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The Soulhelm Pact {The Other Piece Arc} Chapter 3:Part 1

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“Greetings, Air, Ground and Naval Fleets..first off I wanted to congratulate you for your efforts in Nora Peninsula a few days ago” Jada said as the speech was in Soulhelm, because they needed to discuss somethings regarding Aurorahaven

“As many of you may know, both Kaylee Shores and Nora Peninsula have created a siren system, incase of an attack…we will do the same” Jada said as John stood beside her in a knights armor before they stepped back to allow Illy to speak

“With the arrival of the Siren System, Once Activated you will IMMEDIATELY GO INTO LOCKDOWN and for the following 48 hours there be a curfew of 7:45pm MVST” Illy said 

“With the fact that Theresa came, I have declared that he is NOT APART of the Hakisuru Alliance and is a PERSONAL ALLY” Illy would say, as would show a couple of mixed flags

“So we have agreed that we are the Soulhelm Pact, that Soulhelm, Jadia Bay may be used as a stronghold for them” Illy said

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