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The Unexplored Territory – Facts

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This enigmatic land has been one of the most pervasive mysteries on the already improbable world of Hellifyno. It is a territory that you can not swim or sail to. If you try you simply pass through open water and end up on the other side. It can’t be seen by telescope, probes and droids do not work, and magical golems and other entities have no luck. And some who attempt to find it, simply vanish forever.

Nobody in the millions of years of recorded Hellifyno history has ever been to the Unexplored Territory and returned to tell the tale.

We only know that the Unexplored Territory exists for two reasons.

Sattelite imagery. We are able to see a continent sized land mass in the area where the Unexplored Territory is, from outer space. However we are only able to get very low resolution images showing the rough shape of the area. Any attempts to achieve a higher resolution results in blurring and the picture fading. When entering orbit and trying to descend to the planet we also find that the land mass vanishes once the outer threshold of atmosphere has been passed.

Magical means have also been used to detect the Unexplored Territory. While scrying and other highly informative methods fail for unknown reasons, mages are able to detect an incredible amount of energy in the form of life and sheer power radiating from the area where the Territory should be. This is such an off the charts reading that some speculative sorcerors have hypothesized that the Unexplored Territory may be the source of the incredible magic that seems to pervade the planet Hellifyno.

Spectronomy Results: Inconclusive. The light that we are able to perceive bouncing off of the land mass from space has strange properties that do not alighn with spectral analysis in any way.

Hypothesis: The fact that even the most advanced technological and magical means are unable to pin down the Unexplored Territory means that it is a place of incredible power. This may be sorcery or advanced tech that is beyond our wildest imaginations. It may aslo be the the land is an ancient magical god of some sort. Or there could be a spell that we simply cannot understand protecting it.

However nobody hides something unless there is a valuable reason to do so. Therefore the Unexplored Territory is a potential landfall of wealth in a variety of ways, making it incredibly desirable for us to solve this mystery.

Furthermore, the existence of a large land mass of unknown population and intent on our planet is a clear and present threat to every single city on Hellifyno. That is why this existential danger must be understood, so that peaceful relations can be established, or defensive measures can be enforced.

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