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The Usual Issues

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“This, is a gun. That, is a target.” She says, holding the gun out to Vera. “I want you to shoot it.” 

It’s half past noon. The sun has just started to peak over the clouds. The ground has just started to grow some grass, as the land has finally recovered from the Servant’s attacks. Still doesn’t keep the smell of ash and burning wood out of one’s nose, though. In the middle of this section of land, is the the bunker that has become Vietnow radio’s home base. Outside this, is a human shaped metallic target, Lily, and Vera.

Vera eyes the gun being handed to her. Her eyes trailing from the gun, and back to Lily. Lily sighs, taking a step forward and taking Vera’s hand, placing the gun in it. “It’s just a weapon. A thing. Something that will probably save your hide in the future.” Lily gives her one of those reassuring smiles that she always shoots at Zoey. Vera takes a deep breath, taking the gun by it’s handle, and looking at it for a moment. It’s heavier than it looks, and lighter than it’s made out to be. 

She aims the gun at the target, and pulls the trigger. There’s a loud snap as the hammer hits the firing pin, sparks the gunpowder, launches the bullet, the bullet leaves the chamber, and..

Misses by a several thousand yards and probably hits a deer or a rabbit in the distance. That, and now Vera’s wrist hurts.

A laugh can be heard, as Lily then walks up and takes the gun from Vera. With a smile, she says, “Okay, sweetheart. We got a lot of work to do.” She then aims the gun at the target, adjusts her stance a certain way that makes Vera think that maybe Lily has handled a gun a bit too much, and lets out five or six rounds, each hitting the target. One penetrates it, and comes out the other end.

Lily turns to Vera, holding the gun back out. Vera shakes her head, taking it. She aims again. Lily watches this, trying to keep from laughing. Vera pulls the trigger, and.. Click! Nothing happens. Vera looks at the thing for a second, pulling it back to herself. “What gives?” She asks, looking back up at Lily who is now laughing so hard she can’t stand it. Vera rolls her eyes, crossing her arms with the gun hanging underneath this cross.

Then, with a sudden rush of psionic energy, Zoey appears with her phone at hand. Saved! Vera tosses the gun to Lily, who catches the gun by the barrel and shoves it between her belt and her waist. Vera takes a quick look at Zoey, who.. Does not seem happy at all. Which is a first. Either Zoey’s depressed or happy as can be. Maybe somethings up?

Zoey walks up to Lily, holding her phone out for Lily to take. Lily hesitantly takes it, looking at it. She scrolls up. She glances at Vera, then back to Zoey. Oh no. Something Vera did, is it? Lily sighs, turning to face Vera. “Vera, sweetie.. Time to see your uncle.”

Three days, thirty seven minutes, and.. fifteen seconds. That’s how long he’s been held up here in this god damn cage. Just the day before he had came in here, he had quote-on-quote stolen a tuxedo. Which is wrong! So wrong! It was his in the first place! He’s already considered breaking out with his psionic abilities and use some minor telekinesis to unlock the doors to the cell and leave, but Desmond being Desmond, he decides to sit and wait. Toy with the officers that pass by. Hellifyo’s legal system at it’s finest, being agitated by an ex-lunatic who probably doesn’t deserve to live. 

Within the last three days, he’s cycled through five guards, two tired and short tempered fat men shoved inside a police uniform that’s several sizes too small, and one jolly holly little girl who’s curiosity drug her in just before getting drug out by her parents. Now, he sits in his cell alone as everyone’s refused to be in the same room with the man who can torture one’s mind by simply staring at them. Funny. They prefer a man in a chicken mask over him.

Though, due to the chatter and the men who arrive with a pair of handcuffs, he can tell he’s about to be escorted out.

He looks over these two, a smile about as wide as the grand canyon on his face. “Aw, do I have to go?” He scoffs.. “About time.” One man looks to the other. One shrugs, and unlocks the door, walking in with the cuffs. Desmond pushes himself up from his seated position up against the wall and turns and holds his hands behind him. He knows the drill. The cuffs get slapped on him, and he is being ushered out faster than a man who has had one two many drinks at a bar.

Desmond eyes the people they pass, smiling, mocking them for their weakness. But once he reaches the outside of the department, he then feels their weakness as Zoey stands there, giving him the worlds biggest death stare. He’s fucked up. This is his punishment. He’s about to enter a world far worse than hell.

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