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The Wages of Consequence: Finale – The State of Hellifyno

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The Giovanni Empire has fallen with the death of Augustus Giovanni. The outbreak of the Abominations has caused unrest and terror, and their sudden defeat has left the world in an unprecedented state of freedom.

Giovanni: The Giovanni family itself retreats to familiar ports. Many are eternally dead after the conflict, but still, others of this vaunted, ancient and evil family, lurk, and wait, and slowly grow in power once more.

Abominations: The Abominations are trapped in the True Web, locked in crystal prisons made of energies from the First and Second Generations of Reality.

The True Web: This is the network upon which all of reality rests. The successors of Mora now explore this realm, but so does the evil known as Ruby. And the Abominations are trapped here as well. It is still unknown just how much more magic, power, knowledge, evil, and good might be lost in this infinite realm.

Consequence: Freed from years of oppressive rule for the first time in years, the city of Consequence is reevaluating itself. A semi-cultic movement has formed behind the idea of the Blue Moon Heroes, giving the powerful beings who fit this title unprecedented leeway. At the same time, the return of former Chief Executive and Hero Leader Tye Sampson has some people coalescing around him as a new source of power in this area. However, for now, peace reigns in this oft-troubled city.

Persistence: Free of the threat of raid from Ruby / Giovanni forces, Persistence has returned to a state of relative ease. Though sea monsters continue to plague its shores, largely unchecked, this island metropolis has largely recovered the trying events of the Augustine Empire.

Olde Watch: After being conquered by a Vampire and then subject to the magic of the Abominations the population of Olde Watch has become extremely xenophobic against any magical or nonhuman races. Anyone considered to be  unpure blood has been expelled, and the Senate has voted to increase military spending by 100%, with a large investment being made in AM imports from the Slayer galactic empire.

Ar’Elis: This city has been destroyed and rebuilt countless times over the last year, and it shows the wear and tear of that stress. There are few buildings left, most ruins and rubble. Refugee camps abound, and earth benders and magical gods are working overtime to restore the historic heritage of this land. Meanwhile, the people are restive. Manipulated and controlled, they cry out for the one figure they can identify with, their king. The child Ar’Elis is both a political movement and a religion that is dominating the city. However, it isn’t the only one. Many more are worshipping Moranthiel Von Krieg as a goddess now for her sacrifice to save the world.

ImProvidence: Under Giovanni rule, this former colony of Consequence was governed by the sadistic vampire Anders the blood god. In the ensuing chaos accompanying the fall of that empire, Anders has managed to gain complete autocratic rule over this small but flourishing city-state. The citizenry endures this rule with reluctant contempt.

Stealheart Colony: With the fall of Augustus this far-flung colony has become a refuge for the udnead, that flock here to escape persecution from the former lands held by Augustus. Howe,ver they are not safe even here, as their neighbors to the north, the Silverhides, continue to contend with them and their very existence upon the land.

Twine: The island nation, so beset in recent wars, has emerged as a powerhouse in the new Hellifyno eceonomy and world political structure, with its preeminence recognized across the world.

Paracosm: The budding island nation escaped most of the hardships of the Giovanni war, making it economically set to take a large role in the coming future.

Civalo’ki: With the power of Gai so pre-eminent in the defeat of the Giovanni and the Abominations, the temple of Gaia has been flicked with converts and acolytes ready to pledge themselves to the power of life and light. This has swelled the population of the city of Civalo’ki with pilgrims, causing both a boon in eceonomy and an issue with security.

Halgan: The Silverhides roam the woods of the west once more, and do battle upon their foes. As the next generation rises a sense of hope washes across the world. The heroes have returned, the Silverhides are strong, the enemy is in retreat, and the state of the planet is strong.

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