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To the Victor, Go the Spoils.

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The black flames rose about the girl as she was leaving the tavern and she did not fight them. She had said goodbye to everyone with the intention of visiting her Father anyway, the fact that he was pulling her through his Hellfire just made it easier. Soon enough, she was standing before his throne and they were alone. Vergil had a small smile playing over his lips as his daughter appeared before him. Rising from his throne, he folded his hands behind his back and walked the large room, though keeping a close circle around her. 

   “The Demons send something for you.” He said simply a long moment later.

   “Oh? Why?” Not what, but why. Eva knew Demons and Devils did not give gifts and never without strings.

   “Why not look.” He gestured behind the throne. 

   Eva sighed and moved to collect what looked to be a sack. Frowning in confusion, she looked up at her father and he nodded. Shrugging, she undid the knot and opened it. Her eyes widened. Inside were the five Demons that she had slain, the ones that had attacked her. They had been expertly skinned and cleaned. The girl chuckled. “I am not wearing armour made of a Demon.” She said over her shoulder as she tied the knot and turned to face him.

   “I would think not.” He said with a half smile. “Though, there are benefits to doing so. As you already know.”

   “Aye but not happening.” Eva said, shaking her head. “I am solid enough, I don’t need the extra benefits.”

   “Well, you will take it with you,” He said before moving to a small table against the wall. He stood there a moment before returning with a silver ring. It had a single ruby set in it. The Demon watched as his daughter’s eyes widened in surprise, drinking in the beauty. “This was also sent for you. As a trophy.”

   She took it eagerly, holding it closer to better see and then she gasped. “Oh fuck me that’s an fucking eye.” Eva looked up at her father, rather horrified, holding out the ring. “It’s someone’s fucking eyeball.”

   “Yes, one of the Devils you had slain.” He said quietly and Eva could sense some emotion was flaring to life now and it put her on her guard. 


   “You never said you had taken out one of their highest ranked commanders, Eva.” Vergil said softly as he folded his arms over his chest and now Eva could see that emotion. Pride. 

   “Well, we had to, he was too fucking smart. So I took some of the Demons and we took him down.”

   “The truth Eva.” The words were snapped.

   “Fine, I collected a couple Demons, went to kick his ass, they sided with him and I killed them all.” Eva corrected herself, huffing.

   She tensed as soon as she felt her father’s arms around her but she did not fight it. “I am proud of you.” He whispered in her ear. Now, go rest.”
  Without moving away, he sent her through his Hellfire back to her home and Eva groused as she went for a shower, nearly tripping over the damn bag but the ring was on her finger now.

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