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The Wings of Olde Watch

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In the streets of Olde Watch, there was something major about to happen, as a ship was about to take off with another fresh batch of colonists headed for other planets in the solar system. With the set-up of the new Senate, and the efforts of others finally paying off, they finally felt like the worst was behind them. Once more, the people could turn their eyes to the skies with hope. Though their economy had taken a hit in recent years, salvation and glory for Olde Watch could be found out there…
The colony of Olde Watch I was taking in miners and their families once more, now turning their attention to the mining of Planet I properly without bothering the odd local fauna, as well as engineers and scientific researchers that were turning their attention to harnessing the power of the Sun itself. On the moon, new soldiers and others seeking to find a new life in the lunar colony would be arriving, with the hopes being the military base and civilian establishments would eventually lead to a grand, new sister-city for Olde Watch someday. Planet IV had the most mystique about it as well, as archaeologists and other hopeful explorers, as well as miners, were hoping to find riches by joining the colony of Olde Watch IV…
Beyond that, there were a great deal of other mining and exploration companies springing up. People wanting to know what could be found in the asteroid belt, with people curious about the tales of planetoids being discovered in the tumultuous zone that might be the source of the next metaphorical gold rush, and others that wanted to settle on moons of the other, larger planets. Researchers that wanted to learn about the makeup and origins of life on some of these other planets…
Not even the fear of Planet IX could keep these people at bay, for as people boarded the ships, they were told that the forces of the newly created Far Watch would be carefully ensuring their safety as the people of Olde Watch once again spread their wings… and took flight.

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