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To all Rapture survivors. ..

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My name is Raymond Alexander Rose. Or as our old captors would call me, Subject Echo of the Alpha Series protector program. If you’re reading this, whether you are still trapped beneath the waves, or basking in the sunlight, I call upon your help. In the coming days, I aim to return to Rapture and free our brothers and sisters. Not just of the protector program and the little sisters, but everyone with enough sanity left to understand the Rapture dream is dead. Andrew Ryan made us as unthinking brutes, who keep his sunken grave from breaking itself, pulling his great chain without choice. Well, it’s time we break our chains, and that of our brethren, and finally break Ryan’s chain and end the Rapture nightmare. That city has changed us all, we’ve done things or have had things done to us that people who live on the surface could only have nightmares about. But we stand strong, and survive against the odds. I ask of your help, but if you don’t wish to return to the city, then feel welcome to stay above the waves, and stay safe.

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    1. I know what it is like to be a man trapped in a suit of armor, I will come to aid you. Send your coordinates

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