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The Will and Testament of Lord Executive Havoc, Dictator of the planet of Hellifyno

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(The will itself is on an official looking piece of parchment, but the words are handwritten and the content is very informal, much to the chagrin of many of the stuffier executives, but characteristic of our young former leader. Copies are posted in the town halls of major cities, in taverns and pubs, and live readings of it have been broadcasted over the news as the government resituates in this time of upheaval.)

So, I’m told I’ve gotta write up something in case I die. Apparently, being in power means I’m a huge target, and even though I’ll be reborn and get my memories back within a month, something has to be done about the whole “who’s in charge” thing.

And so I’m sitting here at my desk, writing this will. Are these things supposed to be long? I hope not.

Well, here’s the breakdown.

Tye Sampson gets the reigns if I get taken out. That means he gets all my power of veto and legislation, the title of dictator or lord executive or whatever else they’re calling me by now. He gets it because there’s nobody else better… nobody else that we can trust. He’s a good man, and even if he’s a little shady sometimes, he’s honorable, too. And what’s more… I know he doesn’t WANT to be in charge. He’s mad that I named him proconsul already. What better person to rule than someone who is capable, but unwilling to wield absolute power?

So that’s it. He’ll be running things from now on. And, furthermore, this is a permanent change. I don’t plan on taking back power when I get back, unless I’m like, elected or forced to or something.

As for my stuff… I really don’t have much stuff, but whatever I’ve got should go to my mom and dad to take care of til I get back. As far as bank accounts and land holdings, all that can stay frozen until I can reassume control of it. Not like I’ll be gone forever, right?

To the soldiers in the Army, don’t worry. I’ll be back, guys. And even if they don’t let me back in to be your general, I’ll enlist right away so I can serve by your sides again.

Mom, Dad, I love you. Harm, if you’re still out there, I love you, too. (And if you aren’t, I’m probably squirming around with you in our new mom’s belly by now! HA!)

Jayden… If you’re hearing this, reading it, or whatever… I’m sorry. I sure didn’t mean to be the first one to go of the two of us, but I guess that’s the nature of rulership. I hope you’ll wait for me. I love you. I’ll see you soon.

Good luck, Hellifyno! Hopefully I died protecting you, and not by a knife in the back! When I return, I’ll continue to fight and be willing to lay my life down for the good of the people, even if I’m just a normal citizen again. And that’s a promise!

(The will is sealed with the signet impression of the Lord Executive, and the lighthearted teenager has drawn a smiley face next to the signet.)

  1. Devek Slayter 10 years ago

    I need a DM…

  2. Tye Sampson 10 years ago

    Red rimmed eyes, hollow with exhaustion scan over the contents of the copy of Havoc’s will, reading and rereading the words of his departed friend. A single droplet touches the parchment as he rolls it back up, tying it with a leather strap. He shakes his head.

    “You are such an asshole.. kid…”

    A wry wistful smile ghosts across his face, before he moves on, making his way into the War Room in the fortress beneath Retribution Rock, to carry out the executive business of the day.

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