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Timeless Defiance and the Trial of the Gods – September 27, 2009

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Originally posted September 28, 2009 at 2:30pm

As many know, there is a trial of epic proportions taking place. (This trial can be viewed at


The judge of this hearing, Leonsinte, has called together a meeting of all gods and goddesses of time and fate. A few of the powerful beings in attendance are Dronos, Ananke, Janus, The Dagda, Hauhet, Moros and Asmodelius, to name only a few of course. The judge has called Asmodelius to be the ‘representative of Downbelow’. Timeless Defiance has been accused of broadcasting a signal to signify that all the ‘denizens of the Abyss’ should use the Blue Moon Tavern to enter the overworld.

Other accusations include, but are not limited to:

“…using life energies and impartation of consciousness to an inanimate structure with willful disregard for all existence and without filling out the required paperwork in quadruplicate notarized and and sealed by 2000 of the current siting deities of time and the fates and publishing his intent to do so at least a millennium prior to starting the midification and construction… and also for having no fashion sense.” (As stated by Leonsinte on Sept, 24 2009.)

Asmodelius has offered to go to the tavern and take depositions from several of the regulars about the ‘defendant’s mental state’. He has talked to Raelin and Daloki already and taken what they have both stated into account. Both have asserted that he is their friend and they have refused to ‘rat him out’ (Raelin). Daloki has also stated that Timeless Defiance has been away on a mission and has only recently returned, with his state of mind much different then when he left.

We will continue to monitor this growing situation and keep you updated.

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