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These Are Your Gods, Oh Hellifyno!

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The old gods are scattered and broken, the new gods are defeated and fled. In this age of wonders a new pantheon of Hellifyno has being born, birthed from the imaginations of the planet’s inhabitants. These gods will shepherd this planet, caring for their dominions and tending to the celestial planes.

In the heavens, gods are taking up their places of austerity and power. In the Hells, demons battle with one another for control. All is well and as it should be throughout the realms of Hellifyno.

OOC: This pantheon was crowd sourced by the incredible RolePages community on this Location Forum, as the denouement to the Age of Wonders Story Arc.


Anders of the Blood

Of Vampyric origins, he was raised to Godhead status during the Denouement and instantly took the role of God Of Blood. Any drop of blood spilled on the hallowed soil of Hellifyno, whether it be from childbirth or violence, is an offering to the God- Anders Redux. Every cut finger- a prayer. Every battle- a mass. Every innocent slaughter- a pilgrimage to his altar. He gains strength with each fresh spillage and revels in it. Think carefully before you give Power to this unpleasant Deity.

Killatrixizes the god of Tortures

He is a being with a hundred arms.Each one ends in another device of torture. He has a face with a thousand eyes and a hundred mouths and each one asks and enquires. He lives on pain, and when his victims cry out loudest his eyes bulge and a mad grin spreads across his face, And yet, he has a mother, whom he loves. His cave is a hole in the world and everyone is subject to him for five minutes a year, though your mind is immediately erased after that.

Name: Killatrixizes
God: Torture


Primal God Khoth

God of evolution.  God of adaptation.  God of instinct.  God of survival.  Khoth is a beast who seeks only to survive.  Created by the primal instincts flowing unendingly through the minds of the mortals present during the slaying of the new gods, he devours any he chooses to be his prey. He feasts upon their essence and using it to force evolution and adaptation within himself.  He seeks to become the ultimate predator.  He is always hunting for change.  Because he knows that those who do not change do not live.


Helvegen, the Wanderer

Ironic, isn’t it? The discarded, forsaken grandson of Loki, the unnatural child of the Midgard Serpent, taking up the mantle of the All-father and becoming The Wanderer?

Of course, godhood was never what Helvegen Jormungandrsson wanted. He had thought of himself as human since the day he was born, through his instruction in the martial arts, through his wandering with the ghastly sword Naervui, and through his passing into Hellifyno.

This is his Fate, though, and none can escape Fate – for it has already come to pass. You just don’t know it yet.

As the Wanderer, Helvegen is the god of the aimless, the purposeless, and the lost, as well as the god of those with adventure in their hearts and the fiery hunger for the road in their eyes.

The Wanderer has no favourite race – the road is open to any who wish to tread it, provided they have the will. His favour lasts as long as his followers are on the move – the longer they stay in one place, the weaker his blessings become.

Helvegen’s symbol is a cloaked man with a sharpened walking stick. He appears as a youth with crow’s feet around his ash-grey eyes, with a grey cloak woven of magical spider webs. Often a crow can be seen perched on his shoulder.

His sacred school of magic is transmutation. Devout followers of his are granted the ability to turn into mist once a day, allowing them to transfer their essence through the atmosphere very quickly and easily.

The Wanderer


Danger The Goddess of Thunder

Name: Danger Annalise Ranger

Purpose: The New Goddess of Thunder and Storms. Protector of mankind.

After the death of Thor Odinson, Danger happened to come into possession of Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. This was not the first time she and this weapon had crossed paths (a story for another time.) Mjolnir deemed her worthy to wield it, so, being Danger… She decided to take over the role of Thunder God. This was not her first choice, no, but it was the right choice.


kida goddess/mother of twine

kida is taking her role again as the holy mother of the island of twine, she cares and nurtures all who come, there is no war no fighting. just calming and peace. the city created now as the portals are generating again from the portalverse. she loves the people and creatures and lives to make it a better place. she loves the night and glows, hoovering just barely from the ground, and her abilities are ever developing.
the mother


varrick goddess/father of twine

At her side stands the Father of Twine.  Shaman to the people of Twine and willing helper to all.  Shares many of the same abilities as those of the Mother.  Though slightly different.  A change has been made and where she would heal, he is her yang.  Like the brilliant dawn he shines.  A glow similar to his mate as feet are suspended off the ground.  His new abilities seem to be offsets to his mates.  The light and the dark.




A creature of blood and gore, made from the sacrifices of children and fed with the blood of a mad scientist and a poet. A morass of flesh, he lives inside containers in order to keep a solid form, although he reaches outside of them to do his bidding and to drink blood and flesh to gain power. (His name is a corruption of “Homme du Pot”- man of the jar). The body is his domain, from the smallest capillary to the largest organ. As horrifying as his appearance is, he takes pride in the smooth workings of the body, and the fleshy tendrils of Omdupot are as willing to remove blood clots and repair organs as they are to drain blood and eat away brain.

Name: Omdupot

God: Flesh


Val Hallen God of Heavy Metal

Name: Val Hallen

Purpose: God of Heavy Metal (Righteous, bro!)

Valhallen is the god of Heavy Metal and all that is totally righteous, bro! He is the protector of amps, electric guitars, and power riffs! When you break a guitar string, you pray to Valhallen to fix it right up! Broken amp? Pray to Valhallen! Wanna get into that gig that is 18+, Valhallen has you covered. In Heavy Metal We Trust!


Tyler the New God of Dragons

The world is now in order, restored and in a state of peace. Hellafyno was Tyler’s safe haven, his true home and a place that he was willing to die for. He did not want to become a god, he did want to be strong but he did not want to be known as some type of ruler simply because he showed up to defend his planet and his love. This however was non negotiable, the elder dragon, profaned deep dragon, awoke within him. His dragon form was always powerful but he had always kept the god within him. After helping to recreate the world Tyler stood in a state of power he had never felt. He had already been given temporary power to kill the gods but as the power had awoken the deep dragon, he knew what he had to do. Tyler combined with the power of the deep dragon and by choice decided to take role of the dragon god to perfect himself and his power. Now, the form of pure power has been reached and Tyler has rose as the god of his species, and the defender of his planet and people. Going forward Tyler has put his focus to the future and the defense of hellafyno, ready to let all that threaten his planet feel his wrath. Until he is needed though Tyler will remain dormant, not sleeping but celebrating, the best recovery is a good drink of course. Especially when you are now one of the gods that you fought so hard against. It is time to enjoy the peace and love, however long it lasts, in this Age of Wonders.


Gelfip the Impiest if the Imps.

Gelfip god of the imp kind.  Small in stature and big in heart.  Loves long walks on the beach,  hunting cows, and cooking for all the heroes.  Leads over his impy kind with a gentle claws hand.  Happily accepts shinies, weapons and kisses from women.  Though will always happily serve the tender Harry at the end of the day.  Powers are like that of a trickster.  Conjuring items out of thin air, teleportation as well as the ability to make a tasty meal out of almost anything.


Helveraccoon, the Charlatan

The silly but malicious side of The Wanderer, Helveraccoon appears as a cute raccoon plush with strange tattoos marking his fur. He is the god of wandering thieves, conmen and charlatans, and coerces the poor or the greedy into taking by convincing them that it is inconsequential, and will do no one any harm. For everything that is stolen in his name, a replica of the object appears in Helveraccoon’s pocket dimension, slowly accumulating a massive hoard.

For all his malice and temptations, the Charlatan is known to take pity on the downtrodden and the lost, teaching them the tricks of the trade in exchange for prayers to him following their foistings. For this reason, he is sometimes viewed as a god of luck and a hero of the poor, although his motives are anything but heroic.

When not doing business as evil god, Helveraccoon is serving as Tom’s familiar.

The Charlatan has a phobia of being portrayed in art and culture as having large testicles, as he believes this will confuse people into thinking that he is merely a common tanuki as opposed to a god.

Asmodelius, King of the Nine Hells

He promised to come back. Perhaps he will, perhaps he will not. If he does, there will be war between him and the Abomination who has been undeservedly given the title of Satan, unless that disgusting Thing yields to the true Satan.

Asmodelius, who was Lucifer, loved by El who was the first incarnation of Yahweh whom others call Jehovah, who was corrupted and thrown from heaven, is the true Satan. If he never returns, so be it. If he does – beware.


Magister Tempus. God of Time.

Name: Magister Tempus

Domains: Time. Fate. Second Chances.

One the being known as Magister Tempus was a simple if brilliant,  scientist.  But as he aged his fascination with eldritch secrets and unkown arcana consumed him. Until he discovered his true heritage, he was a child of Yog-Sothoth. Who is the Key and the Gate. Time and space personified. Upon learning this he moved to his Father’s side to learn the true nature of time. As he learned he began to craft himself the tools he would need as a God. A deck of ever-changing cards, that lay out  the fates and lives of mortals. Time-pieces for every being alive.  Only Magister Tempus knows when they will end. Finally, he crafted his abode, a home at the end of all things. Here he plays his games with the other gods, with mortals and with everything in between. The games may be stacked against his opponents, but there is always a chance for them to win. He was never a fan of destiny in his mortal life, and now he sees himself presiding over it.

He tends to remain neutral in worldly affairs. Intervening only when the timeline itself if threatened. When he does become involved he is said to be frighteningly powerful, due to his complete mastery of time. He has aged armadas to dust and made stars burn cold.

He is the patron of watchmakers, the elderly, the terminally ill and scientists. It is said those who please Magister Tempus in some way are often immortalised as characters in the game of Fate. If they so which such immortality. Others are consigned to the peaceful nothing.


The Siren. Goddess of Love.

The Siren

Domains: Love and Music (Except Heavy Metal someone has that covered)

One of the two children of Magister Tempus to ascend along with her father. The Siren is an aspect, a reflection, of a mortal woman. Morgan Roach. This aspect of Morgan now dwells apart from her mortal self. Overseeing and receiving the love of all her followers. She is known to be a deeply sad god, troubled by all the suffering of mortals, and thus she soothes them with her songs. Said to be euphoric to listen to. Whilst she has godly powers, she is never known to use them for violence. She is a peaceful goddess who simply wants to spread love and music over the world. Though her methods can be seen as robbing mortals of their free will.


Piratica. God of Robbery and Hackers


Domains: Hacking, Computers, Armed Robbery.

The second and last of Magister Tempus’ children to ascend to Godhood. He was Walton Barrick once, and now he has gained dominion over the three things he was good at as a mortal. He is the one hackers pray to before attempting the most dangerous run of their lives. He is the one invoked by frustrated technicians fixing a computer. He is the one an armed robber prays too before slipping his mask on. As such he often involves himself in the mortal world. For the fun of it if nothing else.

He often acts as a messenger between the gods. Though not through his own volition. It is a role forced upon him by Magister Tempus to keep his son from spending his days pillaging across the planes of existence.

He is often accompanied by Sparks, his daughter. Who is not yet old enough to take on the full power of the gods that runs in her veins. She is watched over by both Magister Tempus, the Siren and Piratica. If anyone tries to harm the little girl, they swiftly learn the meaning of the phrase “Fury of the gods.”


God of Corruption Ruby BloodFang

God of Corruption and Darkness- Ruby is a creature that was originally created from corruption and darkness for a war that lead most of her people to their deaths including the one person she saw as her own mother. But one day she was in her eyes blessed with a baby but it was no ordinary baby this was a baby of the new gods which after a while she named T since everyone was calling him tumor baby little did she know at first that this child harnessed the 3 things that could increase her power past its normal limit these three things are Corruption, Darkness, and Souls. It wasn’t till after the second incident with the cultists that she realize how powerful she could become if she gave in to her corruption compared to resisting it for long periods of time only for it to bust out but she didn’t make this decision fast enough seeing as how she let it burst one time and ended up killing her friend Kida from there the Guilt and corruption pushed her to do something she still doesn’t know if she regrets it or not when she accepted her corruption and went with Anders and ended up fighting her friends with the intent to kill them before she retreated and gathered her forces to confront them but once she felt a unimaginable power awake inside of her she knew something was up and so she opened a portal that led to the others and she realized something what ever gave her this power the others got it as well making them gods some temporary some permanent Ruby’s was permeant and while she still has no clue about how to use her powers to the fullest yet she knows she needs to help control the darkness and corruption in the world and place it and cause certain outbreaks where necessary but when every any kind of war breaks out the corruption and darkness from them and any other battle flows to her .


The Prince of Destruction

T a name given to the prince of destruction the current ruler of the demon realm and the god of war and destruction this little thing was saved by Ruby when he was about to die within her after some… strange conditions from then Ruby realized the baby had no gender so she could use some kinda magic to give it one deciding she had to many daughters as it was she made the little guy a male and once she had also gotten the power she needed and became the goddess of corruption and darkness she gave him the title of demon king and the god of war and destruction but since he was her son she appointed him the prince of destruction


The Fallen Queen of the New gods

I was defeated, but I am not dead.I am fallen, but I do not die. Create your pantheons, make your wonders, but I shall still thrive. I am the face of change and the seed in your new celestial genesis. I am the new god of life and soul and birth and existence. Bow before me and dread.


Terrene Prima

When the world was lost so too was Gaia, the mother of the world.  When the world was reborn another must take her place.  The shaman thought hard of this, making the world whole once more.  She is the world, the land itself.  A being of stone, wind, water, and fire.  Having no real form of which to speak, she talks through the trees, caresses with the wind, punishes with stone and baptizes in flame.  Neither good nor evil her will is to see that the world remains safe.  Those of her faith tend to be healers.  Favoring the natural energies of the world to protect others from harm.  Her symbol is that of a wheel, for the world is ever turning.  Preferring to stay out of the day to day affairs of mortals such is handled by the faithful.  All she asks is that for every tree cut down one is grown anew, for every dam built, a river is diverted to run freely.  Of this she asks all, for all are within her care in this world and should she fall then there is none to take her place.


Sota Kracht, God of War and Strength.

In his lair he slumbers.  Biding his time for when the day comes that war breaks free once more.  His chosen form is that of a bear.  Massive as a mountain, yet small as a rock.  Furry hide of amber that shakes the very foundations of the world with a simple shake.  Power, overwhelming power is within the palm of his hand.  When a man does the impossible by flipping a car to save a trapped child, he is there.  When the axe finally cleaves through the tree, he is there.  Gifting those within the world the strength to see the task through.  His followers are few and far between.  Prayers are often given by mercenaries or gladiators.  Those who seek war reveal in his might.  A prayer of thanks uttered on parched lips at battles end.  An offering of fresh fish is said to grant those who ask for it the power of ten men.  All the while he slumbers, content within his lair.  Till the toll strikes the appointed hour and through him the dogs of war are let loose.  For when he does wake the world doth tremble.  Ever to be reminded of the terrible toll that war takes upon the land.


The Hidden

Something ancient, something dark.  Lurking in the shadows or in the back of the mind.  Always present yet never felt.  Aware of all but never noticed.  In the shadows it wiggles, waiting to be set free.  Inch by inch it crawls, day by day it grows.  Hidden in what was once thought dear.  Broken, shattered,  then rebuilt.  Made whole by the darkness that now infuses its core.  It ever grows inside, watching, waiting and hiding.  One day it will make itself known, and one day it will be felt.  Till then it remains in the shadows, out of sight and out of mind.  Inch by inch it takes what once was, day by day it changes what had been.  Wiggle, shake, clatter and take.  One day it will all belong to them,  hidden in the shadows as all once had been.


Amani, Goddess of Children

Using the body of Lyrical Starchild, Echo returned to Hellifyno long enough to resurrect Amani as the Child-Goddess of Children. In a time long past Amani had powers she did not understand, powers that could be very destructive. Now those are gone, replaced by laughter. Yet in looks she is the twin of Lyrical Starchild – perhaps a bright Yin to Starchild’s dark Yang.


Dragon Teers – God of Jello Pools

Dragon Teers – aka teery, aka Dragy, has now become God of Jello Pools. This is, of course, in addition to being his wonderful, wise and serious self. Well, wonderful and wise, anyway.


Marzi, goddess of sweets

A goddess with not a lot of power, but a lot of presence! Who doesn’t love sweets? Quite popular with children. Her holiday is Halloween, which she joins the celebrations of giving candy to all. Likes worship in the form of marzipan.


Quill, god of literature

Quill is, as the name implies, a large quill. It writes the literature of Hellifyno, and it offers inspiration to the various poets and authors that call the planet their home.


Quill always observes what is going on in the world, as many good authors must, and frankly doesn’t give a shit about most of it.


Na’ariu god of the oceans

Na’ariu is the watcher over the oceans and seas. She cares for injured sealife, when she breathes the waves crash to the shore. She is beautiful. Most of the fisherman pray to her when it’s time to harvest. It is said if you give her an offering your sea faring will be kind. And of you see her you are blessed for 3 years of good fishing.


Vsevolod, God of Beasts

– Beasts, molded and crafted, decorated with claw and teeth, hair or scales, small and large. Each unique in every way, each unique to master one another. A cycle of power and fear, ever moving, ever wandering. Those friendly, those aggressive, those fearful. I shape the beasts, the animals you desire to keep, the animals you fear, the ones you eat… A deer form, a preferred form, silent steps carry the weight of powerful antlers. Do not be fooled, for with a blink my shape can change, molded, melded, transformed into something more fierce. Twisted with claws and teeth, a howl, a growl, for none would be created without my grace. –


Tot’hem the forest guide

Tot’hem has lived his life in the forests, guiding the lost ones to their destinations, he may be rather strange upon first sight. When loved ones go missing people pray to tot’hem to find them. He is not bound to hellifyno by skin and bones, oh no. His body is that of the forest. When someone calls he appears, looking like piles of moss and bark or sticks and dead undergrowth. He doesn’t say words he merely moves, carrying a small lantern, he does not need offering, he gets his joy from those that love him. Once his task has been completed he moves on to the next. Ever working and ever vigilent


Cypress the god of foliage.

Cypress is a small lizard like being. He tends to the undergrowth of forests and helps with the budding flowers. He is not the only one though that is tasked with this job. There are many. They help all the world bloom and come to life after the long cold winters. Once the first fall breeze blows through out, cypress as well as the others fade and hybernate. on the official day of fall the flowers and living plants die a little. Until the next spring when cypress returns


Ahkir, God of Death

Death is the one similarity in all beings.  The one certain event no matter the scenario.  And when death finally comes, someone must take care of what is left.  Ahkir is the chosen for this task.  It was born upon the deaths of the new gods, put in place by the nagging question of what would become of their remains.  It does not possess a moral compass, hidden agenda, or even clear emotions.  It is a wraith-like creature, wreaths in darkness blacker than that found anywhere else.  It is the absence of color, the absence of life.  It is the one that brings the touch of death, that delivers the touch that would make a blow fatal, a disease terminal, a body unfunctional. It guides the spirits, souls, and other leftovers of the dead to the appropriate place of judging.  None may resist the call of Death.  It does not judge.  It does not discriminate.  It does not want.  It simply takes what is requires, and leads it onwards.


Ara, God of the Wind

A calm wind god. Rarely appears before mortals, but is always accompanied by fair weather, as naturally the wind shifts around him to make conditions just perfect for a lovely day. Those who have encountered Ara say that he’s socially awkward and stiff and barely knows how to speak common, but is kind, polite, and answers prayers for favorable winds. Also I drew this guy a while ago!


Amare & Dolor. Gods of Pleasure and Pain

Dolor emerged first from the ground that rolled and was rent with the labour pains of Hellifyno as She attempted to fill the vacuum left by the Old Gods.

Born of trauma that such a devastating loss can cause, and doomed to exist for all eternity as the harbinger of pain and anguish, he is wherever a creature experiences the convulsions of terror and torture. He had his own particular cult and shrines where the faithful could bare their desires and their souls for him, within exquisite agonies, upon altars where flesh was flayed and bones were broken.
He would develop many devout followers.

Next, as though a balm for the planet, Amare. The twin of Dolor she was the remedy to his torment. The God of Pleasure. She was present at every laugh, at every welcomed gathering, at every hedonistic stroke of Le Petit Morte.

One cannot have one without the other.


Bong, God of Marijuana

Name: Bong

Purpose: God of Marijuana, Patron Saint of Stoners


Vulture – God of fast loading forums

This is vulture. He is one with the forums, and the forums are one with him.


Fulguralv, The Vanquisher

Fulguralv is the god associated with the improbable victories of heroes against monsters or armies – dragonslayers and others of their ilk are said to have been blessed by The Vanquisher. Duelists pray to him before their matches; gladiators beg his favour before being sent into the ring. Generals make offerings to him before critical battles. Fulguralv is not frivolous with his boons, nor does having his blessing guarantee victory. It does, however, grant his followers nerves of steel, calm minds, unshakeable wills and near superhuman physical abilities for the duration of their battle – as long as they remain in his favour. His two axes are symbols of uncompromising resolve, battle prowess and courage in the face of improbable odds, and those who best capture those qualities are those most readily blessed by the Vanquisher. He has a tumultuous but ultimately positive bond with his sister, Falkyrya.


Grimorai, God of Secrets

Grimorai is the keeper of dark truths and eldritch gateways, preserving knowledge that should not be unearthed. He is the god of conspirators in shaded alleys and underground organizations, of wizards and scientists seeking to unravel the mysteries of the universe, of corrupt kings and unfaithful lovers. While occasionally answering heroic prayers, such as rebels secretly striking back against corrupt regimes, he is most often the assistant of those who wish to hide misdeeds for personal gain. He is happiest and most powerful in times of widespread unrest and political oppression, where both those in power and those striving against them compete for his favour.


Maxwell Demon, God of Glam Rock


Tawanda, dark goddess of insanity

Tawanda is a dark god, she enjoys creating panic. First you hear her. Whispering nothing into your mind. Then you see here. She is beautiful and can lure anyone into the depths of insanity. Some claim she is the head of the love hotel on twine island. Others hear her when they dream. People make offerings of fried green tomatoes to her to help keep the crazy at bay. If no offering is made she tends to push and ram into people 


Ishi – Goddess of Nature and Healing

Pronunciation: Ee-She

Purpose: Protector of Nature and Beings alike. Healer of the wounded.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Calm, Gentle, Loving, Encouraging, Protective, Jovial


Smile – The Nemesis

Name: Smile
Purpose: The Nemesis
Dominion: Evils

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