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The saint falls

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“those ingrates didn’t save you” the succubus whispered in my ear. Fear coursed through me, I could feel my small elven heart beating quickly. I squeaked, tears falling down my face. 

“I-im sorry Ma’am” I found myself whispering, trembling before the powerful woman. Her clawed hand gripped my throat, and I choked and those sharp points dug viciously into it. Struggle was futile, though I gripped her wrist lightly.

“Your apology don’t mean shit!” She snarled throwing me to the ground. “And now. You’re mine little saint. I’m going to push, and break you!” On the last word, she landed a harsh slap to my cheek, and I cried out. Grinning maliciously, she brought out that dreaded dagger. I knew what came next. She would carve her sigil on my nack, marking me as hers. She waved her hand. “Don’t worry. Your claiming is done while your asleep.” And somehow, my consciousness ebbed away, and I gave into the dark. 


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