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Tiberius: Journal Entry, something, something…

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For being wanted by The Empire. Mom and Dad, did pretty damn well. Financially speaking, of course. I mean, look at my apartment. Well, No. I actually can’t show you. Because we’d probably get invaded by Storm Troopers. Not that they’d hit anything! BUT, one of them could get lucky…Maybe, bang his head against the wall, for kicks…

As I said, I got a target on my back with The Emperor. Since my parents had a gripe with him. Now I’ve got a gripe with him. Go figure, right?

See, it all goes back to when my Dad got picked up by some Succubus at the Red Sun Inn, and hauled off to The Death Star.


This is my life…

Then experiments were made. Mom and Pops got matching midichlorian counts, of somewhere around a bazillion. 

Crazy, isn’t it?

A whole bunch of other adventures happened and now we’re at my place. Again, I can’t show you! OR. We’ll get blown to bits…

Long story short. Pops Died. Mom Cried. She stuck around, so I’m a little more solid with her, in all respects. Yeah, I know: he got twisted with The Force. Evil Dark-Siders. Give me a freaking break.

I know all of the important people in this game. He calls it Chess. Playing with People’s Lives. That’s what Captain’s do, I guess?

As for Me?

My Life is pretty much, up in the air. I’m eighteen years old, I was born four months ago, which makes my life, really awkward. 

Oh? Did you also know that I got a teddy from Twine. We never really traded names all that much, but he’s been a reliable friend.

I’ve probably said too much here? And left some important events out…

Crazy thing is…

I’ve read all of their Captains Logs…

I Know my Dads Fleet from top to bottom: every technical to weapons aspect…

And I got a good chunk of friends on some other planets, too. Shhh….

Totally True…

But anyway, again. 

I ought to actually get back to Tralus….

Speak to Mom, give her a Mothers Day Present.

Give Dad the Cold Shoulder and be on my way back home.

Anyway, end Journal, for now.



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