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The Voice Within

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Itsy Bitsy Spider 04:33PM

In the ceiling, there was a small opening, from which eight tiny legs sprawled. The spider, eyed the room for a brief moment, rubbing it’s limbs. Soon enough with swift movement, away from prying eyes, the creature positioned itself above the counter by the bar. People talking, drinking, eating. Leaving a small trail of silk, to stay safely fixed on the ceiling the spider waited patiently.

Hasira Edvardas 04:35PM

A portal opens in a corner of the inn, the sounds of a brawl drifting through the circle before a tall blonde is unceremoniously dumped out of it with a now broken bottle of bourbon in her hand. “Fuck Stockings! This was top shelf!” She scoffed at the audacity of the person that made her waste such precious booze back on the other side of the portal before it closed. Well, at least the woman she had picked a fight with didn’t disappoint – she had been very entertained. She stood and brushed the back of her black slacks off before looking around the establishment. “Hobs. Must be Red Sun then, it’n it?” With a sigh, she plopped down on a stool. “Jerry darlin’ gimme a bourbon.. and by that  I mean leave the bottle.”

Motherfucker Nine 04:37PM

“I don’t believe in supernatural bullshit. Why are ya asking me this anyway?” |Nine’s attention was pulled toward the woman who was dumped flat on her ass from thin air.| “Did you just fucking say Fuck Stockings?” |He gave a brief answer to Sariana in the form of a shiny metallic middle finger, his attention still on Hasira.|

Itsy Bitsy Spider 04:37PM

Noticing a being sitting by the bar alone, the creature tapped it’s legs and moved, positioning itself above Hasira. The eight eyes watched, as she took her order. Silently. Patiently. With a purpose. A meaning. A reason. Cogs of Hellifyno always ticked with unexplained sounds. Leaving room only for pre-determined fates. It tapped it’s limbs against the wooden frame.

Lark Willowbrook 04:37PM

*angrily mumbles* Or my whole, cool white hair thing…

Motherfucker Nine 04:38PM

|01| The cube flies over to Lark. |01| Wh47 h3 m34n7 70 54y 15 7h47 h4 d035n’7 83l13v3 7h47 7h454 7h1n95 4r3 5up3rn47ur4l. 7h15 15 m41nly 83c4u53 0f M-7h30ry. Y0u’v3 h34rd 0f 17? |01|

Alistra Windsorrow 04:38PM

Alistra had long consumed that bottle of whiskey, and looked as jerry set down another bottle, as well as a bowl of hot… something. When he explained further, it turned out

Samantha 04:39PM

*Speaking supernatural, Samantha who has been resting her eyes in a booth suddenly woke up, sitting up with little effort from a laying position and looking around* Oh… I forgot I was here *The undead corpse muttered to herself as she stood up and slowly headed to the bar, staff in her skeletal hand*

Alistra Windsorrow 04:40PM

…turned out it was broth. Alistra took the whiskey first. She wasn’t sure if her stomach could handle the broth. Even though it would be a wise idea. Alistra set the bottle back down and picked up the bowl of broth, slowly sipping it, the cutlass settled on her lap.

Lark Willowbrook 04:41PM

*Looks at Nine* I’ve heard of it, yes.

Motherfucker Nine 04:43PM

|01| 50 7h3n y0u kn0w 3v3ry7h1n9 15 qu173 n47ur4l 4nd 3v3ry 3ff3c7 c4n 83 r3pl1c473d und3r f4v0ur48l3  c1rcum574nc35. 3v3ry 73chn0l09y 4dv4nc3d 83y0nd und3r574nd1n9 15 l1k3 m491c 70 7h3 19n0r4n7. |01|”Fucking neeeeerd!” |Nine punched Cubik in the side. Their equivalent of the brofist.|

Lark Willowbrook 04:45PM

*Huffs. Tips of hair go white again and some veins are visible*

Samantha 04:48PM

*Once at the bar the undead walking corpse that had a thing for hanging around the living ordered a cup of tea. A gentle kick in the pants if you will* Jerry, my good man, one day I’ll make you speak, or belly laugh *she said, with a playful smirk as she tipped the owner, as she did every so often before observing the others* Same old people…Humanoids are very strange

Hasira Edvardas 04:50PM

Hasira sighed, her blue eyes scanning the Inn. “Che, once again.. no one fun.” She took a long sip from her glass of amber coloured booze. She considered turning control over to the other half of her soul in order just to take a nap.. but no way in hell. She had waited for weeks to make her appearance and damn if she didn’t have lost time to make up for. JJ had been so engrossed in analyzing some black goopy looking energy shot looking thing. What she was so fascinated by, more like frightened of, the blonde did not know. After not finding anyone of worth she stared down into her glass, her voice echoing back at her before taking another sip. “How disappointing.”

Itsy Bitsy Spider 04:53PM

The room reflected in the spiders eyes, as all the people were seen by it. It’s mandibles moved. Still unseen by the heroes, it waited for an opportune moment. Like a hunter, it was meant to be. Seeing that the liquid was taken in. The small creature, slowly descended above Hasira’s head. The legs slightly twisted and turned. In mere moments, the beast was dissolving, and dripping down the thread, dark drops fell in the amber drink, diluting and becoming one with the drink. Soon, the spider was liquefied in Hasira’s glass. Soon. Soon something grand was about to happen in this “boring” place.

Lark Willowbrook 04:53PM

* Yelling* Sariana DON’T YOU DARE! We need you!

Annabelle 04:54PM

No  don’t leave me

Motherfucker Nine 04:54PM

“Just give that frigid bitch a taco. She needs some warm meat, ifyknowutimsaying.” |Nine left the empty beer bottle on the top, and whistled to Cubic.|  “Beam us up, amigo. This scene is dead.” |Zoom, zoom. Two green flashes of light and they are gone.|

Andrew/zach/Izabella/zradren 04:54PM

*the glow was starting to get brighter and zach came from nowhere and joined in Zach said* dont…. Give up…sariana

Alistra Windsorrow 04:57PM

Every time someone yelled, every time something broke or was slammed, Alistra visibly flinched, her shoulders hunching in closer. “..Shouldn’t have.. shouldn’t have come back.. too much…” Alistra leaned back, her bare foot coming up to rest in the small space of the stool she sat on, resting her heel there. The woman of about twenty seven was broken down to a blubbering child, shaking, and frozen. She put the bowl of broth down, afraid she was going to spill it. She had taken a few sips of it, and while it did warm her a small bit, it also upset her stomach. Alistra huddled herself into a ball, her hands clasping her wrists over the long sleeves of the thin shirt she wore.

Lark Willowbrook 04:57PM

*looking at where Nine used to be* He’s a dick. *opening his arms so that Annabelle could hug him he looked at the scene*

Andrew/zach/Izabella/zradren 04:58PM

*zradren left leaving zach still with his hands on her chest… Zach wac softly crying*

Lark Willowbrook 04:59PM

*Starting to panic* Annabelle what’s happening? Z-Zach? W-What’s happening?

Hasira Edvardas 05:01PM

Her eyes cut towards the ones that are squabbling.. mmm, nope. Not even gonna get involved with that headache of a scene. What she wouldn’t give to be able to drop them into a portal that opened up over a freezing lake. Hmm.. Paracosm was cold this time of year. She wouldn’t do it though. As much as the maidlings gave her the fucking creeps, she had actually grown to like them. She flinched slightly, not wanting to even express the thoughts that crossed her mind.. what a headache. She drained her glass and proceeded to fill it once more from the bottle that was left in front of her.

Andrew/zach/Izabella/zradren 05:03PM

… *zach fell over and didn’t move at all*

“To hear their screams? To see their pain? To break their bones?” A whisper echoed Hasira as a light thought in the back of her head. Anything she would answer she would answer loudly in the inn. Anything she would do, she would do in the inn, as for Hasira was daydreaming vividly. “What will it be? How will we finally act?”

Lark Willowbrook 05:05PM

*started to cry* Zach! Zach! Wake up! Please! Please! *ran over to him* Zach! I… *gets on his knees and sobs on Zach’s chest* Zach! *tears running down his face* Zach!!! Get up! This isn’t funny! *hair turns white and skin is almost see through* Zach!

Andrew/zach/Izabella/zradren 05:07PM

D-don’t worry *zach’s words were strained* i w-will be here a-again soon *zach’s body was slowly turning to black dust*

Lark Willowbrook 05:09PM

*hair immediately turns her black and skin regains it’s not see through color* Zach.. I-I love you…

Hasira Edvardas 05:09PM

“The fuck you say?” She looked around, hearing a voice, and yet it was not Jemini’s. She spun around on her stool, trying to see if there were anyone nearby to whisper in her ear. Not that it would be that surprising – she usually talked to herself. Having someone else’s voice in your head constantly nagging you would make anyone appear to be a bit on the BSC side. However, the usual voice that was in her head was oddly silent. The presence was still there but there was something else.. something new.. something.. fuuuuun. The blonde grinned at the new sensation. “Ahh yeessss! A voice of reason! One that doesn’t always tell me ‘No!’ ” She laughed, a low deep throaty laugh that devolved into a loud cackle as her eyes shifted around the room.

Andrew/zach/Izabella/zradren 05:10PM

I-i love you too *now there was just black dust in the place of zach*

Lark Willowbrook 05:11PM

*Takes the black dust and puts it in his empty flask, while sobbing. Lark chokes out a few words and then says* S-Sar-rian-na? *looking around* you alive? A-Annabelle?

And seamlessly the choice was made. The voice whispered. “Look at all this meat. This filthy disgusting place.. Filled with babies.” A chuckle, eerily similar to Hasira’s own. “Let’s make men out of them, let’s give them reason to whimper. Let’s give them reason to despair! Shall we? yes shall we? Your voice alone holds the power to tear gods apart! For now. Now! We can bring the world to its knees!”

Hasira Edvardas 05:20PM

She slides off of her stool with a giggle, looking at the poor confused one. “Whatsa matter sweetheart?” She looked over at Lark as she grinned, not maliciously but more.. like she had one too many and oddly not quite enough at the same time. She started humming a bit to herself, an odd amalgamation of songs. “Come with me… and you’ll be in a world of itsy twinkling spiders!”


Hasira’s voice 05:21PM

As Hasira spoke, she felt strength in her voice. A sound of authority. A power that could crush the buildings. Whatever had happened, A new skill had been learned. Something that could greatly aid Hasira.


Lark Willowbrook 05:21PM

*at first he considered it then thought not* sure why not? *his voice cracked last second*

Hasira Edvardas 05:29PM

She grinned and clapped gleefully. The blonde woman looked at Lark with a strange glint in her blue eyes. Any sane person would look at her and tell that she was absolutely banana crackers. “So what’s all the fuss and boohooin’ ’bout?” Her voice changed to a mocking tone, her usual British lilt changed over to one that mirrored Lark’s own accent. ” ‘Oh, woah is me! My love is naught but dust! And all my friends are gone! Boo hoo hooooo!’ Psh.. please. Life’s a disappointment. Best be gettin’ used to it.” Towards the end, the voice changed a bit, a hint of maliciousness creeping into the mocking tone.

“I am your sword! I am your shield! No one can stop you!” The voice urged the woman. “Just look how dismissive that bastard is! Maybe he needs something he will never forget? Let’s teach him. Yes…. TEach HIM!”

Hasira’s voice 05:30PM

As Hasira spoke there was slight sense of authority in her words. One could swear that the windows slightly shook. A slight wave of whispers washed around the room. A slight presence was felt. With every word, truth was spoken. Echoing.

Lark Willowbrook 05:33PM

*Lark looked away feeling slightly humiliated. But wouldn’t you be if your friend’s girlfriend died and you boyfriend died and all anyone did was mock you? Lark thought quickly getting all his things together and went up to Jerry* Jerry, whiskey please. *Jerry looked with sympathy at Lark and handed him a glass*

Andrew/zach/Izabella/zradren 05:34PM

*the black powder in larks flask started to glow*

Lark Willowbrook 05:35PM

*Feeling a slight burn in his pocket Lark took the burning flask out and opened it.*

“What as little wuss….” The whisper gurgled, radiating heat. “What an easy target practice!”

Andrew/zach/Izabella/zradren 05:36PM

*the powder flew to the ground forming zach he was in a coma but he was alive*

Samantha 05:36PM

Some would say on this world death is only a step in life, more so when people refuse to stay dead for more than five minutes *Samantha muttered while now sitting on the rafters. How in the hell did she get up there unnoticed Oh well, nothing here ever makes sense these days, more so a corpse that can climb apparently*

Hasira Edvardas 05:37PM

“Yeessss… Let’s. Let’s teach. Claaaaassss is in session!” More laughing echoes across the mostly empty room as Hasira goes to pull a sword that isn’t there. “Wait a..” She looks at her hip.. and then the other not finding a weapon. She had actually been out clubbing and drinking before ending up here so her blade was not there. “Well fuck. Can’t teach without the proper lesson plans now can I? Claaassss diiiissssismissssssed!” She turns on her heel to head back to her abandoned bottle of bourbon and takes a swig from it, foregoing the glass entirely.

Hasira’s voice 05:39PM

With her shout a wave of high frequency emitted, completely destroying the bath before her. The wood fell, crashing the tables. It was utter chaos. Fear was in the air. Fear and utter malevolence. The voice, which broke the bottles in the bar.

Lark Willowbrook 05:40PM

*seeing Zach Larks eyes lit up* Zach? It’s ok. *lifting Zach Lark set him on the table*

Andrew/zach/Izabella/zradren 05:42PM

*zach immediately woke up one of his eyes seemed permanently black* L-lark?

Samantha 05:42PM

Well…. that’s something you don’t see every  day *she said as she looked at the now devastation from someone simply talking. As for someone coming back to life from a pile of Ash, seem it done that, burnt the t-shirt. Someone could have kicked the flask in the fire, would have been more entertaining*

Hasira Edvardas 05:44PM

“Oops. Did I do that?” She mourns a second over all the innocent booze that had been spilt, and then goes into an excited giggle. “Exxxcccccelleeeeent! Oi, oi.. Mr. Mopey! You seein’ this? Oh Heeeeeeeey! We have newbie! ‘grats on not being dead and all!”

Andrew/zach/Izabella/zradren 05:45PM

*zach teleported lark and himself outta there*

Hasira’s voice 05:45PM

The shout made a corridor of wave, crashing the tables and chairs, flipping the room almost upside down, with demeaning that shattered soul and hopes. With a voice, that could break gods. The glasses shattered and windows exploded.

Hasira Edvardas 05:50PM

A low whistle escapes her lips. “I dunno what this is..but fuckin’ sweet! Hey did..” She turns to see that the two poofed. “From dust to poofin’ TFO. What a remarkable recovery!” She gives a smug nod and a tiny golf clap of approval. Seeing the distressed look of Jerry and the hobs as they go about cleaning up the broken glass and righting the tables, the blonde slipped behind the bar to see if she could find an unbroken bottle of.. well, anything honestly. This called for a drink!

Hasira’s voice 05:52PM

The dust settled, as Hasira had mastered the voice, to high level. The place was in shambles.

“Do you like your new toy?” The whispers ensued inside Hasira’s head.

Hasira Edvardas 05:59PM

“Jackpot!” There was a bottle of Scotch that had not been broken – a 25 year old Glenlivet. Taking the bottle to the other side of the bar as well as a glass that was not busted and gracefully sat at a portion of the bar that was not utterly destroyed. She smoothed her pants and crossed one leg over the other as she sat. Hey, should actually /could/ be ladylike if she so chose.. which was not very often mind you. She poured a glass and raised it to know one in particular. “To new frens, new talents, and tellin’ boredom to piss the fuck off.” She take a long, slow satisfying sip. Good alcohol needed to be respected, not downed like it was common swill after all.

“Indeed” the voice responded. “Imagine how much fun will we have. I can give you more. Unlimited power” A daydream of Hasira jumping over buildings whilst making people burst like piñatas. “I can make you reach the stars, and bottoms of the sea! I can make you walk through buildings and turn people into ducks! Do my bidding and you will be rewarded. Do it loud and loud! Praise the nameless one! And I shall open the door to you potential. Praise the nameless one, and you shall be god of the new world!”

Alistra Windsorrow 06:07PM

Alistra all but hugged the corner, all but melted into it. What was wrong with people? Alistra quickly made her way across the floor and up the stairs. Even though silence was her worst enemy, it seemed the sounds were deafening her. Holding her head, her head tilted down, hair still covering the right side of her face, but leaving the fresh cut that ran from the corner of her eye, down to the curve of her jaw visible, Alistra quickly went around tables and chairs.

Hasira Edvardas


Her eyes went to the redhead that was not so stealthy making her way to the stairs. She was there.. at Paracosm. Goood times! “Yes..praise to the..” She stops mid sentence, hearing an all too familiar voice pop up in her head. {Hasira, stop! You do not know what powers you are messing with! This is beyond either of our understanding or control!} Jemini’s voice was frantic, agonized. She knew of the goings on but was too busy trying to protect her own mind to do anything before now. “Oi! No one asked you JJ! Shuddup ya joy killin’ hag!” Her head snaps in the direction of Lark coming in. Che.. boring.

Alistra Windsorrow 06:15PM

Alistra risked a slight turn of her head at the woman. Whatever happened while she was gone, has severely damaged some of the people here. They were all, “…F.. fucking mental..” Alistra slid a chair out of the way, holding onto her cutlass and bottle of whiskey. There were rooms there, lonely, quiet, and empty. She made her way up those stairs and held up in the room she had previously used.

As Hasira was almost ready to praise the nameless one, a flicker of a vision appeared, but hushed the vision failed, leaving more questions than answers. Her mind was free from whispers for now.

Hasira Edvardas 06:26PM

As suddenly as the new voices had arrived, they diminished. The blonde was left in the wake of devastation caused by the Nameless One to quietly sip her Scotch. Hasira was now its proxy, its representative. Unlike some of the others that had been shown the place of dreams interwoven with truth and lies, Hasira embraced it. Did she truly believe or was she just bored? It could be anyone’s guess. As long as she was entertained she didn’t really care. Jemini however.. the good natured blue haired woman who had the annoying habit of being adored by everyone she met was struggling. What effect would the new presence of the being do to the woman? Could she find a solution to their current predicament? Only time would tell.

Hasira’s voice 06:29PM

And with that Hasira has gained a rather peculiar state. Unknowingly she had gained a new, powerful ability, but why, how and by who, she might never know. One thing was indeed for sure. Sooner or later it will come to haunt her. Sooner or later. It will speak again. (Story ended. Result: Host of blood)

Writer’s note: Finally getting around to posting this! To add to the crazy factor, the voice in Hasira’s head was PMed to give the appearance of being.. well, to borrow the words Alistra used fucking mental. The PM’s have been included, but the text is in white to give the perspective of an outside observer. To get a more complete picture of what happened from Hasira’s point of view, go back and reread it while highlighting the hidden text to see what was being whispered to her. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it as much as Nakh and I enjoyed writing it! If you enjoy this sort of madness be sure to check out Nakh’s Dreamscape event series!

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    1. Andrea Satye 1 year ago

      Brings back memories! You are a great and elastic writing partner, Hasi! Highest respect to you! *Rises an itsy bitsy glass*

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