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The Seasons and Months Of Cadzenziera (Yin & Yang Arc) Chapter 7:Part 3

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A/N:This has been a topic I wanted to talk about, it’s been in Polishing for a while and I was ready to show it off

January-Space Month

Space Month is when we as a society, began our exploration over 4 decades ago at this point

So grab a telescope, this next January and look out at space!

Feburay-Marine Month

The Beautiful Oceans we have our here, so go swimming and honor the month where we fought valiantly to take back Hellifyno

March-Blooming Season

This Month is normally when everyone starts to have the next generation, typically people like everything after this month for dates because it doesn’t sound bland

April-Nature Month

To Help Mother Nature save other planets, we must truly have balance with our own mother nature’s, so this is why we have nature month

May-Awareness Month

A time when we should be understanding about how different the world is around us, the people who struggle with a condition or mental health, People should be accepted no matter what

June-Pride Month

June is the time of love, acceptance and inner peace

It is too remind you that you are beloved and always have a home

July-Heat Season 

Many people have issues during the summer season

August-Founding Month

This Month is when most nations were born into the Cadenziera System, as the first day was August 4th

September-Diversity Month

Many People Of Color, Race and Species come together during this month to make sure others like them are safe and sound

October-Rift Month

The Rift between world’s during this month is weak and open, people can come back to life, spread mischief and lots more

November-Family Month

Mainly when the early bloomers are born, this unties families under a new member as one and enjoy it

December-Dying Season

Most things decay around wintertime, most the planet turns into a iceball during the winter as the 3 seasons are global for most places

People die too, it’s just a natural cause of things


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