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The Saga Of The Black Throne: Devour Part Two

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“Ugh…who the fuck are you?”
At least that’s what he wanted to say, but he couldn’t.  Suddenly Vlad couldn’t move at all.  It was as if every fiber of his being was frozen.  He wasn’t even breathing, not that he had to, but it was something he’d done even after he was cursed.   The darkness that engulfed him was so absolute that he didn’t even know if he existed any longer.  The only thing that let him know he was even alive was that voice ringing out from within him.  Just as suddenly as the darkness had come, it was gone. Vlad could see again, breath, feel, hear.  He blinked and looked around at his new surroundings.  He was no longer in the temple, but on a strange beach.  The sand was black, so black that it seemed to suck the light right out of the air, dimming everything in sight.  The lake that lined the black shore was crimson red, like blood.  Being who and what he was, he could feel that this was truly a lake of blood, though who’s blood he didn’t know.  He blinked a bit as if to clear his vision, but it was all real, or at least as real as his senses could perceive.  He was kneeling in the sand so he stood up straight, hands brushing the black sand from his pants.  It felt like normal sand beneath his bare feet, which hadn’t been bare before.  His upper body was also bare, too bare.  The black seal that had dominated his upper body since he’d been cursed was gone.  The Archangels had told him the seal was to keep his devouring curse in check, keep it form going out of control, but now it was gone.  He could still feel the curse though, more potent and powerful than ever, so he was still cursed, but someone had truly unleashed it.  Funny thing was, he felt in complete control.  He heard a shifting in the sand behind him and he turned, laying eyes upon a tall male with black hair as black as the sands around them.  His eyes were just as black, and like the sand, they seemed to absorb the light around them, almost casting a shadow over otherwise youthful features.  Vlad didn’t say a word, but the man did.
“Ah, Vlad, it’s been far too long.  For me anyway, until now you’ve never known I even existed.”
Well, the man was right about that.  Vlad had no idea who the hell this guy was, but deep inside he knew that wasn’t true.  Something all too familiar vibrated through him as he stared at the man.  This was the voice he’d heard just after Beelzebub’s taunting last words.  Vlad spoke through gritted teeth.
“Who the fuck are you?”
The words actually came out this time.  He could see an amused smile curl upon the dark male’s lips and all it did was piss him off more.  Vlad wanted to devour him right then and there, but something told him that just wouldn’t work out the way he wanted it to.  He knew this man, but he didn’t know HOW he knew him.  What the fuck was going on?  No sooner than he asked the question in his head, did the man in black answer him.
“Me?  Well I don’t usually reveal my true name to anyone, but you’re not just anyone Vlad, so I’ll tell you.  I am Yjarl The Abyss, though in this form I am known as Mr. Shadow.  Cliche’, I know, but I’ve become accustomed to it and am quite fond of the name.  To make a long story short, I am the brother of God, he who is the father of light, and Eden, she who is the mother of life.  I’m kinda like the father of darkness, though that’s is pretty cliche’ as well.  However it accurately simplifies things enough for you to fully understand.  You see, my brother and I both love our sister dearly.  My brother, God, wanted to give her something beautiful so he created light, and in that light, she created all life.  But both light, and life brought danger, and I want to protect her from that danger.  The only way I can do that is to snuff out her life, along with my brother’s light, and bring everything back to darkness, to the Abyss.  It is the only way my sister can truly be protected.”
Yjarl began to pace, though those black eyes never left Vlad.  He had what looked like a kitana strapped at his left hip, and ironically, a silver cross handing from a silver chain around his neck.
“I’ve tried over the ages to return my sister to the safety of my abyss, but she loves her creations so much that she does not wish to see them drown in darkness, even though there are many of her creations who would see her hurt or used for their own selfish needs.  However, there is a part of her that relishes the darkness. Before my brother created light, she existed in the darkness just like the rest of us, and part of her yearns for it again.  They call that part of her Eden’s Shadow.  One of her creations, an Eden Seed named Damien Morningstar, was born to protect that part of her.  He created an most ingenious artifact called the The Black Throne that allowed him to keep an eye on all the different hells in the multiverse.  However, when he found out that it could be used to return existence to the abyss, he shattered it and hit the pieces.  He’s a sneaky bastard that Damien.  Now all of the powers are looking for those pieces so they can have the Throne’s power, though very few of them know of it’s true use.  The Throne can bring everything back to the Abyss, but it can also bring on absolute light.  People think that one cannot exist without the other, but that isn’t true, it’s just that life can’t exist in only one.  But my brother and I don’t care about that.  WE can exist in it.  Thought it would pain me greatly, I can exist without darkness, but fuck that noise right?”
He grinned at Vlad.  Vlad wanted to say he didn’t know what the fuck he was talking about, but he did.  He’d heard the whispers of the universe’s true story, about the three siblings.    Not many spoke of Yjarl, but some did, and here he was, standing right in front of Vlad.  Vlad finally spoke again.
“So what the hell does any of this have to do with me?  What do I care about your struggle?  If you win, we all die and darkness reigns.  If God wins, we all die, and everything is engulfed in pure light.  If Eden wins, we all get to live and I can go on eating demons for the rest of eternity.  I honestly don’t care.”
Yjarl laughed and reached over to pat Vlad on the shoulder.  He tried to move, but suddenly was frozen again.
“Ah, my dear Vlad, but it has everything to do with you!  Don’t you get it?  I know you can feel it, the familiarity between the two of us?  You can devour far more than just demons my dear boy.  The Angels didn’t tell you the whole truth, only what would suit their agenda.  You see that curse of yours came from me.  I was the one who whispered in the ears of my brother’s toy soldiers, and told them to offer you up the chance to take on the curse for your family.  When you did, I knew I’d chosen right.  You see I only want to save my sister, and you took on the curse to save your bloodline.  That made us kindred spirits so to speak.  The seal you’ve worn on your body since being curse held back your true power.  You can devour ANYTHING.  YOU are one of my gateways back to the Abyss.  The Black Throne could do it faster, sure, but even should this little war not go my way, I have a back up plan, and you are apart of that.  You, the Norse God Wolf Fenrir and his brother Jormungand The World Serpent, among some others.  You are all MY devourers, each of you foretold to bring the world to it’s end.  Your power comes from me and my abyss, and when the time comes, you will all devour everything that exists and return the multiverse to it’s true form, and my sister will once again be safe.  So while my brother’s Angels, the demons, my sister’s Eden Seeds, and the others who want that damn Throne for it’s power fight over it, I’ll be preparing for the true endgame.  And you, Vlad, are going to help me.  So for now, enjoy your new found power.  You will not feel the hunger as it is no longer a curse.  You are free, as free as you can be anyway, to do as you wish until I call upon you again.  Think of it as my gift to you for being such a vigil guardian for all these centuries.  Enjoy!”
Before Vlad could speak up and tell Yjarl to go fuck himself, the King of the Abyss was gone, and Vlad was alone.  He was no long on that black beach, and the lake of blood was gone.  He was once again standing in the center of that underground temple with Beelzebub’s dead body hanging in front of him.  Yjarl had been right, the hunger was gone, but he could still feel Beelzebub’s essence within him.  Curious he stepped over to his dead body and pressed a kiss to his still warm lips.  He breathed his essence back into his form and stood back, watching as the demon was resurrected.  The former prince of hell blinked his eyes open and gasped, looking confused.  Vlad just grinned.
“Well, you were right, there will be ruin, though it won’t just be mine.  I thought that you’d be happy to be alive to see it when the end comes.  You’re welcome.”
With that, Vlad turned and disappeared, no longer having to use blood runes to travel any longer.  He knew Yjarl’s words to be true, that in the end, he and the other devours would do The King of the Abyss’ bidding and eat all of existence.  That didn’t mean he couldn’t’ warn those who would be able to stop it.  One of the only beings he knew with the power to help put a stop to it was Asmodeus, and that’s who he needed to find.
[Devour End.]
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