh wow, Jadis has finally put down her books and joined in the fight.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Three 12 foot Abominations start heading towards Elyss, warping reality and twisting fate in their path.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Tch, not gonna let em through, not gonna let em! [He said to himself as he watched the killed mass of flesh fall, before 12 more approached, still in the skies. Before making any initial swings, he reared a fist back, and flung it forwards with speed and ferocity befitting a God; not that he was one, but it was strong enough to raise winds and cause a huge shockwave gust to disorientate the V-wing formation, before he charged once again, swinging sword, bashing shield, punching with fists to defeat all 12 as fast as he could!]
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart “For reality eaters, you guys don’t have much battle power when faced with equal force.” She taunts letting her blades sink into one of the beings ignoring the feeling she feels near the thing as she basically overheats herself till the thing explodes from within.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “You know, death is a preferable end to hearing her scream about science again” he comments. Closing his eyes and reaching in “magic void powers save me?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ One of those 12 footers was tackled into by Malcolm the Great.
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The Heroes of legend battle on with a stoic vengeance, striking down foes after foe, though their numbers seem endless and their powers corrupt and contend with even the very nature of reality. The Sage casts spells that shatter the enemy ranks. The Rogue slices down enemies before they know she is there. And the Builders fires at the enemies from great mechanical contraptions that blast great holes in their ranks.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids are ruthless, unrelenting. They know no fear, no pain. And with the horde in full swing, the Head Maid begins its search for bigger targets. Fwuf proper has grown multiple limbs, each sprouting fang covered tentacles and seething with the might bestowed upon them.
6/7/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector “I would love to command beings like this for my own, but seeing how as that won’t be an option, they shall be eliminated.” The witch sneers, sending powerful blast spells at the foe, one after the other.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A great winged Abomination dragon fires a spray of deadly reality warping breath down on Elyss, causing the world to twist and turn and break around her.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Worm like Abominations rise from the ground beneath Jadis and clawing at her legs, shifting the reality of them so she can’t tell if she is standing or falling.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III From his back, two massive void tendrils fire at the abominations surrounding him. Swinging in two intersecting arcs. Hopefully, his void powers weren’t effected by the perception attack he was suffering.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ The Head Maid was met face to face with a large, almost 20 foot abomination that sprouted an equal number of appendages and tentacles, then charge it without fear.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Oh boy. She’s being hit with some weird dragon fire that attacks her fiery aura that she is using to defy some of the reality warping powers of the abominations, but the world around her is beginning to break apart. “Hope ya don’t mind if I use ya to not fall.” She mutters whipping her arm out creating a whip of flames that would wrap around the dragon’s throat to use it to lift her to safety, and once away from the crumbling world beneath her, she’d tighten her hold on the whip to cause it to go razor sharp around the dragon’s neck and try to slice the damn thing’s head off.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The Void, much like Gaia, has no special effects here. But imbued with the power of Twine and Thyme Archis attacks shatter through half a dozen of the attackers.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Kaler would quickly slay those in the sky with his air superiority, but how would he handle a massive, black energy warping beam being fired from a group of abominations from the ground.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *upon seeing that Great winged abomination dragon, she flew
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang ((fucking enter key))
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Elyss’ whip wraps tight around the Abominations throat and the dragon howls as its head is eventually severed from its neck.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *she flew up, tackling the dragon head on, ramming her body agaisnt it*
6/7/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector Oh hell no. Not her legs, they don’t. These thighs are too glorious to be fouled by such unworthy beings! She sends a shockwave out all around her with a bump of her hips to dispel her attackers. “Naughty, naughty! No touching without consent!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Celine then tackles the still living beast, her impact shattering its body.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Shock waves from Jadis shatter the ground and worm beasts are broken and blasted.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart “Ah. It feels good to not be worthless for a change.” She mutters recalling how she did practically nothing the last fights.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem imbued her stone lance with more lightning as she tossed it, full strength across the field to impale at least a dozen abominations before she was smacked, hard, sending her flying over thirty feet.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The forces of the Abominations, once so numerous they cannot be counted, are starting to thin out. The Heroes and your own efforts are winning the day and you can see a clear victory possible.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [With the attackers defeated, Kaler made to head lower to the ground to break away any swarming the other allies, but he was quickly intercepted by the giant hyper-beam launched at him. He quickly raised the godly shield, curling up much like a Cap-ball with the famed Shield, though his flight path had kept him from being right in the middle of it; likely, the impact may throw him to ground to force him to fight from below, unless the shield could tank such a blast]
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Meanwhile, Magicia is continuing to break through the enemy lines as best she can with blasts from her mallet. No rest for the wicked. Or in this case, heroes
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The Head Maid leaps forth, clashing with the abomination with the force of generations of maidly doom. The creature roars, its voice more akin to a kaiju than a 5’7″ maid of androgynous disposition. This was what they were born for, to slay the enemies of Mistress. This giant will feel the full wrath of this god eating horror, the maid swears it!
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Oh, she winces a bit seeing Anthem fly and rushes over. “Ya alright?” She asks firing more flames into the mass of abominations.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *celine panted, surveying the scene below, looking across the land at the abominations, seeing if there was any end to it*
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A swarm of winged Abominations rushes down towards Celine, beams of reality breaking energy flashing at her from multiple directions.
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility Sinking her utility blade into another weird creature, Possibility let loose a massive shock of bio-electricity surge into the creature to kill it. She caught eye of the large contraptions, and nodded. “AH. See? Look! Gaze upon the weapons of ACTUAL worth here! ENGINEERING, RAINING DOWN DESTRUCTION UPON OUR ENEMIES! MWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III …” he takes a moment to process. Before those golden eyes slit. “Oh fuck the hell yes…” he mutters, Feel So Numb by Rob Zombie now playing over the field as Cheshire leaps into action. Summoning his tendrils to RIP and tear through the abominations with a sadistic glee in his eyes. The tendrils shaping and changing as needed. He tosses one of the abominations at the Professor.
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The High King is battling against a creature that stands 100 feet tall, and Abomination that crushes the land and reduces the air to wavering lines of inconsistency. It smashes into him, pummeling his body and he falls back his mighty sword dropping from his grasp, his body lying limp in the mud, as a massive foot raises to crush him beneath its heel.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *she dodges most of them before being hit, falling to the ground in an arc, managing to crash into a few on her way down, taking htem down with her*
6/7/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector Jadis rushes forward, sending a blast of energy towards the giant’s foot. “Stepping on royalty is a no no! Unless they like it!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ The creatures of both Fwuf and Abomination crashed into each other with killing intent, it screeching a horrible reality shaking white noise it was slowly overpowered by the Head Maid. Kaler was indeed launched to the ground, but it would seem that his shield would absorb most of the damage the reality altering beam would have caused. Now he was threatened from all sides by a pack of 12 wolf like creatures.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The Abominations stretch out their power to Possi, feeling that perhaps, perhaps, she may be a kindred spirit. Lines of reality warping magic shoot towards her and rather than harming, they seek to ensorcel her, to indoctrinate her, to the power of impossibility, to the power of every possibility.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Magicia sees a particular massive creature, 30 feet around it would start to walk towards her direction threateningly.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen The big beasty would be met with a screaming ball of four foot fury that bonks out a huge wave of energy towards it.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Shrugging off the damage, which thankfully was minimal, he climbed out of the pit he self created on landing, spotting the wolf abominations gathering. But here he was, standing strong. He had put away the sword to fight shield and fist style, standing ready before lunging at one, to thwack it round the head. Wolf’s might be fast, but /he/ was faster]
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Then the ground beneath you shakes and twists. One moment you are drowning in a pool of lava, the next you are soaring through the clouds, only to plummet and rise. A being beyond size, beyond reckoning stalks towards the battlefield, and as it does, every battle you fight becomes a haze of insanity, like looking through broken glass, like watching the world through a sliding drop of rain upon the glass.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Zips underneath the foot about to crush Ar’elis and grows his own size to match it and hopefully, stop the king from dying again.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem rolled to her feet as she nodded yes to Elyss. She’d been hit worse before, and now she didn’t need to hold back. “Watch your back!” She exclaimed as she covered her hands and feet with stone as Anthem jumped right back into the fight! Seeing the high King go down, she’d quickly dance her way across the carnage to be at his side.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator With a mighty hand Kaler is grabbed, into a hand that distorts his sense of self, and then flung across the battlefield.
6/7/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector She keeps firing blast after blast at the giant’s foot, trying to keep it from stepping down on the King. “THIS. ISN’T. HIS. FETISH.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator With a wave of his club Archi is hurtled, shifting, morphing, changing, to the side.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Jadis is swept back by a way of impossibility and improbabilities, the forces of uncertainty and insanity crush around her.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ The massive creature is stunned by the wave of energy from the nightmare queen. But all she did was buy a little time as it seemed sturdier then that, still heading towards her with a beam of energy now forming on its face.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Hngah?! [Came a disgruntled reply as he felt a huge hand encase him. But before he could break out, there came the feeling of distortion, vision fogging and senses faltering, before he was skimmed across the field like a skimming stone, landing against raised boulders with a /boom!/]
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “What was that?” She did stop for a moment, rubbing her chin in thought. “Ah, yes, I see. Mm-hmm. Yes. Yes, yes, of course. However…” She looked around. “No, yes, yes, in fact, I do get your point, quite. Not an unreasonable suggestion. BUT.” She raised a finger… and planted it on the nearest Abomination. A SURGE of bio-electricity raced down her arm and into her enemy. “YOU ARE USING MAGIC, YOU BACKWARDS THINKING SLUGS! YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD?!” She pulled her rifle free now, hoping whatever magical forces around her would leave her precious weapon alone. “DO IT WITHOUT MAGIC! LIKE I WILL! MWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA, Die.” She pulled the trigger and a BURST of explosion shot from the muzzle right for another Abomination. “I don’t need YOU. YOU. NEED. ME. BUT YOU ARE NOT WORTHY!”
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The High King lies fallen upon the battlefield, and with his fall, hope seems to diminish. The new born power of your blades and weapons fades somewhat. The protection of that ancient magic shudders and flutters, slowly going out.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Of course there’s always a bigger fish, but she doesn’t have time to look and see what’s coming now. She has to deal with blasting more waves at the beast charging her, though she’s now bracing herself to run the fuck out of the way the moment that thing fires at her…
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *she panted, upon seeing that she was being surrounded, she forced her aching body up, looking around before flying into the air, she saw the king laying fallen on the battlefield, she flew over to him as fast as her battered body would let her, falling beside the king, she tried to heal his body and mind, to bring him back, using everything she had left of both his and har power*
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Tell that King if he dies on me again I’m killing him myself next time!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The Abominations are blasted back by Possi’s rifle, but the massive creature, the Great Abomination, lifts her up in his mighty hand, a fist of impossibility closing around her, a wave of distortion corrupting and maligning her perceptions her existence, as she is raised into its mouth.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Oh gosh. Everything is just everything and nothing at once. Things are too weird, and that’s a big monster right there. And, it has Kaler! She just starts throwing fire after fire at the things legs or face or whatever she can throw fire at to try and kill the thing, but she can feel her power failing. The oomph it had just isn’t as oomphy anymore. Crap. What is going on now? Why is there always something bigger over the horizon?!
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Celine’s healing keeps the king alive, but the massive Abomination over him hurtles her to the side immediately after the spell is cast.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Elyss sends flaming attacks at the massive Abominations legs and they buckle, if only slightly under the assault, the beast stumbling and halting for a moment.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He lets out a mighty “bleh” a bit of blood spitting out as he rolls to the floor. He gets up, his eyes slit, locking onto the great abomination and thrashing at it with tendrils. His form changing to match something closer to the void creatures he’d faced last night. “Die die DIE!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ It was well aim and good timing by the Queen as she blasted a wave of energy at the big beasty at the right time, causing it to misfire into a smaller group of its compatriots and rending them from existence. It SCREETCHED loud enough to shake the battlefield. Only to receive about a dozen or so arrows, followed by a fireball as both the Archer and the Queen, mates of Ar’Elis, finally cleared enough of the way to be with the King.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *she is thrown, knocking abominations over like domino’s, but she get back up, her power growing with her anger, she flys back, her hand pulsing with energy, blasting the abomination with something equivalent to the “Ka Meh Ha Meh Ha!”(
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ One foe down, but now there is even more to do. Frenzied maids refuse to give up hope. The Head Maid, triumphing over their own foe, directs the swarm to the new giant. They will fight until the last! No surrender, no matter the odds! The Head Maid roars in challenge, the feeling of massive incoming conflict making them bristle with restless adrenaline. “THE CARVING OF A GIANT WILL COMMENSE THIS DAY!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Eventually he’d clamber out of the wreckage, reeling for a moment in the impact before he felt himself regaining, well, self. His eyes widened at the chaos that had befallen the previous victory scenario, and the sight of the King under what could only be described as an alpha abomination. Kaylee sought to do something after seeing Celine batted away, swooshing over as fast as he could. Could the sunboi do anything in the wake of the colossus? Now would be the time to find out, maybe with the others help too]
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator An Abomination leaps at Archi’s void form and as it clashes with him, the two merge for a moment. And in that moment there is a distortion that rocks all of space and time. Things begin to GLITCH GLITCH GLITCH the world shifts. It is like the sensation of time travel but only broken, visions of distant futures and distant pasts collide across the battlefield for a moment…. and then they fade, and the Abomination is gone.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Forgive him for missing any details, he’s eating and on his phone irl!!]
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen With this, she rushes to provide support for the fallen King, to try to salvage him for even just a few moments longer. “That’s right, you black bloaty buttheads! I will destroy you no matter what timeline!”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen And then… glitchy stuff… oof.
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “POSSIBILITY? I AM THAT! ENDLESS! FREE! ONE in a MILLION. And I am BETTER than you!” She cocked the weapon again to blast another one with the sheer force of small particles of reality destroying themselves in her very hands. SHE had put this together, her Antimatter Annihilation Cannon, with painstaking work, with determination, with sheer force of personality, and no small part of effort, education, trial and error! “I WORKED for my chance to change the world! What have YOU done?! What do you WANT done?! Did you wish to help, only to fall into harming?! You want the IMPOSSIBLE?!” Possi stared at the gaping maw in front of her, and just… cackled. “I WILL SHOW YOU THE IMPOSSIBLE!” Another shock of bio-electricity coursed through her body! Her flashing eyes! Her floating hair! And she wasn’t even going to fight being swallowed.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Um… what just happened? Did we win?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He let’s out an evil his hissssss before reverting back to his standard form. A black tattoo having formed on his back.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart She did something! It stopped for just a moment. Why stop with just that. Her special powers may be fading, but until they do, she keeps firing fire after fire at the thing’s legs to keep it from moving any faster than what it was, but then, everything just likes go ZZppthhs and all that, she just feels her stomach do a flip and stop her attacks just to see the abomination just… not be there anymore. “Fucking reality breaking shit. I’m so tired of not shit!” She yells resisting the urge to barf.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [He had braced for something titanic, but then a surge of the glitchy kind, and then, silence] …w-what the…?
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Celine blasts the massive Abomination and a huge chunk of its core is ripped free. But that doesn’t stop it from swallowing Possi in a giant chomping maw, her body visibly twisting and contorting as it is devoured by the enormous creature, even as the maids strike at its body and its legs are shattered and it starts to tumble.
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The high king’s breathing is shallow, but he manages to whisper. “The sword… use the sword.” His weapon, laying near in the mud, is glowing, though dim, with the pulsing light fading.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Oof, guess they’re still going. She kneels next to Ar’Elis, frowning and grabbing the weapon he refers to, if someone else doesn’t first.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Well, he was just standing there, and the sword! Kaler decided maybe he could take it, unless one of the others decided to go for the epic challenge, if this would save them or something similar. If so, he made to take hold of it]
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Yes!” He cries, watching possi get eaten. “If you weren’t the bad guy, I’d totally high five you right now!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Sword? Sword? She sighs and looks at Mag getting the sword. “Aye? Gonna end this stupid fight? Go for it.” She’s not much of a glory seeker. Just a gal here to help.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “…. ” She stares at Kaler. Looks like they’re both holding the sword now. “Mine. I saw it first.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The second Magicia touches the sword power surges into the entire allied force. Heroes stand tall once more. Weapons glow with Intense ancient energies. And the Abominations suddenly seem smaller, less dark and more humanoid.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland (Knew it’d happen, say Mags got it)
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem listened to the King’s words, it would seem that she was too late. She looked towards Magicia, then Kaler, then the sword. Once the weapon is grabbed, they were empowered once more!
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility She was inside of a giant creature now. Eaten. Devoured, clearly. And yet, what was she doing? Well, seeing as how Possibility’s rifle had a special miniaturized generator what’s only purpose was creating anti-particles to annihilate with other particles… She was trying to just… break it. And then flood the whole entirety of this beasts’ body with antimatter. And then make it blow up. With her inside? Sure. Why not! These people out there, fighting away, they didn’t deserve her. But that didn’t meant they didn’t deserve to live. If she had to die, and they got to live, and maybe save her precious Hellifyno… Even if they had to save it with SILLY magic. Well. That’d be good enough.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Kaler’s mere touch of the sword increases the intensity of the magic and each of you begins to radiate a strange and powerful energy that melts the reality breaking powers of the Abominations away.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Not a moment too soon as Magicia, Kaler, and Anthem were quickly surrounded by a trio of 20 foot behemoths.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Looks like the sword recognizes that she got it first. Yoinking it out of his hand, she raises it up, letting its light gleam over the battlefield that is the Portalverse tunnels, to shine its radiating hope upon everyone.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I HAVE THE POWAAAAAH!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Oh my gosh. “Let’s not play the who saw it first game.” Ooh! She suddenly feels better and not as reality warped as before. Oh gosh. Elyss is quick to take her blades and jump towards the behemoths surrounding the trio letting her flames dance one again to help and slice some baddies up.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *Celine heard the kings words, she did her best to hold back the masses from the king, blasting one after another after another, making no move towards the sword, knowing it would be to much for her, she gasped as the ancient energy pulses back through her, roaring as golden lightning struck the ground around her, the animals that were left around her, being imbued with the magic as well, the lightning hitting the ground and arcing from thing to thing*
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility Also at the last minute, she was calibrating the remote function of her Gateway to open up a wormhole and suck her out of the Abomination before it all went boom.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids will not let Mistress be surrounded without a fight! They rush to attack the behemoths, no matter how futile. They will fight for their Mistress!
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The belly of the massive beast encroaches on Possi, even as it is shorn by the new born magic of the wielder of the sword, tendrils of of corruption tear through her mind, her many minds, and her many souls, and eviscerate their connection to reality, breaking old bonds and creating a new power that goes deeper than science or magic.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Well, touching it did something! They were empowered! Kaler just nodded to Mags, since now wasn’t a time to argue over a sword, especially with enemies gathering. Well, with power restored, Kaler wasted no time in lunging himself at one of the behemoths, the closest to him, throwing a fist with enough force to perhaps punch a hole through its torso, then uppercuts to break and beat back!]
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem’s eyes start to glow as she holds her arms out in front of her. Boulders came from beneath and caught fire as they were launched forward at cannon speeds at the beast in front of her, shooting them at machine gun speeds and causing it to back away a bit before going splat.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A horde of writhing snake like Abominations appears from out of nowhere and try to strangle Elyss, but their power is greatly diminished now, the attacks carrying only a fraction of their former force.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Ooh, this feels nice. Kinda tingly. Grinning, she lowers the blade to a proper grip to wield it, charging forward into the fray to take this fight back for the heroes!
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Goes back to murder fucking abominations with a flurry of tendrils and gunfire.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Eh?! Snakes?! She scoffs and just lets her flames trickle around her as the snakes coil letting them burn alive for their efforts.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Anthem sends boulders flying and the ranks of the Abominations are decimated, dozens of the dark beings crushed, more catching flame, others simply giving up and fleeing the battlefield as their powers of reality breaking are themselves broken.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Flames erupt around Elyss and Abominations die.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Archi crashes through the rannks of the enemy and they melt away.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Reality warps around many of the beings and they simply vanish.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ The trio of them were able to beat back their Abominations, in the wake and radiance of that power they seemed to be getting weaker. Now, noticing that the battle was almost lost, those who could turned tail to run.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator And through it all, there is Magicia, sword in hand, a band of Heroes of legend and lore behind her, smashing through the Abominations and decimating their lines, breaking them down until none remain.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen As the heroes push the weakened beings back, Magicia rushes for the bohemeth that has taken the annoying professor, slashing towards its great leg.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem quickly moves to back up the Queen, summoning up another stone spear as she went for th eother leg.
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility There! She almost had it! All she needed to do was strip away one more wire! It was just a bit hard to keep track of fingers. Sometimes she forgot how many were flesh and blood and how many were metal, but now it was, like… did she have MORE than she remembered? This distortion was shitty. “CAN YOU GIVE ME A MOMENT? I AM TRYING TO KILL YOU! And your fumbling attempts to get into the metaphorical pants of my mind is distracting!” She was trying to multitask, too, getting the Gateway ready. And… there! She cut one more wire, and then connected it to the one wire you didn’t connect anything to in a particle generator. And then, she hit a button that opened her escape wormhole! As she regretfully let go of her rifle, fondly pressing a kiss to it even as she was in the belly of the beast, she shoved herself away from it and into her wormhole, hopefully leading her out of the Abomination and back into the battle taking place outside of its… throat? Stomach? But with a rapidly overheating antimatter gun inside about to go pop in… three… two… two and a half… ONE! Anything? Anything? Maybe it would take a bit to explode…
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Get back here dang it! [He shouted, lifting up objects from around them, boulders namely, and hurtling them with uber-strong throws to smash and squish the ones that fled, in the wake of Anthem & Mags getting some of the stragglers]
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The Abomination vanishes around Possi before her explosion can go off.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Kaler smushes some of the creatures as they run away, but the others still run. Warping away and disappearing completely.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Save the crazy science lady even though she’s way too loud!” She shouts. Way too loudly.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The last of the Abominations flee the battlefield, or die and fade away. The feeling of twisting turning reality fades, and a sense of stablity settles back into what now can be clearly seen as the ruins of a once great city. The first city. The city of Twine.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “HUZAH!” The Scion of Hellifyno exclaimed. The battle was won.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Wait, mags” he comments proofing next to her with hans clasped together “what if we dont”
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “Oh! Fuck!” Well, it was a good thing the rifle just… clattered to the ground. And didn’t explode. She did land very roughly on her backside, though. “…Oh, yes, hello everybody. Did anyone else get ingested briefly?” She… tiptoed carefully towards her rifle… And somewhat irresponsibly nudged it with a toe. And as she picked it up? “…Oh. Well, I connected it to the wrong wire. It WAS dark inside that thing, though.” She’d connected the battery to the self-cleaning module instead of the generator failsafe.
6/7/2019 0:00 Alexdark ……
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Oh. They won! She sighs and falls on her butt resting a bit. “Man. A drink… please…”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Too late I kinda did sorry you’ll have to kill her on your own.” She shrugs to Ches, not feeling super apologetic. She has a sword that makes her feel tingly. The Abominations have been driven off. And hopefully Possibility hasn’t been warped too much from being inside an abomination. Because Magicia has been there and… it’s dangerous for the mind.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Hold on, time out” he puts his hands in a T pose and looks to the fourth wall, motioning to Possi “the fuck?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Yes! Yesyes! [He said along with the Scion, sighing in relief, and panting after that heck of a chaotic war. He glanced around, somehow recognising that this used to be Twine, looking down solemnly] Curses…. I mean who knows, m-maybe my house is still somewhere, ehe… [Though he quickly realised this probably wasn’t /his/ timeline’s Twine, or, their timeline, or….. nevermind]
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The Heroes of old, the Warriors of renown, as one, raise a mighty cheer, shouting over the din of the fading combat in glorious victory. As the Abominations flee they begin to rejoice. The archer claps Elyss on the back, sending a shiver of an ancient forgotten memory down her spine. Another reaches out to hug Archi, the void writhing and squirming against the touch. The Prophet of Or reaches out to shake Kaler’s hand, and it is as if he has known this man for not just one life, but many.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *Celine floated down, the left over wildlife leaving as she looked about*
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “What?” She took some time to quickly rewire her rifle now that there was actual light by which to work by. “Yes, indeed, I was eaten by one of the things, and yet here I stand, totally in one piece! MWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Yet, there’s still not relief for the queen. She heads back towards where the King lays to check on him, kneeling by his body. “Yo, Baby King. Wake up. Cmon.”
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Kaler we’re like a millions years before you make it to Hellifyno.” She stated to the Solarian with a nod. “But now we can make sure Twine is here for you to become the High Commander of.” She patted him with her Gaian arm, healing him of any wounds and restoring his energy. “Did anyone get hurt?” She questioned.
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The High King lies in the mud, body broken, but life remaining. He looks up at Magicia, and then he smiles. “One worthy has been found.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Oh jeez. She jumps feeling the clap on her back and what the fuck is she remembering? “Uh.. Aye!” She yelps before grumbling and shaking her head. “Yeah… Huzzah…” She eyes the archer up and down.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Of course she’d tend to the King, in the madness it slipped her mind for a second.
6/7/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “I’m fine, anyone else?” Isaac asks
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids come to stand beside their Mistress. Another battle behind them… now back to protecting and serving her.
6/7/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector “Yeah, my poor thighs…” The scantily dressed witch sniffles, but it’s not that genuine.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *Celine walked over to the king, listening to his words*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “No, no, I’m good” he comments pushing away from the hug.
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The kings hands reach up to grasp Magicia’s, over where she holds his blade. “This shall be the instrument for truth. This shall be the guiding light on your journey. Use it well.”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She frowns, wanting to jab the king in the chin with her sword hilt. Why her? How does she always end up in positions like this? “Aw that’s sweet of you to say but SERIOUSLY GET UP.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The reality warping effects of the Abominations fade relatively quickly, and as they do a sense of peace and joy floods the air. The cheering turns to quiet congratulations, the teddies that survive emerge from cover and rejoice as well, and though the city is broken, it has survived.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Yeah… j-just realised that; time travel is weird…. [He sighed, before looking up to the Prophet as they came closer, before accepting the hand shake. The expression on the boys face was that of “How do I recognise you…”, but he assumed it was due to forces he may never understand fully, so he accepted it, smiling gratefully] I-I’d hope we can get it that way, Anthem. [And Kaler still didn’t realise that Anthem may very well have her memories back. Despite the sadness he felt for his home of the past, the sense of peace was there, and he kept smiling, grateful for all this]
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ The Child of Light tried her best to heal the King with Gaian energy. Even if Mags had the tool, he had the true knowledge.
6/7/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector She frowns and whips out one of her spell tomes, flipping to a healing spell. Best let the Scion tend to the dying guy first, she supposes.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He looks back to the fourth wall “seriously? Nothing? “
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “So, did anybody else experience some very annoying and bothersome non-conversation-based conversation with the enemy within the very fabric of their being? Rather bothersome, aren’t they? AND ineffective!” She cackled, tossing her head back. “Something about ENDLESS possibilities… Which is LAUGHABLE to me, the GREATEST MIND ON HELLIFYNO! PROFESSOR POSSIBILITY P. POSSIBILITY!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “I am ALREADY Endless Possibilities! MWAHAHAHAHAH!”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She’d make a comment to the professor about how she has endured that, once, just not in this battle… but she’s kind of trying to rudely convince a king not to die.
6/7/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “Is he deranged or something?” Isaac asks archibald
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He raises a hand before dropping It. Slamming a tendril through her chest. “Whoops”
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *she growled at the “professor” before backhanding her* SHUT UP ALREADY YOU INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE SHIT
6/7/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart she*
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis The Gaian energy suffuses the High King and as it does a new sensation washes over the battlefield. Everyone can feel it. A union of two kinds, a power new born, but not yet ready. It is an energy that stands as antithesis to the dark corruption of the Abominations. And through this energy, Ar’Elis is healed.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “Listen to Mistwess little king child! Or I’ll eat you. So get up.”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I swore if you died on me here I’d kill you.”
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis Slowly he starts to rise, pushing himself up on his knees and then to his feet, he looks across the assembled congregation, and then at Anthem, and then at Magicia.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ “Can everyone like shut up?! I’m tryin’ focus here!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III And then he didn’t cause autohitting is for bitches.
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “You have done well. Better than in many of the cycles we have been through together before.”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “Oh thank gods he actually got up.. okay.” She breathes a sigh of relief.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler just breathed in, letting out a long, drawn sigh. He moved closer to the others huddled together in the middle of this former battlefield]
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart “This is all kinds of nutty.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility Completely ducking the swinging blow like a smooth criminal, Possi grinned. “Insignificant? That’s a LARGE word for a small mind… I applaud you.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *She rolled her eyes at the Professor before bowing to the king and Magicia*
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Then finishes what she was doing. With a heavy sigh, she’s smiling. “Thank you. It’s good not to lose you again.” Then she looked around the city, seeing the corruption gone for the most part. It was a victory through and through.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Why is someone bowing to her that is we-… oh right, she is a queen.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “You’re character is bad and you should feel bad” chesh squints at Possi.
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “Though, I encourage you to stick with verbal assaults over the physical while we’re in the middle of much more important circumstances, miss. The end of the world is at hand.” Possi pulled out a hand mirror for a moment, checking her hair right quick. Mostly to make sure it was still the right color and not stained from being inside of something foul like that great abomination.
6/7/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector Jadis heals up her poor thighs and moves over, whipping out her journal to record some quick notes on the battle.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart “Eh. Infighting? We just saved reality… again. Let’s not fight each other until it;s all over.” She rubs her head a bit.
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “And you, sir, probably would spell that sentence with the wrong ‘Your’, but that’s neither here nor there… We must go ONWARD, not dillydally over your inferiority complexes. GOODNESS, show some integrity…”
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *she ignored the irritating person, walking towards thoses killed and hurt int he battlefield, doing her best to heal and tend to there wounds*
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Infighting is half the fun, she thinks. But she’s just anxious. She should probably give Ar’Elis his sword back now but.. it’s so tingly….
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis He looks out over the many combatants again, and a healing energy emits from the king. Injuries heal. The lust of battle fades, and a serenity falls upon all.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart “It’s fun until they all start trying to kill each other on purpose.” She sighs.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem just kinda shook her head and looked at Possi. “Still making friends Professor?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *she squeaked as her “patient” was healed before her eyes, then giggled as she looked at the king*
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang **and queen?**
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He looks to mags with an angry look. “No, save the useless scientist! It’ll be fine!” He huffs, crossing his arms “I hate all of you…” he rolls his eyes. “Exceot Kayler…”
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III *except
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart “Yo, Anthem. I got to learn how to throw rocks around like a gatling gun like you do.”
6/7/2019 0:00 High King Ar’Elis “And now that the Great Threat has been vanquished, we can rebuild this world, and its many dimensions. We can heal the rifts, reunite the fundamental forces of Thyme and Twine, and return to a reality that is better than it was. This shall be a new age, an age of peace and prosperity for all, an age when…”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The world suddenly hisses, static patches igniting through the air, a hissing sound is heard, there is a trembling, then a quake, then you are ripped apart and put together and the world fades then is reborn then fades again in a GLITCH that causes time to warp and mend and reality to bend and everything you know to crash into itself until you are ripped away into another place, another time, another world, one where all of the realities are visible. You see a million billion infinite time lines stretching out before and behind you. You see all of every existence. You feel all of every existence. They are like windows into GLITCH GLITCH and then you see the timelines being ripped apart, and what look like massive pulsing trembling worms rending them. They are moving towards you, and in this place it is difficult to move, to speak, even to breathe they come closer, they are encroaching.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator GLITCH GLITCH GLITCH
6/7/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “whoa whats that?” Isaac asks
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Tick tock. There’s that clock.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III He was a soft kitty. He was a warm kitty. But right now he was a little ball of hate.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “I’m used to being hated.” She frowns at Ches, before turning to listen to the King. Finally, things are g̵̨̙͚̦̻̩̳̬͉̀̏̓̍͗̇̅͐̚e̶̛̛̛͍͔͉͙̟̞̞̮̗͒̎̈̾͋̑͛̓͊̾̔̈͜ͅţ̸̧̡̼̫̰̞̼̩̳̝̗̪͓̫͗̈́̾̾̌̎̉͝ṯ̴͍͕̥̤͍͚̬̬͖̞̲̓͌̆̈́̂̑͛̓̚̚͜ͅi̴̡̟̜̯̓n̸͉̣̤̯͖̈́̿gÌ·Í Í‘ÍÌ”Í‹Ì¿Ì‘Ì½ÍÌ¿Ì’Ì„Ì›Ì‚Ì£Ì³ÌÍ™Ì¥ÍœÍ“Ì§Ì²Í‰ÌžÌ–Ì—Ì®Ì¹ ̶͓̲̜̙̟͔̓̿̓̚̕f̷̺͙͎͒̉́̾͌̈͌i̴̡̧̜̣̺̩̦̱͈̳͈̭̒̓̀̓́̌͋̊̀̔̂̕͘͜xÌ¶Ì•ÍÍ‹ÌÌ•ÌŽÌ…Í ÍÌ¾ÍŒÌ…Ì½Ì™Ì¹Ì­ÍˆÌžÌ¯Ì¤Ì¯Ì®Ì¥Ì¡ÌºÌªeÌµÍÌÍ’ÍƒÍ˜Ì„Í—Ì½ÍÍ“ÍˆÌ ÌŸÍ–Ì­Ì®dÌ·Í‘Í„Ì‚ÌÍŠÌƒÍ‘ÍÌ›ÍŠÍ‹ÌŽÌ›ÌˆÌ‰Ì²Ì˜Ì¡Ì¢Ì§Ì¡Ì ….
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The great devouring worms are larger than reality itself, they span the realities, they consume the realities. One by one you watch yourselves in other timelines being subsumed, being erased.
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “I only have one friend.” But, Possi did actually incline her head respectfully at the Scion. “Well, two. I am my own friend, and then the other is another Kishimoto. You people, at least, tend to have decent heads on your shoulders…” She squinted past Anthem at the king, and then everything else. “Ah, yes. More nonsense. MWAHAHAHAHAH!”
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Oh no.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Kaler blinked a few. He didn’t hate him? Well, that was a comforting thought. Once again the great wholesome one seems to befriend everyone without even trying! Weird. Well, things /seemed/ to be going well! Before-] What?! [Timelines being swallowed, themselves being erased] Oh holy….
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *She tensed, forcing herself to look at the worm like creatures*
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She grips her head and winces, nearly dropping the sword. “What the hell what the hell what the hell”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The creatures shred through the multiverse, through the omniverse, they tear open existence and the blood it bleeds is your lives and souls.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator One of the creatures raises up, and then dives at Magicia.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Another surges at Kaler.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Whelp. They tried, and now, they go glitch all over again. And, she wonders how she’s even sane at this point. Well, maybe insanity is sane. Ah, giant worms eating her from other dimensions and timelines. Well, gg to those Elyss and maybe to her too.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Celine is wrapped in the squeezing death embrace of a worm.
6/7/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “oh no no no no no!! this isn’t supposed to happen!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Elyss feels a worm ripping out through her chest.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Ow…
6/7/2019 0:00 Gum Oh my the pink woman replied with a sirk as she watched the worms and whatever it was it kind of remainded her at herself nd her ability to absorb and eat to grow stronger
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *She growls, struggling* no no No NO NO!
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “I welcome death”
6/7/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Along with seeing such timelines breaking and contorting his camo would break to reveal a repaired and restocked Croc, ready to go. With a moment to analyze what was going on, bracing and getting ready was all he could afford to do in the shock.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Isaac sees himself die a thousand times even as one of the creatures crashes into him dragging him down into nothingness.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Croc is smashed into again and again by the beasts that need not move through time or logical space.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen She screams and raises up the sword to try to slack at the worm coming for her. Anything, ANYTHING TO STOP IT.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Why…. w-why again…?! [He said before a worm decided to lunge at him. He would /attempt/ to swing a fist into ones head as he tried to duck out of the way, but this seemed like nothing could stop them. What could?? ANYTHING?!]
6/7/2019 0:00 Isaac Trueheart “AAAAAH” he screams as he’s forced into the earth
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The creature squeezes tighter around Celine, and another tears at the flesh of her skull.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Kaler feels his soul his body his reality being consumed from outside and within.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem was just thinking they could have a moment to appreciate what was going on, and then this! What were these creatures?! They showed her dying in every past life. They showed her alternate verisons of the Scion and new and creative ways for someone to die over and over again.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Static shimmers through your perception of reality. The uneasy dread of things not being correct. Tick tock, there goes the clock. And you all might be dead!
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart She feels as if she’s about to pop. That is a horrible feeling. She can see so many Elyss popping and dying, and now she gets to join them.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Anthem is swallowed whole then spit back out only to be torn to shreds by the creatures.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare &amp; Lily Angelang *she screamed in agony, as piece by piece, she is ripped away*
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Portalverse Prisoners – The Vessel A worm tunnels through Gum’s stomach and out through her mouth, leaving her as a gaping husk.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ The thrashing and bashing wasn’t a nice introduction, feeling helpless from the slams and resisting with slashing at one with his Shiv, and no-scoping with his other hand for Specterstrike. Good thing he got repaired beforehand.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Timelines fall, you live but then die, and die, and die again and again and again.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A million of the worms explode from Crocs mouth and he feels his organs being consumed from within.
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility Possi rubbed her chin in deep thought of this all as she raised her rifle defensively. “Yes, yes… This makes no sense, and I hate it. I’m going to try and kill these now.” She sent a burst of annihilating explosion at some of them.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland Ack…! [He exclaimed, in a fleeting feeling of his energetic self as it quickly began to diminish, falling to his knees within moments, then dying, living, dying, living; he was so, /so/ confused, conflicted, hurt, torn, everything]
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Possi’s blast does nothing as a worm rips her legs off, another tearing through her skull.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~ Kaler is quickly engulfed by a massive worm creature. Within it he can see himself dying again, and again. Different verisons of him being obliterated in droves
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Kalers body is quickly consumed by millions of the writhing worms.
6/7/2019 0:00 Gum ” I am sorry but i am not here to die …in fact i will destroy them all ” Gum smiled as she began to rise her KI making herself stronger as a pink aura began to surround her
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator And then engulfed.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Did her sword work? Did it not? Does it even matter? She can feel her lifes and deaths and lifes and deaths….
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The pink auro around Gum turns black and her body is shredded.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Cheshire flops onto the floor, watching everyone around him die. That did more than his own death.
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Conqueror Worms – The Vessel Gum’s attempts fail. She is destroyed.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ The maids stand near their Mistress and her Ar’Ellian sword. Either she would protect them, or they would die protecting her. Either way.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Aside from possi’s
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III That one made himself truly smile.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Magicias sword slices through the worm, severing it, but then both halves dive at her, tearing into her chest.
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “Well, I am non-plussed.” She nodded slowly.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Billions and trillions of the worms slash and hack through the maids.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Possi’s body explodes, as worms erupt from her core and devour the fleshy pieces that splatter and fall.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Her screams are choked out, drowned in blood as she collapses, left to the appetite of the worms.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem falls to her knees and screams! Her eyes and tattoo going white as she was triggered into this state by a sense of self preservation as she radiated a golden green as she tried to fight these worms. Seeing Magicia cut one gave her a bit of hope.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Archi is merely consumed in an eternal darkness that is somehow, comforting, and yet also an eternal agony.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Yup
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Sounds right.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ A death once at the hand of the MA was a horror in of itself, deaths repeating in numerous, impossible ways was enough to bring even his spirit lower than it typically stood tall. But for a moment, he’d try to steel himself from it all by clearing his mind. Maybe the attack was simply not true… it just it all in the mind…come on…
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “MISTRESS! NO!” The maids fight back in vain. Even as they are erased, even as they drown in their own ichor, they will not relent. The Head Maid is shrieking, roaring, crying in desperate vengeance.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Alarmed cries come from the poor wholesome one, utterly perverted and destroyed by the worms, even as he tries to use his power to fight these, but it seems this won’t work, at all]
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The light from Anthem burns one of the hissing worms, but that doesn’t stop it from slamming into the Scions chest and biting out her living heart.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Kalers powers are useless and he is consumed, piece by piece by the worms.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Her hand manages to grip to the sword, but other than that she is as helpless as everyone else here.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Once more he starts to sing “hello darkness my old friend…”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator The swarm of the worms is endless as they subsume and consume Archibald.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “I’ve come to talk to you again”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Gum is eviscerated, limbs tearing, body rending.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Fina-” he is taken by the worms
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Conqueror Worms – The Vessel TICK. TOCK. TICK. TOCK. TICK. TOCK.
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Conqueror Worms – The Vessel The clock is louder than ever.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Each and every one of you is consumed and destroyed, utterly, without hope of return. Not just once, but over, and over again. It happens in a thousand timelines as the worms surge over everything, creating a broken darkness that is nothing and all consuming.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem had been utterly destroyed by the worms. Or had she? What was even? There were so many questions starting with the very seams of reality.
6/7/2019 0:00 Gum Gum’s body attemts to reform again unlike many other Gum’s body was an evolving cell that reformed and evolved still it was hard for her to take her original form due that many worms tearing her appart over and over
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out. The worms play penuckle with your snout”
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [The poor sunny one felt- well, he didn’t feel, or did he? He didn’t even know anymore, with how many times this happened, but he felt like reality was about to just *Snap*, gone]
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] The Conqueror Worms – The Vessel All remaining parts of Gum’s body are devoured. There is nothing left.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Gum’s body reforms and is destroyed and reforms and isdestroyed for an eternity until she no longer exists.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator There is nothing.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ There can be no hope in this hell…being nothing more than food to the worms. He would close his eyes and not believe what he felt. NONE of this was real! Ignore the pain, they want a reaction and they won’t get it no matter how many lives are taken!
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Croc loses the ability to react. He is gone.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Blood would slosh here, an arm fall there, it just continued, over, and over, what little of his mind was left hoped, prayed for some sort of release]
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ Soil is hungry, soil is thirsty. The worms consume all, but the maids continue to fight, even in futility. Even until there is but one left. The Head Maid will fight alone, even as they watch themselves die alone… over… and over… and over…
6/7/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector She wouldn’t have minded being eaten in another way but this…. this is not her fetish.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [Please, let there be something, /something/ be there…. please… *Metaphorical sobbing*]
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Kaler is released when he is subsumed and devoured and is gone from existence forever.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator You all fade to black. Every one is gone.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Nothing is left.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh juat gives into it. His mind not broken, but his soul? With each of his nine lives being removed over and over and over again. Death was ninefold for him. True death, was ninefold. And then the sweet embrace if darkness.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator A great black screen rises over existence, and end credits begin to roll.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “…Deja Vu.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Seeing as he was now dead, it was time to check his stats! …Wow! Lots of revenge kills, new record!
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “Beneath her foot-stool, Science groans in chains, and Wit dreads exile, penalties and pains. There foam’d rebellious Logic, gagg’d and bound! There, stripp’d, fair Rhetoric languish’d on the ground…” Possibility’s mind resorted to poetry as she dealt with the tedium of ‘nothingness’. Like, sure, madness, that was always an option, but she’d already done that, and was that, so she just needed… to keep the madness occupied. And poetry, though useless, was kinda fun sometimes.
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem’s hanging out with an entourage of her past selves watching the cut scene
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [There’s a sunboi too, blankly staring like “What the f—“, but he does seem to have popcorn] Ehh…. wat
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen “That movie was lame.” Is what Magicia would say if she existed still.
6/7/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “Should’ve saved a bullet for some of you!” Croc snarls outside of existence.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart Being nothing is cool. She can be nothing with everyone else. At least she gets to watch the credits while being nothing but barely some other being’s thoughts.
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ “SSSSH! The best part is coming up!” The maids waited for the theoretical credits to show Magicia again so they could cheer for her… again.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator Then, there is a GLITCH GLITCH GLITCH even in the darkness. The black screen catches on fire, and you feel something new. You are all dead, but you from an almost identical timeline appear on the scene. You are exactly the same shape and form as yourselves (though slight differences may apply, eye color, height, shades of hair) but it is you, with all of the exact same memories, even of the time travel, even of the insanity and paradoxes. You are yourselves, and you feel those selves falling, falling through time, back down, through the depths of Dreams, through the depths of space, through the depths of atmosphere and planet down down back onto Hellifyno. Where you crash, and are left to resolve yourselves, with yourselves.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Chesh just kinda walks out into the credits, waves, and then shoots himself in the head
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ Considering how many maids there are/were… this resolution may take a while.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator You are you, but you are not you anymore. Yourselves, but from a very very similar timeline. A timeline that has intersected with the one you just lost.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart “Fuck. I’m a blonde now.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator An intersection of existences.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare and Lily Angelang *she looked at herself, she was a wolfie instead of a neko and grumbleed angrily*
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Just a normal Tuesday for me…” he comments, patting his body that wasnt his.
6/7/2019 0:00 Narrator ou remember everything, from each timeline, from every time warp, and yet are a consistent whole. New but old. Original and yet derivative.
6/7/2019 0:00 [DM/Commander] Magicia the Nightmare Queen Existing as herself, but not as herself. What a cruel twist… She blinks and stares down at the head maid. Down at them. Wait… she’s tall!
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III Snapping his fingers and retaking his original form.
6/7/2019 0:00 Jadis – The Tome Collector Oh goodie. Her boobs grew a bit more.
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility “There to her heart sad Tragedy address’d, the dagger wont to pierce the tyrant’s breast! But sober History restrain’d her rage…And promised VENGEANCE on a barbarous age– Oh, are we done?” Possi looked about now. “Ah, yes, seems so.” And then she cupped her hands over her mouth and SCREAMED at the sky. “I AM NOT AMUSED OR ENTERTAINED, YOU WOULD BE CIRCUS RINGMASTERS!”
6/7/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ Reborn…twice now… But what was this? His eyes held more of a spark to them, the Knifestorm being mere nano-machines as opposed to a cloud or vengeance…his Rifle was polished up, looking as if made from a….space ship? And Snaggle!?!? That stayed, thank god. But he remained a Smol Purity still, feeling dizzy as he checks his Shiv, now alit with the same green glow his new Rifle had.
6/7/2019 0:00 Archibald Cheshire III “Why couldn’t she stay dead?”
6/7/2019 0:00 Fwufikins, the Maidsâ„¢ It’s hard to tell what has changed with the maids. Perhaps more eyes than before.
6/7/2019 0:00 Kaler Eland [His hair seemed to have changed, from silver to a rich brown, though everything else seemed the same, pretty much. Or, that “him”. Confusing timey wimey stuff]
6/7/2019 0:00 æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ Anthem was just so confused. She looked down at herself and noticed she was pale skinned rather than tan! It was distressing at first, but considering the situation she just sighed and rolled with it.
6/7/2019 0:00 Celine the Nightmare and Lily Angelang *she sighed* guess i’ll have to get used to this..*she looked around, taking in her surroundings*
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] Same but Different World – The Vessel Time speeds up yet seems to play in slow motion around you as you adjust to your same yet different bodies.
6/7/2019 0:00 Elyss Sieghart “Oh, I have highlights.” She mutters looking at herself. She seemed a bit more… feminine. Is that nail polish? Oh gosh. She feels like some bad teen spy movie rip off that she was suppose to outgrow. “Man, can we stop screwing with reality? I miss my old body now.”
6/7/2019 0:00 Sniper Crocâ„¢ “SHUT-” He’d quiet himself, sounding meeker than usual. Along with that he was a Smol Purity, but stood at the height of his former, human self. He wouldn’t dare to check under his clothing, too fearful of what must have changed internally. However he was feeling…jittery all of the time, as if unstable. Now that it was mentioned, his right hand was the same swarm of nano-machines that his Knifestorm was made of. “….What?”
6/7/2019 0:00 [Commander/DM] Same but Different World – The Vessel Around you, you watch the familiarity of Hellifyno’s landscape grow and die and grow again, going through the cycles of age.
6/7/2019 0:00 Professor Possibility Possi, rather than being dressed in shitty clothes that were entirely functional, had long, flowing, very clean blonde hair, was wearing makeup, and for some reason was wearing a black lounge dress that showed too much leg. Or, in other words, this Possi knew how to clean the fuck up. She was, for lack of a better word, the same, but just hot now.
6/7/2019 0:00 Commentator of Libretto ~[StoryDM]~