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The wedding plans

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Present time)
“Hey love, how the wedding plans going.” Arnora says as she walks into their new house situation (their mansion). “We have a little bit more time to finish the wedding plans so I just want to be here with you, helping you finish them and then make some edits if need.” She says with a smile as she hugs him from behind.
“It’s going somewhat good, there are things that are challenging but we can handle these challenges together.” He says as he embraces her hug from behind and chuckles. “So the first thing that’s in order is the designs and then structure of the wedding, also the place.” He says to her, giving her ideas on what to help with or work on.
“Well then alright, how about you work on getting the cake, decorations, and…. Hmm the suits for the gentlemen and the dress for the bridesmaids. Please” she says with a smile.
“Well Alright… I love it when a woman takes charge.. especially my girl.” He says with a smirk “it make you look sexy and hardworking.” He finishes his compliments and then kisses her head “how about we split the house? You have the maids help you and I have the butlers help me. Also you still have told me where you want the wedding… I was thinking behind this mansion? It has a lot of beautiful landscape and it just looks like a perfect place for a wedding.” He suggested to his fiancé.
“Well I think that’s a good idea. Once we are done we can meet back here and see how far we got with things.” She says with plans and ideas filling her head before the work had even begun.
“Well then alright let’s get to work.” He turns and walks to the courtroom where he had already told the butlers to go.
She nods and then she splits with him walking to the kitchen. Once she got there she gather around the maids “so I know that building things and making things are usually a mans job but let’s show these men that girls can build too.” She says and the maids cheer at her words. “Alright I need about three maids building the arc that me and my fiancé will share a kiss under, I need two maids to bulid the platform that we will stand on for the kiss and words… all that jazz. I need three maids to help me with structuring the seating. The last five maids will craft the decorations for the wedding, make sure they are beautiful and nice.” She turns on her director mode.
Azriel get to the courtroom and the butler looks at him as he enters. “Alright people we have a job to do, we going to show those girl that men can do their stuff we just… prefer not too because we are men. Now with that being said I’m going to splits you into grounds so that we can divide and conquer.” He says as he looks around the room “I need three butlers to go back a big and nice cake ,after that is done they will go out and get the topper that I bought for the cake. I need two butlers to five butlers to go out and get the suits and dress for the bridesmaids and gentlemen So that they can change here in our residents. The last two butlers come with me and we will go to the maids that are on crafting decorations duty and take the decorations placing them around the house and courtroom to make sure that the mansion looks nice for a wedding.”
After hours of them working and collaborating to get things down, the two lovers meet back up at the meeting spot. They both smile at each other and then kisses. Arnora pulls back “we did it this place looks good, the guest are going to love it. While we working on the main things, I went ahead and already sent out a invitation to everyone.” She says “this wedding is going to renew hope.” With that she hugs her husband in excitement.
(To be continued at the wedding event. You should go check it out! Hope to see you there.)
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