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The Savage Jungle

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In quiet gasps, in gaping jumps, the Malevolence advances.

Though halted in Ar’Elis by the Anti Magic spray, still it spreads, still, it steeps and steadily progresses.

Through the auspices of the Weave and the intricacies of the True Web that knows no ends and bounds, the Malevolent Abomination corrupts.

He strikes out, touching the realms of life, needling his way into the realms of reality. To twist, to invert, to break and reshape.

Consequence is touched, as more buildings grow corrupted…

Persistence is wounded by the swirling mobs of malignant madness that form and attack and then melt… away.

Twine is twisted, its portals spewing terrors.

Hellgate is crashed into the sea…

This world, slowly, slowly, inevitably falls, falls, falls to the power to the might to the fated reign…

Of the Malevolent Abomination.

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