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The Sword Of Chaos

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(I made Ronald a very forgetful person.  He forgets names over time. So yeah..Read on..)       

 There are many myths behind this sword. Some say, it was made in the flames of Hell. Others say, It was made by Hephaestus, The Greek God of Fire and Metal Working, For the god of war, Ares.  But, Somehow, Someway, It found it’s self in mortal hands.  No one knew when it came upon the Mortals. No one knows who gave it to them. The only thing people know about it…It causes mass chaos.  The sword found it’s self with the Brotherhood, During the dark ages. The High Masters Locked it away. Along with the Sword of Chaos, There was the Sword Of Hope. No one knew anything about the Sword Of Hope. But, The High Elders think it’s the only weapon that can fend off the Sword Of Chaos. Ronald had dreams about those swords. Would he be able to use them? How much damage did both weapons cause? But he had no right to the weapons. Only the High Elders did, And they didn’t even touch them. But that was the least of Ronald’s concern. He was worried about Consequence. He had forgotten the vampire dude’s name, But Ronald knew he ruled it..For now. He also heard story’s of the “Hero Of Blue Moon.” Ronald didn’t get out much. He never really had time to.  Anyways…It was just a normal day for Ron. Train The Students, Listen to the High Elders, Train himself. It got boring. Ronald was just about to take a nap, When he heard yelling from the Council Room. Ronald walked into the Councils Room. It was large and very dark. The only lights were two torches. The two torches hung right over the cases, Of the swords. Ronald stared at the cases. His eyes bounced to the Sword Of hope to the Sword of…Chaos? where was it? Is this why the High Elders were freakin out? Ronald was confused.  “Where’s the Sword?..” Ronald asked with a tilted head. He didn’t seemed to concern about it The High Elders, Were..Well..Elders. They might have misplaced it.  One of Elders Looked towards Ronald. “It’s gone…” Ronald glanced at the Elder. “You didn’t misplace it?” The Elder shook his head. “No you fool…It’s been stolen. ” Ronald shook his head. “No way…How could that happen?…Stole right under our noses?…I can’t be.” The Elder nodded. “Indeed..It’s been stolen….” Ronald flung his hands into the air. “We gotta find it then..Before someone who wants to use it for evil get’s it!.” The Elder nodded, Calmly. “I know that…So…We are sending find the person who stole it..Or at least the Sword it’s self.” Ronald gave a quick nod. “As you wish…High Elder.” The High Elder rose his head up to look towards the Sword Of Hope. “Go…Grab The Sword Of Hope..Do not use it unless you find the thief, Has found the Sword Of Chaos and is attacking you.” Ronald glanced up at the Sword in it’s case. “Are you joking?..” The High Elder shook his head. “This is not a joke..Go…Grab it and begone.” Ronald quickly, Ran up to it. He unlocked it’s case puled it out. For the most part, The Sword looked normal. It was made of Iron, it’s handle formed to look like a Eagle. Burnt into the Iron blade, Was a green stone. When his gaze fell upon the stone, It seem’d the Sword gave off a green glow. A couple hours later, Ronald was walking down a trail. He heard rumors of there being a army of dead men in the city. It then clicked into Ronald’s head. the Ruler of Consequence might have it. or at least the Sword being inside of the city. Hopefully he got there before anyone found The Sword Of Chaos.  And Hopefully he could get passe the Army Of Dead. The Sword Of Hope was hanging out of his backpack he packed. “To Consequence.” He pointed down the trail. “Hopefully.”


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