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The temples of shattered dreamscapes: Lullaby of water and wind. SUMMARY

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The temples of shattered dreamscapes:

Lullaby of water and wind. SUMMARY

The original log can be found here.

In the Northern Continent there was a village, riddled with an unknown sickness. A man named Edgar Wirdsterben had been sending hand written pamphlets, and soon his fruits of labor became known, as heroes from south arrived. Lily Ann Black, Majin Cain, Elesis Sieghart, Randall Wayne. Later accompanied by Lunar Slicion and Jemini Jindirchi and Hasira Edvardas.

Despite gaining the slightly nosy, yet fearful attention from the villagers, they made their way to the first clue, a girl, who was found from the sea, from which they gained the fish, that seemed to poison them. She told about castles in a land of slow movement. Sadly they saw the girl of no much help, and via Elesis’s request one of the salmons was provided, whilst Lily tested the water contents of the frozen water from the sea. At that point frustration was building up within Cain, as, possibly, for the first time, he felt worthless with the set of powers he was harboring. The sheer destruction did not help in creation.

Lunar and Jemini, having the blood within them, felt resonance trough the town, and as Lunar, being one who had accepted the nameless one, sought guidance, but was silenced out due to her fragile and shy nature. Jemini from the other hand was tarnished with vile imagery, as she witnessed Elesis cut the fish open and see the dark vile liquid spill on the ground, and sullying her body.

Edgar urged the party to follow him to where they found the tarnished girl, Maria, but alas they wished to purchase a sled. In at that point, the village elder successfully scammed Lily, who was willing to pay for a old sled with no horses. She managed to summon her familiar, but at that point the heroes had taken far too long, and a giant beam of bright light came from where the girl was found. A roar of an escaping dragon was heard.

Seeing it as a possibility for combat Cain separated from the group, flying with high speeds towards the location and entering the blizzard surrounding the area, which was far ahead. In it, frustrated, and unable to see his feeling opponent, he shot a fire ball towards the approximate location from whence the beam came, only to see the fireball vanish in the blizzard, connecting with ice, making it unstable.

Seeing the happening, Lily, Randall and Elesis was prepared to use the familiar and ride towards location despite the blizzard, however, when trying to get Jemini on board, she they founder highly unresponsive. Soon the villagers gathered in the center and began to chant a mantra, praising the mother. A word that seemed very present in these events. Confusion took hold, as bad decisions were starting to be made. Having snapped out from the mantra, Lunar tried to seek out Maria, only find her chanting as well.

With slight persuasion, she managed to snap out the girl, only to hear the fate of Wirdstrebens’, and the success of the nameless one. It was then, when Jemini accepted and praised the mother in her own words. Her torment was over, and eyes opened, as the two kin saw the path towards the location, where the beam had come up. The trio, Elesis, Randall and Lily, apparently were set off towards the said location, only to wander in circles in the unforgiving blizzard.

Cain’s anger and rage, made him fly above the stormy clouds. Seeing that the opponent had escaped, he blasted his beam, that erased what he willed towards the storm cloud. It was a success, and the storm cleared, however, the massive vacuum made a strong movement of air, forcing the already fragile ice to crack completely, revealing the sea, as the three on the sled bared witness.

Completely confused, they were at least able to see that they were not that far from shore. Cain was able to see his previous party members from above. Jemini and Lunar had remained in town. Soon a voice came from a rooftop, stating their failure, and letting them know, that the green eyed vessel has been taken, noting that this was a time for a clean up.

As they slowly gathered back. She pushed one villager, as his lifeless body fell in the snow, indicating that this had happened to all. Showing an allegiance towards Lunar and Jemini. She spoke, and explained that the self righteous and self serving actions have led them to this state. Working less as a team and more like being, who were aiming to become the main hero. It was then, when she revealed that she was the Dark eyed heir, and will let them go, if one of them decides to kill a teammate.

At that point Jemini saw the paradox, and decided to state that she would willingly give up her life, whilst Randall and Lily used their portal coins, leaving Elesis in her demise, cowardly and in a most dismissive action. This was the second time, the redhead was back-stabbed by Lily.

Lunar sounded that she should be the victim as well. Cain was the only being left, enraged, and aiming his hand towards the heir charging it. It was only moments, before a large mass of flesh formed between two, and exploded, leading multiple peaces fall on the buildings, whilst the beam managed to evaporate only one fragment of it. The remaining formation took the figure of the massive worm. Changing amount of eyes glared at the “Heroes”, as the beast stated their failure once more. Lunar and Jeminy was protected by from the beam by this high priest of nameless one.

It was then, when Jemini decided to save Elesis as well, from the upcoming mayhem, by leading her into the made portal via her coin. However this did a shift from Jemini to Hasira, as her figure took it. The beast eyed the happening and reverted the form, taking the shape, of a naked girl, who had lost her arm due to the previous attack. Her gaze turned towards Cain, challenging him to finish it. To take the last hope of knowledge, any unaffiliated might gain.

And so he did, completely erasing the girl, that stood there.

As the majin flew off, he left the desolated town, and the two remaining girls Lunar and Hasira. Slowly gathering the strength, they decided to seek for some clues, as it was bound to happen again. Something that could help the combat this. perhaps seek the cure for the blood they have in-taken, or anything connected to it. Whilst searching the room, where Maria was previously resting, the main hall was set on fire, as a man approached them, wearing a mask.

It was then, when they were greeted as kin by their priest. Many secrets were told, guidance has been given, as they explained their purpose behind their actions. Giving them a strange knowledge of how human they were those, who pulled the strings. Hasira was instructed to gather the remains of the heir from the previous explosion. And soon the girl was reformed via her gift od life. One of the abilities, the man explained, was gifted to her by the mother.

Each and every person who follows the nameless one, sees the potential of bliss and peace one the person gets far enough, to become masters of their own dreams. Unlocking potentials, and dealing with their inner chaos in a different fashion. They were given the knowledge of the altar of the false gods. They were given knowledge of what was within them. They were given peace in the burning city, that now had died out.

Soon their ways parted.

Writers note:

Take note, that the text bellow has the same appliances as the previous ones.

Well, this was the most chaotic and fullest event, I have had so far. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t see it as a failure. It was a good test to see how an over powered character will fair in a puzzle based event. The results gave a lot of material to work with.

First of all is the question of the linear movement. As much as I wished to make the dungeons more free, and multiple choice based, this lately has resulted in severely split party members. As they had the ability to impact one another, and they lack of communication as a team, that takes in mind every member, their situation was quick to deteriorate. I do say, I stand my ground, and won’t give discounts on consequences their choices made. Cushioning the events, would only degrade their potential, and leave those who actually wanna crack some nuts in dust.

Another issue was overly hidden puzzles, and not waiting players turn. This may be something to add to the next event, to always wait your turn. Because, every action has a reaction. If that becomes ignored, we get to the separation of Randall and Jeminy, as she was in a deep emotional crisis, Randall ignored her state, and decided to write, thinking that she had taken the girl, without taking DM’s text in mind. Stating the waiting of peoples turns might be the solution to that. Whilst a thing that each and every one of us has to polish it, it can and will lead to a cleaner and more pleasant roleplay event.

Also, this is from my part, i did not expect so many players. The tempo changes with each additional player, meaning that there have to be more elements to be cut out. Whilst making the event more blank, it would lead a better investigation of the room. This time, however it was rather messy, because the location was the actual Hellifyno and not a dreamscape. Fear of Cain’s power made me worry about making a massive impact in Hellifyno’s topography and so forth, which only would mean trouble, I am less that prepared to face. The one solution will be, to lead the players straight into the dreamscape, and then begin the decision making and puzzle parts.

Whilst more open and allowing players to join at any point, it was harder to manage. And since I do hate AM, as it is an absolute cancer, I will try to make the next event more pleasant and interesting. There will be less actions taken in real realm, and more actions within the dreamscape.

I have to thank Hasira/Jemini, for pointing out, that there should be more clearer options of multitude of muzzles, basing on their difficulty, and hiding a corresponding level of reward behind each difficulty. This is something to greatly look into.

Special thanks also to Cain, despite having a slight fall out at the moment, the power wise over saturated character, was a good test to see some elements, that could be tinkered to tackle this problem.

A thank you for Randall, Lily, Elesis and Lunar for sticking with me for as long as they did. It makes me feel like quality wise this was a Ruin of Dawn’s event, but with less magic, and more chaos. But like pizza, even if bad, it was still good.

Thank you.

To summarize these are conspectus on what I learned:

1. State that you wish for writers to wait for one another to avoid chaos, unless that is what you seek.

2. Give choices to players, only once you have a full control over the room as a DM. This will also allow you to manage separation events, if such do occur.

3. Presence of NPCs, whilst visually and literally seemingly realistic, does hinder the progress, and leads to more DM work than it needs to. One living story NPC at a time is more than necessary.

4. For more ambiguous storylines, than blatant war, or party, or an event like that, it is highly recommended to use a specific setting, that does limit the players.

5. AM is still cancer.

Thank you for your patience. Massive thanks for the players, who are listed in the log. (Link at the beginning.) Despite the frustrations and chaos, I would say, that this event was a success, and gave all of us something to work on.

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      So PM me if you see any mistakes. This was a messy one, so it was harder to polish the chat room into to a lore-like summary.

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