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The Shifter (Still editing)

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Casey Evlin is just your average woman. At least, that’s what she wants people to think. She is really just trying to live a normal life. But that’s really hard to do when you’re a shapeshifter. She can take the form of any animal she can think of, has seen in enough detail in order to replicate on herself. There is more than just her shape shifting secret in her arsenal of powers that she has to keep hidden. She has telekinesis as well, and that can sometimes get out of hand if she doesn’t keep her emotions in check. Which isn’t all that easy when she works the late shift at a bar. In order to keep her powers in check, she needs to shift into some animal nightly. Then she could be seen. But if she doesn’t change, her powers might go off in public, where she could be seen as well. There is a fine line she must walk every day in order to keep her identity a secret.

  1. Jack Riley 2 years ago

    Jack gave a soft grin.  “So, in that regard, we’d be fairly ‘normal,’” he said.  He looked at Allegra.  “Honestly, I don’t want to share every single thing I’m feeling all of the time.  There are times when I want to just be able to have my private thoughts of frustration or sadness or whatever and not burden you with those or not be put into a position of having to talk about it because now you’ve detected it.”


    He glanced at Sibel.  “And if I understand correctly, it wouldn’t prevent me from sharing those feelings if I wanted to.”  She nodded in the affirmative.  “It sounds like the actual surgery wouldn’t take long.”  He scrubbed at his face.  He was nervous.  The idea of willingly severing a bond, even in a controlled procedure with the promise of re-establishing it, was terrifying.  


    “How about you perform the personal enhancements for Allegra first?  Let her adjust to those, and then we’ll upgrade the bond.  They don’t seem in a hurry for us to leave so we’ve got time.  I don’t want her going through too many changes simultaneously.”  


    He turned to Puck.  “While she’s doing that, I could maybe request a shuttle from John Lord to take us up to Utopia to let you meet some handlers there.  I would think that bonding here, under Sibel’s techniques, would be preferable, yes?”


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