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Thoughts of Home

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       A hand swept up through the now short locks of hair framing his face. What remained of his shoulder length hair now spawned the floor of the empty room he was in. Empty because no one was there but himself. Like always he was alone upon waking to the room he shared with his good friend Niabi. So busy she was with her own life, trying to find her cousin or getting her rage out at failing to do so in the arena. She had no time for the teen who was more interested in perfecting a hair trigger then learning how to parry an opponent’s weapon. So along he sat. The scissors hanging loosely from his index finger now that the job was done.


      “Well it looks alright I guess. Never really gave myself a hair cut before…” Eyes looked into the mirror to judge the effectiveness of his venture. It looked like he had gotten most of it right. Least as far as he could tell. Slipping the scissors back onto the night stand he gave a soft sigh. Now the question as always, what next? They would not let him back into the forge or the shop for awhile. Having spent far too much time there as it was. Even if they needed they help they were fond enough of the lad to not work him to death, despite his willingness to do just that. No he needed to figure out something else for his plans today. An eye of disdain was cast towards the court yard. Sure he could go train with the others. That was more likely to lead to broken bones however then any real progress. No he did not want that. A trip? He had thought about it. Taking flight from the city of Consequence and venturing out into the wide world of Hellifyno. Because who knew what would be out there beyond his home.




     The word stuck in his thoughts. When did he start thinking of this place as home without a second of hesitation? This world of strange beings and objects. With it’s technology that was beyond his own wildest imagining. The heavy thought of how he had not even bothered to try finding a way back to his own world dawned on him in that moment. That this place had taken up residence in his heart as home despite being far from the truth. It was a heavy thought in deed for the teenager. While he had set out on adventure to find a way to prove himself to his parent’s, that he was worthy of their lineage. It had always been under the assumption that one day he would come home. However since arriving here that all vanished. Not once in the recent months had he thought of returning. True it was not the most pleasant of places for him, but it was where he was born. With his family and those he had loved before hand.


     Yet here he was. Slowly he rose from the chair, letting the stray strands of hair flutter down to the floor like feathers from a bird as it took flight. Steps taking him to the window where he could look out over the city. With all it’s hustle and bussle. People everywhere that went about their own lives as if not a care in the world. How many of them had left their homes behind to live here? To come to accept this world as their own? A lot he was sure from those he had talked to came from other worlds.


     “Home…. maybe that’s what I’ll do. Look for my own home here.” Eyes drifted back to the empty bed his friend used. It would be for the best after all. Plans were set in motion as they always were with but a simple thought. For the idea focused teen it was merely the catalyst he had been waiting for to make that change in his life. To take the next step forward. First was first, he cleaned up his mess. Making sure to properly take care of the strands of hair that lay about the floor. Then a shower, to make sure that everything on him was nice and cleaned up after all. No sense shedding all over the floor he had just cleaned. Lastly it was time to pack. To gather up the minimal belongings that he had.


     With pack on shoulder he would look towards the room once more. She had been kind to him, caring and sweet. Done nothing but help him. As much as he knew it would probably pain her a little bit to see him go, he needed to do this for himself as much as for her. In the end he would just be a burden to his friend. One last thing before he left. The collar that had been given him, which he often wore about his wrist. Was placed gently upon her pillow. No more ties to this place. He had to move forward.


    And so he walked, off into the city. For now he would take up in his old room in the Blue Moon. Till he could find it. That place he called home, his true home. One that he made for himself here on this world. Maybe one day he would try to find his way to where he was born once more. However that thought was far back in his mind. This world was his, the one he wanted to be in. Where he wanted to make a name for himself.


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