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The RolePages 6th Anniversary Marathon Event

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These are the notes from the master sheet that we used to plan and execute the entire 80 hour marathon. There are a number of things in here that didn’t happen, and there are a lot of things that happened during the four days that were not planned and placed in here. These notes are also raw, unedited, and filled with rambling ideas and random bits of background information. While it’s not perfect, it should give anyone interested some insight into the story we were telling, while also filling everyone in on any spoilers, plot points, or segments that they may have missed. 

1. Heaven  – 6/10 7PM est – This realm is very short
2. Apocalypse – 6/10 – 10 PM EST
3. The Internet – 6/11 – 10 AM Est
4. Beginnings – 6/11 – 6 PM Est – This realm is very short
5. Kids – 6/11 – 9 PM Est

6. Heroes – 6/12 – 12 Noon Est
7. Literature – 6/12 – 8 PM 
7.5. Transition/Micey – 10 am
8. Buddhism – 6/13 at Noon
9. End Game – 8pm

We need ANYONE who has ever had a silverhide character to contact us directly. 
Those in Ning who want to DM will be privvy to a huge secret. 
Enemies throughout
Ans and the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse who are the tools of the creator working to bring about The End 
6/10 5 PM Est
Nymph festival. Everything is wonderful. Then a monster attacks. Very standard. Until it starts actually killing some of the heroes. Start with some adorable nymphs, let that sink in, then eventually, everyone dies. It shall consume the blood of small children…..
Narrator will handle the destruction
Storm will handle the Chronicle Society in both realms
Gaia is in all living creatures including the undead, opening death scene is the song of life, and then they are wrenched from eternal bliss into a place of fluffy white clouds

1. Heaven
6/10 7 PM Est
Heaven At War – The Seige of The Last Bastion of Good
The forces of holiness and sanctity have gathered in the final fortress of the thousand heavens. There the greatest beings of celestial power in existence train armies of angels glowing with blinding light, preparing for the final show down with the minions of the 9 Hells. 
A man with brilliant blue eyes, wearing a simple robe and sandals, approaches, a sense of love and calm radiating from his form. 
“Thank all that is good that you have come.” – only the Heroes can save the heavens and prevent the world from falling into darkness. 
Setting: Holy castle, cloud ramparts, towers. Artillery. Holy weapons available. Can gain energy or healing from luminous wells.
Giant demon lords swarmed by legions of flying minions
Pain Sorcerors
Hell Hounds
Flame Serpents
Fire Giants
Magma Monsters
A place of flowing clouds and beautiful lights. Warmth permeates everything, broken by cool gentle breezes and the sounds of singing soft upon the air. The ground is soft and fluffed, and in the distance there is a castle, a palace, a fortress, rising impossibly high into the multifaceted sky. Towers leap like spire ino the air, ramparts stand with impossible strength. It is impossible, unbreakable, a dominion of dominace that stands above the landscape with a rich and lustrous daunting quality. 
– Ans
– Aosoth
– They are invited into the castle where they are asked to help with the preparations. 
— The strategy is to open the gates when the enemy arrives and just charge at them head on, despite being outnumbered ten to one. But it’s always worked for them. 
— Heavenly baths that are filled with warmth and light and energy
— Heavenly puriication rituals that can destroy any evil found within the heroes
— Prophecy has foretold their coming. Maybe he will speak to them. The steps of the creator, where they can talk to the supreme being. But he is not there. He hasnt been for age. 
The Battle With Hell Begins
– Giant cloud monsters
– Beings made of pure sunlight
– A sky filled with warrior angels
– Holy powered high artillery
The man with blue eyes appears and blasts the demons with a shot gun, leading them away. He fires a hole through the fluffed up floor and sends them to their escape while he remains behind to die like a martyr.

2. Post Apocalypse 
6/10 – 10 PM EST
Purgatory, a depraved realm where anything goes. There are no rules, there are no masters. The creators hand never touches this place and the devil doesnt care. So a landscape of wreckage and broken buildings has rise. Gangs of biker demons with misshapen cars built on the living bodies of tortured souls ride across an open landscape of sand and dirt and stone and dust. Angelic hookers ply their wares with open, wanton aplomb. The fires of hell blast randomly from the ground. The piercing lights of heaven rain down at time, seering flesh from bones. There is no refuge, only the amoral needs of those who want and those who take. And everywhere, floating in the air, are the spirits of dead babies and aborted fetuses, floating like low hanging stars of fleshy dripping mass. 
– roach
– xena
– Nick
– It begins with them being left in a wasteland. There is nothing. 
– Then a demonic biker gang chases them down. They can fight but the creatures dont care if they live or die, and the heroes can sustain terrible wounds and also survive. The Heroes Can Not Die In This Realm. Eventually they are chased off, finding abandoned vehicles they can procure to escape.
The Arena Where You Can’t Die
Drinking Contests
Death Orgies
Scouring For Parts – of bodies, souls, powerful items like celestial (heaven / hell) weaponry, and machinery 
If necessary the heroes can slip down to one of the more interesting hells, a heaven that has been overrun by hell, or a heaven that has been over run by Ans. They are all starting to break and fall into nothing. Rebel angels may also be running through this area. 
– Xena appears, and gives them refuge, in an angelic whore house where she is doing gaia missionary work. 
– After they have some time to explore a biker war breaks out over the whore house. The 
heroes are trapped in the middle. 
– The heroes get captured, and are forced to battle it out monster car rally style in the arena
– Upon winning there is a massive rave. sex, drugs, depravity beyond compare
– Then a riot breaks out. There is a shortage of hookers in purgatory. The demons and monsters go crazy and start destroying everything. At the same time the four horsemen of the apocalypse come and destroy everything, wreaking havoc on the purgatory world, showing why everything is in ruins.
– In the wake of their passing the fetus of potential paths appears, and tells them what is really going on. This is the fetus of every creature in existence who has yet to exist. 
– The fetus of potential paths tells them that it has nothing to do with heaven and hell. The creator is simply done with his toy and wants to write the end of the book. That’s why every realm is at war and falling. Its the true apocalypse. He shows them a million worlds and realms all at battle with their worst enemies, falling one by one. The only hope is that maybe the heroes can find the pages of the book of life, and assemble them to start writing their own story. But he doesnt know where those are. For that they will need information. 
Fetus: Be careful, you cannot die here but every realm is different. You can mostly certainly be deleted from the world wide web, if you are not careful. 

3. The World Wide Web
6/11 – 10 AM Est
Red Pill is the delivery method for getting them to this new realm. 
Amandine Marceau
A place of 1’s and 0’s, of lol cats and double rainbows. Facebook, twitter, and lots and lots and LOTS of porn. 
Players But apocalypse works too
– Ariellah bane
– Tye Sampson
– They travel the realm and find that things are fading. The porn is taking over and that is coagulating into hardened masses of depravity which eventually fade and are forgotten. 
– Tye Sampson appears and shows them all a magical device. A tiny screen they can use to access information about every single realm in existence. It even has games like Hero Crush and Angry DM’s. Most importantly it has a tracking device they can use to find the missing pages of the book. 

The Beginning
6/11 – 6 PM Est
After the big bang and a scene unfolding of perfect beauty as everything grows from nothing into something and reality is actualized, they are left in a realm of picturesque beauty. Lush trees, fruit everywhere, the air smells of candy, and the animals can talk. They are happy to invite the heroes back to their camp where they treat them to the fun games that beasts of the day can play. Make sure the nymphs can attend this one 😛
– There are two trees that are very important. They are forbidden, but they hold all of the knowledge that the heroes need. If they are brave enough they can get there. The serpent did it once and survived. 
– Battle past the fiery sword and staff of the cherubim that chases them constantly. 
– Battles with Ans, this is her realm and she will not let the infidels pass.
– Evetually they come to the trees where theys see a serpent, dragon teers, trying to get a woman to eat a fruit. He exlains that she has no idea what blow jobs are and the fruit will help. His uncle stan told him to do it. 
– A battle with Adam, who commands the beasts. But once he’s subdued teery can feed the fruit to Eve, and then she to Adam, and they both get bashful and suddenly know what the heroes need. TEERYS TOILET PAPER
– A battle with Adam, who commands the beasts. But once he’s subdued teery can feed the fruit to Eve, and then she to Adam, and they both get bashful and suddenly know what the heroes need………… 
– The first pages of the book tell the story of the beginning, of what they saw but also of a sweaty nerd working in a basement on a computer project that created the world. 
– Thus done Adam and Eve can direct them to the next realm. But it’s down the rabbit hole, Use care. 

5. Fun and Games 

6/11 – 9 PM Est
The realm of toys; Creation/Imagination; characters like the Simpsons and Bugs Bunny were dreamed up…imagined…and for every thing that is dreamed up, there is a place for it, here. Whether these things come from your sweetest of dreams, or greatest of nightmares, they have a place in this realm. – The realm of cartoons is near, where they can meet the simpsons and bugs bunny, but also tom and jerry and elmer fudd, and all of the most violent cartoons. Even manga. 
– Can move from one cartoon to another (possible map?) led by the Tye device which is all screwy here.  GPS gone rogue
– Move to a realm of living toys that welcome the heroes in
Play monopoly, the game of life, in order to win prizes like a way to get to the next realm which is….. unknown (clowns) but necessary according to the tye device (crayon prize)
– Eventually they are led to the hell of clowns, a messed up circus they have to traverse in order to find more pages of the book. 
Maybe they are recruited
Lion tamers, dinosaur tamers
Acrobats over acid lakes 
Dracy’s Madness Metallic city
Madness Demoness’s; These creatures are fueled by the anomalous powers of madness, they’re anomalys In and of themselves – They do not feel pain, do not stagger, or feel fear, sadness, remorse, or any sense of self-preservation. They exist only to kill and enact pain on other living entities that stumble Into their zone “The Metallic City.”. Despite the name they have been given they’re not “Demons” they are an artifcial existence that borders between life/death/Fantasy. Madness demoness’s are blind visually and cannot perceive the world around them through their eyes, which are colored a milky white, Instead madness demoness’s rely on their senses of “Hearing” to find and accurately atttack their prey, focusing on vibrational noises emitted by wavelengths they do not recognise as non-hostile, when they don’t hear anything they either vaguely wander around or In most Instances stand perfectly still In one place and do not move; Much like statues. Due to their “Madness Aura.” which Is akin to divinity granted by their Goddess, Madness Demoness’s are granted Invincibility to harm and damage while this remains around them (*Although this will be rendered Ineffective when the heros get ahold of certain weapons.*) Madness demoness’s are absurdly fast and have overwhelming physical strength beyond any living being making them an overpowering force to fight, either alone or In groups. Their fighting style Is akin to berzerkers they attack relentlessly and viciously never once letting up In their vicious onslaughts, once they enter a mode upon being driven to a near death state “Blood rage.” they become even more voracious and lethal groups of them can become a literal flood of blades due to their claws when In this state where they aim too tear everything apart In their paths sentient or non-sentient. Appearance wise Demoness’s are Tall Buxom pale skinned females, dressed In a white floor length Labcoats, and adorned by many criss-crossing belts of saws and other typical t
orture-like devices Including syringes etc. Their fingers are cut away at the knuckles and replaced by massive curved bladed scythe-like “Fingers.” to attack their targets with or tear through metal like wet paper. Almost all of them have floor length white hair. which obscures the better part of all their facial features, except the dotted red glow of their milky Iris glowing beyond the strands, when their hair Is moved away from their obscured face, It reveals that their face Is simply a massive Gaping circular mouth with trillions of small teeth aside from the face, the rest of their bodies replicate a humanoid disregarding the hands And their freakish 11 feet tall height.
Family board game fun zone 
A trip into the toy chest
The realm of mad children
– One or two should find crayons that can rewrite life itself. Draw it and create anything. 
FALLLLLLLL Into Arcadia, cue trippy ass nonsense and fae funs 
– Jared died during the fae war, so they meet him here, battling the mad fae in eternity. He helps them escape, but they end up somewhere strange. 
– Eventually they find the back room where a team of writers are creating new, crappy cartoon and toys, that the heroes have to defeat in order to gain the pages necessary
– Once the creations are defeated, they can finally get to the next realm via their TOP SECRET guide. 
 #6 The halls of the Heroes  
6/12 – 12 Noon Est
– The neverending halls are under attack but the fallen silverhide warriors are battling valiantly. Even if all else falls, they will be the ones to stand, to rise. 
– Constant battle, monsters that can’t be described assailing the castle. Plainview and his minions. Tyroids. But also things far worse than cthuvians. 
– Have to travel through the realm of heroes, to a place where they’ll meet others, Aragon, Aslan, Gandalf, Dorothy, Prince Valiant, King Arthur. The men and women of legend. 
– There they gain the pen, a weapon that can write in the book of life. But it has no ink. It is in the shape of a massive sword, and even without ink it can cut through reality itself, allowing the heroes to travel to the next realm…
THE NEVERENDING HALLS (Known as Sharoth in the ancient tongue)
The afterlife of Silverhide lycans is composed of three great ‘Hallway’s
Through the entire time they are there, the Neverending Halls are under siege. The walls shake and rumble with the sound of distant explosions. Warriors are running back and forth, generals are snapping orders. Occassionally enemies even break in and have to be dealt with. 
A great hallway of engraved wolfstone, decorated with row upon row of lifelike Silverhide statues, all with their eyes closed.They were once warriors in life and their memories fill the walkway. 
The Hall Of Judgement (Sharoth Endur)
Eventually the walkway reaches another gateway guarded by a wolf in a cloak of crimson leaves that conceals all apart from the eyes and ears. It is at the end of this walkway where the Dead Silverhides who seek access to Sharoth are judged. If they lived the life of a warrior, offering blood to Ogor and Hellifyno, if they remained true to their creed and died bravely, then they pass through the gateway. If they were shamed or cowards, traitors, etc..their soul is damned and their body becomes a lifelike statue and joins the other statues lining the hall.
The Heroes are judged by Erlendur the half living, half dead. Those deemed to have protected their planet, generally upheld justice and shown bravery will pass through to the next hall. But first have to help the bad eggs. The bad eggs are forced to drink from a wolfstone cup containing an extremely strong hallucinogen…. While the bad eggs are tripping balls and hopefully learning a thing or two they’re forced to climb an icy peak, with the other heroes protecting them from the monsters that hunt in the icy mountain range; ice serpents, trolls and snow wraiths.Occassionally the villains attacking may break in and precipitate a battle while the tripping Heroes complete their quest. 
The Hall of Life (Sharoth-gaia)
A beautiful paradise of green and crimson trees, pristine lakes and crystal clear rivers. The game is plump and there are thousands of blooms, exotic plants and flowers. This is where deceased Silverhides rest, enjoy nature and prepare before they take to the neverending halls of war.
Here looking out across Sungmanito lake, the deceased Silverhide warriors are gathering to stage a great feast; the feast of feasts. An event in which Ogor will dine with every deceased Silverhide and they will toast the oncoming battle, one final last stand.This is a chance for the heroes to relax and rest a little. The feast will also feature traditional Silverhide feasting games! The heroes will face off in challenges against the dead Silverhides. 
Wronir – A Silverhide wrestling match with no striking allowed. Opponents have to throw each other out of a diamond shaped ring.
Spear throwing – Short, heavy spears are thrown at distant targets.  The most accurate thrower is the winner.
khorrnash – A game in which  two Silverhides cuff themselves to each other by the wrists,They are given short staffs and fight against three more pairs of bound combatants. In this challenge, some of the heroes will be chained to deceased Silverhide legends.
Carawsat (literally means  bladespin) – a warrior balances upon a narrow wooden beam while juggling sharp wolfstone blades of varying sizes and weights. They start with two and slowly more are added. Whoever can juggle the most without dropping them, wins. 
Suddenly, the skies are darkened with clouds and spit ash as rain. The beautiful waters run black and explosions cause the earth to tremble every minute or so, which leads to a volcanic eruption! The animals begin turning into savage monsters that attack the heroes and the leaves on the trees fall and die, becoming carnivorous ants on the ground. The tree boughs and branches become claws that reach around for everyone, slashing and squeezing. A frantic fight begins but is quickly cut short by the huge wave of magma which begins eating everything in its path as it washes across the paradise. The heroes must outrun great wave of magma and make it to the next gateway where at the door, moments before they’re enveloped, time is frozen and they meet Andurin the doorkeeper. He asks them the riddles of war in order to pass.
The Halls of War (Sharoth-kharak)
It is herethat the Halls become neverending. There are thousands of doorways to different realms, a place where Silverhides can sate their battle-lust and fight against all manner of different monsters in different dimensions for eternity. If they die through any of these doorways, they return to Sharoth and may repeat the process as many times as they like.
When the heroes pass into this massive hall of doorways, they find Titus and Beor who inform them that the doors are breaking and monsters and evil creatures from thousands of dimensions are threatening to spill into the Neverending halls. If the Halls are overwhelmed and the immense forces of darkness are not defeated, they will spill into even more realms and infect them, in turn churning out more armies to devour others. All Silverhide warriors and allied heroes forces are making their way to the Neverending field, where a huge army composed of all the Silverhide’s major enemies throughout history have rallied together to crush Sharoth and all the souls within. This army is led by Grogash, the great dragon-creature of the abyss, a monster who was separated from Plainview after the Plainview war. He has joined up with Mordred von Ikus, archdemon of the spawn who had warred with the Silverhide clan for generations until they were finally destroyed by Jared and his warriors.
The fight cannot be won alone however, there are more enemies than the Silverhides have ever faced at one time before, so Marik and Beor were sent to locate the heroes so that they could undertake a vital mission into other worlds under assault, to rescue key heroes and return them to the massive battle on the Neverending field, where Ogor leads the defence.
The plan is for the heroes to flank the enemy armies and blow a suicidal path through the masses to try and take out Grogash and Mordred Von Ikus. First however, they must travel through doorways in the halls of war.
– The heroes are transported to Middle earth, where Gandalf and all the free peoples  are battling MorgothSauron and all the resurrected forces of Mordor on the burning Pelennor fields in a massive apocalyptic battle. 
Gandalg gives them a page of the book
-The heroes are transported into the midst of a space battle where Luke Skywalker is leading an army of fighters to destroy the Apocalyptic deathstar, 10 times larger than the original, destroying planet after planet with its ray. 
Yoda gives them a page of the book
– Maybe one that requires some sort of puzzle? A game of huge chess in Narnia with living pieces? Aslan‘s life and the fate of the realm balancing on the game?
Aslan gives them a page of the book. 
OPTIONAL -Next the heroes travel to a realm where they can stop the apocalypse there by helping Beowulf to sneak stealthily past an entire army of Grendels (hehehe) who have taken over everything. The plan is to assassinate Grendel’s mother! After dodging the Grendel army, they have to dive into a lake and swim down to Grendel’s mother’s lair to fight and kill her! Upon doing this, a curse is broken and the army of Grendels becomes just one Grendel! With this done, Beowulf and his surviving warriors are free to help the heroes in their apocalyptic battle!!!
Beowulf gives them a page of the book.
They make it back out to the battle now. The silverhide forces have converged with the Heroes, and the warriors of other realms to create a last stand at the front of the neverending halls. The forces araryed against them have been badly bloodied, but they are unending. That’s when Ogor appears, roaring that if the battle cannot be win, then victory must be achieved another way. He gives the pen sword to one of the chosen heroes present, and tells them to use it to get to their next realm. He also gives them the tome of Silverhide Lore, a book whose pages are part of the book of life. 
#7 The Library
6/12 – 8 PM 
They can find pages of the book of life scattered throughout the library. Tye leading them on the Comm badges can force them to travel to any realm the DM’s like.
When Olivia enters the Library she is immediately taken over by Zenir. The gaian light leaves her and she attemps to kill the heroes. They only escape by finding a small out of the way section of the library she’d never think to look in. 
A realm of infinite knowledge, blessed with the presence of Thak, though that is far, and Zenir the ancient god is everywhere. Their only refuge is in the children’s section, a very Dr. Suessial land that Zenir doesnt care about. 
– Several realms of literary fantasy, alice in wonderland, the wizard of oz, lord of the rings
– The search can be continuous because there are so many damn books here, all corrupted, well most. 
– The heroes meet their ancient counterparts, who can help them find the answer. 
(Have to ask eve their names again – from the fairy tale)
– Thaks wedding to a nerdy bookish elforc who refuses to stop playing WoW even as the ceremony is being performed
–  A small emo child with a diary begins to write terrible things about the heroes, which happens to them. She is the one they will have to capture, because the first page of her diary is from the book of life
In that book the heroes find a note that tells them that the real culprit is Luscious Smalls, the editor of the Chronicle Society. He’s been creating reality all along, in order to make interesting news stories to sell more papers. But now he’s ready to tell the biggest story of all! The end of everything. The note tells them to find the hidde3n edition of the Chron in the library, in order to get at the truth. 
– Periodicals and microfiche section of library. Attacks get really heavy. Library is on fire at this point, flaming books with dark laced energy attacking. Everything is furious and wild and they have to find the lost edition of the chron. They can do this by pulling a reporter out of a newspaper and asking them, or finding a vault behind some papers they have to break into, or maybe just going back to the very first edition. Whatever they do, they look into the pages and fall, into a world of words. 
7 – 8 Surprise Transition!!!!!!!!
The Chronicle Society
Factory that produces words in the distance.
Arjun appears to guide them. He has been doing reconnaissance for a while now and knows how to get at Lucious Smalls. But dangerous. 
Infiltrate the factory 
– Word wizards who can make anything the want appear by speaking it. 
– Inside, twisting halls, Mc Escher style. Hallways go nowhere, stairs go upside down. Words hang in the air. 
sheep   fish    bazooka apple   cereal   explosion    refrigerator   washer / dryer    commando    slayers  demon    pain     madness 
– Heroes can either be attacked by the words, or effected by them. The more words they acclimate, the more bogged down they will feel. there is no escape for this it is simply the way things are. 
– Finally find their way into a giant room full of screens. They can see their own lives, billions of others lives, all playing out. Theres a huge database and stacks of hard drives lavelled “daloki porn” “Amelietaking a dump” “Nice things Nick has said” etc etc, all set for sale and distribution across the universe. They even see screens that show exactly what is being seen through their own eyes. 
– Final battle with the news cycle, a great explosion of every enemy theyve ever had to fight all coming at them. All produced by an infernal contraption that churns them out one after the other. Can include historical ideas as well
nazis, slayers, soulless, gods, mongols, wyrm, weaver, wyld, wyrd, cthuvians, voidist priests, angels, demons, fae, crusaders, barbarians, tyroids, delilah, vampires, werewolves, blood beasts, decay, gatekeepers, faltering bright
Once the machine is destroyed it collapses recvealing a weasley little man sitting in the middle with ink smudges all over his face. He apologizes, begging for mercy. It wasn’t his idea, he is only in charge of the news. the story is run by someone else, someone of terrible power. Who?!?!?!?!?
– Youtube clip of Morgan Freeman narrating the March Of The Penguins 
To get to him, and stop The End, they’ll have to go into the darkness itself. And there they may lose themselves, and their souls if they arent careful. He won’t go there, he’d rather die. But he’ll provide passage in exchange for his life. 
An ancient and obscure religious text. All of the pages are blank, dark black, but as the heroes look into it they transition to the next realm… 
8. Buddhism
6/13 at Noon
– Shangri La, a place of priests who are enlightened. The darkness is coming and creatures lurk everywhere, but they dont care; they are (seemingly) safe within the glowing/Nirvana-like paradiseThe light could act as a shield of sorts…? There is both war and the horizon, and reality itself is breaking down around them. They are being attacked from without and within, by the darkness. 
– Monks sit in meditation as they are pierced through the heart by horrible beings.
– Cthuvian creatures move with abandon through the walls. The skies grow darker, everything beautiful is fading, and nobody will do anything about it
M?ra & his daughters
The word “M?ra” comes from the Proto-Indo-European root *mer meaning to die.
Mer Maids – Death Maids. <—daughters who tempted one of the Buddhas with visions of beautiful women
The heroes get a break from the chaos and darkness when the Buddhist monks invite them to a meditation session. They teach the heroes how to acheieve enlightenment and when they do, they will experience zero-gravity.
– As the impossible creatures of a million heads and a million arms descend upon the land, “Death Maids” luring heroes into the water, PuCk shows back up and tell them he knows where they need to go now. But they wont like it, because it is into the void itself. 
– The opening lines of the void are Lovecraft, monsters everywhere, atmosphere, fear, terror. They may go insane. 
They step into the darkness and in the distance, like the scattering of stars, they see the many realms of buddhist enlightenment twinkling. But as they watch those stars begin to fade, one after another, slowly but surely.
Scorpio Damascus is the DM here Delilah and Augustus will be helping
PuCk advises that the heroes simply give in to the peace of the true void. Those that do will be able to perceive the pages which are hidden in this blighted realm. 
– If they can break through they’ll find the peace of the true void, also known as Nirvana. There is nothingness here, but even nothing is something more than the lack of anything. 
– The pages are dark but those who are enlightened will be able to see them. 
Kayion advises that they do not. Instead they have to find the “seed” planted by Dyrfinna during the first apocalypse. Only that will bring light to the dark.They need to reach the beacons in the distance in order to find the one that contains the seed, that can withstand the enclosing void that is threatening to envelope everything. 
Once they have the stone / seed, everyone will be able to perceive the darkness as words, ink, not just emptiness but complete fullness. 
That could work. Once they perceive the words suddenly there is no darkness, and instead they are surrounded by glowing golden letters that hang in the air about them, drawn to them, flirting with their souls and moving towards the glowing pen sword, which is now alight with similar illumination. 
– They will also soon realize that they aren’t surrounded by darkness at all. In reality it is ink, the ink of existence. Finally the pen can be used. Now all they have to do is write themselves to the final chapter. 
From there they will be able to load the pen of telling and write their way to the end of the story in order to reach the next realm. PuCk will tell them, that the only way to begin again, is to go to the end, and will show them how the pen works properly, on the last pages found within the void, those that are still blank. 
9. End Game
(they travel to each realm here simply by walking)
6/13 – 8 PM Est
Mental Ward, the heroes are sick. stuck there for as long as it takes. Some dying, some insane. Drugs are administered. Nothing can happen. There is no escape. crazed and dying patients wander the halls aimlessly. Everything theyve ever known is false. They will have to break free to make it to the outside world, but how?
– Earth, 1940’s, world war two style battle
– Earth, cave man times, dinosaurs
– Earth, the future, aliens invading
– Earth, the crusades, knights battling Saracens
– Earth, the black plague
– Earth, the wars of Genghis Khan. Kahn will be impressed with them, and direct them to the tunnel of enlightenment. 
– Here they find the dreamers. Each of them, sleeping, perfect, dreaming, but sickly, pale, and dying. There is evil laughter in the air and the walls are crumbling. They need to travel deeper. Eventually they meet Jesus, socrates, confuscious, and many great thinkers, who tell them to think outside the box.
(Now as they walk the pages around them start to flutter) 
– Earth, the sack of Rome
– Earth, the atomic blasts of Hiroshima
– Earth, a dystopian future where everyone is controlled by chips in their heads
– Earth of zombies
– Earth of mad max 
– Earth lifeless, completely
– Earth, everyone is slaves
– Earth, everyone is crucified
– Earth, children kill their parents
– A frozen earth
– A sun scorched earth
– Vietnam
– An earth of disease that slowly kills the heroes
– An earth of monsters
– An earth of mutants
– A realm of… horses. The final show down with the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, and ans if possible. They defeat them and can finally enter the final room in the hospital, because of course theyve been in a mental hospital this whole time. 
Through it all a mad man called “the Gambit” and his band of odd companions writes and writes and comes closer to the end. They can use their crayons and pens but it wont be enough. Nothing will stop until someone sees the second book, outside of the pages of what they are travelling through. They will have to take a leap of faith, past reality, where they can finally put words to paper and start the story anew. 
— They have to find him via one of the patient wards/rooms/group-gathering places… Maybe in a corner of a room with two to three windows, babbling nonsense as he writes, not responding at all when the heroes speak to him. 
Only then will the end come, but it won’t be the end, because all of the heroes will be born anew in the sequel, and there they will be able to write reality back to the way it was, the way they want it to be. Writing their own story, where anything is possible.


  1. Amelie Zagurian 6 years ago

    Lol so he’d kill the defences too, classic XD

  2. Sid Grace 5 years ago

    Excellent job!

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