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The Warriden Depression Ends (Nation Reborn Arc) Chapter 1:Part 4

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Today, Feburary 23rd 211X, Yeliana would arrive at a podium to deliver a speech regarding Warriden Depression that has been looming over the nation

“For Decades and For The Last Century, Hagistead has been the punching bag for our allies and enemies, we have time and time again, wasted on our time on people who dont care or just wish to chew us up for our past mistakes” Yeliana said as she stood there “But no more! We will have our rerise and glory restored and we will assist Kaylee Shores with their goals to end this pitiful war from the backseat!” Yeliana said softly looking over the crowd

“We are the People Of Isa who fled here for sanctuary and safety from a world that crumbled under our beliefs and values, so I have one thing to say to you,  Ga Ohiloa Union, Hagistead will not be involved in this war, so you dare attack us, then it will be meet with consequences” Yeliana said as she would chuckle “So don’t waste your time”

She would turn her gaze back to her “So my people look at our home, it represents our history, we have our homeworld back and it all thanks to the efforts of The Fallen Insurgency and those who were able to accept change” She said with a smile, she smiled “I would also like to request of my cousin, to invite The White Pearl Empire into the Fallen Insurgency, like my mother and your aunt said before, We need to stick together and not be divided”

She took a moment to breathe and collect her thoughts “Be advised my people we will always have a conflict however I believe we should find our old ally, The Fallen Sapphire Empire and bring them to the Soulhelm Pact” She paused before looking at the camera

“May this serve as a closing and a warning to all former allies of the Hakiasuru Alliance or the Soulhelm, should you come after us or attempt to chew us out for our past mistakes, you will face consequences or communication will be shutdown with you” Yeliana said before the speech and transmission ended

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