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The Silver-Black Blade of Curoch

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The Silver-Black Blade of Curoch

A silvery black greatsword of githyanki design, taken from an illithid lair and lost to a necromancer cult. Found by Xander during his hunt for the cult, it bonded to him through its curse. The blade is infused by the psionic powers of its former users and will grant power only to those they found worthy. To spare those weak of mind, those without psionic gifts naturally, the blade holds back the larger portion of its might. It releases just enough power to not crush the mind of its user.


Curse – A creature cursed by the blade is limited by the jealous weapon. It inflicts pain on the wielder if they use any weapon other than it for an attack, and it always returns to the cursed creature if lost, teleporting to the host anywhere within five feet of them.

Bond – The creature cursed by the sword always knows the direction and distance to the sword, as long as they are on the same plane of existence.

Psionic Attack – When attacking with the blade, the host can choose to wreathe the sword in an aura of psionic energy, empowering its edge and causing pain in the mind and soul of the target on a hit.


Curoch Power Growth

Level 3
Psionic Guidance – The blade helps the user find the target in battle. If the host is about to miss an attack, the blade can use its psionic power to shift itself into the path of the enemy to hit. This ability cannot be used again until the host has spent at least eight hours resting.

Psionic Boost – The host’s leaping ability can be psionically boosted for a duration of one minute, tripling the distance the host can jump. This ability can be used three times, requiring the host rest for at least eight hours before it can be used again.

Level 5
Magical Potency – Curoch’s power grows strong enough to manifest a magical edge constantly, sharpening the cutting power of the weapon more than any mundane weapon can ever be.

Psionic Teleportation – While holding the sword, the host can teleport through space to a point they can see within 30 feet. This ability can be used three times before the host has spent at least eight hours resting.


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