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The Torn Angel

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Adrian… Had never been an Angel to let emotion get to him… He put his mission first, and everything else later… He’s done that since the beginning, some 16 billion years ago… But recently… Today especially… Adrian has found that harder… He has found that once gentle, and easily ignored tug of emotion… Was more like a powerful pull, Just a few days prior, he had met a woman named Hestoria, and a teenage girl named Delilah… Delilah was new to Hellifyno… She had been torn away from her life by an unknown force… Hestoria comforted her and acted as a Motherly figure, for she had been torn away from her own daughter… Adrian had been on the cusp of helping Delilah, when something else called his attention… And when he returned, he found Hestoria had comforted and taken care of her… That night, as they slept, and he stood watch in the form of a Golden retriever and as he watched the almost Goddess like form of Hestoria… He felt something he had never felt before in all his years of existence… Romantic interest… He didn’t know what is was he felt… He thought maybe the human form he took maybe was hurt in some way… But, it of course, wasn’t… And the more he saw of her and her actions… The deeper he began to feel… Perhaps it was a sideffect of staying in a human form for so long, or being around humans… Or maybe it really was just him… But… When she said that himself, Delilah and everyone she cares about was in danger… He wanted to help her… She said no… She said they would kill him… He argued, he said he wouldn’t let them take her… But she begged him to watch over Delilah… And he agreed… But it truly tore him apart… Before she was taken away… The fear of never seeing her overcame him… And he kissed her… Twas the very first time he took such a… Human approach… And to his, delight, shock, and sadness… She then kissed him as she disappeared… He didn’t know what to feel… Everything had always been so… Simple, do your mission… But he felt so… Human… But… Maybe it was like Hestoria said… Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing…


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    1. Hestoria 4 months ago

    2. Clayton Wade 4 months ago

      It’s a uniquely written and easy to read story. It reads really well – I’ll give you that.

    3. Author
      Adrian The Angel 4 months ago

      Thank you very much, I tried my best and I think it turned out quite well, it was just a breakdown of Adrian’s thoughts and feelings from the most recent adventure.

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