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Three Days, Three ‘Smiple’ Tasks, & the Fight

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The three days and the nights between them were spent devoted to doing the three tasks that the water oracle had marked me for, to allow me my two requests or questions for later use.

The things that oracles have us ‘lesser talents’ do are…-.-‘ …In a nut shell if I could have fought a dragon single handedly while standing on my head with only a halibut for a weapon I think it might have been easier. *grumbles to herself* I mean is singing to the merfolk in Ky-ta (a warring planet of air and water folk) for a marriage of the two great-lines that turned, I might add, into a battle for the centuries of the ‘land’…I was taken then to see that of the Areo-k-lyn peoples (the people of the air) to be interrogated for five hours forty-three minutes and fifty-seven—wait, fifty-eight seconds on what a nature’s child from another land would be doing here if not to make an alliance with the merfolk of the waters there.

*sighs* I’ve never been one to talk of eating kin and kind of the ones that held me captive but I was sorely tempted by the third hour to say that they might enjoy a meal of that of chicken… or something and see what kind of a fight I could start. As it was I couldn’t because the oracle had told me that under no circumstance was I to cause any more problems with these people. All though, now that I’m done with my tasks for her I’m wondering suddenly if Rae wouldn’t like to come with me and relieve some stress on that place….*blinks and blushes even as she realizes that no one is around to have heard her* After a while word is sent by that of an air oracle that I was of no threat and if they didn’t let me go they would know the wrath of not one but two oracles, I was released. *growls as her eyes narrow* Later I was told that it was a bet with the air oracle that I’d helped her to win. And, that was only the first of the three tasks.

Moving a mountain for a marsh people of Velden on the plain of Ish-del…without force was the next task…*closes her eyes and hisses out* It would have been nice of her to tell me that the mountains were actually living and I could have asked them nicely to move…*opens her unseeing eyes and sighs tiredly* It only took me a day to figure that one out and the night to go about asking the right way for them to move….if anyone wants to know the mountainous people there are called Mou-toru…

I don’t want to even talk of the last task but if ever I want to talk to a snake I think I’ve found a way to charm them…*shivers as she remembers nearly being swallowed by the giant Sand-fi mother for delivering a message to the male—pardon her mate…apparently, they could mate with whatever they liked and the female had thought she’d come to steal her mate, but still.*

The fight that took place in between all this made it all the more interesting to say the least…I was not at all happy at the water oracle had gone and used my body…first sending memories that I think she dampened the link so that Devek would get upset over…then not only throwing them at him, which didn’t turn out badly, thank The Great Green Lord but also to steal the feel of the last of the kiss that he’d given me…

It wasn’t easy to push her away from my body because I wear her marks but I’ll be damned if I’ll let any woman but me kiss Devek, especially using my body to do it… And, we agrued that for a very long time after while I was sent on these stupid tasks…I still don’t think that she understands why I’m so angered by it and what’s more I fear that she might try again because she doesn’t understand and is curious why….

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