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The Solo One

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I walked along the beach looking at the horizon. It was quiet and peaceful. I was the only one there at the beach. It almost feels like I’m the only one that exist. I tried to fit in but who would want to be friends with me? It’s not like you can be friends with a spirit with a dark past. I then walk back home at the beach house I built and laid out the couch, staring at the ceiling. I then fell asleep, dreaming of good, but no matter what, I’ll never have friends. Not even an evil God can except me. I did many mistakes and I wish I can fix them, but all I can do now is stay solo. But then I hear a knock and I go to the door. I didn’t open it I just stared. It was a woman asking for directions. I was about to touched the door but I just stayed silent. Then the woman left I sat back down on the couch. There’s nothing I can do but stay solo.


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