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the sadness in our hearts

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the world has become cold and dark

the sadness that has taken a hold of my heart

makes it even harder for me to find love

i did once love someone so very much

but the chaos and rage took her away from me

the sadness in my heart mourns for her love once again

i am all alone,wondering why its gotten so dark

can the light and love ever again pierce through the darkness and sadness

or will it forever be like this

the sorrow is killing my soul

please can you take the sadness out of my heart

please don’t let me be alone in this dark cold world

can her love safe me

can her love heal me

can anybody hear me crying out

or is it to late

the sadness in my heart

as tears fall not from my eyes but in silences from my heart and soul

for i love for her love and only her love

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