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The Shortest Straw… (Part 2)

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“War only causes more problems, disease, and a loss of life that we could do with out.”

A Friend Of The Writer’s..

The Shortest Straw… (Part 2)

It seems like no matter what Zoey through at darker self, it would mean nothing. This was Zoey’s own subconscious, for gods sake! You’d think she would have the power here.

Her darker self had an advantage..

knowing the playing field.

She knew the place better than Zoey. And in the end, knew more about Zoey than Zoey knew about herself.

I just want you to know.. In the end, you’re efforts wont mean a thing. You’ll embrace me and my power. You’ll eventually give in. In the end, you’re just going to-“

She was cut off by the lead pipe flying into her kidneys.

“Oh, you think using old attacks that incapacitated you will do the same to me?!”

The pipe flies back out of her, around her, then at Zoey.. Who quickly stops it, raising a hand to make a barrier of telekinetic energy around her.. She wondered what this would show as on the outside.. outside her little coma.

Inside, it would show as her fighting a darker version of her self in a world that is comprised of her memories.. Wilmington.. New York…  Hellifyno.. Vietnow.. Paracosm.. All morphed into one. Over here we got a few buildings in New York, over here the cafe where Zoey met Lily, over here is the Vietnow cave, over here are bits and pieces of hellifyno, and over here is Paracosm’s castle thing..

It’s a miracle anything gets done with all this clutter.

After hours of back and forth.. Lily had done something Zoey hadn’t noticed.. 

Within a matter of a few mere seconds,

in one quick and solid movement,

Lily had drug a knife into the back of Zoey’s darker self.



It failed.

This darker version of Zoey sent Lily up some, and sent her crashing back into the ground.. Which instantly angered Zoey. Zoey teleports directly in front of her darker self, grabbing a hold of her.. “Shouldn’t have done that.” She says, anger filling her voice.

Her darker self looks at her in surprise, confused even. How’d she get this close..? Doesn’t matter now. Now she had the knife in her stomach, and a bullet flying though the air for her head..


Now the bullet went through the head, out the other end, and hitting something far off.


Lily pushes herself up, holding onto her side.. “This.. hurts like hell.” Lily says.. She eyes Zoey’s darker self as it slowly turns to ash, right there in front of them. “Shit..”

Zoey glances at Lily. “Time to get out?”

“Time to get out. For you. I’m still gonna be stuck in you’re head.”



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