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The Search

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Ronald had no idea where he was. The sun beat down on his back. His vision was getting pretty blurry. He never drunk much water. But in this moment, he wished he had drunk it more often. It got so hot, He had to take off his mask. No one was around, anyways. Ronald found himself on a hill. His legs became weak. He fell to his knees. His vision was getting…Darker?…He fell face first into the dirt. He must have gone into some dream, because next thing you know, He was looking at a cave. “Hello?” Ronald yelled out. Even though he didn’t want to speak, He had no choice. It was a dream, Not real life. “Yeah?.” A dark voice asked. Flames rose before Ronald.  A man of fire rose out  of the flames. The man had metal shards sticking out of him. In his Arms, Legs, and Head. His eyes…Wait? eyes? He had none. Where they should have been, were now replaced by flames.  Ashes fell at the Mans feet. “Who….Are you?” Ronald asked with fear in his voice. “Me?…I’m all of your Anger..Disgust….in one form.” The Man Of Fire said this with such pride, It freaked Ronald out.  “Listen here, Pretty boy.” The Man of Fire Leaned in. “You see that cave?….That’s where your Sword Of Chaos resides….But anyways…I should let you find that yourself.” The Man Of fire rose his hand out, a ball of fire formed in his palm. “See you next time..” The ball of fire flew from the Man Of Fire’s hand and crashed into Ronald. He felt himself fly back. Then…Darkness. Ronald open’d his eyes. He was back on the hill. The sun was now going down. And somewhere deep in is head, He heard the same dark voice. “Better get moving pretty boy..” Ronald stood up. His backpack was still on. The Handle of the Sword Of Hope, Sticking out. Then the same dark voice.  “Go…East.” And East he marched. 


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